BMW R nine T Pure - MC Commute

BMW R nine T Pure – MC Commute

good day everybody and welcome to another MC commute beautiful bird chirping weed-whacking morning here in Southern California without further ado it's time to introduce our guest today that's BMWs our 90 pure if you're a little bit confused about which are 90 that is you're not alone probably there are a few different iterations and we'll talk about all that stuff on the way to the office so on about you but I'm ready to ride let's go on int pure so first things first it is not an R 90 racer it is not an R 90 scrambler it's not an R 90 urban GS and it's not the original aren't IMT this is the pure so you only get one – boozled which we'll talk about you normally get cast wheels which are cheaper these spoke wheels are an option and an expensive option at that I think they're like 2,400 bucks or something so yeah you miss out on some of the viewers attractiveness which is that it's not as expensive many who who looking bike oh yes I'd round headlight so really handsome from the front I think stately round headlight bold you tank cylinder sticking out handlebar simple well BMW logo in there that's very common thing to do these days alright let's do it the basics on the are 90 pure you got your horizontally opposed twin like half a Subaru motor basically you can see it down there 1170 CCS so this is basically a 1200 motor this is essentially the old motor that used to be in all of BMWs everything GS RT all the our bikes had this engine and you know I don't remember exactly what year was twenty thirteen or fourteen that BMW came out with the original our ninety and they called it they called it something like a birthday present to themselves it was basically just supposed to be a retro bike to celebrate the firm's birthday and he was the 90th birthday of BMW so they came out with out our 90 which is basically this bike except to gauge clusters instead of one radial brakes instead of the actually mounted ones and a much nicer fork anyway when BMW came out with this bike the point was it was using the old engine that's the whole point of it it was using an engine that they weren't really using anymore because they had the new water-cooled of the Worcester Boxster they call it so it was basically a way to use this old engine for something sort of retro and what they thought would be interesting and turns out people really liked it and it started selling like hotcakes so they came up with a bunch of other versions of it the pure the one I'm on now the reason I want to use this bike instead of any of the other ones is that it most closely resembles the original roadster the original are 90 which had same basic shape of handlebar and seating position and all that the urban GS is slightly different than the scrambler which is slightly different than the original roadster the 90 racer is a whole different bag of nails it's you know got those crazy clip ons that are like down here yeah our 90 racer is one of the more uncomfortable motorcycles a first sale on showroom floors today here in my opinion unbelievably good-looking I think it's got a cool bubble fairing and yeah and a little seat cowl I mean it's an awesome looking bike but practically not great in my mind are 90 pure is sort of the bike that BMW meant to build in the first place they built that that 90 the original one it had basically a repurposed s1000 single our fork so it upside down Sachs fork there's adjustable and beefy and really nicely compliant it was sort of over engineered and they charged a bunch of money for it I think it was fourteen nine initially or something like that is basically a fifteen thousand dollar bike which is a lot of money for a sort of a retro thing I think that's BMW saw it as this celebratory thing like oh you know we'll make this a cool retro bike and if people buy it whatever but the point is it'll be this cool bike but people really bought it more than they thought so now they went back and re-engineered things and said okay well if these people are gonna buy this bike can actually ride it around and use it for what it's sort of meant to do then we can make a cheaper version so they made the pure which uses the right-side-up fork from the scrambler and the racer and all the other derivatives that is not nearly as compliant or good as the original fork but what you get in general I have to say is pretty enjoyable it's a very similar experience to the original 19 just the riding position is similar yes your feet kind of right underneath your thighs wide handlebar and a real simple seat that's not crazy comfortable it's better than it sort of could be considering it looks like just a plank of wood with some leather wrapped around it but it's not going to win any comfort competitions that's for sure as I bag on the suspension realistically if you're riding around a city like this like most people who buy our 90s do the suspensions fine sort of generic suspension that you can't really feel one way or another about in my opinion horst our numbers on this engine just about 100 on the nose you really gotta rev it up to get a hundred horsepower out of it realistically you'll be using the torque of which there is a lot this is simmilar 1200 GS engine remember so yeah sort of like usability and and torque is a big piece of it in fact there's so much torque that if you I take my weight off the seat and rev it up you can see it see the bike twist to the side like that that's the crankshaft spinning with the combustion and yanking the bike over to the side I guess you'd be spinning the other way that makes sense yep it's pen to the left I'm sweet another dude on a retro motorcycle over there what do we got any Hawk guys recognize it nope and a scrambler look at that man too retro bikes rolling through the intersection on the day that I ride the 90 pure which is you know indicative of the market these days people love the the retro bikes right which is why I only have one – um who is it the full-size 90 has to with all the LCD screen in the middle it's actually really nice the 90 racer has the same one I believe but the scrambler and the urban GS and the pure have this single one which is it's good it's cool I like it but it's a little underwhelming for a bike that you pay in more than ten eleven thousand dollars for right versus 1000 and matching shoes on the versus 1000 see that he had green shoes I don't if he works for Kawasaki or something not riding shoes though so I can't condone that red light geez man I don't know if I can condone that either see I listen to this engine I think it sounds really cool this is a stock pipe in my opinion I mean the 90s not supposed to be a sporty bike Billy I mean it's not and in none of BMWs marketing material does it say that it'll you know tap a twisty road or anything like that it's just it's just a style piece but I gotta say it's fun the engines fun the brakes are really good again I bagged on the brakes I said they're not as good as the ones on the original 19 and they're not but they're still really good so of lots of bite and lots of power it's a pretty capable bike and it goes back to what I said about it being over engineered I really think I honestly think that they made it better than they kind of meant to and then in the end they kind of thought Jesus maybe we could have gotten away with making it a little bit creamier and selling even more of them one other thing you get with the old engine the old air / oil cooled our 1200 engine is you get the old transmission and it's not as as the new transmission is and it's a little I don't know it's just a little bit clunky but it's in the grand scheme of things not that bad I mean it's not it's not fussy it's just you have to be a little bit more deliberate with your shifts sometimes it's very mechanical it's very solid but it's not as not as sort of precise as as some modern transmissions our other BMW transmissions really like an S 1001 or something like that you also get that big lunker of a clutch in there so big single plate dry clutch just like BMWs have bins since like the 50s it's like legitimately old technology but I don't know it's nicely refined you you would never really know it people I don't know you could ride this bike and not know that it has an old old clunky clutch like that so as you can tell traffic's kind of apartment today so we're only going like 50 or 55 miles an hour on the freeway which is sort of annoying but in general freeway travel on this bikes not so bad just a wide handlebar and no wind protection so you're sort of in this like spinnaker position I call it just have your shoulders apart and your your elbows out and yeah you take a lot of wind blast to the chest flat seat means you can move around which is nice you can sort of slide back and lean into the wind a little bit which is handy I do wish it was geared a little bit taller how many times you've heard me say that well this is another bike I feel like the the gear spacing is good not great it just has so much torque you know I just I love that torque I'm not interested in that roll on power I want to be able to just lug it along on the freeway but yeah I was in fifth now I'm in sixth there we go now we're going 70 this is sort of what it's like pop it along not so bad it's already so hot this has happened it's like almost winter you crazy California and actually speaking of the weather another option that the 90 has these heated grips it's pretty cool that's actually what the whole sort of right 20% of the – is used for is telling you whether or not the heated grips are on and compared to the wheels which are like thousands of dollars the heated grips are only a few hundred bucks I would probably do that if I were purchasing this bike because god damn do I love heated grips they so good even though I almost never need them your dad's ego and if you're wondering how high I was revving it just then sorry there's no way to know no tachometer just this little guy that's all it is when you're trying the heated grips so you get a little icon there two settings but I'm gonna keep them off boy am i a show-off TC – just like that um Debbie makes it so easy it's so cool it's such a machine and that's like what is so enjoyable to me about the r9t model line in general all of them they all have this really really sincere and and mechanical heart and soul you know the whole thing where you rev it at the stoplight and it like twists and box underneath you and stuff that's that's all engineered in there and it's glorious you want it has all the things that you want in a bike that looks like a retro bike it like makes a little bit of extra noise sort of like smells like hot oil when you step off the thing and it twists when you rev it and it just has this very kind of like I don't know industrial kind of feel to it it's not particularly light weighs almost 500 pounds like 485 490 with a full tank but it just has a classic kind of feel to it and sound to it and smell to it and that's what you want when you ride a bike like this you don't want it to be totally perfect but you don't also don't want it to be actually old I mean if you're buying a bike like this you presumably understand that if you buy a bike that's actually from the 60s or 70s or whatever that you're gonna have to kick-start it and fix it all the time and so on and so forth whereas this bike you don't have to do that it's just all the all the things that are good about a retro bike and none of the bad things can you back it in though that's what you're wondering everybody alright hold down that button no more TC no more ABS and we'll see what happens when we try to pack it in it's not a happy little bunny rabbit when you do that I have to say it's not a sport bike chassis it's not a supermoto not even close but it is a cool cool bike it'll do little willies this parking lot is really slippery what they were thinking when they built it anyway 12,000 bucks 11 9 9 5 I believe for 2018 for an hour 90 pure and like I said the other bikes are all more expensive speaking of retro bikes there's another one holy cow that good cv7 try think what else I didn't talk about pipes on the other side because the shaft is here so I got the pipe on the other side that's cool though doesn't it come on that sounds awesome BMW's kind of have posed twins in here can I have that Mazal like you're plugging your nose and making engine noises but I've come to enjoy it I like it and I like this bike I'd probably have to splurge for the for the expensive one I have to say I don't know look at it fuck around it's just man yeah it's got so much attitude I like it okay well that's one retro commute to work on the 90 pier I do hope that you all enjoyed that and if you have questions about the bike leave them in the comments below and I'll try to answer them if I can until next time see you guys

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  1. Hey first time seeing you on here. Really cool review of the bike. It really shows through how much you love riding and how much fun you have with it. Enjoyable vid. Thanks!

  2. Nice bike,but after sitting on one,I knew I wouldn’t be able to ride it for long,as the riding position was putting pressure on the palms of my hands.I imagine that could easily be corrected with risers or some other mod.Have to look into it.

  3. conservation of angular momentum 😀 i.e. the overall angular momentum of the "system" must be constant, so when you increase tha crankshafts am the am of the counterparts in this case the bike has to decrease, thus the swing 😀

  4. Looks cool, sounds interesting, I think I get it. However the acceleration seems a little underwhelming. I feel like I'd get bored and sell it quickly.

  5. im just wondering whats the law on intersection in US. In my country, the guy on our right side is first

  6. Too many straight roads in America… Not enough turns to enjoy this beautiful bike. Best to drive it in Europe.

  7. I really like this bike. Very informative review. The Pure is on my short list for a "second" bike once I get the big tourer paid off.

  8. Hey Zack, What are your thoughts of the handling of this compared to the monster 1200 (both non-s and s)? Not really concerned with top speed or accelleration between the 2

  9. Just brought one of these beauties home (Pure). Impressions: SOLID- There's a hefty, tight tolerance motorcycle beneath you and you feel it. Rumbly at idle and smooth at cuise. Fit and finish: Does not feel or look cheap AT ALL. Every facet of this bike is expertly executed. Suspension: STIFF. "Cheap" fork but actually very well sorted. Saddle: Minimal BUT quality memory foam…better than expected. Emptying the tank between breaks is doable on this bike. Riding position: Perfect! Great at highway speeds with slight lean into the wind, great visibility, great to alter your position as needed to maneuver. Exhaust: Sounds great, if a little loud for the neighbors. Riding experience: Soulful! You're gonna have to judge that one for yourself. It feels like no other because there is no other. It's a cool bike and you feel cool on it….which is the idea of the whole line. Pick your flavor of R NineT and have a hoot, I don't think you can go wrong.

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