we've spent the last three days at the World Travel Market conference in London and we didn't bring the camera because we were being extremely productive doing travel e-business II stuff on days that we don't bring the camera we usually update our Instagram story pretty frequently so if you don't follow us on Instagram and you feel left out when we don't log things you should follow us and here is a short little low-quality phone montage of the last three days back on the virtual reality headset we're not sure if every travel conference ends with a big party with food and dancing and music but this one did every night and we had the best time it's been really good not only has it been fun it's been very productive we've lined up potential partnerships with like a bunch of different companies in a bunch of countries but Kara told me not to say any specifics because nothing is 100% yet but it was totally worth our time coming here to London I hope we can come back every year is our last day of London so we're gonna try to do all the things that we starting with lunch but the highlight of today is definitely going to be the dinner cruise that we're taking down the chain looks like looks like thanks the big river that rests they love it we came all the way across town for this fun restaurant it's like an Asian bun but kind of like a hamburger it seems very innovative but it looks pretty cozy in there so I don't know how much talking to the camera we're going to be doing lunch was pretty good little bun murders are been now we're heading to the British Museum we surprisingly my favorite room was hands-down the life after death room there were like 220 money and now we're going to the oldest library in the for the biggest the biggest Vegas library in the world the British Library so this is the largest library in the world because it has about 170 a lot of books and now we're going to enjoy thank you very much people free window I am so stuffed from dinner it was all amazing and now we just got to ride on to the tower bridge it's so beautiful we had never done a dinner cruise before and I'm so glad we finally did one especially here in London because that was so much fun I had no idea turned into a big party and then dance Lauren thank you city cruises for the great evening calling in tonight it's a great last day in London I didn't think we'd get so lucky and cheese again whoa that's like bacon and jelly and breakfast in my mouth apparently biking through Switzerland it's God's life together

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  1. Dinner cruises are so great! I did one in Budapest and it was amazing! All the lights from the bridges and buildings are beautiful!

  2. just something I have noticed in many of your videos….you appear to have very little if not aero knowledge of the places you sometimes visit…. you come off as dumb americans something I really hope you are not….but it is a running theme you need to break …honest criticism stuff like Octoberfest…. the name of the river… foods that you say you are looking forward too …going places with not even a moticum of planning then getting visually preturbed that it isn't the way you like it….

  3. You missed so much of London and England, I hope you have a chance to go back! I studied in England for 2 1/2 years and they were some of the best of my life. My favourite part of the British Museum is definitely the Egyptian Life After Death, went back several times over 2 years to see it. I think you missed an authentic 'fish n chips' by eating at a pub, should have gone to a chip place. You also missed Changing of the Guards at Buckingham and seeing some of the other Palaces/Royal residences around London. I know you try to spend little but you should have spent the time and money to see the Tower of London and the Crown Jewels. And the weather is all part of the English experience. Go back to England in the spring/summer; re-explore London then go see the rest of England/Scotland/Wales. The further north you go the more interesting and English it gets.

  4. Just realised I'm actually in this, even though I live 2 – 3 hours away from London and only just started watching your videos ❀

  5. You all seemed so miserable with the weather, u Radiate in warmer climates…. though the IS during Christmas NY for Instance is the true cold…

  6. London looks even more spectacular at night. The Themes was completely aglow, and your camera (and cinemetographer 😊) did a superb job of capturing the beauty. ❀

  7. Really enjoyed this video, guys! As a long-time resident of London (almost 30 years now), it's always nice to see the city through the fresh eyes of visitors, and to be reminded of what an awesome, beautiful and stunningly photogenic place my home town really is – especially on the river, at night (great camera work, commentary and music, btw) πŸ™‚ It's too easy to take it all for granted. Thank you so much! Come back soon.

  8. Wow, your camera makes London look even prettier at night than in the flesh. I've never done that city cruise thing so I think it's now top of my list for a date-night surprise with the missus. I used to work in central London, sometimes in river-side buildings (including a couple in this vlog) but never got tired of that view.

  9. You didn't include it here, but I love the clip you made with the couple dancing tango!! It was very touching to see a part of my culture represented!

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