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  1. I advise lastest version if you have a problem check you are have a Microsoft.NET Framework-4.8.5.May bee оthey call a error for sets.This link has a 100% working software

  2. I'm in the process of testing the free account with a view to upgrading if I like it, but I just read in the Help section of their website that you need to go into the registry to change the default sync folder on your PC. Also, if Box Sync is already installed and you've already logged in once, you need to uninstall, and reinstall.
    This seems a bit backwards. Surely there should be a simple setting within the App to change the location of the folder….1 major mark against Box so far

  3. wtf  – this must be for mac people who think like mackies.   You have to sign up just to see how the product works?  Your basic youtube videos are advertising.    Your home page should say – click here to see how to use box sync.   Your technical support should have links to videos on using it.   What red cup drinking beer pong, bean bag, inflatable office ball sitting, pajama bottom wearing to work idiot is the web developer for this company?

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