Better Than a Cruise Ship?! – Our First ALL INCLUSIVE HOTEL in Cancun, Mexico! (Iberostar Prestige)

Better Than a Cruise Ship?! – Our First ALL INCLUSIVE HOTEL in Cancun, Mexico! (Iberostar Prestige)

-Good morning adventurers.
-Good morning! from another beautiful day here in Mexico if you caught our video yesterday we were staying in Puerto Morelos and we explored a cenote nearby, it was amazing, ate some local food Oh, it was great It was maybe one of the best days we could have hoped for but we’ll have that video linked in the description below So definitely check it out It was probably the coolest cenote we’ve been to and we’ve been to a few but this one was totally -rustic and raw, and it was just a lot of fun.
-oh, so fun So we’ve spent a week in Puerto Morelos We feel like we got a much more local experience. It was awesome We got some time to just wind down and eat some local food It was great, but we’re gonna switch gears for this next video We are actually just arrived at the Iberostar prestige here in Cancun So Cancun is like 20 minutes or so away from Puerto Morelos where we were Yeah, it’s really close It’s essentially Puerto Morelos is almost like a suburb of Cancun It was really easy bus ride out there and back. We aren’t actually in the downtown area of Cancun We’re in I guess the hotel district. Which we never been through before Last time we’re in Cancun we stayed downtown. This is a completely different vibe We are as you can hear right on the beach Also, this is an all-inclusive hotel, which is really cool Cuz we haven’t really ever done anything like this with you guys other than maybe a cruise Yeah, we’ve done a few cruises and those are all-inclusive. This kind of feels a little bit like that so it’s awesome Feels like a cruise except I will not get seasick, which is so great As you can see they have a hot tub here on the balcony which is insane We’ve never had that before in our entire lives so I think first up we’re gonna give you guys a look at our room because we just checked in and you guys it’s probably the coolest hotel room that we’ve ever been in Maybe. Maybe the most high-tech, it’s very cool Very nice. And after that we’re just going to chill in the resort show you guys around they have a lot of really cool stuff here We’re gonna spend some time on that beach over there. I think yeah, it’s gonna be very nice We’re gonna get in proper vacation mode And I know that some people watch and they think we’re on a permanent vacation and I mean we’re traveling and stuff But we’re working most of the time you guys. Yeah, and we’re kind of losing our minds over it, we need to relax. Yeah, we’re being completely honest. We need to relax someday. We need some vacation time I think this is exactly what we needed. It’s beautiful. The scenery is great All right. Let’s go take a look at this room Welcome to our little slice of paradise. I love that this feels more like a beach house than a hotel. It’s really nice. This nice white and blue theme but we have our lovely seating area over here Which Eric has already put to good use, took little nap right here earlier This is the perfect napping couch to be honest about in like two seconds. Yeah, we have this very uhm… Important it’s holding up the ceiling or something? I think it’s just meant to kind of feel like coral or something Yeah, no just like a nice beachy theme. It’s really cool this section of the room We have the biggest king bed because I love sleeping with all my limbs out everywhere. And sometimes beds are too small. This one, however, isn’t that and to match it maybe the biggest TV in the land equipped with Netflix? We were reassured. We also have our own little beverage station Most importantly mini bar! And they told us that we have 24-hour room service So we want, if we want any other Beverages or food at any hour of the day we can just ring them and they’ll bring it on up And over here behind this mirror, you’ll find the bathroom So, you can watch each other take a shower. Yeah if you’re into that, that’s cool vacation mode Or you can just do this and watch yourself Give our nice entry corridor with two huge closets and then this huge bag. Look at this, So we got his & her sinks, they’ve got a huge beautiful shower and then don’t worry even though you can see into the shower you can’t actually see into the toilet. It’s got the front. Oh, I hadn’t even seen this yet. That’s good They have a phone in the bathroom so you can do your business while you’re doing your business Nice one. Guys they had hats waiting for us. I’m assuming this one is for me? -Am I ready for the beach?
-Oh 100% That sun is not gonna touch you. I love all the little touches in this room They’re like they have the lighting under the bed it makes it kind of look like a spaceship bed, which I really like like it’s floating and then they have USB outlets all over the room and then everything is like touch. I’m not sure I haven’t thought that turns the lights off I think oh, yeah like bedtime lights on That this one. Oh, yeah. They have a reading light We’re gonna figure this room out if we poked enough buttons We’re gonna get to the bottom of all this We still haven’t quite figured out what this little contraption on the wall does Just kidding You’re on your own from here on now, I’m leaving. And in line with their cool tech theme, where is the room service menu you ask? Well, it is right here on the TV Boom They have the whole menu on here Plus they have all the daily activities listed here Which reminds us of the cruise ship because they had all these screens all over the place That would tell you everything that’s coming up. I feel like we’ve spent enough time goofing around in the room. So we’re gonna head to the pool in the beach. Let’s go! You guys we are chillin at the pool and it’s amazing So we are at the Iberostar prestige right now and that’s the adults-only section of the resort But they have the main part of the resort over there. They have They have many more pools different swim-up bars and stuff like this one all kinds of stuff when you come to the prestige you have access to both so You’re probably gonna head over and check that out at some point today. Like I said, we have a swim up bar right here So we’re in the pool and we’re about to order some drinks. That’s about as good as it gets. Gracias, beautiful -What did you order?
-Strawberry mojitos without sugar, I think they look really nice That’s really good. I love the mint and the lime and the strawberry Oh nice and refreshing you can actually get the fresh strawberries But I don’t know if all the different bars have them but we got them in one of the other bars Yeah, there are speaking of bars lots and lots of bars around here. So we have our swim up bar here We have some in the lobby. They’re peppered all throughout the resort both on the prestige side and the family side So you are never too far from a bar. The pool was absolutely amazing -It was a salt water pool, which is really quite good like it’s very refreshing.
-Yeah, much better than chlorine Yeah we got changed, dried off and now you’re gonna hit the buffet Which is one of our favorite things to do at an all-inclusive type of place Look at all this you guys they have so many things for us to try. Everything, I’m gonna try one of everything. You guys, I might be in love with this buffet -They have all the things.
-It was one of my favorite plenty of like fresh grilled seafood and meat and vegetables So we’ve got two fully loaded plates here of salmon that he grilled up some vegetables some slices of meat and some guacamole with some chips, oh my god! I think I’m gonna give this salmon a try first cuz this was put on the grill raw and freshly cooked You can see it. Just falling apart there nice and juicy on the inside. I think it’s gonna be pretty good Let’s get a little bite there. Yeah, Oh fell apart. There we go It’s good salmon I think the salmon might beat the lobster because it’s just so freshly cooked Yeah, it’s really oily and it falls right apart in your mouth. It is so good It’s got these little charred bits on the outside too that make it really savory kind of burnt tasting. That is some good salmon Right there So this resort has its own app Which is super awesome because then you can figure out where everything is and what’s happening under the happening now so it’s telling us there’s aqua paddleboard happening which we can see you right over there. And then in just about 30 minutes, there is archery starting. Do we dare? Oh we dared. Alright, not too bad. Nice job Oh, no, just redo, redo. So pretty much got all the points I got a whopping 35 Actually, that just means I think I’ve made it on the board twice? Something like that Like the white area you looked pretty good Nice and sturdy, but my aim isn’t quite there He didn’t tell me how many points I got so that probably means I didn’t get very many. 30 points y’all Not too bad. So mine’s 35. I guess I won this time. Some guys been watching us shoot. He’s so cute Hey, buddy, he just want to play, is this where you live? Well, that was a lot of fun. There was a whole group of people there and we just shot one of the time so everyone was watching each other so it’s a little bit of pressure but It made a lot of fun and everyone was really in to it like cheering everyone on, it was pretty great. There’s so many of these guys all over the grounds I’m guessing they’re iguanas? There’s one, two, three, four, five, six, seven right here Just hanging out like weirdly majestic creatures Yeah, they really are they look really solemn and pensive although they’re really big guy He’s puffing up his neck and I’m pretty sure that means he does not like us at all. You guys they have a cafe back here we got some cafe frappe It’s the Star Cafe Similar to Starbucks…cafe maybe? Cold delicious espresso ice and milk. Just what we needed as a reward for being so good at archery So now I think we’re just going to mosey around the resort chill a little bit and wait till dinner We’re back in our room. We’ve actually just been chilling here getting some work done. We spent some time roaming around the resort. Yeah, we’ve gotten all presentable though and showered off We are going to head to dinner because we’re starving and we heard it’s gonna be a Hibachi grill that we’re going through tonight They have so many dining options that are included in your stay here today. You don’t have to pay extra for it That’s crazy. We thought for sure you’d have to do that on cruises If you do special, then you always have to pay, but here it’s all included! We’ve arrived at the hibachi everybody’s here waiting for our guy to come start working his magic I am so excited, I am so hungry I thought we ate so much for lunch but really we did it or maybe we’ve just been running around all day and been so excited to work up yet another appetite. Ok my name is Pacito and welcome! Welcome to Japones We’ve had our Sushi, we’ve had our rice we’ve had our veggies and now we are on the meat portion. He started with fish Oh my gosh, it’s so good. The shrimp is so flavorful and it’s like cooked perfectly that pops in your mouth Really yummy. There’s a giant bit of steak over there and a giant bit of a chicken. Can’t wait to eat it. At hibachi grills we’ve been through before, You choose which meat you want, here they give you a little bit of everything and I really enjoy it. -So no tough decisions to make?
-No. We’ve got steak. We’ve got chicken. We got a bunch of seafood over here I already ate my vegetables and everything, but the steak is what I’m most excited to try. That’s really good he pretty much nailed it, the steak is amazing tons of flavor really juicy I thought maybe this shrimp would be the star because it’s actually really good, but the steak wins it for sure. Oh my god, what a great way to end our day. Oh my god, it was so yummy. Yeah, that was awesome. We’re stuffed We got one last drink, you know a nightcap Tomorrow we are going to be heading to Columbia! Columbia, we’re going to South America We have never been before Yeah, a new continent, a new country. Oh my god. I’m so excited! We’re gonna spend two weeks down there and we have some very cool things in the store. Yeah, we do We’ve been so excited about this trip you guys, but I hope you guys enjoyed coming along with us here at the Iberostar We absolutely loved it It felt a lot like we were back on a cruise ship which you guys know that we’re obsessed with cruise ships so.. Yeah so we were wondering when you guys travel Do you prefer doing like what we did in Puerto Morelos where we kind of just got our own Airbnb and we kinda did everything our own Transportation, everything. Or do you prefer the all-inclusive route where everything is taken care of for you? so you really get to chill and relax because we definitely Enjoy both of them for very different reasons. They’re both great in their own ways. Obviously you guys know we love getting the local experience But sometimes we like being able to just chill and have everything taken care of even if it’s just for a day well The nice thing here is that you’re only a short cab ride From the center of Cancun or all of these amazing places like the cenotes that we went to a bunch of ruins nearby Amazing snorkeling But I think that’s gonna do it for today. We have Billy Madison queued up on the TV That’s who we’re gonna be watching. We’re gonna go to relax mode because we’re about to be back in travel mode, long flight day, yeah. -Well, goodnight adventurers.
-We’ll see you on the road.

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