Best Time to Visit Cancun for Vacation

Best Time to Visit Cancun for Vacation

Hi, my name is Scott Bateman. I’m a professional journalist and travel blogger. I’ve been to the Caribbean many times including Cancun and I have some tips to offer you about the best times to go to Cancun and which months to avoid for a Cancun vacation. Let’s start with the worst time to go. Cancun gets drenched every fall during the annual Caribbean hurricane season. September and October are the two worst months for rain, as much as 10 inches each. Rainfall is lowest during the late winter and spring. February and April have the lowest totals with about 1 to 2 inches apiece. This chart shows the average amount of rain for each month. Notice the high points in September and October and a low point in April. It also helps to know how many days it rains each month. It rains only about five days each month from February through April. The bottom line is clear. The best months for rain are February, March and April and the worst months are september and October. We have the rain figured out. What about the temperatures? Cancun is less popular in the summer because it gets so blasted hot. Average high temperatures can go above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures often become so hot that it is painful to touch sand with bare skin. Hot temperatures plus humidity make land activities uncomfortable as well. But people who love the beach may find that winter months simply aren’t hot enough. Temperatures may go low enough to make water uncomfortable for swimming. This temperature chart shows that the average high temperatures range from 82 degrees Fahrenheit in January to more than 92 in August. For people who like their temperatures warm but not blistering, springtime is better than winter or summer. If I could recommend one month to go to Cancun it would be April for the best combination of warm temperatures and low risk of rain. Thanks for listening to my tips. I hope you have a great trip to the Caribbean!

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  1. We always go mid April. Have only seen rain 2 times in many trips and both times the rain lasted about 30 minutes then was gone and sunny again.

  2. Abosulute nonsense, its not that simple, weather varies, there's no bad time to go, October is fine it doesn't rain constantly like suggested, there's plenty of sun ☀short bursts of rain, nothing to ruin your holiday and it's still hot. It's not black and white like this silly video

  3. I went in August and it was 32 degrees and it rained twice, all day and night but the rest of the 2 weeks was sunny, I'm going again for 21 days I just want to go at the hottest month with no rain

  4. I went in late may early june and it was a mixture of sunny days and cloudy with the odd shower… and temp wise between 31-36ish.

  5. Well, I’m going March 6th-13th 2018 from Vancouver. Weather network shows 4 days of rain during my trip 🙁 hopefully that changes!!

  6. August shows to be the hottest month per the charts in your video. However it seems to be in between for rain also…
    With kids in school, and busy front half of the summer, early August is going to be our best option. What are your thoughts on August in Cancun?

  7. What about this year? Do you think that it would be a good idea to go in July if u want to find sun?

  8. We’ve been before in February and the weather is perfect and less crowded.We just came back last week and we had cloudy and one day of rain but the weekend was hot and sunny

  9. I would like to go to Cancun but my wife refuses because almost all reviews we read mention rowdy/noisy drunks who are encouraged to drink copious amounts of alcohol. Can anyone tell me if there are times or places that this can be avoided?

  10. I am going there with my girlfriend for her 21st. We land on the 1st April for 10 nights. Can someone please tell me what weather to expect? As been looking and looks cloudy.. thanks

  11. Man I am trying to find out when it's the best time to fuck slutty girls in Cancun and you out here talking about rains and shit… PASS !!

  12. LMAO i'm going to Cancun on 21st September 2019 but i don't care, i'll still have a great time, see you soon Cancun 🙂

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