Behind the Bricks: A Tour of Diagon Alley™ with Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis Replay

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  1. is it just me or I can hear both lollipop and longbottom when tom said "would you lick ny dark mark 'lollipop/longbottom' ". its so weird. when I think longbottom, he said longbottom, when I think lollipop, he said lollipop. its like yanny and laurel all over again

  2. It's good to Slytherine getting along well with Gryffindor students. I really like both these actors.

  3. 4:59
    Tom: puts down ice cream on tray
    Me: snatches ice cream from tray running

  4. Stay tunned harry potter lovers,they're making the next chapter of harry poter as i guess the movie is titled
    "Harry Potter and the cursed child"

  5. Tbh, I wasn't the biggest Tom Felton or Draco fan (don't come at me) but after watching this, I'm like "why has it took me this long to like him?" So now I'm going to watch every video on Tom Felton and watch Harry Potter so I can see Draco haha lolz.

  6. It's so interesting for me to hear all the original english words from the Harry Potter world finally… since I am from Germany I've only read the books and watched the movies in german language… Now after all this time (always! haha! 😂🙊) I'm on a Harry Potter kick again suddenly and now my english is good enough I hope to watch it all in original language.
    I've always known "Diagon Alley" as "Winkelgasse" in german. "Diagon Alley" sounds unfamiliar to me 😅
    By the way- Neville Longbottom- holy sh… ! 😥😲😍 and Tom Felton 😍👼 they grew up to be such handsome men! 😍

  7. So when I eventually come here I’m gonna have to bring like $250 in muggle money just so I can buy a wand my Gryffindor cloak and scarf ughh and anything else I can think of

  8. I have been there on a tv show before and now I am just imagining the thrill of being on the same show as them

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