BLACK HOLE Choose Your Own Adventure

BLACK HOLE Choose Your Own Adventure

At the center of this galaxy, like nearly
all galaxies, there is a supermassive black hole, with a group of stars orbiting it. And you are about to fall into that black
hole. Now, nobody’s done this before, and nobody
knows what’s at the edge of the black hole, at the event horizon. It could be smooth and you could sail right
through. But there are some theories that say it’s
fiery and violent at the edge. So, jump in. Like, for science. You’ll be fine. C’mon. C’mon. Just jump in.

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  1. Greg, you are incredibly convincing human being. And I care too much about you to push you in. FOR SCIENCE! * jumps in *

  2. today is not oppsite day so you don't have to jump 1 day later now can you jump in not us and you are closer to the black hole so you shoudl get suked and you are not

  3. Very educational video, helped me learn IN A FUN WAY (this is really creative, let's me choose my choices)

  4. if you get very close to a black hole, it starts stretching you out (this is also known as spaghettification) and taking little masses and particles from your body until you get fully sucked up.

  5. I just listed: Journey Under the Sea (Choose Your Own Adventure #2) [paperback] R. A. Montgomery [May 23, 2006], for $6.60 via @amazon

  6. If you want to make it 360 Choose Your Own Adventure you can add the choices in the description and still use the 360 format like I'm doing. You know anything about time travel? How can we see an object that is in the future (is it that the space time fabric continuously stays warped and everything is viewed from an object in the future as if it is one of those scenes in the Matrix) (I really like the idea that fighter pilots and astronauts are continuously gaining superpowers with each action)?

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