Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.106 Yangrak X Hyeonsuk’s trip to Kota Kinabalu! [ENG/THA/2018.09.16]

Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.106 Yangrak X Hyeonsuk’s trip to Kota Kinabalu! [ENG/THA/2018.09.16]

(Numerous great tips on trips) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) (Lee Hwijae, special host, Lee Hyejung) Travel is war. Battle Trip. Today’s special host is Lee Hyejung. Welcome. Hello, I’m a model, Lee Hyejung. I really wanted to be on Battle Trip, and I’ve said that over and over again. And I watched the episode with Song Vacation. – That’s right. / – I cried while watching it. If I have a chance, I want to be here again as a trip planner. Do you like to travel? Do you travel with your husband? I must say we have itchy feet. We love to travel so much. For example, last year, we went to Iceland for a month to celebrate our wedding anniversary. For a month? Is Iceland very popular these days? You can become one with nature. I’ve been told you can enjoy Mother Nature. Right. It was great. And it’s very boring. – I’m serious. / – I know what you mean. It’s good, but boring. It’s perfect for newlyweds. – Because they have love. / – That’s right. Alright. Today’s theme is… – About marriage, right? / – That’s right. What is today’s theme? (There’s a married couple, bored with everyday routine) There’s Hwijae. (Restless days of child-rearing) (And endless house chores) (They need a break) (Forget about the daily life and get away together) Forget about the daily life. We had a special episode for married couples before. Park Jiyoon. – It was very fun. / – Jiyoon’s trip was really hard. She took too many photos. (Romantic getaways for married couples) – That’s right. / – I’m so excited. Once people get married and have children, they mostly go on family trips. They don’t have many chances to go on a romantic getaway. Hwijae always says he wants to go on a trip alone without the kids. Don’t you want to go on a trip with your wife alone? Of course I do. – We have a plan to do that in October. / – Really? I guess it’s hard to go on a trip with children. We don’t even call it a trip. When we travel with our children, we call it training. It’s more like training when your kids are around. It’s more like ranger training. Hyejung, it must be the perfect time for you to travel. A lot of my seniors who are married told me that. We should travel as much as possible before having kids. So, today’s theme is getaways for married couples. We have two married couples for today’s theme. I wonder who went where. Here are today’s trip planners. – Welcome. / – Welcome. (Who are today’s trip planners?) Wow. (Paeng Hyeonsuk, Choi Yangrak) (Kim Yuna, Kim Hyungkyu) Nice to meet you. We have a special episode today. Choi Yangrak and Paeng Hyeonsuk are the very first comedian couple in the country. – That’s right. / – I’m sure their trip will be fun. – I’m excited. / – It was a lot of fun. How long have you been married? It’s been 3 years now. – Oh, that’s not it. / – What? – 30 years. / – Right, 30 years. – 30 years? / – Did you say 30 years? We’ve been married for 30 years, but it feels like it’s been three years. Time went by so fast. I’m so happy every day. Every day. – I can feel the love between them. / – That’s right. Yuna and Hyungkyu, what about you? We’ve been married for 13 years. But they look like newlyweds. – It looks like they’re still dating. / – Right? It’s like they’re still dating. It’s been 13 years though. We are just like best friends. It feels like I married a friend who really hit it off with me. – I’m so envious. / – It’s very fun every day. He’s funny. I guess that’s why… That’s because Hyungkyu is handsome. – Thank you. / – So his wife doesn’t get old. But my husband has really aged. – Hyeonsuk. / – He’s like a grandfather. You haven’t aged at all. I’m still look young but my husband looks so old. How did you two start dating? In 1997, we met at a fashion show for the first time. I fell in love with her at first sight. It felt like a halo appeared around her head. She was like a goddess from up above. He was blinded by love. I had this feeling that I would eventually marry her. – Really? / – Yes. So… – He sounds so confident. / – It’s not that. So we met there and started talking about comics… They love comics. – We talked about comics. / – For 2 hours. – For 2 hours? / – Yes. It’s fate. It was a fateful encounter. – What a story. / – I’m actually… Excited to watch their trips. I think their trips will be quite different. The comedian couple would squabble during their trip like our parents do. – That’s right. / – Meanwhile… They’ll be like newlyweds and best friends. – They would really hit it off. / – I’m so excited. – I can’t wait. / – Alright. First… Where did Choi Yangrak and Paeng Hyeonsuk go for their romantic getaway? Where did you go? We went to the jewel of Southeast Asia. It’s the Hawaii of Asia. It has one of the top three sunsets in the world. We went to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia. (Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia) That’s where a lot of newlyweds go to. That’s right. – We always feel like one. / – There are newlyweds. It’s a perfect place for newlyweds to enjoy the romantic mood. It has beautiful views. – That’s right. / – Have you been there, Hyejung? – No, I have never been. / – You just heard about it. – So I’m very excited now. / – I see. After we went to Jeju-do for our honeymoon, we didn’t travel for 20 years. We went to Vietnam for our 20th wedding anniversary. Then we went to Kota Kinabalu on our 30th wedding anniversary. And it doesn’t mean you have to go there. You can have your parents go on a trip there for their birthday or wedding anniversary since it’s very cheap. You should send them on a trip. They’d be so happy. The name of your team is Balu Tour. – Yangrak came up with that name. / – Why Balu? I kept asking him, “Kota Kina what?” I couldn’t memorize our destination. So we named it Balu Tour, which sounds like… – “Traveling on foot.” / – Balu Tour? – It doesn’t mean anything special. / – He taught me. Alright. Yuna and Hyungkyu, where did you go for your romantic getaway? We went to the city of festivals and delicious food. It’s the best vacation spot in Japan for summer. We went to Hokkaido. (Hokkaido, Japan) That sounds amazing. We’ve been to Hokkaido a few times on our show. Many trip planners went to Hokkaido on Battle Trip. I’ve seen those episodes. I don’t think you just went to Hokkaido. There must be some twist in their trip. – That’s true. / – That’s why they went there again. We didn’t go to the places you’ve been to. The places with beautiful nature have a lot of interesting things to see every month. And there are different foods. So we found a lot of new things there. I know the place matters, but it’s also important who you travel with. That’s right, it varies depending on who you go with. It’s good to go on a trip with your friend but it is also amazing to go with your spouse. That’s right. When you go on a trip with your spouse… – It’s very important to suit… / – Right. – The wife’s taste. / – That’s right. Don’t you agree? – Right, it must’ve been hard. / – Thank you. (Feeling sympathy) It sounds like a trip of suffering for the husbands. No, that’s not true. – I had a great time. / – So… Hyungkyu, when you are in Japan, I bet a lot of people would think you’re Japanese. If I go to Japan, people talk to me in Japanese. When I’m in Thailand, people talk to me in Thai. – That’s true. / – It’s the same in Singapore. It happens to some people. I see. So, they went to romantic getaways to Kota Kinabalu and Hokkaido. But we’re not the only ones going on these trips, right? We have our 100 impartial judges… – Who will vote on today’s trips. / – Welcome. – Welcome. / – Welcome. I’m so excited. I’m so excited. (Please enjoy our trip) That’s so sudden. – Gosh. / – I just did it because she started it. It’s too late. – Where should we go first? / – Elders first. Let’s watch their trip first. Balu Tour to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. Let’s watch it together. (Balu Tour to Kota Kinabalu starts now) (Please clap once) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. He always does that. Do you think it’s funny? She’s always nagging me… – What do I have to lose? / – He tries to be funny. But it doesn’t work because I’m getting old. – Are you shooting a show? / – Yes, we are. – Make sure to be funny. / – Okay. Don’t put pressure on us. We can’t always be funny. Dad, you’re not so funny these days. Mom is funnier. You should try harder. I was very funny before you were born. Seriously, he was the best. – He was so funny. / – That’s “Nero 25 Hours.” (Screaming) I hear I’m the funniest person in the nation. (Laughing) (Whatever he did, people burst into laughter) (He enjoyed a second heyday with “Alkkagi”) Look at his hairstyle. I did his hair every day. I blow-dried his hair. (The bobbed hair was his trademark) Yangrak doesn’t have anything left now. I should probably run a factory or something. I’ll support the family. Don’t worry. (Since 30 years ago) (She was famous as a pretty comedienne) – She’s really… / – She’s so beautiful. Gosh, that’s me. – She’s so pretty. / – Back then… There weren’t many Western-style beauties. (Model-turned comedienne, Paeng Hyeonsuk) (After she met Yangrak) (She married him) (They’ve lived together for 30 years) (Depending on each other) Our 30th wedding anniversary is coming up. – I’m so excited about this trip. / – For me… I don’t want to be Hana’s mom on our 30th anniversary. I just want to be Paeng Hyeonsuk. It’s Paeng Suhui. You changed your name. I want to go as a woman named Paeng Suhui. Okay. Where do you want to go? Hana told me to go to somewhere called Kota something. – There’s no country called that. / – There is. – Kota? / – Hello? Hana, you recommended a country for our trip the other day. It was Kota or something. – Where is it? / – It’s Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia. It’s Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia. (Malaysia) (Wonderful natural environment and various cultures) A lot of Korean tourists go there. It has one of the top three sunsets in the world. It’s so nice there. My goodness. Was that Yangrak? – Yes. / – It was Yangrak? That’s amazing. (The sky turns to beautiful red during sunset) The ocean is very beautiful. It’s a good vacation spot. – It was beautiful. / – I know you as Alex Choi. – I didn’t know you could surf. / – It was amazing. – There’s Yangrak. / – The water is so clear. I think it will be good for your romantic getaway. – It sounds nice. / – Really? We should sleep in separate rooms though. (He bursts into laughter) – I shouldn’t laugh. / – Really? What’s so funny? – He snores a lot. / – We sleep in separate bedrooms. The last time we slept on the same bed was… We’ve never done that. We did, twice. That’s why we have Hyeok and Hana. She’s shy. Do you have the same tastes when it comes to traveling? Not really. – We don’t. / – We don’t have the same taste. But I try to cater to him… – Since he’s my husband. / – She always says that. But she brings her blanket and pillow. Oh, I heard about that. I can’t sleep well when it’s not my bed. So… She’s out of her mind. She says she can’t sleep well in a different bed. – She shouldn’t travel. / – Yangrak, this show is… I’m so upset. – It’s totally… / – This will all get edited out. She takes a lot of luggage. You should say it with a smile. That’s funny. She’s very funny. – Go, Balu Tour! / – Go, Balu Tour! We’re leaving tomorrow. I don’t have a lot to pack. I take briefs in every color. He doesn’t have to show us… (It’s too much information) I have too many briefs. His suitcase is full of briefs. – Hello, Hyeon. / – Hello. What was that? It’s about Malaysia. – Kota Kinabalu? / – How did you know that? – He knew it. / – He’s good. (He gets good tips for Kota Kinabalu) I don’t pack much when I travel. I keep it simple. This medicine is for menopause. I need this. – Medicines. / – And this is… What I take when I’m stressed out. – She takes a lot. / – She takes a lot of pills. – She has a lot of pills. / – It’s omega-3. – My gosh. / – This is vitamin. Cream for aching limbs. It’s good for old people. Adlay, walnuts, almond. I take this when I feel very tired. It’s wild ginseng. – Wild ginseng? / – If you’re that tired… You shouldn’t go. If you’re that tired, you shouldn’t go. She’s taking a lot of pills. I want to go even if I am tired. (Balu Tour in Kota Kinabalu) (Sweet like newlyweds) (They failed) She’s gained a lot of weight. She’s heavy. You’re eating too much. I think it will be so funny. (A trip with different purposes) – It was really fun. / – Catch me if you can. Catch you? You’re dead if I catch you! – He sounds scary. / – “You’re dead if I catch you!” (From Incheon Airport to Kota Kinabalu) (5-hour flight, Korea is an hour ahead of Malaysia) (Spoken languages are Malay and English) It’s warm. I think the weather is cooler than Korea. It’s too hot in Korea now. How will we go? You told me not to worry about it. I took care of it. Hana installed an app on my phone. We can take a taxi. It’s very cheap. What if we get ripped off? It’ll be very expensive. – It has the address of our hotel. / – Really? So it’s okay. We won’t get ripped off. – They only have good drivers. / – Really? Okay, tap the screen then. – It’s here. / – What? This is the car. That’s good. Thank you. Good evening. (15 minutes from the airport to downtown by car) It’s good when the hotel is close from the airport. You’re right. You can go anywhere within 30 minutes there. (They arrive at the hotel) – Gosh. / – Goodness. – Look at the beds. / – The beds. I’m glad that we have twin beds. This is good. You don’t have to stay in separate rooms. – I think so. / – It’s nice. You should change before going to sleep. Gosh, I can’t take this off now. No, no. It had the microphone on it. So he has to wear the jacket all the time? – Yes. / – Even when he showered? With the jacket on? We can’t sleep with our clothes on. (It’s their first time on a reality show) It’s so funny. (They are unfamiliar with this type of show) Where are the cameramen? – We should call them. / – Where are they? We can’t sleep with the cameras on. I know. We can’t sleep like this. (He takes off the microphone) (This camera) (They team up on the camera) (Their first day in Kota Kinabalu, Yangrak’s Day) I want to forget about my hectic schedule and have a great time there. – He’s right. / – Wow. (Screaming) (They have fun like children) (Flying in the sky of Kota Kinabalu) I don’t even know what time we got in. We’ve lost track of the time. I wish we could do this every day. (Spa and massage to relieve Hyeonsuk’s fatigue) (Perfect for Hyeonsuk’s taste) It’s health food. (They even improve their health with local cuisine) – It looks so good. / – It’s laksa. – It was so good. / – Must eat noodles in Southeast Asia. (Yangrak prepared a special day for Hyeonsuk) He’s very playful. So, Yangrak designed the trip for the first day? It’s Yangrak’s Day. It begins now. (Manukan Island, traditional Malaysian noodles) (Couples healing spa, Kokol Poring-Poring Road) The weather was so nice and the air… Look at the sky. – The weather is very good. / – It’s nice. – You like it? We had a big breakfast. / – I love it. And I like your dress. Gosh, what are you doing? – It feels like we’re on a trip. / – This is so nice. You said you were tired. So we will get on a ship… – And go to a vacation spot. / – A traditional market. – We’re going to rest. / – To the beach? That’s right. (Jesselton Point is a marina for the island tour) (You can pick the island you want to go to and the time) – Are you going to another island? / – Yes. It was beautiful. The water is so clear. (Boat fare, $6.70 per person) Put this on. (Yangrak puts a life vest on Hyeonsuk) – Okay? / – Okay. Hey, no touch. My wife. – He looks sorry. / – He’s flustered. He said sorry. No problem. That’s what women want. We like it when our husbands take care of us. Oh, yes! This is fun! (The waves are high) Gosh, the waves are so strong. Your hair. You look pretty even when your hair gets disheveled. Don’t worry about it. (Stop it) They squabble a lot but he sounds very sweet. Kota Kinabalu. (15 minutes later) (Emerald-colored water, clean, sandy beach) Everyone was kissing everywhere. – The atmosphere there was great. / – Did you kiss? No, we didn’t. We just looked at other people kissing. (Manukan Island) Gosh, this place is nice. – The color of the water is jade. / – Exactly. My goodness, look over there. Look at the fish. – It was half water and half fish. / – My gosh. These are like big anchovies. – It’s as big as a minnow. / – Goodness. Let’s go that way. There are chairs. – That sounds great. / – Let’s relax on our trip. I wish I could live here for a month. (Unlike the crowded beach in the east) (The beach in the west is especially empty) – Isn’t this nice? / – This is nice. It’s our 30th anniversary. We ought to spend… – Some quiet time together, right? / – Yes. I don’t know much about this. – But my friend told me. / – Hyeon gave him tips. Jeong Hyeon did? This part is empty. – This side is very romantic. / – Right. – Thank you. / – If it’s crowded… – You get tired. / – Let’s sit over there for a bit. Right. Let’s go. – My gosh. / – Goodness. This is nice. – It’s quiet and nice here. / – My goodness. – Relax. This feels nice. / – It’s great. She smiled brightly. I know what she likes. I know how women think. A long time ago… I even did a segment called “Lonely Hunter.” – That’s right. / – He wore a coat. – I really enjoyed that segment. / – Right. – That’s right. / – It was on TV. (“Lonely Hunter”) I often visit this cafe because… – I get the feeling that… / – “I get the feeling that…” “Something good will happen here.” So I know. I think we should change into our swimsuits. (What is going on here?) Sorry? Pardon? – What did he say? / – Delivery? (He seems serious) He wants us to relax here without turning back. So… Thank you. – Thank you. / – Out. – Out? / – He wants us to leave. The chairs are already reserved. Those were for guests at the resort only. That part of the beach is privately owned. – Sorry. / – We have to move? Healing my butt. It was so empty there. – I didn’t know. / – The sign was hidden. – It was empty for a reason. / – Right. He didn’t make any reservations. (They’re taking a stroll along the other beach) Actually, I surprisingly… Didn’t like that side of the beach. It was too empty. – Right, this part is crowded. / – Exactly. – But it’s nice. / – We ought to be with people. – It has a nice vibe. / – Yes. – This feels very exotic and nice. / – Right. It ought to feel exotic. We’re in another country. “It ought to feel exotic.” – It felt especially more exotic. / – She’s right. – “It ought to feel exotic.” / – A slow walk is nice too. Right, a slow walk. – We’ve been so busy. / – It’s cool here too. Yes, this is cool here. How nice. Look at the color of the water. It’s cool here. (The very sight makes them feel cool) The color of the water is amazing. – This is nice. / – Seriously. It was so nice over there. Isn’t this nice? – Aren’t you happy you came? / – It’s nice. – It was worth the boat ride, right? / – Yes, it’s nice. – Hello. / – Hello. Why did you come here with another guy? – You’re college students? / – Yes. – Are you having fun? / – Yes. We’re quite old. We came here on a trip to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. – Will we be on TV? / – In September. – Show us a special talent. / – That was sudden. – A special talent? / – That was sudden. – Show us a special talent. / – I see. If it’s good, it’ll be on TV. If it’s not good… That was random. – Slapstick comedy. / – Slapstick comedy is nice. For the viewers of Battle Trip, they will each show us their special talent. I’ll impersonate Lee Jungjae. So random. Youngsters these days… – Are great. / – He’s actually doing it. Action. “Look here, face reader.” (He spoils the mood) – All of a sudden… / – You did well. (He secures his airtime by going into the water) – He’s really cute. / – So, is this all you prepared? Gosh, you’re insulting me. If it is, it’d be disappointing. I prepared something exciting, thrilling, suspenseful and fantastic. – It’ll be thrilling. Let’s go. / – Where is that? – I can’t wait to see what it is. / – I’m not lying. He’s all talk. Parasailing. – Parasailing… / – That activity can be scary. It costs about $27 per person. 90 ringgit. (Yangrak puts on the safety gear) (What is Hyeonsuk doing?) – Stay still. / – I’m fine. That’s enough. (All over his face) You need it. Your face will get burnt. Ma’am, sit down. – Ma’am, sit down. / – He told you to sit down. “Ma’am, sit down.” Here, here. Grab this part. Grab this part here. – Grab the part right here. / – It’s the one below. (Looking clumsy) Actually, I get scared easily. My life tends to stay in the safe area. My wife and I aren’t thrill-seekers, we don’t enjoy going on adventures. – It’s scary in the beginning. / – Right. – That nervousness. / – Once you’re in the air, it’s fine. (Screaming) (They’re only 1m above the water) Oh, no. When we go up into the air, it’s scary. How’s it? Great. This is great. We’re going higher. We’re at about the 6th or 7th floor of a building. – We’re at about the 10th floor. / – It’s going up higher. (They’re only 5m above the water) We’re at the 20th floor. (Parasailing brings thrills to this middle-aged couple) – It feels like we’re flying. / – Right? You look like the fairy who lives in the sky. Thank you. (They spent 30 years together) You look like the woodcutter. (Yangrak and Hyeonsuk are a woodcutter and a fairy) – He was scared. / – It was scary in the beginning. – Right. / – But it was really scary for me as well. But it was fun. It was cool. – This is nice. / – Yes. This comes with the right amount of thrill. It’s fun too. We’re going down. We’re going down. Are we going down now? We’re going into the water? This is scary. No, this is scary. No, no. They dunk you in the water. They dunk you in the water. That was special treatment. They put you in the water. (Struggling) No. My goodness. – They ought to do that once. / – Exactly. – Stop it. Stop! / – Stop it. When we were going down, the blue water splashed right at me. It was really scary. My wife said that it was scary. I thought she was cute then. (He’s undeniably a romanticist) – That’s true. / – This is fun. (They dry their bodies with the cool ocean breeze) Isn’t this fun? I hope we don’t crash into that. Let’s wave at them. Hello. He waved at me. (They share greetings like friends) We’re flying in the sky. We’re flying like the eagles. I won’t ever forget this experience. Exactly, when would we have the chance to do this? ??As I watch the flying birds ?? Why do you sound so sad when you sing? ??As I watch the flying birds ?? Whenever I listened to that song, I wanted to fly like a bird. And my wish came true today. I flew just like this. Right, she must’ve felt like a bird. (Balu Tour, Yangrak’s Day) “Manukan Island.” Yes, let’s eat something. – Exactly. / – Southeast Asian noodles are great. She likes noodles. I saw her eat noodles for 3 meals a day. I was shocked. I want her to eat all the noodles she wants. We can have 5 meals there. I’ll let her eat a lot. (10 minutes from Jesselton Point to the restaurant) (Using a transportation app is cheaper than taxis) Ta-da. I already know it’s good. This restaurant has to be good. Go inside. (A restaurant popular amongst the locals) One of the merits of Kota Kinabalu is that people don’t cook breakfast. They all eat out. – Like that… / – It’s too hot in the morning. So a lot of locals were at the restaurant. Restaurants that locals eat at are really cheap. (Open from 6:30 a.m. till 6 p.m. on weekdays) (Till 4 p.m. on weekends) Yangrak, when did you find this place? Remember Hyeon? Jeong Hyeon runs a travel agency. When I said that you like noodles, he said to come here. – That’s why we came here. / – Thank you. Excuse me. – Selamat pagi. / – Selamat pagi. – Selamat pagi. / – Selamat pagi. – It means good morning. / – This restaurant is very… Food. Very… Favorite… I like very delicious… I want. (Laughing) – You said all the important words. / – Exactly. (The waitress recommends these two) You can have A1 and A2. This is how you say, “Thank you.” Tell her that now. – Terima kashi. / – Terima kashi. – She’s nice. / – Terima kashi. (How will the first meal of the Balu Tour taste?) (Here are the most popular dishes) – That looks good. / – It looks delicious. The broth is rich but it’s clean. – It’s clean. / – It’s really good. – It comes with meat. / – Ngau chap. – That must be good. / – My mouth is watering now. It tastes like the soup has lamb in it. – I bet that one is tasty. / – Lamb. – That’s laksa. / – Laksa. Laksa is famous. – With cilantro… / – This is… – And lemon. / – It looks good. (The irresistible laksa with rice noodles) It looks good. People who don’t like food with strong smells won’t like it, but you should still try it. Once you get hooked on it, you’ll keep eating this. (Which noodle dish will Hyeonsuk like more?) Gosh, it’s here. My goodness, that looks delicious. Thank you. (Mixed noodles and fish ball soup, $2.60) (Stir-fried cabbage in oyster sauce, $1.80) You should try these first. Eat whatever you like the best. Let me taste the broth first. – Go ahead. / – Okay. This is refreshing. – Is it good? / – It’s very refreshing. It warms my stomach right away. You can taste the spices in the aftertaste. But I like the scent of spices. This is the tripe. It’s the beef tripe. And this looks like the ox foot. These are beef innards. This is an invigorating dish. It’s like having soup with omasum. They gave you a lot of meat. – Yes. That one is… / – The portion was big. – Knee cartilage. / – That’s amazing. To eat the knee cartilage in Korea, it costs about $12 to $13. But you can eat plenty there for $2. I think this is spicy sauce. It’s spicy. – You like spicy food. / – Okay. Try it with the sauce. How’s the tripe? Isn’t it good? It’s good. Is it good? Let me try the noodles. (She has a big bite of the noodles) This is like omasum in Korea, right? What is this one? It’s firm. It’s tender too. It’s not too chewy. It’s aromatic too. This flavor is really unique. It doesn’t taste like soy sauce but it has that color. (He’s not listening to her) – I can taste beef… / – To be honest, we went to… That restaurant because she likes noodles. – He was being considerate. / – I ate more than her. – You’re just eating without a word. / – Exactly. Stop eating and tell me what you think. It’s good. (It’s just good) I keep craving this. (It’s good, what more must I say?) – See? / – My goodness. – This restaurant is good. / – The texture is interesting. Now, onto this one. Let’s try this, Yangrak. (A generous amount of chicken and shrimp) – Gosh, that looks good. / – That must be delicious. It’s the best when you don’t have an appetite. Cheers. – That’s laksa, right? / – Yes, laksa. This tastes like tom yum goong. You know the Thai dish? It tastes like that. People who love that will like this. – But some might not like it. / – No, no. The smell isn’t overpowering. And the aftertaste is slightly sweet. – Gosh, it looks appetizing. / – It’s rich and flavorful. – The broth… / – It has depth. I love tom yum goong. – My mouth is watering. / – Right, right. You must really want to eat that now. It was really good. (Hyeonsuk keeps on eating) I’m glad I didn’t eat yesterday. (They fill up their stomachs with noodles) I think my mouth is at a crossroad. I’m torn if I should keep eating. – Don’t be picky while traveling. / – You’re right. Everything gets mixed in our stomachs anyway. – Smile. Smile now. / – Sure. – That looks nice. / – You listen to your wife well. – I like this more. / – Right? Hyeonsuk likes this dish more. – This is more to my taste. / – But I like this one more. – I really like laksa. / – The broth is rich. It feels like it recharges the energy I used up through sweating. I like this one more. This would get rid of your hangover. It might be because I like to drink but I like this more. Isn’t this great? We came to a good restaurant. How much is it? Let me explain. 1 ringgit is 30 cents. – Really? / – Yes. – Then how much is it? / – The noodles we had… This one costs 8.5 ringgits. – If it’s 8.5 ringgits… / – Let’s say we round up. If it’s 8.5 ringgits, it’s about $2.60. – That’s for 1 bowl? It’s so cheap. / – It’s $2.60. The bill came out to 39.5 ringgits in total. – Let’s round up to 40. / – Make it 40. – 4 times 3 is 12. It’s $12. / – 4 times 3 is 12. – But we ate a lot. / – That’s for the whole meal. – Only $12? / – It’s very cheap here. We ate a lot. I think two glasses of draft beer cost more than $12 in Sapporo. – $12 won’t be enough there. / – Right, probably not. Everything was delicious. Delicious. Traveling can be a bit tiring. That’s why… We’ll get a massage that will get rid of our fatigue. You should go to a spa after eating. We ought to rest. That’s right. We’re here to relax. (Into the place where they can relax) (Yangrak and Hyeonsuk will become Emperor Nero?) – Oh, with salt. / – Salt. Why are you filming this? (Step 2, the whole body massage) (Yangrak’s gift is a chance for them to relax) (It takes 15 minutes to this luxurious spa shop) (It’s located within a 5-star resort) – The atmosphere is different. / – My gosh. It looks very clean and nice here. – I thought you’d like it. / – Thank you. I was glad I’ve lived with him for 30 years. I have a reservation under Choi. (He made a reservation in advance) My husband is very handsome. – Thank you. / – You speak good English too. – No, this is nothing. / – My gosh. – Where did you learn English? / – How are you? You went to a high-end shop. – It was facing the beach. / – Right. The view is great too. – This shop was quite expensive. / – It’s expensive. But to get a massage as luxurious as that in Korea… – It’s expensive. / – It’s 3 or 4 times more expensive. – Honey, get rid of your fatigue. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – You’re welcome. This will relieve all the stress that’s been piling up. – This is the foot massage. / – The foot massage. Our health starts from our feet. Gosh, this is nice. This is my first foot massage ever. Oh, my. I’m getting a special treatment. The important agenda is to celebrate our anniversary. I don’t need to think about anything but… Even if it’s only for a few days, I want her to forget about her busy life here and spend a nice time there while we admire the beautiful scenery and eat delicious food. Away from work and all. – How is it? / – It’s good. This is a good trip. I really do feel like a king here. – I played Emperor Nero long ago. / – Emperor Nero. – Oh, dear, Lord! / – His costume did look similar. Clean my feet, massage them, and get rid of the fatigue. (Hyeonsuk plays along right away) And get rid of the fatigue. (They are a perfect match) I knew it. Because I’m married to Emperor Nero, I’m living in luxury. – Thank you. / – You’re welcome. (Time flies by for them) Time is flying by. – It’s going by so fast. / – Right. Let this last for a long time. I wish it’d last forever. My back hurts. This is a high-end spa shop. – This is a fancy place. / – You bet. This is for our 30th anniversary. I can’t skimp out on the spa. – That’s right. / – I can’t. This place was the most expensive on our itinerary. – They gave us tea there. / – It’s our 30th anniversary. We ought to be fancy for a day. – Of course, you should be. / – That’s what I think. If my husband does that for me, I would tell him that I love him right away. That’s true. We’ve never done this before we got married. It’s our 1st time in 30 years. I won’t be able to forget our trip to Kota Kinabalu. (Balu Tour, Yangrak’s Day) (Kokol Poring-Poring Road) (45 minutes by car to Kokol Poring-Poring Road) Kokol Poring-Poring Road. – It was really nice. / – It takes some time to get there. But it’s worth the time. (They arrive at their last destination) – This was a long trip. / – You know how great places… Aren’t accessible. The altitude here is over 800m. It is. When the sun completely sets, we can see the night view. I heard that the view is indeed fantastic and splendid. The name of this area is called Kokol… It’s not Podong-Podong. It’s Kokol… – My gosh, look at that. / – It’s Poring-Poring. Isn’t the name pretty too? (You can enjoy the sunset and the city lights) – Poring-Poring. / – My gosh. Is this a resort? It’s at a high altitude. A lot of couples go there… – I didn’t know this existed. / – For dates. My friend told me about this place. He recommended I go… – And said it’s not well known. / – To put it simply… The locals go there for dates. I can assure you. Koreans don’t know this place. Are we the first ones? How did you find this place? My friend, Jeong Hyeon, told me. He told me that… It’d be great if I took you here. (The restaurant was recommended by him) (The island was recommended by him) You should take him a photo. (Even the spa was recommended by his friend) I definitely got a lot of tips from my friend. I’ll treat him to a meal. Thank you, Hyeon. Are you doing okay? Shouldn’t we invite him? I’m getting curious. – He’s mentioned a lot. / – It’s like he’s with you. I prepared today’s itinerary for you. I bet you’ll remember this for a long time. Especially this view. Thank you. – You’re the best. / – So many couples were there. – Gosh, your belly… / – Yes? – Doesn’t this feel dependable? / – Yes, it’s chubby. Poring-Poring. I mean… Gosh, it’s beautiful. Not that many tourists know this place. – It’s a very useful tip. / – How pretty. (The evening glow falls asleep) (And the city lights wake up) What do you think about my itinerary? We’ve been married for 30 years, but I think we’ve rarely had conversations with such a nice night view in this kind of good ambience. – Our busy schedule was an excuse. / – All the time… Right. We’ll be in our 60s and 70s soon. I might feel vain because I’ve only ever looked to the future. – Let’s be relaxed… / – Let’s have this kind of leisure. – In our lives from now on. / – We should. When did you bring that puppy? – How cute. / – He kept following me. He’s dozing off. He is. Hey, over there… Oh, there. I want to take a photo with you. – Pictures are a must on a trip. / – Right. – Let’s go. / – Gosh, the wind. – He wants to join us. / – He’s following me again. (How was today’s trip?) We went on a trip to Vietnam on our 20th marriage anniversary. We’re on a trip after 10 years. I’m getting touched more as time passes. To be honest, we didn’t get to spend time alone often. Ever since we got back from our honeymoon, he was really famous, so we didn’t even get to see each other’s faces. I ran my restaurant too. We were busy living our lives. We were busy… But this trip has given us a chance to look back. I’ve come to think about how I want to go for a massage and exercise with him. I want to be good to him. (She wishes to be better to him) – Let’s hold hands. / – It’s too childish. Let’s do this. How sweet. We took a picture in that pose 30 years ago. You did. (Their unchanging love) Gosh, how touching. – It really is touching. / – That’s a long time ago. (Their unchanging love) Since it’s our 30th marriage anniversary… – Having pictures is important. / – Let’s take a photo. – Open your eyes a little. / – The second day… Is planned by Hyeonsuk. I’d like to do something special. Good morning. (The list of Hyeonsuk’s trivial but certain happiness) It’s coming up like that. Since we sweat a lot… – It’s delicious. / – Oh, that. (Fighting heat with heat) That’s refreshing. Your favorite… (She’s prepared a romantic drink with the sunset) Thank you for the past 30 years. Is this a gift? An anniversary gift? (Will it capture Hyeonsuk’s heart?) If you knew how to do all this, why didn’t you do it the past 30 years? (The final story of the couple in Kota Kinabalu) Come this way. You’re holding it wrong. (Balu Tour, Hyeonsuk’s Day) Flip it. (Sunday Market, snap tour, bak-kut-teh, dessert, sunset) (9 a.m., the final day) The weather is so nice today. – Yangrak. / – It’s good. Today is my day. Paeng Hyeonsuk’s Day. Sunday Market is the romance of married women. – That’s a must. / – Indeed. I think men get scared whenever women say they’ll go shopping. Since most men don’t like shopping, a lot of women tell their husbands to stay at a hotel. I don’t think that’s the case for Hyungkyu. I love shopping. He looks like he loves shopping. Shopping is a way to expand myself. He likes on-sale items. – I love them. / – When it says, “On sale…” – He has to go in that store. / – Right. – It closes down… / – I wanted to sleep in. At noon, but they have so many sales. You can go shopping in Korea. – Why would you do it here? / – I mean… Buying local items and giving them to our acquaintances as gifts is exotic. – Now what? / – Smile! That’s right. – Then… / – Stop. Smile. If you look up close, Yangrak has wrinkles in the middle of his forehead. It means he doesn’t like the idea. But I really hope he smiles instead of showing me those wrinkles. (Will he stay as the smiley husband today?) Film a video of me opening the door. – Do it already. / – I filmed it. Smile. (An obedient smiling angel) – Satisfied? / – Good. – Hello, good morning. / – Good morning. Please… Sunday Market. Okay. See? There aren’t many people on the streets. They must be resting since it’s Sunday. It’s great to wake up and start our day earlier when others are sleeping in. Middle-aged couples go around markets together with a shopping basket. I’m so envious of that. Whenever I go grocery shopping, you never accompany me. You’re not a top star anymore. You’ve become ordinary now. How could you say that? – Goodness. / – I’m sorry. Isn’t it time you get used to the life now? I’m still popular. People live to 100 now, so things will work out. We’re on our way to Sunday Market… – In a taxi right now. / – Right. I’m curious what they’ll have. (The traditional market on Gaya Street) Is it open only on Sundays? That’s why it’s called Sunday Market. There must be meat. Goodness, they have everything. (Sunday Market sells all kinds of items) So many people are here to shop. – I know. / – It’s packed. How lively. This must be the start of the market. – It’s the entrance. / – Hello, hi. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Hi. Very beautiful. – Thank you. / – Very nice. Good morning. Hi. What’s this? (Yangrak is showing off his wrinkles) He’s tired already. Yangrak, come quick. (He lost his smile after 10 minutes) They’re selling herbal medicine. Let’s have some fruit juice. (A popular store in the Sunday Market) Gosh, look at those fruits. – What’s that? / – Goodness. – That was so good. / – It’s amazing. – I love that. / – Isn’t that watermelon? She’s making juice. – Right on the spot. / – I know. They blend fruits right on the spot. They make watermelon juice like that since it’s hot. They grind it on the spot like that? – You don’t need a cup. / – She grinds the inside of it. I’m going to try and make one at home. How much is it? – 10. / – 10 ringgit? – It’s only $3? / – That whole watermelon? – $3? / – It’s $6 for 2. – It’s refreshing and nice. / – We’re indeed… – A generous couple. / – Gosh. – A watermelon each. / – A whole watermelon each. – It’s not a piece of it. / – You’re right. It tastes like Korean watermelons but I think it’s sweeter. It’s perfect to take pictures too. I want to buy one of them. – Buy it. / – They ward off misfortune. That’s nonsense. It’s only a superstition. – Go ahead. / – I think we have a lot of… – Bad luck in our house. Come on. / – Go buy it. (His wrinkles start to appear again) – Hello. / – He’s getting more and more… How much? 1 for 10 ringgit, 2 for 15. – One, ten. / – Two, fifteen. Two, two. (She hands her 5 ringgit) – That’s not right. / – What? Just multiply it by 3. 10 ringgit is $3. – Remember 10 ringgit is worth… / – It’s worth $3. – Right, it’s worth $3. / – Okay. I’m confused because it’s not Korea. It’s sickening. Let’s split up for an hour and meet over there. – Don’t be late. / – Let’s meet after an hour. Okay. Stand and wait here. Why do you want me to stand and wait here? Stay there. I’ll be right back. Let’s go. Hello. In the end, they part ways. He shouldn’t disappear like that. – Hello. / – I like hand-crafted items. I should buy some souvenirs. You can buy those in Korea but it’s too expensive. – Right. / – These look… Refreshing and nice. This and these. How much? – I want a discount. / – Okay. – Discount, okay? / – Okay. – How much is it? / – So 55. 55. – You dropped it to 55? / – A little more. (This time, she’s after a bag) Discount? 25. I want more discount. – A little… / – How much do you want? How much? 20. 20 for this. And this one… One more. (Meanwhile, Yangrak heads somewhere) (Gosh, it’s hot) (He wanders around to find a place to avoid the heat) (He can tell it’s a shelter for exhausted men) Look at them all. There are a lot of men. Here’s what I read about the stress rankings for men. They’re most stressed out when they have lost their country or family. 5th on that list is shopping. – It’s that stressful? / – I didn’t know that. (He enjoys his time alone for a while) Isn’t he lying directly under the sunlight? He looks so much brighter now though. The wind was blowing gently. (He rests for a moment like that) – Lemon? / – Yes. Lemon juice. (He orders iced lemon tea and iced chocolate) (He chooses to drink the lemon tea) (How refreshing) (He returns to the rest area with the beverages) I found him. He’s over there. Yangrak. Choi Yangrak. (Is she already finished?) – Are you finished? / – I’m done. – Give it to me. / – Here you are. – I want that one. / – This is for me. This is for me. Yours is chocolate. But I like that one. – I thought you’d like chocolate. / – No, I like this one. You came earlier than I thought. – Have a seat here. / – It’s too sunny there. – Why do you want me to sit there? / – It’s not sunny. It’s so hot. My legs hurt. I’ll just sit here like this. – Why don’t you just sit here? / – It’s cooler here. It’s delicious. What did you buy? I bought three bags. One is for Hana, and one is for the manager. – I bought a hat and… / – She bought a lot of things. Even if you buy a lot of things, it’s not expensive there. – This can contain things. / – So, how much is this? – Let me see. / – 55 ringgit. – What a bargain. / – They are so pretty. – These are tea coasters. / – You can play Pogs. These are tea coasters. (What are you doing?) They’re tea coasters. Let’s go. That was a nice shopping. I bought things at a reasonable price. Thank you. (Summer health food, bak-kut-teh) – Bak-kut-teh? / – Bak-kut-teh. – Bak-kut-teh. / – It’s health food. – Health food. / – I wonder what it is like. It’s cooked with pork ribs. That’s right. It looks delicious. It looks very delicious. It’s simmered with medicinal herbs so it gets rid of the odor from the pork. They cook pork and get rid of the odor and they cook the broth separately. The meat and the broth are served together, and that’s bak-kut-teh. As you know, we’ve been sweating a lot. There’s a saying, “Fight fire with fire.” We should recharge our body with the hot broth when we sweat a lot. Main menu and side menu. – This one. This one. / – Okay. Okay. – What is this? / – That looks delicious. That’s a fried dish. It’s dry bak-kut-teh. So there are different kinds. – How about we order rice? / – Shall we order rice? Two rice, please. – Rice. / – Two bowls of rice cost 90 cents? It’s already ready. (Boiling bak-kut-teh shows up) It smells like medicinal herbs. It looks like short rib soup. – Here’s a rib. / – It does look like short rib soup. It’s like short rib soup with pork belly in it. There is pork in it. – The grease is well-drained. / – It’s pork belly. The grease is all drained out. How does the broth taste? It tastes so good. It has a clean aftertaste. It’s rich like short rib soup. – There are spices in it. / – Yes. It tastes unique. It’s probably because of the medicinal herbs. The pork doesn’t smell at all. Let me try one piece too. We have to eat off the bone. (They hold the ribs and pick the meat off the bones) It’s tasty. It’s well-cooked. It’s chewy but soft when I swallow it. I’m sure Koreans would love this dish. You have to eat ribs with your hands. It’s delicious. It’s so good. (She keeps eating) After eating the meat, you can eat rice with the broth. It will be very filling. – It’s tasty. / – I suddenly feel… 15 years younger. I wish we could actually be younger. (Dry bak-kut-teh braised in black sauce) (Dry bak-kut-teh, $3.90) (How does dry bak-kut-teh taste?) How does it taste? This is really good. It tastes like black bean noodles cooked with pork instead of noodles. – You’re right. / – It looks delicious. The sauce looks so good. This is very delicious too. It tastes familiar but there’s meat instead of noodles. The sauce is spicy. It should go well with rice. Let’s eat it with rice. – It must be good with plain rice. / – It looks so good. Take a spoonful of rice… And put a piece of meat on it. It’s like black bean rice. (Cheers) (They put the food in their mouths) It’s tasty. (It gives me power!) Try this too. This is what you call health food. (He takes a piece of meat) It’s very well-cooked. (The meat tastes amazing with plain rice) It’s well-cooked, yet it’s firm. (Yangrak loves the Malaysian health food) Is it a bit spicy? – It’s spicy because of the chili. / – It looks delicious. Yangrak becomes silent when he likes the food. He just focuses on eating the food. I’m from Chungcheong-do. People from Chungcheong-do don’t comment right away. Sometimes I comment on the food the next day. – The night after. / – “Lunch yesterday was good.” I talk like that. (Yangrak is fully charged) It’s the wrong way round. (Snap tour) As we age, we get wrinkles and look older. I’d like to take a lot of pictures before I look older. When I search our names on the internet, there aren’t many nice pictures of us. Because we are comedians who are supposed to be funny… – We don’t have nice pictures. / – Only funny photos. Not many. Of course, it doesn’t matter how people think when we work… But to our children, I’m a mother and Yangrak is a father. I’d like to take pictures that will make our children think we’re cool people as well. Why do you like taking pictures so much? Because I’m pretty. (Hyeonsuk likes taking pictures because she’s pretty) You don’t like it because you’re ugly. I said that on purpose. Don’t focus on the face. Look at this. – Like a shadow. / – It’s about the atmosphere. I hired a photographer. He is our tour guide and takes pictures for us for the whole day. He makes a photo album for us too. It’s $100 in total. It’s a good deal, isn’t it? (In the exotic city, Kota Kinabalu) (They look like locals) (And take some proper photos) (His legs go shaky while posing) Smile. I told you to smile. (It’s romantic as if they’re on their honeymoon) (Will they successfully take a kissing picture?) We’re now going to Universiti Malaysia Sabah. It’s a university. It’s called UMS. – Do you see that over there? / – Yes. That’s a mosque inside the university. Universiti Malaysia Sabah has… – A huge campus. / – It was so big. – All the way to that beach. / – That’s their campus? – Is that the campus? / – Yes. I thought it was a castle. It looks nicer in the picture if you stand on it. – You want me to stand up here? / – Yes. Hang on a second. Goodness. Could you help me too? Good. Why can’t we take pictures in a comfortable position? Your expressions will be in the shot. 1, 2, 3. – It’s so uncomfortable. / – Smile! Keep your eyes open. Don’t blink. – It’s a great picture. / – It looks nice, right? – Could you make a heart gesture? / – Okay. Am I not in the picture? You’re also in the picture as the background. As the background? Are only my shoulders shown? – 1, 2, 3. / – Darn it. (On snap tour, they focus more on the background) Look at Yangrak’s face. Could you pose like this? Exactly. He tells us everything. We don’t have to think of how to pose ourselves. – He tells us everything. / – Could you stand still? Come on. Stop trying to be funny. Stop trying to be funny. Take it seriously. (Embarrassed) Are you kidding me? Stop trying to be funny. It’s our 30th anniversary. – They have to take photos. / – It’s our anniversary. Do it properly. Try to look like a model. 1, 2, 3. (She’s indeed a former model) I used to be a model. (Thanks to the former model, the shoot goes smoothly) (This is how you model) (Since we’re taking pictures) (Shall we kiss?) – How sweet. / – You scared me. (What are you doing?) (They’re so meant to be) (It’s a perfectly staged picture) Yangrak is very shy. It’s been 30 years since we got married in 1988. It’s been 30 years already. – How sweet. / – Time flew. We were posing just like back then. (Today’s bride, Hyeonsuk) (Today’s groom, Yangrak) They’re posing just like in the picture. (They take their wedding picture again) It must be very meaningful to take pictures just like 30 years ago. We were re-enacting the pictures. (They go to a beach for a new theme) (Yangrak holds the swing for her) Are you ready? Shall we start? (They’re just like newlyweds) This is fun. (Hyeonsuk gets more and more excited) (While Yangrak gets more exhausted) Go! Don’t come back! Go away! Why did you come back again? Go away! (No matter how hard he pushes) (She always comes back) We’re going to take a kissing picture. They need to succeed. – They failed earlier. / – Here we go. (They get excited) 1, 2, 3, 4. (Under the romantic soap bubbles) This must look great in the picture. It’s so pretty. (They travel back in time to their newlywed days) (They successfully kiss as well) (They’re at their happiest) All kinds of thoughts were running through my head. (How did you feel about the wedding snap tour?) I don’t know why I posed like that 30 years ago. It’s so hard to pose like that now. (Us from 30 years ago and us now) I haven’t changed. But my wife used to be very pretty when she was young. I was sad to realize everyone gets old as time goes by. (Seeing you change as time goes by) I think you’ve gained a lot of weight. You’re so heavy. Stop saying funny things. (They appreciate that they can still laugh together) It reminded me of the memories. I didn’t know 30 years have passed so fast. The fact that I think the time passed fast… – Means I was happy. / – 30 years. He’s more than just a husband. Both my parents passed away early. He’s my… To me, he’s like my parent. He’s like my mom and dad. (He’s become someone she can always rely on) He’s like my brother. He supports me in many different ways. (I don’t want to shed tears) So I’m very thankful to him. I was worried she might say it has been a horrible 30 years, but she said, “30 years have passed so fast.” I didn’t expect her to say that. It actually made me feel good. I’m so grateful that she thinks so. 1, 2, 3. – What a nice picture. / – I’ll make us… Have only fun and good times. (Balu Tour, Hyeonsuk’s Day) (Dessert) – This is… / – It’s an Indian restaurant. I want to drink that. I want to eat that too. That looks delicious too. – It must be Indian. Yes, roti. / – Roti? – That’s delicious. / – I know that. – I want to eat roti. / – Roti. Hello. There he is. My daughter… “My daughter.” Menu… Strongly recommended it. “Strongly recommended it.” “Strongly recommended it.” I want roti tissue. (I’d like to have this one) – How do they make it? / – It’s usually… – Made thin. / – Just show them pictures. They bake it. Right. That’s how you make roti. It’s so interesting. – It already looks tasty. / – It’s really thin. – It’s as thin as a paper. / – He puts butter on it. – He puts butter on it. / – It looks delicious. It smells really nice. It’s nutty and sweet. (He sprinkles some salt) (And bakes it until the dough is golden brown) Goodness, look at it. (He rolls it into a tower that’s 1m tall) He rolls it afterward. I see. So it’s empty inside. (Amazed) – Wow. / – It’s so big. (It looks overwhelming) That dish would make you feel good. It’s so tall. How did you make this? It looks cool, doesn’t it? (Roti tissue is incredibly tall) Very nice. This is amazing. It’s leaning like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It lacks 10% of effort here. It should be standing like this. It’s standing now. How do we eat this, by the way? Is there a way to eat it? Do you have to eat it from the top? Should I eat this part first? (Is this how you eat it?) (They eat it while standing) You can eat it from the top like that. – It’s tasty, isn’t it? / – Yes, it is. But… – It’s delicious. / – It’s savory. – But… / – It tastes so good. We shouldn’t eat it while standing like this. They brought us dishes. We should lay it down. – Oh, really? / – Please lie down. – That’s how you eat it. / – Please lie down. – Then you cut it. / – That’s how you eat it. (She crushes it without hesitation) – It looks delicious. / – Is it crispy? – Yes, it is. / – It looks really good. (Roti tissue is crispy and savory) It’s the best snack. (It’s so good) It’s savory. I think they added some salt at the end. – It’s a little salty. / – She’s indeed… – A good cook. / – It’s not too salty though. So it’s sweet and savory. It’s like sweet scorched rice. It tastes like scorched rice. It seems like they put honey on it. This is not honey but condensed milk. – Condensed milk. / – Condensed milk. – Condensed milk is too good. / – Game over. It’s almost cheating. – When we were young… / – Why would you say that? (He throws a wet blanket with his joke) I told you not to make such jokes. You make old-fashioned jokes… – They’ll edit it out. / – That’s why you’re like this. They didn’t edit it out. Hyeonsuk. Now we tried this, let’s go back to the hotel and go to bed. Come on. There’s one last place… – I wish to go. / – Where? We’re going to watch the beautiful sunset at Tanjung Aru. – You must see the sunset. / – You’re right. It’s 1 of the 3 most beautiful sunsets in the world. I’d like to see that too. Kota Kinabalu is all about the sunset. The 3 most beautiful sunset spots in the world are… Greece… – Santorini. / – I thought it was Fiji. – Fiji is one of them. / – I heard the sunset there is nice. – We’ve been to Fiji, right? / – Fiji. (Fiji in the South Pacific) Kota Kinabalu is famous for its sunset. (Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia) The famous sunset spot in Kota Kinabalu is Tanjung Aru. That’s the best spot. We’re going to Tanjung Aru. Let’s go to Tanjung Aru. (15 minutes by taxi from the restaurant to Tanjung Aru) It’s nice here. But it doesn’t look different from Korean beaches. The sunset there is so beautiful. It kind of looks like the Yellow Sea. – The mud flat is similar. / – Exactly. It’s the same sea, isn’t it? No, no, no, no. Where are we? We’re at Tanjung Aru. – That’s going to… / – Soon, it’s going to be… – Soon it’ll look fantastic. / – Exactly. It looks amazing, doesn’t it? After watching the sunset… – There will be today’s highlight. / – What is it? It’s what you like. (There will be a glass of happiness you like) He’s smiling. – He looks interested. / – Now he smiles. Really? But you hate it so much. I don’t like it but it’s our 30th anniversary. – By the way… / – Look forward to it. We’re at Tanjung Aru. I want to walk on the beach barefoot. Shall we walk barefoot together? – Let’s hold our hands and walk. / – Okay. – Let’s take off our shoes. / – Alright. – Here… / – When we were young… Let me… (Is he going to do that?) (Is he going to write their names on the beach) (Like all the couples do?) (He’s really doing it) That was our first time doing it since we got married. (He writes their names on the beach) (He even draws a heart) Oh, yeah. If you knew how to do things like this, why didn’t you do it for the past 30 years? (She slaps his back) She slaps him even though he’s doing it. – Men get slapped anyway. / – You’re right. – It’s done. / – It is. (They color the beach with their love) It’s done. Okay. – May our love last forever. / – Let’s go. Let’s run. (For the first time in 30 years, there’s romance) Catch me if you can. Are you sure? You’re dead if I catch you. You’re so dead! That used to be a joke back then. – That’s a joke. / – It’s a joke. – Come here. / – “You’re dead if I catch you.” – They’re fighting. / – They look like kids. My goodness. It’s been a long time since I ran on a beach like this. It’s not just a long time. It’s the first time since we got married. Is it? (The sunset slowly colors the sky) – It’s so beautiful. / – It is. (5 minutes by taxi from Tanjung Aru to Sunset Bar) (They came to Sunset Bar for Yangrak) It’s nice, isn’t it? Hi. It’s the kind of vibe you would like. – It’s nice, isn’t it? / – It is. – Look at the sunset. / – It looks fantastic. (At Sunset Bar, you can watch the pink sunset) It looks awesome, doesn’t it? I’ve always drunk… – Either soju or beer. / – Beer. You’ve never had something like this, have you? – I’ve never tried this. / – It’s our anniversary. To our 30th anniversary. Thank you. Enjoy. What a beautiful evening. It tastes good. (How does the cocktail taste to him?) (Amazed) With a lot of alcohol in it, it can be quite good too. – It was delicious. / – Heavy drinkers love cocktails. Since you brought me to such a nice place and gave me such a delicious drink, I want to do something for you too. I’ve prepared something for you. Is there a surprise event? What were you hiding since a while ago? – I brought this from Korea. / – Is this a gift? – A 30-year-anniversary gift? / – Yes. – What do you think this is? / – Thank you. Well… – What is that? / – What is that? – I think it’s a bag. / – A bag? Ta-da. – What is that? / – What will come out? What is that? Is that a go board? Why did he bring a go board? – Are they going to play alkkagi? / – A go board? – It’s a go board. / – What do you want to do? – Me? I want to play… / – Yes. Alkkagi while watching the sunset. – Alkkagi? / – Yes. Alkkagi? – Why alkkagi? / – She was expecting a gift. – Who else would do it? / – Like a ring. – That’s my representative work. / – What the? Yeah, that’s… (This corner brought Yangrak’s prime again in 2001) Do you really want to go there and play alkkagi? A go board is convenient because you can just fold it. I can’t believe this. (He really opened the go board) I only have to take a few black and white stones. – Here. / – He prepared those. Can you see this? Alkkagi. Isn’t this the world’s very first? Yes, who would play alkkagi there? We’re going to play alkkagi in Kota Kinabalu, where the sunset is famous for being so beautiful. Alkkagi. (Do you really have to play alkkagi?) Alkkagi is eternal. Choi Yangrak vs. Paeng Hyeonsuk 2nd dan. (Expert vs. Beginner) Look how different their expressions are. – It’s unique. / – Yes. (2018 The Master of Alkkagi Match) (The Return of Choi Yangrak’s Alkkagi) Fans who love alkkagi all around the country, how are you? I’m Choi Yangrak. We’re in Kota Kinabalu right now. – It’s 1 of the 3 best sunsets. / – Yes, it’s so beautiful. We have the sunset as our background. If I lose, I will carry my wife, Paeng Hyeonsuk, on my back and walk around the bar once. If I win, she will not nag me when I go out drinking. Alkkagi is eternal. (They start the match) You should start first. The first shot. How will Paeng Hyeonsuk 2nd dan do? (She uses her feet for balance) – Oh, my. / – Gosh. She took out her own stone. (She narrowly missed a white stone) Paeng Hyeonsuk made the valuable stone fall in the sea. Choi Yangrak 9th dan plays against her. What will happen? (Slam) I knew it. He took 2 stones with 1 stone. – That’s impossible. / – He took 2 stones with 1 stone. – Isn’t it amazing? / – Yes, it is. – I took 2 stones with 1 stone. / – He really did. It’s playing at a slow speed again. – I took 2 stones with 1 stone. / – He’s amazing. – He’s the king of alkkagi. / – He’s really good. He took 2 stones with 1 stone. You were too weak. How will this turn out? – It has backspin. / – It returned. You can’t avoid this. Only 2 stones left. Choi Yangrak is still good at this. You don’t know with alkkagi. You have to watch till the end. (Her competitive spirit is blazing up) – Gosh. / – She hit one out. – With alkkagi, you never know. / – Yes. He made a mistake. He took his own stone out. This is your chance. – Gosh. / – No. She did that on purpose. – Too strong. / – This match of alkkagi will end… Insipid like this. Will it end like this? 1, 2. You took your own stone out. Oh, no. I got mixed up. – What? / – He did it on purpose. Yangrak did it on purpose. (She succeeds to satisfy his intention) – Did she succeed? / – I succeeded. That’s not easy. Oh, my. – Wait a minute. / – This is really happening. (The final 1 on 1) – It really happened. / – I shouldn’t hit it too strong. – You have to make her nervous now. / – Try it. – 1, 2, 3. / – This isn’t easy, but she did it. (She made a clean last attack) She’s good. (Hyeonsuk wins the Kota Kinabalu alkkagi match) I won. I beat you. – Don’t act up. / – I’m so offended. He looks really offended. Where are you going? You have to carry me on your back. Excuse me? He must be getting his real gift. – The sky is so beautiful. / – Isn’t it so beautiful? – It’s amazing. / – It’s so picturesque. – The sun is setting. / – It’s really beautiful. You came at a good time. Carry me on your back. Carry me on your back. For 30 years, you have done so much for me, so I prepared to do alkkagi as a preview with this beautiful sunset… – The sun has set. / – As a background. – I prepared some flowers. / – Oh, my. It’s so pretty. – Don’t you like flowers? / – Yes, I like flowers. Is this the end? Don’t you have anything else after the flowers, like a ring? – A ring. / – What are you talking about? People give things like diamond rings. – I brought this for you. / – Yes. What is that? – Did you write a letter? / – Yes. – He’s a romanticist. / – That’s so moving. It’s a letter for you. Do you want me to read it? Yes. – Can’t you see the letters? / – I’m sorry. – “One Day.” / – Okay. I like the words, “one day.” – One day, I was born. / – Yes. – They were so young. / – One day, I met you. Today is also one day. Thank you for being by my side for 30 years. Also, please be my side from now on. Suhui, I love you. From Yangrak. It’s so moving. It’s a poem by Kim Yongtaek named, “One Day.” Isn’t it so amazing? – You added a poem to your letter. / – Yes. – I prepared this for you. / – Thank you. What else do you have next? What? Isn’t it over? I’ll have to carry you on my back now. – Is this the end? / – Yes. – Let’s do it like this. / – It’s a little disappointing. (Stop talking and get on my back) I thought there would be some more. She thought there was more. – You need to take the flowers. / – Yes. I’m the champion. There are so many people here. I was so thankful. I didn’t think a day like this would happen. On this trip, we had a lot of time to look at each other. I changed a lot but Yangrak also changed a lot. For that, I want to be good to him. This trip was really meaningful. If we have the time, I’d like to come for our 31st anniversary. The 30th anniversary isn’t the only meaningful anniversary. We could come again for our 31st anniversary. Oh, my goodness. (My legs hurt) Do it again. Do it again. Do it again. (30th anniversary, big event, success) Event. Big event. I’m a little exhausted. – You became a little… / – This is so beautiful. Heavier than we got married which is reassuring. – Are you reassured? / – Yes. – It was like a sitcom drama. / – Yes. He complained but he did everything for you. You only have to drink less. How frequently do you drink? He drinks every day. – Every day? / – He drinks every day. – That’s why I… / – Sikyung drinks more. – Why are you talking about me? / – He’s exposing you. Sikyung is famous for it. – He’s famous for it. / – That’s right. Wasn’t it hard to go to the island on your tour? – It’s not hard. / – You can just ride the boat. You can go easily. If you go to Jesselton Point, there are a lot of travel agencies. You can compare the prices and choose the one you like. I want to tell you to make a reservation beforehand. – If you think, oh, whatever… / – You can’t do that. You will get ripped off. If you make a reservation beforehand, you can fix a price. Then you can make a very cheap, meaningful and happy trip that way. I think it was a good trip. I think it’s a good place for the parents. – That’s right. / – That’s right. I think it would be a nice place to go for an anniversary… – For married couples. / – When you took… – The wedding photos again… / – Yes. It was moving to see you take photos just like you did in the past. – Yes. / – That was moving. I wanted to send my parents there after seeing that. – That’s right. / – Yes. I’m confident that we will win this time. – I think we will win. / – Why are you talking about that? – What is he on about? / – I’m worried about the cost. He’s talking to himself. – It didn’t cost a lot. / – I talk to myself every week. I’m a little worried about the travel expense. What is the total expense of the Balu Tour excluding airfare? – Per person. / – Per person. It was $456. ($456 per person) $456 could be thought of as a lot. It was our 30th anniversary. – They even got a massage. / – We did things… Thinking we would never be able to do it again. – We can’t go there every day. / – Of course. – It’s worth it. / – The total expense is… – Of course. / – Quite cheap. I think you spent more money than I expected. Just play at the neighborhood stream then. Catch some minnows and play there. – That’s right. / – It’s a good place for the parents. – That’s important. / – That’s right. Would you go to Kota Kinabalu according to Balu Tour’s plan? Please vote. (They planned a trip for married couples) (What will the judges choose?) Next week, we will reveal the Hokkaido travelogue of the married couple, Kim Yuna and Kim Hyungkyu, who are like friends and like lovers. Please look forward to the next episode! – Thank you. / – Thank you. (Next Episode) Sapporo television tower. (Part 2 of trips for married couples) So cute. It’s wagging its tail. Come. Since we had a walk, we’re hungry now. (Juicy corn, the sacred place for various foods) This can’t be corn. It pops in your mouth. – It’s so delicious. / – Really? It’s so unrealistic. You can’t capture this in the photo. I want to save this in my eyes. (Battle Trip) (“You” by Yang Heeeun, featuring Sung Sikyung)

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