BMW F31 320d xDrive Touring FL (ENG) - Test Drive and Review

BMW F31 320d xDrive Touring FL (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

if this car looks familiar to you it's because you may have seen my other review of a BMW 3-series touring but I assure you these are two completely different cars and not just because they have different engines this is a facelifted BMW f30 one allegedly it's got a modified front to make it look wider and lower take a look at it watch my previous review and if you can spot any differences let me know in the comments below not much has changed in the looks department but meanwhile the competition was hard at work Mercedes launched the c-class estate and recently out has shown as the new a4 including the Avant both of these cars are slightly bigger than the BMW 3-series touring the end they are also slightly lighter and at least on paper they are at least as efficient and the a4 also has a slightly bigger boot prices of the German trio with basic diesel motor all-wheel drive in automatic gearbox start at around 44 thousand euros but add a few extras and you're easily looking at 60 grand and it's not going to be anything extravagant either this car doesn't have electric seats head-up display or even road sign recognition but it does have a sports 8-speed automatic gearbox and an M Sport styling pack and 18-inch rims and together this adds up to about seven half grand the M Sport pack also means ten millimeters lower ground clearance and for the 2016 model this includes the rear wheel drive as well as the X Drive speaking of xDrive last year BMW celebrated 30th anniversary of the introduction of its all-wheel drive system just in case you didn't know xDrive didn't appear as late as BMW X serious so that's the SUVs it appeared actually a lot earlier and that was in 1985 in a BMW 325i X Drive which was launched at the 1985 Frankfurt Motor Show all wheel drive systems usually improve driving dynamics and safety currently X Drive works with a whole bunch of three-letter acronyms under normal circumstances most torque is sent to the rear wheels BMW is obviously either a rear-wheel drive car or a rear-wheel biased car that's unless you got it too serious but let's not talk about that now when I Drive faster through a corner what happens is more torque is sent to the front and the sensation is as if I'm pushed into the corner first and then I'm being pulled to the inside so the Bandit heightens it's a very nice feeling I very much enjoy that even on a greasy road like today oh yes pulls me in I don't need to put so much effort on the steering it pulls me in great stuff today xDrive is available on most BMWs SUVs and regular cars diesels Petros and hybrids and I'm not talking only about the i8 but also about the hybrid x5x dr-40 II that's a long and complicated name I like what xDrive is doing but something has been done to the steering I feel apparently as part of the facelift BMW reprogrammed the steering yes it's an electrically assisted power steering and you can reprogram it these days I got into this car from a Mitsubishi Outlander which is hardly the best handling car out there but I instantly felt a difference there is this unnerving lightness very close to a neutral position of the steering very close to the center so I can move the steering wheel like this just a little bit and of course the car will react instantly it will start switching lanes and stuff but because of this lightness on the motorway I have to focus to keep the car exactly in a straight line otherwise it'll start changing lanes and this car isn't equipped with Lane Assist and stuff because this is almost a base model regardless of the price tag it's not so much annoying in the bends because when I turn the steering more it becomes heavier so that's all right in the bends it's also alright in the city because you do a lot of maneuvers a lot of turning of the wheel left and right but on a long straight I find it I find it annoying and come on BMW 3-series is supposed to be the benchmark here and a Mitsubishi Outlander turned out to be better at least in the straight line this test example is a 320d which is Bavarian for a four-cylinder 2-liter diesel 190 horsepower as part of the facelift it's got a power boost couple of horsepower I think he used to be 184 186 something like that other engines as part of the facelift also got a power boost or in some cases are even new engines like the 3-1 8i which is a turbocharged three banger from the Mini Cooper BMW 320d should theoretically use four and a half liters of diesel per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle it should do about four and extra-urban and around six in the city and predictably it doesn't even get close to these numbers the other day I did about 400 kilometers in extra urban cycle and I got fuel consumption down to six point one liters that was the best result throughout the whole route okay so there were a couple of dozen kilometers along dual carriageway so I suppose without that I might be able to get it just below six liters but that's still a lot off from for that BMW claims I should add that most of the time I drive this car in Eco Pro Mode which not only slows down reaction to the gas pedal but it also maintains the lowest possible revs and employs the sailing mode when neither accelerator nor brake are pressed a little professional sat-nav costs just 800 euro the ConnectedDrive plus services cost more than 2300 but you get remote access to your car through a mobile app access to popular apps like these are and things but they're not very convenient to use on the on the I Drive a web browser with internet access again you're not going to use that very often because you have to stop to use it so even your passengers will have to use their mobile phones and things you also get real-time traffic information now that's worth every penny you get emergency services yep obviously and the really cool thing are the concierge services you can call the operator and ask for reservation at a Italian restaurant somewhere along your way or you can ask for the nearest ATM and stuff so that's actually quite convenient the person on the other side the operator will send the information to your sat-nav and the sat-nav will take you from there in the discrete facelift category the sixth generation BMW 3-series definitely scores top points but as the facelift is so discreet there's not much to talk about and not much to praise so I'd love to take a look at the new Audi a4 and what's your favorite compact executive car let me know in the comments below subscribe rate and share new episodes every Friday thanks for watching but I'll see you as soon as you click the link on the screen

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  1. Nearly standard car? What are you talking about, this car is equiped with Harmon Kardon sound system, sports seats, M-sport steering wheel, navi professional, heated seats, sports automatic transmission with paddle shifters, upgraded interior trim, extended instrument cluster, front and rear park assist..? Have you actually seen what the base F30/F31 looks like?

  2. just love it… effortless power delivery from low revs… musical… very secure car…light sensation… flies… very musical,,,, had 320d for years… and will never change model…lots of fun… just has perfect equilibrium… i find it somehow safer than the rest…

  3. Hi. I drove now for one week a 316d Touring 2-wheels automatik and was so disappointed. Marek, is it the endless commercials of BMW that makes people say "it's so great to drive a BMW"? Or that the tester like you only drive always the top spec models and in that way BMW fake/hide that the "normal" models aren't really good. My experience: the steering – so great 10 years ago – is artificial and just heavy (no matter in what mode) and the car felt heavy and not agile (from steering, not because of the week engine) – I would prefere so many other cars to have fun on a country road, but everybody always says "BMW is fun to drive and a benchmark concerning agility". No. The auto transmission worked just slowly and not logical (I had much better – let's say perfect – experiences in other BMWs) and I would prefere the auto tr. of a Golf, I couldn't find a nice position with the seats, cheap adjustments of the backrest (raster) and height. Etc. It's so unjustified to praise the BMWs so much. Or do everybody "have to", because they are so expensive, so "somehow it must be good"??? What do you think?

  4. I’ve previously owned a Audi A4 avant S line 2.0 TDI and now own a 3 series tourer xdrive tourer Petrol automatic. In my own experience I think the BMW is a far superior engineered car mechanically as the Audi guzzled oil for no reason also the amount of things that went wrong with the car from new was quite appalling for what is presumed an aspirational model. Audi do throw in more extras in their models to be fare but this alone would not tempt me to go back to an Audi (the dealership after care was legendary in its shambolic service )

  5. Pytanie odnośnie układu kierowniczego – czy w testowanym przez Pana 330xd touring był sportowy układ kierowniczy?

  6. Hy Marek. Did the car suffer from excesive wind and road noise ? I want to buy an executive compact sedan , and i was very determined for the bmw , but now i read that a lot of people are complaining about the noise .

  7. Those problems you mentioned about the steering… It could be the basic steeringsystem on your test car? Having driven stock 320d and one fitted with servotronic, and the difference was huge! And at least in Finland, 4-bangers come with stock steering, and better ones are optional. Six-pot bimmers come with better steering as stock. And in retrospect, after writing this all down, I am not so sure about 328 or 330i/e..

  8. Hi Marek! I really like your videos, thanks for that. You're making a big effort through the change of the cameraposition (Drones). I'm a field sales worker and order now the 320d xDrive.

  9. HHeavy competition these days. Losing the advantage of being "driver machine" could be fatal for BMW, because in luxury department falls short comparing to c-class and new a4. C-class is quantum leap and new A4 is nice evolution of nice gadget (not car). I'm worried because I'm BMW fun.

  10. Great car! I would rather buy F30 than F31. In general you make very nice videos and your English is excellent.

  11. Marek, What did you think of the alcantara and cloth interior that was in your test car? It's a no cost option, same as leather.

  12. In a real world scenario I did 2000 miles from the UK to Europe and back in my E91 320D Touring (184hp) a few months ago (3 people and luggage). This was a mix of motorway, mountain and B roads as well as city driving in Munich, Zurich, Innsbruck and a few towns in between. The car returned an indicated 57.5 mpg for the trip. That's an indicated average of 4.9 litres per 100km if my calculations are correct. The F31 is supposed to be more economical.

  13. Odd you have issues with keeping it in a straight line. I have almost exactly this model and it's rock sold on the motorway – one of the most stable cars I have ever owned. Did it have the "variable sports steering" fitted? Have heard bad things about that.

  14. Jesteś pewien, że obniżenie zawieszenia dotyczy też xDrive'a ? Bo chyba bym polemizował : )
    To co było w E30 to nie był xDrive. Ten zadebiutował w X3 E83 jako system, który jest zdolny przerzucić cały napęd na jedno koło, czego E30 325ix nie potrafiło : )

  15. Since BMW is a driver-only car, I would rather remove all others seats and replace them with a fridge, bar, sleeping bed, toilet etc. Otherwise as You know my answer is… a Volkswagen (or Audi, if you are have a money printing device). =)

  16. Thank you Marek for a another great review. BMW 3 estate is my favourite bmw car, and also my dream car. Your video just made my day better!! Keep up with great work!! 🙂

  17. Good review..Where did you learn your English? It's just some of you phrases are very specific and not typical Oxford dictionary

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