Brad Talks Touring - Episode 7

Brad Talks Touring – Episode 7

nothing in the past the reason that we've tore so much is because especially in those days it really took getting out getting out in front of the people that really just really kind of pounding the pavement to get out there and let people see you and hear you and maybe the first time they ever hear you might be at your show you know and and now I think it's still the best way you know you can you can get to them through the internet and let them know that you're there but I think the best way to to really show somebody that you're a real rock band or a real band of any nature is to get out there and be able to pull off what you do in the recording studio on the stage and there's a lot format and I think people really appreciate that and they become bigger fans of the band when they see you live and you actually sound like we we love to tour and we love to get out there and see our fans and get out there and rock with them and and look out there and see them rockin with us and so Turin is it's definitely our our 4k and so we're really looking forward to that days are too get back you bye

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  1. What day in 1996 did 3 Doors Down form? Brad if you were not in a band, what type of job would you be doing?

  2. I saw them in London last year…. the most amazing show you will EVER see, and the guys are very down to earth and sweet and you could not meet a nicer bunch of people 🙂

  3. Please come to Wichita, KS. I would really love to see you guys. I am your biggest fan here in Wichita KS!!!!!!! PLEASE BRAD!! Bring 3 Doors Down here!!!!

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