Battle Trip | 배틀트립 EP159 Trip to Palawan, Philippines Part. 2 [ENG/THA/CHN/2019.10.20]

Battle Trip | 배틀트립 EP159 Trip to Palawan, Philippines Part. 2 [ENG/THA/CHN/2019.10.20]

It’s like they used pizza dough, fried it, and topped it with pizza toppings. That’s what it’s like. This is very familiar… – Like something we’ve had in Korea. / – Yeah. (Dancing because it’s so good) It’s good? (Expressing herself with her body) (Yikes!) (It’s finally here!) What is it? Meat. (Another popular menu here) That was really good. It looks nicely cooked. It’s big too. (You’ll love the tender meat) – $13.70. / – $13.70. Wow, that price is insane. (They watch as the meat is cut apart) I want to eat that. – He’s cutting it easily. / – It was so tender. Thank you. Jia, I know you’re going to like this, so I’ll give you the biggest piece. Thank you! – Wow, it’s so big! / – It’s big. A lot of meat too. (Yum) (Yeonsu has some after serving Jia) It’s spicy! You know what this reminds me of? It tastes like pork cutlet sauce. – Spicy pork cutlet sauce. / – Right. Korea likes to season their meat with soy sauce. But it’s a bit spicy here. I taste more tomato here than I do with meat dishes in Korea. It’s spicy and sweet. But the meat is so tender. The meat is super tender. – It sounds perfect for Koreans. / – It really is. Right? Since it’s spicy. – You have to try this. / – Yes. You two would’ve gotten beer here. – Sure. / – Immediately. Look how big it is. (Eating meat right off the bone) That sure looks good. Just eating two pieces would fill you up. It was unfortunate that we couldn’t eat more. (How was the Mexican food to Jia?) All this food we just had… I give it 9 out of 10. This was the best food we had here. My favorite was the ribeye. The meat was so tender. So I can tell my mom was thinking about me a little when picking this restaurant. It was great. What was your favorite thing? – There? / – Yes. The meat. – The ribs? / – The ribs? – The ribs were your favorite? / – The ribs. The nachos for me. – The nachos. / – Yes. Everything was good. The most fascinating thing for me was the straw. I’ve never seen a wooden straw. – We… / – So… We brought gifts. – My gosh! / – These. Let’s check them out. – Take a look. / – I was so curious. Let me open it. – I smell Palawan. / – My gosh! – It’s not just one! / – Yes. This is from Palawan. Do you want to check it out? From Palawan. The bamboo. This is so nice. You use one and keep it clean. – You have to dry it out. / – There’s a brush too. Right, since it’s wood, it has to be dried. How much was this? Around $7. – It comes with three. / – Right. I’ll start using wooden straws instead of plastic. These are great. Or stainless steel. This makes a great gift. I bet the mango juice tastes better with this. Right. – Yes. / – Using this straw. – Thank you. / – Thank you so much. – I’ll use these well. / – Sure. – Let’s go to El Nido! / – Let’s go! Are you going somewhere? Yes, we’re going to El Nido. (The last hidden sight in Palawan) It’s so pretty. I want to see it from up there. Where the drone shot it from. I want to take a helicopter tour. This place looks great too. – Gosh! / – Why’s it so nice? It was so beautiful. It’s Nemo. I shot that footage. I shot it with the camera. You can see the fish so clearly. (Going to El Nido) Let’s look at the computer… To figure out where we’re going… El Nido hopping tour. Jia, you can swim with the fish here. – So nice. / – You can do a hopping tour in El Nido? You can do hopping tours from other islands. But this is a hot place where a lot of families visit. We have to go to El Nido. (They booked a group van at the airport) (You can get to El Nido by plane, van or bus) (The best way to get there is by van) (Going to El Nido for a hopping tour) Jia took all those swimming lessons just to go here, right? – Yes. / – Right. (Fantastic hopping tour) (Their first morning in El Nido) Mom! It’s so clear out today. It’s so nice out! I can’t wait for the hopping tour. Jia, take your sunglasses off. It’s so nice out! (How does the sky in El Nido look?) (It looks hazy) I’m a bit nervous about this. Finally. It’s what you wanted, Jia. Let’s go. No! Let’s go. No! Not yet. We booked a hopping tour. When you book a hopping tour, a car comes to pick you up. There’s Small Lagoon and Big Lagoon. We’re going to Big Lagoon. The water color and the fish will look different every place we go to. (They get on the van they booked and head out) Mom, I think my prayer worked. Yeah. Isn’t it nice out? It sure is. (Make sure you check where you leave) (They arrive at the dock with a unique view) (Hopping tour, $9.30 per person) Oh, the hopping tour is pretty cheap. (You can enjoy hopping tour in fantastic nature) (That’s called small heaven of Palawan) (You can go snorkeling at the 4 to 5 points) (Every spot has something different to see) (El Nido hopping tour, A course) – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! Mom, you can see the bottom of the sea. Yeah. You can see it. It’ll be even clearer at a place where we’re going. The water looks so clear. How can the sea look like this? We just started and it’s already so clear. I wonder how clear it looks farther in. Super clear. (They take in the view of the clear sea) So pretty. (Jia and her mom head toward heaven on Earth) How is the water that color? It was so blue like it was painted. (The layers of rock look so picturesque) Mom, it’s so clear out. (After taking in the views, they arrive at the first stop) I think that’s the place. Yeah, I think so too. That must be our stop. I see people floating. Yeah, they’re floating. Wow, look at the color of the sea. You can see through it. – This is Big Lagoon. / – Yes. It’s so nice here! This is Big Lagoon. – You don’t go in by boat. / – Why not? To preserve nature. So the boat stops here. And we take a canoe. The water is so clear. Yeah, you can go snorkeling there. They only allow 2,000 people in here a day. So you have to make a reservation. All these people did. (A hidden attraction of El Nido) (Big Lagoon shines like a gem) Mom! We’re floating on the sea! I hope things get more fun. Wow! I’ve never done things like this before. Wow, so cool. I’m afraid of the water, but it was so beautiful. I made sure to be there for all the stops. Aren’t you happy? I’m so happy! Me too! In my 13 years of living, this is the happiest moment of my life. I feel like flying. In my 41 years of living, this is the happiest moment of my life. – Mom, you’re 41? / – Yeah. I thought you were 42. This is my best my life. – Really? / – This time is really the best. Mom, my gosh! The water is getting clearer! My gosh! I can see the bottom. (The water gets clearer the farther they go) How fascinating. (There’s a big difference in water color) – Oh, fish! / – Fish! Fish! Fish! Fish! My gosh! You can see the bottom of the sea. You don’t even have to go snorkeling. – You can see everything from the surface. / – Yes. (Big Lagoon is surrounded by big rocks) (This is why you have to visit El Nido) I wouldn’t regret it even if it took us several hours to get here. This is the reason to visit Palawan. Not for the underground river. It’s for this place. This is the best day of my 13-year life. (Another way to enjoy Big Lagoon) Jia. – This is the swimming spot. / – The swimming spot. (The water is shallow enough to swim here) (Splash) My feet touch the bottom. Really? It’s not that deep. – That’s a swimming spot. / – Yes, it’s shallow. It’s a shallow area. – It would be great for kids. / – Yes. I want to take my life vest off. Jia, you can take it off here. Show them how you can swim. Give me your vest. (Jia is excited like a fish in water) She’s good. – She learned to swim for Big Lagoon. / – Yes. You sure can swim, Jia. She’s good. (She’s been learning how to swim for this day) Wow, this looks amazing. (Swimming enjoyed in amidst nature) I love how shallow the water is. It’s the perfect depth for swimming. How do you feel? Good. How good? Really good. (They’re both so happy) (They’ll remember this trip for a long time) – Mom. / – What? How could you do that to a kid? (No mercy) This is the most famous hopping tour spot in the Philippines, not just in Palawan. (After having fun swimming) Jia, I said that El Nido has a lot of stops. If we go to a different place, we can see the fish. There is more stuff to see. We’re going to do all of that today? Of course. Let’s get going then. Yeah, you have to see it all when you’re there. (10-minute boat ride to Shimizu Island) (Tour with Mom arrives at…) Look, Jia. That’s Shimizu Island back there. That’s where we’re going snorkeling. The colors are divided. Shimizu Island. So much coral reef here. I bet divers would love this spot. – Right. / – Yes. Should we jump in? We have to put these on first. Yeah? (They get all their gear on!) (Ready to go in) (Jumps right in) I don’t think I can jump. – No, it’s scary. / – It’s so pretty! Really? (She gets in carefully) (Time to check out the second hopping tour stop) (How is it different from Big Lagoon?) (Shimizu Island has all sorts of coral reef) The water is so clear. – It’s like a garden. / – It’s so clear. It’s like a garden in the sea. My gosh! It’s Nemo. – Nemo. / – I saw Nemo too. (Jia is happy) (So is mom) Joowon, you have a diving license. – Yes. / – I bet you want to be there. – When you watch this… / – It’s driving me crazy. – You only got your license recently. / – Yes. And the sea isn’t as clear… – When you dive in Korea. / – Right. – Look at this view. / – The view… (You can’t even see these fish in an aquarium) – It’s Nemo. / – Nemo. So pretty! Jia, isn’t this amazing? Agreed. Jia’s excited. Really excited. (Yeonsu seems more excited) That looks like fun. (This is awesome) People, it’s really pretty underwater. It’s so pretty. – It’s so pretty! / – It’s so pretty! It’s so cool! Mom, I saw one that’s black and white. It was huge. – Really? / – Yeah. (What fish did Jia see?) (A school of black tropical fish) – You shoot that footage? / – Yes! – Moving as a group. / – Jia filmed that. (Staring) – I bet it was wonderful. / – Yes. This view… It made me so happy. The sea felt like space. It was so shiny from the sun. Underwater… (They take in all the views underwater) I have to go to El Nido. El Nido. (How was the hopping tour to Jia?) I think this was the most fun place my mom planned. I’m going to tell all my friends that I want to visit this place with them when we’re all adults. (Tour with Mom, day 3) (Oceanview lunch) (10-minute by tricycle to the restaurant) – Jia. / – Yeah. We enjoyed the sea by swimming in it… – During the hopping tour earlier. / – Yeah. Now we’ll eat with a view of the beach. But the climb up could be kind of tiring. (Junhyeon just sits and watches) – You two sure packed a lot of clothes. / – Yes. I had to bring it up. – They’re fashionable. / – Yes. Their outfits keep changing and we’ve said nothing about it. You two look great. You have style. (As they walk through the forest) Why are you sighing? This is already… I’m really enjoying this. What? – See that? / – Yeah. Why do I not want to see this? Let’s start heading up. (It’ll stop you in your tracks) (So many stairs) That’s a lot of stairs. – I thought I was going to die climbing up. / – Gosh! (It’s not over yet) (Will they make it up?) I can’t go there. For that place… I can’t go there. – I can’t. / – No. I can’t go there. But the food is good. – It is? / – Yeah. I still can’t go. Why? They have good food. Because it’s a hard climb up. Hunger is the best sauce. – Gosh! / – Gosh! (Already groaning from the start) This is… Gosh… Just my luck. We’ll get a work-out before we eat. Right? (They try to be optimistic as they walk up) This path is so pretty. The floor. It’s a restaurant on a mountain ridge. All the stairs are made with logs like that. We have to work this hard to eat? I’m starting to rethink this. I’m already… I’m really enjoying this. This is a bit tiring. Geez! Why? I saw a lot of restaurants down below. I don’t care about the food anymore! Mom, it’s over now! – It’s up there? / – Yeah! (Jia manages to get to the top first) This isn’t because I’m not in shape. I have no energy from all that swimming. Daughter, did you leave me? She left me. Did you really leave me? (A lonely climb to the top) (Deep breath) Mom. – Wow! / – It’s so cool in here. Isn’t this place great? (The interior looks so clean) After that hard climb up… – You get to feel the wind and see that view. / – Yes. – All your fatigue melts away. / – Yes. It was a hard climb up, but the view was epic. This is incredible. This is why people make the climb up. I’ve always wanted to eat at a place like this. You did? Then I’ll let you eat. (Pomodoro pasta, $8.70) (Salad, $7) That looks good. – Curry. / – Curry! (A meal with a fantastic view) Let’s try the salad first. This looks good! These are like chips. They look like fried glass noodles. This must be the dressing. (Adding plenty of salad dressing) (Mixing it up) (How will the salad taste with the dressing?) (Jia and Yeonsu both taste it) – Mom. / – Yeah. This doesn’t taste like anything. You only taste the veggies. This place makes healthy food. No wonder it tastes like your food. The seasoning… Yeah. It’s a vegetarian restaurant, so they only sell healthy dishes. Junhyeon, you hate places like that. I would never go there. – Stairs and no meat. / – It tasted like my mom’s food. Dishes that make you healthy. (Fitting for the natural eco-friendly concept) – Cucumbers, carrots… / – Apples. – Radish. All julienned. / – It’s crispy. (You can taste all the ingredients) This tastes like honey mustard sauce. All I taste is honey mustard. You always make me food like this, so I’m used to it and it’s really good. Even though it doesn’t taste like anything. (How will this red pasta taste?) Let’s try the pasta. I’ll try it first. (This one should be good) – Is it good? / – It’s good. (Nervous) – Is it good? / – It’s good. Why is this all we get with this pasta dish? – Yeah. / – No noodles. There are many types of pasta noodles. I only made you the long kind. This is penne. It’s a type of pasta. I thought this was spicy rice cakes at first. – But it’s pasta. / – Yeah. How is it compared to the pasta I make you? I like the pasta you make more. What a nice thing to say. This sauce tastes like the pasta you get in Korea. But it’s not as boldly seasoned. Yeah, it’s not that sweet. If it’s not boldly seasoned, it means you can eat a lot at once. To even things out. Impressive. (Their signature curry is the last dish) Let’s try the curry. Curry. What are we supposed to do with these? I think we’re supposed to eat it with those. Let’s not eat these. That’s not right for us. Curry goes great with rice. (The rice is topped with curry) No meat. It’s low-sodium, so I’m really curious. It really was low-sodium. – But curry has a strong taste. / – That looks good. – No. / – I’m so curious about low-sodium curry. What is this taste? It tastes like food. (She tries some again) How is it? Not that great. – How is it? / – Not that great. (Nervous and worried) Not that great? Let’s say we use 3 curry blocks to make 2 portions. I feel like they don’t even use a third of a block. It’s like they didn’t add enough curry. To me, this curry isn’t that great. It’s not that the curry tastes bad. – It’s mild. / – Yeah. – It’s tasty. / – But I just wanted to mention that. But eating like this would be really good for you. We’re so used to salty and spicy dishes. – So that could taste like nothing. / – Right. – But if you’re used to bland food… / – Right. – You’ll taste everything. / – Yes. – We’re used to bold flavors. / – Right. – That’s how you should eat to stay healthy. / – Yes. Mom, where we going after we eat this? Us? We’ll get some rest and do some yoga. – What? / – Yoga. – Yoga? / – Yeah. Why yoga? Doing yoga with a view of the beach. Doesn’t that sound amazing? After climbing up that many stairs, anything should taste good. – Yeah. / – Yes. (She feels a chill) It’s cold. It’s cold? – All of a sudden. / – No. All of a sudden… This suddenly became a comedy. I’m so scared. I’m getting rain on my face. – It’s refreshing. / – Jia, isn’t this great? We had a view of the sea, but we suddenly couldn’t see anything. It suddenly got foggy. We couldn’t see anything. (Mom) Hurry, hurry! Mom, it’s raining! (Laughs) Can we do yoga in the rain? Yoga… We’re doing yoga! We’re doing yoga even in the rain. Mom. I don’t think I can stay here. It’s raining so much! Let’s get out of the rain. (Their meal is already over) (And it’s raining now) When will it stop raining? Will it even stop? That’s called a squall. It’s heavy rain that suddenly stops. It doesn’t keep raining. The weather in the Philippines is fickle. I hope it stops raining soon. We have to do yoga. Me too. Is it the rainy season in the Philippines? It’s from June to October and we went in August. That means it’s good to go after October. Of course. – Are you going to take a photo? / – Yeah. (With a nice view) (Can we do yoga?) Mom, let’s play this game. Oh, I see why they have this game here. – Why? / – For when it rains. So you don’t get bored waiting. I think it stopped raining. I couldn’t see anything earlier. But now I can see the sea. (It stops raining after the photos and the game) (Tour with Mom, day 3) (Romantic sunset yoga) Let’s go. Let’s go. So this is the place… – It’s further up. / – Is there a place to do yoga? – That sounds healthy. / – Yes. All that nature and eco-friendly stuff were all there. It’s a place Junhyeon would never go to. (The yoga class is held right upstairs) (El Nido sunset yoga) (On the ridge of a western mountain of El Nido) (You can do yoga with a view of the sea and sunset) (Only 12 people can take the class at a time) (It’s great for when you’re tired from hiking) (Romantic sunset yoga in Palawan) (Yoga class, $13.60 per person) This must be the place. (These two enter quietly) – You take your socks off, right? / – Yeah. What’s this? Oh, you use this brick. And smash it? So… I’m guessing you use this to do yoga. Why don’t I remember what this is? You do this… And then… You jump. Like this… That looks hard. Let’s just do what we’re told. I was trying to remember my yoga lessons. (Embarrassed) (The teacher arrives) (These two are very quiet and focused) To help relax and your arms to be more flexible and strong, okay? Yeah? (They do the basics to warm up) (They’re good at keeping up) (The yoga class continues) On a rainy day. That’s wonderful. It was incredible. (But what about Jia?) (Bored) She’s yawning. She doesn’t want to do this. (Yoga is hard for Jia) What are you doing? Get lower. (They’re done warming up) (This is yoga they can do together at home) (You hold each other up by the waist) (How cute) (You raise your arm and make a heart) That looks hard. She taught us a pose we could do together. – That’s hard. / – Yeah. Couple yoga. – A heart. / – A heart? – Go down. / – Go down. Kung fu. And the last one. This is so tight on my calves. (Backing away) (This is obviously a hard move) What is this? Something we can do together. (Jia freezes) (This is hard for Yeonsu too) Hurry up. This is tiring. – Where do your legs go? / – On my mom’s back. – On your mom’s back? / – On her back? Yes. Wow, Jia is good at this. This is like getting punished in the army. Nice. – It’s refreshing. / – Nice form. You both have good form. (Perfect) (Oops!) Hey! (They had an eventful trip) So refreshing. (That they ended with yoga) (Now their trip is almost over) It’s the end of our trip. What was the most memorable thing for you? For me, snorkeling. It was so much fun. I think I had more fun because you were with me. I was so happy to see all that mysterious nature. It’s great having Jiuk around, but I got to share a lot of feelings and experiences with you here. I’m so glad that I had you, Jia. I agree. Thank you. – Thank you. / – So reliable. How sweet. (Tour with Mom to Palawan, the end) (What a great mother-daughter trip) A mother-daughter trip. These guys were so impressed by the footage the entire time, despite the fact that they went to the same place. – They kept… / – They were amazed. You went to the same place, right? Did you do couple yoga? – For us… / – We… We did more exciting stuff. – I see. / – From watching their footage… They had a lot of good food. – They did yoga and a hopping tour. / – Yes. They did everything. And they only spent $320. – $321. / – They had a great time. And that one restaurant… – With the ribs. / – The ribs. – Yes, the ribs. / – Can I find it online? Yes. Wow! That place… – The ribs… / – I have to go there. The nachos for me. Oh, the nachos! – It was delicious. / – I really want… Mango juice made from fresh mangoes. Right. It’s so cheap there. I’d like some refreshing mango juice. What was the best thing you ate there? Out of everything. Kangkong. – Kangkong. / – Kangkong. If my mom ever takes me to a Filipino restaurant in Korea, that’s what I’m ordering. – Kangkong. / – I’ll take you. Okay. So your trip is over. Is there something in Palawan that you two would recommend to everyone? That’s why I prepared some comments. So hear me out. – We’ll keep it going if it’s good. / – It’s the first time. – Or maybe it’ll end here. / – Be objective. – Be objective. / – Just make it entertaining. So what do you have? What must you do on this mother-daughter trip to Palawan? Bomi’s recommendation! “Bomi’s recommendation!” Bomi’s recommendation for the trip to Palawan… Is the El Nido Hopping Tour. It’s like experiencing space. – So please go visit. / – Like experiencing space. The El Nido hopping tour. – A hopping tour to Big Lagoon. / – Yes. Where you can go snorkeling. You didn’t really go to Palawan if you don’t see El Nido. – These two went to El Nido as well. / – Right. I’m sure something you did surpassed their trip. You used all that money. Yes. There’s something to see. (We’ll finally see the $759 trip next episode!) This is great. Wow, nice. (Ko Joowon and Kim Dahyeon in Palawan) It’s like a different world. (A trip to Palawan to see nature) This place has no road. (Don’t miss the therapeutic activities) What’s that? Wow, it really seems like a vacation destination. Oh, my God! I’ll be reminded of this in Korea. They’re so plump. Pala, Pala, Palawan! Let’s go. (Battle Trip) (“BByong” by SATURDAY)

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  1. Nice, I'm hungry watching this episode, can't wait for next week, I think it's more adventurous. Thanks for featuring our country Philippines and palawan. More island to expose please.

  2. I worked for a Korean family before and they also love my kangkong dish. It's my own menu tho and I called it Creamy Kangkong. They like adobo but they always prefer my dish. It's like they never get tired of eating it even if you feed them kangkong every day.

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