BEST TRAVEL CREDIT CARD 2019 : How To Travel For Free With The TOP 3

BEST TRAVEL CREDIT CARD 2019 : How To Travel For Free With The TOP 3

so I've been traveling the world full-time for the last two and a half years and I'm also a huge proponent of using credit cards so you could say I know a thing or two about the best travel of credit cards in today's video I'm gonna show you how I've been traveling for free for not just me but also paying for my videographer Norbert back there for the last two years and we never pay for any flights all from using credit cards so in today's video I'm gonna break down the top three credit cards that you should use if you're an entrepreneur digital Nomad or just you travel a lot because credit cards are amazing and so is traveling well let's hit it alright guys so on today's episode I'm gonna talk about the top three cards that I personally use not just for travel hacks but because it also builds credit and gives you a lot more benefits and the problem is how do you pick the best cards so I'm gonna give you the top three that I personally believe are the best for entrepreneurs or digital nomads especially someone traveling a lot now there's a big issue or a big misconception almost a fear involved with using credit cards and I used to kind of be the same way but I started using credit cards a lot when I was about 22 19 when I did it it was because I wanted to spend money I didn't have and I think that's what most people believe credit cards are used for to spend money you don't have and that's the worst way to use credit cards if you're getting a credit card to spend money you don't have then you shouldn't be using a credit card okay the only way that I use credit cards is to build points and get the rewards okay everything I do everything I spend if I can use a credit card for it I do it okay I put a $10,000 down payment on a car with a credit card why because I get points for that for the past year and a half I've been putting my rent on my credit card because I've been staying in Airbnb other than where I live now I just rented a place in Bali for six months that I couldn't put that in a credit card but you get a lot of benefits from using a credit card and I literally pay it off at the end of the week so I'm never spending money I don't have I'm not building or paying interest and that's what people do with credit cards you get like a twenty five to twenty percent loan at a twenty percent interest rate it's like the stupidest loan you can possibly get so if that's what you think you're gonna use credit cards form I strongly urge you against that that's the worst thing you can possibly do for using your credit card so what is the main reason that I personally use a credit card and it's so that I can fly around the world for free and never pay for a flight for both me and my videographer Norbert now obviously you got to spend a decent amount of money to do that okay but everything both personal and business that I do every expense in my business every expense in my life I put on a credit card and that builds up a lot of points so much so that I can travel the world for free so right now I'm just going to show you a little clip of me having about $3,000 credit in flights and we are in South Africa that time and we were flying to Bali so Norbert slide in that clip right now of us purchasing tickets to Bali for free so if you look at what my points are worth right now three thousand seven hundred forty dollars so we're gonna use my visit preferred points fifty six thousand of those for seven hundred and ten dollars cool beans ruined his bed alright let's see with new figure out for Bali yeah hmm so as you saw there typically I usually have about fifteen hundred to three thousand dollars credit to use at all times to purchase plane tickets okay and that was just through Chase which has always kind of been my my roots of my point system but I also use several other cards now it there's a lot of benefits from one card to the next so no card is actually perfect so I use three and each one has different benefits so that's what we're going to talk about are the top three cards that I personally use and why one is going to be the chase Inc preferred card there's also the Amex platinum business card and last but not least is the luxury stainless steel black card okay so the first card we're gonna talk about and probably the least status statement card that you can get which is also probably why it's the easiest and cheapest to get I believe it's about a ninety minutes ninety five dollar fee to get the chase ink preferred card now there are some huge signup bonuses when you purchase or not produce get approved for this card one being that you get eighty thousand points when you sign up if you spend five thousand dollars within the first three months now if this is a business card which it is it shouldn't be that difficult and $5,000 and I in the first three months and those 80,000 points that you get on your signup are equivalent to a thousand dollars in credit for an airline so that's a pretty big perk right off the bat and it's only 95 dollars annual fee there is also cellphone protection does it work I don't know I lost my phone the other week maybe about a month ago and I did try to file a claim for my iPhone X s 10 and I still haven't heard back he just says processing so I don't know what's gonna happen with that but apparently you can get credit for losing a phone so chase I'm counting on you to hopefully get that approved now probably the biggest downside especially for a business traveler of the chase card is that there's no lounge access you know that should be like a guaranteed now there is the Chase Sapphire reserved which is a personal credit card which I also have now that does have lounge access but if you're with Chase just for business banking and you have the chase business Inc top card that they have why the hell is there no lounge access especially if you're a business traveler so pretty big disappointment there but if you do have the Chase Sapphire Reserve card it does give you priority Pass which is kind of the low level access to a lot of lounges but it's still nice to be traveling a lot and have lounge access as opposed to just sitting in the lobby on these little uncomfortable chairs and no real space to work now when I'm traveling a lot I love going to lounges I love getting in there and getting some work done even sometimes we'll go to the airport early two hours for like let's just go hang out in the lounge why not so what is it gonna be I got a little bit that's a pretty big downside to the chase Inc preferred and probably one of the biggest reasons why it's the cheapest card cuz there's no access but it's free not free so number two the number two card okay I'm not even rating these like as like one two and three I'm just going through my top three okay each serve different purposes but number two that we're gonna talk about is the Amex Platinum Card now Amex is kind of like the gold standard of like he might be somewhat important but here here's the biggest problem with Amex is while it does serve as somewhat of a status statement to some people for me it doesn't because I've had on for a long time so it doesn't matter but the thing about Amex is is hardly anyone takes it so you can't use it in a lot of different places a lot of different merchants and I'm not just talking about in the world I'm talking about even in America a lot of places don't take Amex so while it is a nice little luxury to have there are some downsides to the Amex Platinum Card because a lot of people don't take it in addition it does have the highest fee of the three cards we're talking about it's five hundred ninety five dollars per month but you do get a lot of benefits for it I'm just gonna go ahead and look at the list and not try to act like I've memorized all this stuff but we do have Global Entry which is nice I've never used it pre TSA check I got to spend some time to go do this because it would be convenient I just have not done it even though I travel all the time there's also the Amex Centurion lounge I haven't been in there either but one of these days I'll go there's also a two hundred dollar credit for uber which is nice never uses that either another big benefit is 1-year access to we work worldwide I don't know exactly what the access level is is probably just into the open lounge seating when you go into a lobby which is called a hot desk I never do that we've never done that anything what I have done is gotten free Wi-Fi on the plane through Amex so that was actually a nice perk like I've always been just a Goldmember card I only recently upgraded to the business platinum card goes like why not let's just have it just because I like building my credit score and another whole point system problem is I had to pay five hundred ninety five dollars per year for it to add it to my business I have all these benefits that I just listed that I never even used but they are nice now that I know that they're there and I get free Wi-Fi on the planes which is kind of convenient cuz now it's like twenty five dollars every time on the plane it's like alright that was actually a nice little perk Amex I like that in addition you do get free car insurance we were just in Cape Town South Africa for three months I rented a car for three months but I think it's only like 30 days 60 days and I I had it for 90 days so I went out on the edge and rented a car for the last 30 to 60 days with no car insurance because I found out later that Amex only covers 30 to 60 days but that is a nice perk you go there usually you go rent a car like oh nice it's like forty fifty dollars per day and then they get the bill and it's like 900 or ninety dollars per day because of the insurance so to have Amex cover that little hidden fee that usually get hit by on an insurance for a car rental was actually nice you also get $200 credit Amex has a little bit lower percentage redemption for Airlines but you do have all these other perks I still use my Amex Platinum all the time because you also get those benefits that you have and you also get airfare redemption but I think there chase is about a 1.5% Redemption rate and Amex is only down about one percent now I'm using the statistics on the next cards website homepage is it fact I cannot 100% guarantee it but according to luxury card which we're going to talk about now the black card it has the highest airfare redemption of all the cards which kind of convinced me to start using my black card even more do that fact they say Amex is a 1% they say chaise Inc and Sapphire Preferred are 1.5 percent black card is claiming they have a 2% airfare redemption which is the highest of any card out there and what do I use credit cards for most airfare redemptions so I can fly around the world for free so that is a huge perk of using the black card now another downside of the black card would be it's not a business card it's a personal card now can you use personal cards for your business yes but you don't want to mix up your personal expenses with your business expenses so I don't put anything personal on my black card I solely use it for business purposes only and then I give that to my accountant say hey everything in this business credit card right here or not my personal credit card is all business expenses you don't need to categorize anything now before I had a bookkeeper before I had an accountant that did all this stuff for me I was using my black card for my personal in my business expenses at the end of the year I had to spend like a week long by myself personally going through and sifting through all this so it's highly recommended that you always separate all your personal or business consensus I only put any expenses on my black card that are for business the annual fee for the black card is four hundred ninety five dollars so it's about a hundred dollars cheaper than the Amex so there are you know it's a little bit a little cheaper but not really now there is no signup bonus for the black card now chase gives you 80,000 points if you spend five K that's a thousand dollars I just forgot to mention that Amex gives you what is it seventy five thousand points but you got to spend 20 grand for the business card it's kind of a lot AMEX obviously that's a different status okay like I said the AMEX is kind of a status statement chase is like yeah that's a guy I got a chance card you know it's nice but it's only 95 dollars per year you only got to spend $5,000 to get those 80,000 points Amex business or like alright this guy's got a little bit more status a little more cash let's make him spend 20 K to get 75,000 points instead of 80 so there's a difference and then black cards like you want to buy a stainless steel card or have a stainless steel card just look cool we're not gonna give you a bonus for it well charge it up 500 bucks so that's cool there's also some perks to having the black card there's an app I was just using it today for a luxury concierge that's open 24 17 it's open the app be like hey I want a hotel like I'm trying to go to boot for a weekend this little personal retreat today I need a hotel in Ubud who do we work with now luxury bought Black Card is partnered with a bunch of the top resorts and hotels in the world such as the Viceroy the W the Conrad and a lot of these places you get free upgrades whenever you go you usually get about $100 spa crap bra credit free breakfast free amenities almost every hotel that they're partnered with you get a free upgrade plus if it's available plus a bunch of different amenities that are available and they're also partnered with a bunch of different chauffer services pickups at the airport all this different stuff that you can use for luxury black cards so there are perks to the black card and you also get this really cool looking card that's stainless steel that's super heavy and every time you slap it down you kind of make a statement there which brings me to the next part of this episode which is the drop step drop step the drop test the job step it's like a dance move no the drop test where at the end of the day or at the end of dinner you get your card out you drop your credit card does it make noise does it make a statement what do people do when you drop this car and that's we're gonna do a test on now is what happens when you drop the AMEX Platinum which is also made of metal drop the chase which is 100% pure grade plastic or the black card was a hundred cent steel with a carbon-fiber backing so let's get to the drop test tsa Global Entry free gifts Priority Pass 2% airfare redemption forgot about all this [Laughter] you did what Tami you need to return that you got to think about the children we need to save money plus I just broke a thousand-dollar door so Mike and Josh need to go to great colleges take it back no I'm not joking love you bye all right so I am the chase card character holder that wasn't scripted I literally just broke my door so that kind of sucks it might be expensive and I'm supposed to be the cost-saving anxiety-ridden character so I don't really think about that but at least it was funny to make this video a little more interesting but the point of this is now when you get to anywhere at dinner and you pull out your credit cards sometimes people care about their status what does their card look like what is it made of what does it sound like when you drop it so that's the point of this video right now is to do the drop test and as I am the chaste cardholder character that is the card we're gonna start with so first this is just made of pure plastic because it's the cost saving card now this is the sound of it when it's just in normal recording motion are you guys ready cameras ready three two one oops those betcha has a bad draw now let's see what that sounds like in slow motion in film at 240 frames per second on an iPhone what do you think sounds like a little cost saving bitch to me [Laughter] now yeah he's a whale got them by the uber IPL right before a drop yeah took him for like a twenty thousand dollar Commission Scott idiot yeah I'll see you later so I am mr. financière Amex platinum card holder character now this card is made out of what I believe to be aluminum or steel so obviously this is the most expensive card to purchase it be a member of and so obviously they make it metal but does it have that wow factor when you drop it so here is the drop test when you're just hearing it in normal audio kind of sounds like plastic to me let's see that in slow mo three two one not bad not bad but can we do better this I got presents or prevalence or prevalence or credits on presents on college how's it god no yeah no it won't you all see Susan again no yeah that was one nightstand tonight I don't like it either all right love you bye now for the final test I am obviously the cool calm collected ass black card holder from MasterCard this thing is made out of solid frickin steel all right with a carbon plating now that's why they call this luxury card because it is just a status statement that you live in some sort of life of luxury so they say you're basically buying it you're paying for the appeal or the status statement of using this card but it also has the number one travel bonus points but what else it does is makes you stand out the most at the dinner table so let's take a look at the audio of this thing dropping in normal sound everybody ready put on your safety goggles not bad not bad quite impressive but let's listen to that at 240 frames per second from the iPhone three two one that was the one now that my friends is a statement and that is the end of the drop tests for the three credit cards the black card the Amex platinum and the chase visa preferred now I gotta call my landlord and tell her that I broke the door in charge it on my black card so I don't only use credit card points for flights I needed a little getaway from Changu so I looked at my Amex points and a had almost $900 in points so I decided maybe I'll go for a little 3-day weekend and pay just $75 for the entire trip and now I'm out here at Japan Somali as you can see this beautiful view out of the jumbo fish pool I got this amazing space right here this is come relax so you don't only you know you can use it for a lot of different things there's even Amazon Prime I believe with Amex and chase possibly one of the two or you can say in my hotels just like this so this is another huge benefit using credit cards for your entire business if you have a business you have a fuckload of expenses so put it all on your credit card so you can enjoy free weekends like this out here I do bit color so anyways guys that's it for today's episode of make Monday great again I hope you learned a little something and again don't use credit cards to spend money you don't have use credit cards to build credit use credit cards to get points use credit cards to travel the world for free okay it's quite simple you use credit cards for everything you spend your money on and pay off that balance every week so that you know exactly what you're spending a lot of people are stupid some people can't handle that but there are a lot of huge benefits to running your life that way running your business that way anyways guys thanks for tuning in I would love to know which credit card you want the most out of these top three and if you're gonna go ahead and apply for one of the now I'm not partnered with any of these people luxury black card allowed to be partnered with you let's do some business but anyways guys that's it click like subscribe comment I'll see you in the next episode peace

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  3. I just realized that all those credit cards only work for Americans. I wonder if there are travel credit cards for European people.

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