Binghamton University Aerial Tour

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  1. My daughter has just completed her 4 years UG in CS Excellent University , except the weather which is beyond control

  2. Got accepted here recently. I like this University but going to choose UC Merced over this because of my research area.

  3. You know what you don't see here, parking. There is never enough parking, Binghamton needs to put in a big parking garage next to lecture hall for commuters and professors and then the rest of the spots could be resided td and visitors and there wouldn't be as many problems as now. Anyone that gos to Binghamton with a car knows this but the school does nothing to fix it.

  4. Maybe some time in the future, well past times being regularly planned for, college campuses will have 1 huge area for student cars, where staff cleans them, and students will be able to find their car via GPS. Or, current parking areas will remain and staff will clean students' cars weekly.

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