breaking my siblings out of summer camp!

breaking my siblings out of summer camp!

hey guys that was really annoying okay so so the title of the video is breaking my sister out of summer camp it that's what I'm gonna be doing alright so basically two weeks ago my sister went to summer camp with no phone to be a counselor and training don't get me wrong I absolutely love summer camps I have some of my best and worst memories growing up there at the camp that she's at I went for five years and I was a t-bird I was do beard I was t-bird yo hello I was gonna put the dishes away right after this I like your earrings I look like I don't know what it makes your eyes look really good oh okay anyways so I went to camp all the way up until I was 16 and I really didn't have like an interest to go to counselor and training thing because summer camp was a week long and the counselor in training sessions we're two weeks long and for those of you who know absolutely nothing about summer camp which I'm pretty sure we all do because hopefully we've all watched The Parent Trap basically how it works is your parents send you to this place and you get like separated into cabin with a couple other kids and then you're called the campers and then the counselor is like a young adult that kind of like make sure that you feels good well why are you here a lot successful broke her out make sure your week is good whatever you do at the camp they like basically your parent for the week this was probably really pointless but yeah basically I was getting into my videos a lot during that year and I was like there's no way I can miss two weeks of just nothing and not be too stressful to pre-plan everything and then just be in the wilderness with all communication and long story short I did not have an interest in being a CIT and neither did I like it until my mom made her Ella did not want to go to camp in the first place my mom was like alright it's gonna be good for you it's a little break from everything we'll make some new friends sleep in the wood wake up at 6:30 in the morning and then go to bed at like 10 no fun hanging out with little kids and that honestly sounds kind of nice anyways Ella's been gone for two weeks and I was gonna write her a letter by the time I realized that I could write her letter was already when she was there for a week pros I've gotten my house all to myself besides my parents and I've had friends over and when everyone's at work I can just stay here and edit and it's very quiet so that's been fun but also Ella is literally like my best friend and I just kind of want her to like yell at me and fight with I don't care like I just want her here and my brothers have been gone for a week too and I miss them but I'm actually so curious to see if she's gonna be either pissed that we sent her there or maybe a slight chance that she'll come back like super Zen but knowing Ella she's gonna probably be pissed she didn't want to go in the first place I think part of her enjoyed it but I do think she's gonna be like I'm so glad I'm leaving I'm calling it right now I think it's gonna be that one okay let's go throw up these roads are so twisty summer cans are actually so cute though Andrew Jack Reed and you know I go to Ella I'm like it's me oh my gosh of crap right a summer camp laughs I'm gonna get the footage that I can get because I don't want to like make anyone else uncomfortable and honestly just myself I don't want to like deep like you're out in front of everyone if it's not a good moment good night doesn't like the see collection it is $30 and you get the necklace two earrings a bracelet and a ring like is in this return back to the video I don't think anyone else is in here code dirty before oh my gosh I remember literally like living in these bathrooms what we have clean insta cabin patch you wonder one time and then wait did you love to hear yes what's the status at Owen boy who is that Owen hi Alan don't panic her box is awesome my hair looks so bad I've gone the whole week you yeah I know you guys look awesome you look at it and then you spin around and then you get flashed by really brightly and you get like really dizzy and everything so turns upside down so it's weird but it's cool I said it was like not bad for you it's like that necessary good yeah it was really really busy you guys seem so happy might not want to carry about it we're going to class cabin so we get an ice-cream party now that's such a good time wait what did she say to you about it nothing huge is so hot she isn't toxic she was crying at closing ceremony oh so she had a good time we that's awesome cuz she came up to me like a few minutes ago I didn't get it on video but she basically was just I sculpt Ella it's me and she goes I hate you and then pushes you away I don't know as a joke and she walked away I mean pillows crying and they're all hugging her I'm so peace out alright let's go to the field so there's a competition by the Salinas Aven yeah we're going to class cabin so we get a ice cream party now we won means throughout four days they'd like do want to overall and then one picture we took with it and one picture we took without it yeah it was nobody expected us to get it we came in now we're like Zach our cows are used like Oh guys I think we're gonna win dog don't hide something from our window wall pleasure this year they were like sure 8016 Rivas we're in Wisconsin it doesn't night teacher he prepared Wisconsin war it's like sweeping it so that you can never get the sand out yeah cuz the floors were like really like like uneven and then I was a height monster this videos so awkward because it's supposed to be breaking my siblings out of summer camp though you guys all had the best time yeah so now it's just really awkward I think it's a label at that it was a fail actually I fell because I won't go back so shall we still keyboards and be like trying to break my siblings on summer camp okay I look so bad do you look so good bring it over there Thanks oh wait this feels so weird ah it's so big – so big how do you feel I don't know and different vision big words I was the height posture

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  1. Apache has a recorded breaking prefect 100, and I pushed your brothers off the water mat, forever Apachafari

  2. I've been working at a summer camp for 4 years now and this makes me so happy to see 🙂 Ella you should absolutely become a counselor- it was the best decision I've ever made! (also congrats on cleanest cabin guys, that's actually is impressive for an older boys cabin hahaha)

  3. No one:

    Literally no one:

    Not a single soul:

    People in the comment section: btw I’m a small YouTuber

  4. “That was my name the hype beast”
    No one replies
    “That Was My Name The Hype Beast”
    Still no one
    “I was a hype monster”

  5. 0:33 I was like that when my mom come around me with a “mad” face hahaha and ofc compliment her so she not going to ShOuT at me

  6. we had the golden plunger for cleanest cabin and had the black trash bag for most dirtiest cabin at my summer camp😭😂

  7. I’m a small YouTuber and I was wondering if you had any advice for what videos I should film and all that stuff

  8. At how no one’s going to mention the fact that Apache won with a record breaking score ahem we cleaned the hell out of that cabin

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