AutoML Vision – Part 1 (AI Adventures)

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  1. Really nice! Now, would be good to accept my request to use AutoML on my currently project 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Hello, I really enjoy watching videos at AI adventures. I am looking forward to watch Natural language processing videos at AI adventures. A video which can cover from scratch such as preprocessing to data till the end of prediction. Thanks Yufeng Guo for explaining everything in short and crisp way. 🙂

  3. this is really cool that you guys are doing this. i've been looking into data science/ML and it's helpful to see that at least at the basic level you don't have to be a programming god to do it, and it's just really helpful to see what exactly cleaning data means and what exactly the job is. thanks! and i think you guys probably want more people filling this skillset huh hehe
    edit: ah i see you guys have a service to do the training on the cloud, that makes more sense

  4. Hi YuFeng, is GoolgeCloud Auto ML capable to do what i have been live predicting the DOW JONES, SP500, NASDAQ FUTURES PRICES ? Kindly please let me know. Thanks

  5. Hi Yufeng.Im getting an error while running the code in description the error is "unicodespace codec can't decode bytes in position truncated UXXXXXXXX escape.How to solve it plz help

  6. In this video it says that minimum limit for each label is 10 images, but in my console it says 100 which is too much. Is that something which can easily be fixed?

  7. Thanks for you sharing of the Google AutoML, it's great to understand even without some fundamental knowledge.

  8. I tried this on Colab , but quickly I get the error "Runtime crashed after using all ram". Is there something I could do ?

  9. This video is excellent! I love how clear everything is explained, the pace was perfect. Using ffmpeg was a nice trick that I'll surely use in the future! 👍

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