Beach Vacation Outfits | What I Wore in Tulum Mexico

Beach Vacation Outfits | What I Wore in Tulum Mexico

– I’m taking you to Mexico today. (upbeat music) Hi ladies, it’s Erin and
welcome back to my channel. Through my channel, Busbee Style, my goal is to help women just like you who are busy juggling life, look like you have your act
together even if you don’t. Today I want to tell you a little bit more about my recent trip to Mexico, and what I wore while I was on the trip, what pieces I brought, what was the most, what were the most valuable
pieces that I brought. What did I wear? What did I not wear? It was a yoga retreat, and it was in Tulum, Mexico. Tulum is close-ish to
Cancun, maybe two hours away, and so you fly into Cancun and then you take a shuttle to your hotel. I thought it was a really special place, it’s very authentic, it feels very native and it’s not covered in resorts and it’s like thatch roof huts and little stores kind of just built out of natural materials
and very eco-friendly and it was a really cool town, I enjoyed the town so much. At no point on this
trip did I feel unsafe. I think that sometimes news can, you know, cover the bad stuff and
that can make people scared and fearful and I don’t think
this is any more dangerous that going to like the bad part
of New York City, you know? There was no point on this
trip where I felt unsafe. So the yoga retreat
happened because where I go to work out occasionally in town, they told me about it because
the woman who owns the studio said that she was going
to teach yoga there. I probably should have taken some yoga before I went on the trip. One of my friends said this, you’re really putting
on your big girl pants and taking a risk and it
really did feel like that, you know, I was going on a trip with people I really didn’t know, to a place I had never been to do something I had never tried before but I think it was a risk
that really paid off. My whole goal for going on the trip was to meet women locally
and there were 17 women, most of them were local here in Telluride and I just had the chance to sit and chat with a lot of ’em. I couldn’t have made those connections, it would have taken me years to do that. Tulum was hot as hell, it was really hot. It was really humid, like 100% humidity and there was no AC really anywhere. I really didn’t spend that
much time in the sun this trip. I kind of had two workouts a day, we did yoga and bootcamp. So I wanted to share some
of the things that I wore that I really loved and I
think you guys might enjoy, especially if you have
a beach trip coming up. (upbeat music) So I had to bring quite
a bit of workout gear for the yoga and the
bootcamp and for the bootcamp I brought a lot of those running shorts with the built-in liners,
the built-in underwear because it was so hot, again, and you didn’t really want
to be in a stretch pant. And then for the yoga, I
brought capri leggings, those are the short
leggings, and tank tops and that’s basically what
I wore for yoga every day and that was basically what I
wore for bootcamp every day. I wore a sports bra and the shorts or a tank and the shorts
and the sports bra. And then for yoga, I wore
the capris and the tank. I also had a pair of
like short tight shorts. These are by Alo Yoga in a baby blue color and those are really
handy for the bootcamp. There were a couple of
days when we did bootcamp and then yoga back to back
so I liked having those because you don’t really
wanna do yoga in shorts. They were the fitted shorts,
so it worked really well from that transition
from bootcamp to yoga. So those are by Alo Yoga. Really cute, they come in a few colors. (upbeat music) For coverups, I brought three coverups. I bought and brought this
really pretty white one with palm palm detailing on
the sleeves by Michael Stars. I like that this one you just thrown it on almost like a jacket and then
you tie it up in the front. I’ve really come to appreciate
and prefer the put-ons and tie or button
instead of the pullovers, like the more fitted pullovers. I just don’t wanna deal with
pulling them over my hair and makeup or pulling them over
and having them fit tighter on the shoulders or something. I just want them to be loose
and I can just thrown them on more like a jacket. So I had the white Michael Stars one and then this really pretty one by Topshop with a lot of lace and a
lot of intricate detailing, super pretty. And then you may remember
this long maxi coverup from one of my Nordstrom videos. Oh no, it was a blog, I think. But anyway, it’s one of my
favorite all time coverups because it’s perfect when
you want to let’s say you’re going to lunch which we did a lot, we’d go to lunch and then maybe sit out or go swimming or something. It has that ability to
transition from the beach to the restaurants
seamlessly and in a chic way. You look very chic and put together but underneath you’ve got your swimsuit on and it’s still like light
and flowy, the dress, and it’s got pockets. The dress shrinks a lot when you wash it, so just be careful if you are taller and you don’t really want it to shrink, I would wash it hand
wash it and let it dry. Or wash it in cold and
gentle cycle and let it dry, air dry. I’ll put a link to that. That’s by a line called Elan, E-L-A-N. I’ll also link to the other two, as well. (upbeat music) For swimsuits, I brought
this one ViX bikini I really do love a ViX bikini. They do run small, so you
have to size up on those. I also brought a Vitamin A bikini, I’ll link it below for
you guys to check out. And I brought my Solid
and Striped one piece with the belts and you
guys may remember this from the blog or Instagram,
I featured it for. I really love how sporty and modern it is. I love the belty telling
’cause it creates that waist. And it feels like, you know,
everything’s like covered up and in its place, you don’t have to worry about the tummy hanging out or whatever. There is one new suit that I bought mainly for our trip to Georgia this summer but I took it along on
this trip just because. And it’s by Ted Baker, this really pretty
ruffle floral print suit also comes in a sear seersucker print. I made a mistake of ordering a size two which was too big on me. It’s fine, it works, but you
know how after you take out the protective plastic in the swimsuit, you can’t really return
it, so I should have gotten a size one but I got a size two. Just look at the size
chart and carefully select with swimsuit ’cause if you
wear it, you can’t return it. So anyway, really pretty
suit, very girly, feminine, if you just want
something like that to add to your swimwear, it’s a really fun piece, and I love that the ruffles
really will build up a shoulder and balance. If you have a bigger
bottom, like bigger hips, butt and thighs, it will
really balance your body and make your upper
body look proportionate with your lower body. (upbeat music) Let’s move on to clothes. Right before I left, I popped
into a store in Telluride and I bought this gorgeous skirt by Lexis and I just loved how
vibrant the colors were and it was such an
unusual color combination and I loved the high low
hand line and the plaits. And it was just the drama skirt, you know how I like
drama with the clothes, that’s my life. So this skirt really
spoke to me in that way, was just a statement piece and I really wanted to
bring it on the trip. So I brought that, I wore it. We had salsa dancing, salsa
dancing lesson one night. It was like, what was it? Okay, it was like up and
back, up I don’t know. Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, siese cuatro, cinco, siete. So on salsa night, I wore the skirt so it adds, you know,
just really float in mood as I was dancing and it was
more fun to dance in that skirt. The top I wore with
this skirt I just adore. It’s just a Cammy and
I know you’re gonna say what bra do you wear into that? You can do a plunge bra,
I’ll put a link to one below or you can do Pasties, the Nippies. Depending on where the
girls are, you know? How low can you go, so it just depends. There is a supportive
bra that will accommodate this type of top, but if
they’re sitting up pretty high, you can just do the Nippies
and they’re a whole lot easier. I also brought this really
cool pair of red pants and they’re so beachy. They were like perfect for the beach. So they tie around the
waist and the legs are, it’s like a wrap leg para pants, so the legs open up as you walk, which I thought was just really cool and they’re very lightweight
and I loved the print it’s a small scale little
floral print with red and they’re just really pretty. I just really enjoyed the pants. So I brought those. And this really pretty breezy white top. It’s a button down, it’s by
Bella Dahl so their fabrics, I don’t know if you
guys remember me talking about this before or not, but
their fabrics are really soft so they do a beautiful Chambray shirt that’s super soft and
feels so nice on your skin and this one, this white one is the same. It’s just like silky soft on your skin. Another little drama piece
I brought was a wrap dress, a polka dot wrap dress. And this one’s by Tularosa. Tularosa and it’s from Revolve. I’ll put a link below,
but it runs super long so if you’re tall, this is
a great dress to scoop up. I had to wear, you know,
my four inch wedges and it was still like dusting the ground. Something to think about and consider it is a plunging neckline. What I did when I wore it
and I didn’t wanna deal with the plunging neckline, I didn’t wanna deal with like
double sided tape or whatever. I wore Cammy underneath,
the same Cammy I wore with the salsa skirt. So you can layer stuff underneath and hide that plunging neckline when you wanna be a bit more conservative or you just don’t want to
worry about girls popping out. I just, you know, on this trip I just didn’t wanna worry about it. I don’t wanna worry about sitting down and like stuff spilling out. (upbeat music) I wanted to show you
guys a couple of rompers. So the first one is this really
sweet little white romper with some cutouts at the sleeves and at the bottom of the
shorts close to the seam line, close to the hemline. And it’s just really simple, but chic with a little bit of a
cool detailing to it. The V-neck very flattering
and then I did also enjoy this little black sleeveless
cotton romper by Bobby. It was just great to
throw on for the beach, again, for that lunch beach transition or just going out to, you
know, lie down on the lounger, or whatever. (upbeat music) For jammies, I just wanted to mention the Topshop polka dot
jammies that I brought. They were very cool. Again, there was not a
lot of AC happening here, so I was so happy to have
my little jammie cammy, do you remember the jammie
cammy from my look book? My polka dotted jammie
cammy and the shorts. Pretty much just like
laid on top of my bed on top of the covers and
that was how I slept at night with those jammies on
and they’re just cute, you know when you’re on a trip like that and it’s a girls trip
and you just wanna have some cute jammies. I would definitely go on
a trip like this again. I would definitely go with
a group of women like this. If it’s something you’re thinking about but you’re on a fence
about, you’re not sure whether I should do it or not, whether you should do it or not, 100% yes. Especially if you’re
in a situation like me where you’re trying to
make those connections and those relationship. This particular resort
does do yoga retreat and a bootcamp retreat, as well and you don’t have to be part of a group, you can just call them up and go. Okay, so just let me know
if you have any questions about Tulum or the yoga
retreat or what I wore. I’ll put links to the things
I mentioned below as always and sizing and all that jazz. Thank you guys so much,
you know, for watching and for all of your
support with my channel. None of this would be happening
and wouldn’t be worthwhile if it weren’t for all of
you, so thank you so so much. Don’t forget to pop over to the website and subscribe to my newsletter. Get that weekly newsletter,
just one day a week, not a lot of email and just
kind of keeps you appraised of what’s happening over on the website ’cause there is different
content over there than there is here on YouTube. Thank you again so much for watching, and I will see you next time, bye! (upbeat music)

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