Avenging the Throne (AKA Adormidera) | 2013 Adventure Fantasy | Andrei Claude | Lori MacFadyen

Avenging the Throne (AKA Adormidera) | 2013 Adventure Fantasy | Andrei Claude | Lori MacFadyen

[Projector Sound] ♪♪ ♪♪ (man)
– There’s no glory in battle. Only haunting memories
and remorse. The rule is very simple. You must kill
in order to survive. When it’s all over we pray to God
for forgiveness. ♪♪ – Tristan. Tristan. It’s over,
it’s finally over. (man)
– I never doubted Ivor. Like me, he was born into a
bloodline of warriors. And we could never
escape our destiny. It’s a daunting moment when you look around and hope
that at least one more of your men will be
returning home to his family. Yes. It looks like we lost
a lot of good men here today. Brave men who fought, who sacrificed
their life for this land. And all these commoners who
got raked into this battle, through no fault
of their own. Who’ll never get to
embrace their wives or children ever again. – What are you doing? – It’s time
to go back home. – How are we
going to get there? – We’ll walk… for now. – Walk?
Have you lost your mind? It’s a hundred miles from
here to Falcourt. – I said for now. – And then what? – You need to
trust me on this. Look, I know someone
that can help us. He’s a good friend and
doesn’t live far from here. You have to trust me
on this. Come on. Acceptance is the
only way forward. I knew it wouldn’t be
easy getting back home. It was actually much more
than a hundred miles that we had travelled. ♪♪ (man)
– ♪ There is no rose
of such virtue ♪ ♪ As is the rose
that bare Jesu ♪ ♪ There is no rose
of such virtue ♪ ♪ As is the rose
that bare Jesu ♪ ♪ There– ♪♪ Tristan, good heavens. (cow mooing) It looks like you’ve
been back from hell. Huh. I see that at least my sword
has kept you alive. – It certainly has. You’re a fine
blacksmith. I would say the
finest I’ve ever had. – Gratitude. But I don’t think you came
all the way here for that. (chickens clucking) – I know this is a lot
to ask of you. But we need two horses
to get back to Falcourt. – They’re the only
two I’ve got. – I understand, but we’ll
return them in a few days. You have my word. – Father, Father! Mother says… – I know, go back inside,
I’ll be right there. – Father, who are
these men you speak to? Why have they got blood
all over them? – Don’t be afraid,
these two are very brave men. They have just fought
a ferocious battle. And they’re here to
protect us and our land. Now off you go
inside. I’ll be right there. Well, Tristan, you have always
been a man of your word. I’ll have the horses
ready for you. – (chuckling)
Oh, Tristan. I knew we’d see
you again one day. – Well, you might as well
join us for dinner. Not before washing up
right there, though. You two smell worse
than the horses. (giggling) Come on,
back inside. (Tristan)
– There was someone
I could always rely on. It was this man. Arn was a blacksmith
by profession. He made armor
and swords for our men. He was granted permission
to abstain from battle. But I never quite understood why
he no longer wanted to fight. Not until this day. – Please join us. – That day I realized,
he had every reason to live. – I hope
you’re hungry. – Philbert, eat up. – You did the right thing
giving up the sword. – Now that the
skirmish is over, you think that peace can
ever be restored up North? – Well, there’s very few men
left alive. It was a fierce battle
which lasted for weeks. Why did you stay here? You could have
all been killed. – This is our home. We were all born here
and will die here. – Eat, my dear. Please, help yourself
to some more. – We need to continue
on our journey soon. – Well, you two
are dead tired. There’s no point in
heading out anywhere today. So all I can offer
is the barn. It’s not much,
but you can rest and head out tomorrow morning,
first light. – Be nice to sleep
inside for a change. (chuckling) – Always, old friend,
always. ♪♪ – Who are you?
What do you want? – This is our territory. – Fine, then we
shall leave. – Ahh… no, no, no. Now that you’ve used
our land to rest, you have to pay. (all laughing) – But we have no coin. (laughing) – Then we take
your horses! – Take our horses?
No way. – I’m afraid you don’t
have a say in this matter. – The horses stay
with us. You will not have them. – Halt! – Tristan, Ivor! – These men think
they can have our horses just because we crossed
their land. – We didn’t know
this was your land. So if you just lower your
weapons, we’ll be gone. – No, not without
any payment, I’m afraid. (laughing) – Come on. – If you really
want our horses, you’re gonna have to
earn them. – Anything on
this land is ours! (all cheering) – I’m afraid that not
the way it goes. – So you want
us to fine you. (laughing) – No, there’s no need
to shed any more blood. We’ll have a duel. Your best man
against any one of ours. – Very well, and we take
your horses, as well. (laughing)
Ragnar! So, which one of you
would like to die today? (sword unsheathing) – I’ll fight him. – No, Tristan. Leave him
for me. – Rearm– spear. – Get him, Reeve! (man)
– Come on, Reeve,
get him, get him! Get him!
Get him! (men shouting) (jeering and laughing) (shouting and cheering
continues) – Get up! Get up! (all cheering) – Get in there
and fight! (cheering continues) (triumphant cheering) – Come on, lads,
let’s go. (cheering) – You should thank
your lucky stars. Ragnar never loses a fight. – Well, there’s always
a first time. – Come on, let’s go. I’m sure we’ll meet
again soon and take back
what is ours. (laughing) ♪♪ (Tristan)
– It wasn’t under the most
pleasant circumstances, but it sure was good to meet Jodas, Reeve and Rothgar
along the way. I can only assume they were
the last survivors up North. (bird cawing) We decided to travel
back together. That way, if we encounter any
more trouble during our journey, we would stand a much better
chance of survival. Under the reign of Lord William,
all men in the Midland must unite and fight
to protect our land. Even though
we hadn’t been defeated, too many lives
had been lost. When you are one of the only
five men returning back home, there is no sense of victory. ♪♪ Thank you,
I shall treasure it. If only I had known the kind of trouble
this innocent gesture would get me into. After two days of traveling
and hardly any sleep, we were finally getting close. We’d have probably made it
by sunset the next day, if it weren’t for
Jodas who convinced us to stop and pay Lord William
a visit. – Identify yourself? – My name is
Tristan of Leon. And we’re survivors from
the skirmish up North. I demand to speak
with Lord William. (door hinges groaning) As we walked
through the gates, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Lord William hadn’t sent
any of his men to fight. Everyone inside the fort
seemed oblivious to what was going on up North. ♪♪ – Well, well, well,
the brave guardians of Falcourt. Protectors of the kingdom. Ah, and you. You must be
Tristan of Leon. Heard about you. Still heir to a heritage,
I see. – Always. A man is worth nothing
without loyalty. – Hmm, so…
tell me. What brings you here? – The North has been cleared,
my Lord. As you can see,
we have suffered a great loss. – Good heavens, is this all
that’s left of you? I never imagined the trek
up North was so serious. – I’m afraid we’re heavily
outnumbered, my Lord. – My Lord, all we need is
some food and a place to rest. – Do not be troubled. We shall be gone
at first light. – Gone at first light,
you say? Well, then,
let us not waste time. You’re just on time for the
harvest celebrations. I trust you’ll find
all that is needed here. Welcome. ♪♪ – Halt! – We have strict orders here. No poppies
beyond that gate. (Tristan)
– We should have left just as Rothgar
suggested. But I couldn’t help it. The gaze of that woman
in the blue dress was telling me something. – Follow me. (Tristan)
– And I had to
find out what it was. (music playing) ♪♪ (chatter) Well, it looks like
old William hasn’t deprived himself of
anything while we were gone. – Hey, lads, these people
look up to us as though
we are their heroes. – We have saved them from the
Northern attacks after all. What do you expect? (Tristan)
– She wouldn’t
utter a word to me. I believed it was because
there was too many people around so I would have to
wait until later. ♪♪ – My lady. My lady, did he mistreat
you again? – Yes. He still blames me for not
being able to bear children. He says I’m of no use to him
if I can’t give him a son. He’s been unfaithful
since the marriage. Perhaps it’s him
that’s barren after all. Even if that were true,
he’d never admit it. He’s a coward. – My lady, if anyone
hears you talk this way, they will have you executed. – I’ve kept quiet
for too many years now. Master Philbert and Lord William
withhold some dark secrets. When the time is right, all the people here
shall learn the truth. I can’t live like this anymore,
like I’m his slave. ♪♪ – What is that,
my lady? – A sorcerer gave it to me. She said even half
can kill a man. – Are– are you going to
poison Master Philbert? – No, you are. Before tonight’s
harvest celebration, Master Philbert will return
to his chamber. That is when you shall
pour this into his chalice. – My Lady, you cannot do this. They will suspect you
and that sorcerer. She is… – What about the sorcerer? – She’s not to be trusted,
my Lady. – Why do you say that? – Forgive me for– for not
having said this before. But, I have seen her
with Master Philbert in his chamber. (light gasping) (man drunkenly singing) (music playing) (all cheering) – Where’s my son? – He’s still rather
unpredictable, I’m afraid, my Lord. – Perhaps he will
join us later on? – Perhaps. (Tristan)
– I kept looking around
hoping I would find her. But she was nowhere
to be seen. I still couldn’t
believe Lord William selfishly kept all these men
under his control and left us going to battle
so heavily outnumbered. – Now this, this is
what I call hospitality. – That’s right,
I drink to that. (sighing) This is our reward. What do you say,
Tristan? – I say don’t get
used to it. Something tells me we’re
not really welcome in here. – Not welcome? What do you mean
we’re not really welcome? Were it not for us,
this whole fort would be reduced
to ashes by now. And all this feasting,
they should be celebrating our victory rather than
just some harvest. – If Lord William had any
sense of honor left in him… he might have put some of
these men to good use. – All I’m saying is that this
is our chance to be repaid. – You’re right,
Jodas, you’re right. – Well, then, let’s make
the most of it. (music playing) (Tristan)
– The others decided to just
enjoy themselves that night since we’d be gone
by the next morning. And I was determined
to find her, in spite of all
the other beautiful women I could see around us. (music playing) ♪♪ – Promise me you’ll take me
with you to Falcourt. – The road is still
too dangerous, Sabine. Besides, you’d be better off
living here. Falcourt is rather
vulnerable now. – You have no idea what it
means to live here, Jodas. – A while ago, when we
entered the fort, the guards were
about to arrest us just because one of our men
was holding a poppy. – That’s exactly
what I’m talking about. – But, I don’t understand. Why would they react
in such a way? (women laughing) – Be cautious on what
questions you ask here, Jodas. And even more cautious on
which flowers to pick. – Well, then, prove to me that
I have chosen the right one. ♪♪ (quietly praying
in foreign language) (man)
– The harvest celebration
was not to your liking, my son? – No, it’s just that we have
a long journey ahead of us. So we’ll be rising
early in the morning. – I understand. – So why is it you’re not
in there with them? – Oh, we don’t, uh, take part
in these, uh, indulgences. – Of course. You must belong to the
order of St. Benedict. Is that right? – Mm-hmm.
Yes. – Well, as I said, we’ll be
rising early in the morning. So I better get going. – May God protect you and keep you safe
on your journey, Tristan. You are Tristan of Leon,
aren’t you? You’re too young to remember, but I spent many years
in Falcourt. I knew your father well. After all,
I was his confessor. He was a very brave man
and loyal to Lord John. – That’s what they tell me. So how is it
you came to be here? – The conflict between Lord John
and his brother William caused many of us
to flee Falcourt. Did you not
know that? – I’ve heard stories and I’ve never been sure
what to believe. But you still haven’t told me
how it is you came to be here. – The threat of violence
to our people was too much. Lord William’s army
was much stronger. We had no choice
but to surrender. – Not everyone
surrendered. Isn’t that right? – Yes, your father and
four other men-at-arms decided to stay and fight
for their families’ freedom. Until Lord John fell ill. Lord William sent his
entire army to break through the gates of Falcourt and kill
anyone who would defy them. – Never surrender
what is yours by right and die with honor. That is what he
always told me. – As a gesture,
Lord William spared the lives of the wives and children
of those five soldiers and granted
them their freedom. – They say history
repeats itself. Do you believe that? – I’ve lived long enough to
believe it can be true, my son. – Well, if I wanted to
avenge my father, I would have done
it a long time ago. I cannot forgive or forget, but I have learned to live
with the resentment. – Resentment can be
very dangerous, my son. It can consume you. – I shall keep that
in mind. But this time, I’m just
making my way back home. (insects chirping) (dogs barking) Just as I was leaving the chapel
about to go to sleep, I saw her again. She must have been waiting
outside but she didn’t stop. I assumed she wanted to lead me
to a more secluded place so I began
following her slowly. I had to make sure no one would
see me, so I kept a distance. ♪♪ My lady. – Soldier. – Forgive me, my lady. I was just on my way
to get some sleep. – You know you are
rather charming for a soldier. What is your name? – It’s Tristan,
Tristan of Leon. – Tristan of Leon. What an intriguing name. You know, I saw you
looking at me during the
harvest celebration. Perhaps there’s something
you’d like to tell me. – No,
my lady. – Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure? – Yes, my lady. I’m sorry,
but I must go now. – Perhaps I have not made
myself quite clear enough. I wish not to spend
the evening on my own. – Well, then perhaps you should
tell your husband that. – What kind of a husband
sleeps in another bed with other women? – Very sorry, but I can’t
go along with this. – Then why is it
you wander here alone? I know when a man is looking
for something or someone. – There was a
woman in a blue dress. She wears a red ribbon
around her hair. Do you know
where I can find her? – How dare you ask me
about another woman when I’m offering
myself to you. You will never find her,
I will see to that. (Tristan)
– I should have never asked,
especially her. Couldn’t help noticing the
wedding ring on her finger, yet she was always alone. (man sighing loudly) (man drunkenly singing) ♪♪ – Ralf, take Adormidera
to the dungeon and be sure
she stays until sunrise. – Yes, my lady. ♪♪ – Adormidera,
I was looking for you. You’re in great danger. Lady Isabel,
they want to lock you up. Go, go, go! Go, go. ♪♪ ♪♪ (Tristan)
– To this day,
I still can’t understand what happened that night. But I’m sure that was
her red ribbon. If she had just left it there, I knew she couldn’t be far. What I couldn’t understand was
why she left without saying anything. (dogs barking) ♪♪ Hey!
My lady! Hey. Hey, wait! – It’s just me. Why don’t you come
and have some rest now, Tristan? – I hardly slept that night. I kept hoping she’d come back. But she never did. Maybe I was just disillusioned. Still, I kept searching
for an answer. I guess some things
in life just happen and we simply have to accept
them for what they are. ♪♪ – That was a night
I shall never forget. – I can’t seem to remember
most of it. (both laughing) ♪♪ – She knows something. About what happened here
yesterday. – I’ve asked her already,
she won’t say anything. – I asked two of the ladies,
as well. Nothing. – Maybe Lord William
is just allergic to flowers. Grumpy old bastard. (all laughing) (Tristan)
– Well, I had to let go. I didn’t really have a choice. It was finally time
to return home. So once again, all five
of us set off together for what was meant to be
the last day of traveling. ♪♪ – Maybe I should have brought
her with me, after all. – Well, you can
go back and stay there. – (chuckling) Jodas, no woman waiting for you
in Falcourt, I assume. (laughing) – Not anymore, I’m afraid. – What about you, Rothgar? – Well, let me tell you. I have a beautiful wife
and five children at home. – Tristan? – Not that I know of. (woman screaming) Even though I had never even
heard her speak, I knew that was her screaming. What was that? – Go. – Ivor, you stay with
the horses. – Yes. (foreboding music) ♪♪ – Ralf, hurry up! (Tristan)
– I didn’t know who
those men were or what they intended doing. – Hold! – (screaming) (Tristan)
– But I wasn’t gonna
let her go this time. – Ralf, give her to me. ♪♪ – (grunting) – What is the meaning of this? – Who’s there? – Is that a way to be treating
a woman? – What? You stay out of this. Matters here do not concern you. – She’s a woman, unarmed. That’s no way
to be treating her. – Don’t push it, boy. – This girl is in our custody. We shall treat her the way
we deem fit. – I’m afraid
that’s unacceptable. I demand you let her go at once. ♪♪ – (grunting) ♪♪ – I was so mesmerized
by the way she looked at me, I was almost unaware that I had
just killed a man to get her. Wait. We mean you no harm. – He didn’t have to do this. – He’s lost his mind over her. – I think so. – Please, you need not
be afraid. I just want to unbind you. Why didn’t you stay? – (gasping)
(man laughing) – We should get going, Tristan. The girl is free now. – She’s coming with us. All the way to Falcourt. – Tristan, the girl
will be a burden. What if they come looking
for her? – He’s right,
she’ll slow us down. – Then I shall stay behind. But I’m not leaving her
here alone. – As you wish. Let’s go.
– Move. (foreboding music) ♪♪ – Ivor? Ivor! Ivor. (grunting) Hey, Ivor.
Ivor! – (groaning) – Ivor, talk to us. – Oh, my head. – What happened here? – Somebody hit me. – Who?
Who was it, Ivor? – I don’t know. (groaning) Where are the horses? – I don’t know. – They’re gone. – I knew this was a bad idea. – Now what? Are we supposed to walk back
to Falcourt? – Well, it doesn’t look like
we have any other choice, do we? Our horses have been taken
from us, and there’s nothing
we can do about it. So I suggest we get walking, ’cause it’s
a long way home from here. – If we ever get there. – Lord William,
I return with bitter news. – Speak, Ralf.
– We’ve been ambushed while bringing back the girl. And Philbert– – What about Philbert? – He’s dead, my lord. – Dead? My only son is dead? Tell me, Ralf… who did this? – The five men that were here
yesterday, my lord. – Which one? Which one of the five men
killed my son? – The one with the lion crest,
my lord. – (screaming) Damn you, Tristan! I received them like my own,
and this– this is how they repay me! – Stand up. Go find them and seize him. I want you to bring this Tristan
back alive. If you’ll allow me, my lord, I shall personally
seek vengeance for my husband’s death. – Ivan, ready all the men. We have a blood rite to settle. – All of them, my lord? – Yes, all of them. You heard me well. These are no ordinary soldiers
we’re dealing with here. Ralf. – Yes, my lord? – What about the girl? – She’s with the men. – Very well. You must bring her back, alive. ♪♪ (loud banging) – I shall avenge your death,
my son. This I swear on the sword
handed to me by my forefathers. You shall pay for this, Tristan. As God is my witness,
you shall pay for this. – Vengeance is not the way,
my lord. Join me in prayer
in trying to forgive. – Forgive? That’s easy for you to say. What would you know
about losing a son? – All I know is that nothing
can bring him back. You too should pray
for forgiveness. Perhaps you forget, but the man
who you seek vengeance upon, you left fatherless as a child! – You talk too much, priest. – And you’ve imprisoned
Adormidera. She, you left motherless before
she could even speak. – You leave her out of this. – Could you show
no mercy on her mother? – She was just a whore,
of no use to me. – Of no use to you? – That is not your concern. She was not in my plans. – Only God makes plans. We simply obey them. – God? Obey? I was never in God’s favor. And do you know what? I don’t need him anymore. – What blasphemy! – Silence, priest,
I’ve had enough of you! How dare you talk to me
this way! Hold your tongue at once
or I shall have it removed. – I have no fear anymore. We’re all safe in God’s hands. – Let’s see how God will save
you from this. – My lord! Your men are assembled
and await your command. – I shall deal with you later. My men need your blessing. – (scoffing) And what about you? Go, give them your blessing. – Olaf. Summon all the able men. Make sure they are well armed. – At once, my lord. – Is my horse ready? – Yes, my lord. – Philbert’s death has brought
great sorrow for everyone. ♪♪ My brothers… We have been out hunting
together for many years. Yet, this time it is not
the boar that we hunt. Not the stag or the bear. This time we hunt a pack
of five insolent wretches who, just a while ago, were walking here amongst us. Disguised themselves as friends, all to eat from our own food, and to feast on our women! And that’s not all. They have expressed
their gratitude by killing my only son. But today, we shall prove to all
the kingdom that we were never afraid
to fight! (all shouting) That all we ever needed was a greater cause
to fight for! (all shouting) What better cause can there be than to avenge the death
of one’s own son. We shall prove to all
who dare challenge us that we do not, and will never,
tolerate defiance! (all shouting) Defiance! This time, we hunt for traitors. This time,
we hunt with vengeance. (all shouting) – Form up! – Oremus. (blessing in foreign language) Amen. (Tristan)
– Just a few more miles
and we would have made it. Without horses,
the road seems a lot longer. It had almost been an hour since
we freed the girl, and slowly, I began
to recall what I had done. I began wondering who those men
could have been, and why they wanted to kill her. And she was the only one
who could tell me, but she never said a word. So, do you want to tell me
what was going on back there? Who were those men? Well, they can’t harm you now. – I’m tired. – Then, perhaps we should stop
and rest for a while. – Oh, please. The weight of the armor
is killing me. – Right there. That looks like a good place. – Yes, let’s go there. – (sighing) – Hey! Stop, come back. – Let them be, Jodas.
He will take care of her. (Tristan)
– He did not have
a large army anymore. And they certainly weren’t very
skilled soldiers. They were just commoners
who lived to serve him. I doubt any of them had ever
been on a battlefield before. But they were armed
with spears and swords… marching steadily towards us. There were at least ten
for each one of us. ♪♪ – What’s the matter with you? You shouldn’t be running away
from us like that. Look, if you don’t stay with us, the chances are you’re gonna
get captured again. And I might not
be there to save your life. You must trust me. There’s no reason for you
to escape. I’m only trying to protect you. You’re beautiful. How could anyone want
to harm you? But I can’t hold you
against your will so you’re free to go if that’s what you really want. Your beauty captivated me. I knew it was love from
the moment I saw you. I feel as though
I’ve known you for many years. Yet, I don’t even know
your name. ♪♪ – My son. (sobbing) My son. Ralf. Take him back to the fort. (Tristan)
– I had killed his son. Of course he wanted us all dead. What father wouldn’t? – See? They’re coming back. – Last night, in the fort,
I saw you running. What is it
you were escaping from? Why won’t you say anything? Look, I just wanna know
what happened. – Get over it, Tristan. Clearly, the girl is a mute. – A beautiful girl
that doesn’t speak? What else could a man wish for?
(laughing) (all laughing) – If only all women
were like that. (laughing) (music sting) – Lord William’s men!
I recognize the arrow! – Tristan, they’ve come back
for the girl. – They’re here for revenge! – You need to tell me what’s
going on right now. What do these men want of you? Come!
Come with me! Stay! What are we up against? – 40, 50, maybe more. – They’re approaching fast.
We must move. Come on, Ivor. – You need to stay right here. Don’t move. – You realize, we’re five men
against an army? – Halt! – There is only one way
out of this. We fight. We fight together. ♪♪ (all shouting) (all shouting) (swords clanging, men fighting) ♪♪ (haunting music) ♪♪ – (shouting) ♪♪ (shouting) ♪♪ ♪♪ – Aah! (haunting music) ♪♪ – Tristan! Look at what you’ve done! – This was your choice,
my lord. You sent an entire army
for one man. – You arrogant Spaniard. Did you really think you could
just kill my son And walk away? – Your son? I had no way of knowing,
my lord. – You shouldn’t have come
into the fort. – It was his life or that
of a helpless, innocent woman. – Innocent, innocent? You don’t know anything
about her! (shouting, swords clanging) – I watched her escape
last night. – Yes, my son
was bringing her back before you decided to interfere! – Why? Why can’t you just let her go? – We call her unholy terror! Because the poppy
triggers such a rage in her that not even God himself
is able to tame. ♪♪ (shouting, fighting) – I don’t understand. Then why would you
keep her alive? – Because she’s my daughter! (grunting, fighting) Loyalty and honor. Just like your father. You should have learned,
Tristan of Leon, some matters
are best left undisturbed. This is for my son. Unh! Ah! – (growling)
– (screaming) Aah! (shouting) (groaning) – (growling) – Unh! (boy)
– So what happened then? – She looked at me one more time and then she started running. She just ran until
I couldn’t see her anymore. And after that, I never saw her again. ♪♪ ♪♪ – ♪ Who the faces are ♪ ♪ It’s hard to tell ♪ ♪ Time is not enough ♪ ♪ Working your way up ♪ ♪ No turning back ♪ ♪ It is not the end ♪ ♪ Angels won’t be playing ♪ ♪ Hard to get ♪ ♪ Rise above the faces here ♪ ♪ And the light will guide you ♪ ♪ The stars will
shine on bright ♪ ♪ Along the way ♪ ♪ Where love will find you ♪ ♪ And on your journey home ♪ ♪ You’ll hear your song ♪ ♪ Somewhere along the way ♪ ♪♪ ♪ All the fearful lies ♪ ♪ So proud to share ♪ ♪ Your everlasting smile ♪ ♪ The hope you left behind ♪ ♪ Will not be kind ♪ ♪ This is not the end ♪ ♪ It is life alone ♪ ♪ That holds the key ♪ ♪ To a place where no one dies ♪ ♪ And the light will guide you ♪ ♪ The stars
will shine on bright ♪ ♪ Along the way ♪ ♪ Where love will find you ♪ ♪ And on your journey home ♪ ♪ You’ll hear your song ♪ ♪ Somewhere along the way ♪ ♪ To show you
we are all beside you ♪ ♪ And it’s hard to ♪ ♪ Let you go ♪ ♪ Every day we’ll mourn you ♪ ♪ Birds will call you ♪ ♪ Love you’ll find ♪ ♪ Heaven won’t be far today ♪ ♪ It’s close to where you are ♪ ♪ Love will find you ♪ ♪ Life alone
it holds the key ♪ ♪ To a place where no one dies ♪ ♪ Where love will find you ♪ ♪ The light will guide you ♪ ♪ Stars will shine on bright ♪ ♪ All along the way ♪ ♪ Where love will find you ♪ ♪ And on your journey home ♪ ♪ You’ll hear your song ♪ ♪ Somewhere along the way ♪ ♪ Way ♪ ♪ Way ♪ ♪ Somewhere along the way ♪ ♪ Way oh ♪♪

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  1. Not too bad , but was the woman crazy or what ? Would be nice if these movies were explained a little bit ! Enjoyed though. Thanks !

  2. The volume is to low to understand what's being said and the loud background music way too loud. I dislike loud background sounds and the movie would be more liked without it.


  4. Hilouse but sad comments πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… dont READ them ok πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ’• the movie was unloaded for FREE by sombody who took the time to share with US cheers from Australia mate thank you good movie β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†

  5. I like these movies in spite of their flaws, that's why I watch them. I like that some cool people got together and said "Let's make a movie", and then went and did it. While they probably didm't have the Multi- Million dollar budget of truly spectacular films that we all have grown to feel more immersive in, and thus appreciate a bit more. I would cautiously surmise, these people put this together on a much lower budget. Hence like a majority of all the other B-movies that, while creative in theory, lack of adequate funding therefore forcing acceptance of lower standards than could otherwise be done with means. That is why, again, I love these movies. It's their imperfections, and the fact that they accomplished sharing a piece of their imagination well enough to relate it to me through story telling and visual stimulation. Just mentioning, I get to appreciate it for free as well! Thanks for the upload CMC!! Cheers!

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