[Battle N Trip] Hyoni & Sandara Park Tour in Philippines #1 – Jollibe, Yellow Cab

[Battle N Trip] Hyoni & Sandara Park Tour in Philippines #1 – Jollibe, Yellow Cab

– Hi, everyone~ – We are now at the Incheon International Airport! – We are here because… – Hello!
– Oh! Nice you meet you all! – Here’s DaraTour for today’s trip
– We are leaving for Philippines – It’s really cold in Korea right now…
So we are heading for warmer country – We are… – This is HyoniTV which will cover the behind story of the Battle Trip program
– Oh~ – Yeapi
– Huh – We will be shooting BattleTrip!!! – DaraTour is here for you guys too!
– Only special ones can join the trip…
– That’s right – Ta dah!
– DARA TOUR!!! – One should wear this T-shirt to join Dara Tour – Finally! – Five minutes before landing…? – My face is all swollen for sleeping several hours in the plane… – I should protect my beloved…sister! – Are you okay?
– I don’t know… – Battle Trip…Dara Tour… – Starting Ep2. Philippines! – Hi there! – We are now in Manila…
will be heading for Palawan…
About to die of hunger… – Just entered Yellow Cab to grab a piece of pizza! – What’s this pizza? Something unique in this country?
– Yeap
– Oh – This is called…
– Oh – You can choose your own menu…topping…but let’s grab that sliced one
– Oh…Everything looks so delicious! – A delicious slice of pizza which you can eat in Philippines! – Gonna get something from Jolliebee – Jolliebee is always crowded with people – People…
– Ah~ – Oh my…I love this place – Hahahahahahaha – Do you guys remember Jolliebee in the first episode of Battle Trip Dara Tour? – We will order some great menus! – I am going to order that spaghetti which I ordered before…They also serve great hotdog menus – Hotdog for me
– Okay – Here’s the pizza! Look at that! – Actually, people often eat dinner at Yellow Cap
– Why? – You will understand my words when you eat it
– Okay – This one is really deep-fried! – The wings are more crunchy than the ones sold in Korea – Really spicy – I often ordered them at the hotel room after finishing my schedule
– Soooooo delicious! – Look at that reactions!
– Let me put this in the middle! Pizza OUT! – Jolliebee and Yellow Cap’s Adventure Time!
* Collaboration * – This…
– Hehehe – I really missed this spaghetti… – Mmm!
– Oh my
– This is it – This flavor… – One cannot understand this flavor unless they feel the flavor with their taste buds… – HOTDOG! – Look at that! – [inaudible]
– Yeap – The cheese is awesome – The sauce…
– Yeap – Really soft and tender!
– Yeap – I recommend you to view the Dara Tour Season 1
for detailed review on this brand – See ya later!

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  1. jolibee hot dog spaghetti meal w/ drinks php 95.00. wala na sa display menu pero nasa menu pa din at pwede i order. sabihin mo lang sa cashier. hehehe

  2. I hope jollibee will get you guys as commercial models for their product since you guys are promoting their brand.. It'll be liiit🔥

  3. oh and when you are in the Philippines again try Mang inasal… most koreans love the roasted chicken in mang inasal. I see lots of koreans when I go there. It also comes with unlimited rice if you are not in a diet 😂

  4. Dara and Hyoni hope you can visit again the PH 🙂 looking forward on it God Bless both of you 🙂 saranghaeyo!..

  5. If ever there will be jollibee in S.Korea i hope Sandara and Hyoni will Endorse Jollibee :).. Now i love Hyoni she really love Jollibee Spaghetti Filipino style 🙂

  6. jollibee is a fave place amongst filipino commoners 😘😘 dara and hyoni are bothe cute as always!!!!

  7. I need a TV show where Dara would instead of promoting the PH she'll promote SK to PH fans. Huhu Dara unni pls give us tips on how to spend your days in korea juseyo

  8. Jollibee cannot open a franchise in South Korea because Lotte multi business company in Korea will not allow it.

  9. Thank you for being a good friend to Dara. 🙂 I hope you are not like those friends of Dara who just uses her for self gain. Pretty sure you can’t understand my comment but Fighting! 💕

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