Bryant Park- NYC Christmas Market 2018 | Best Holiday Attraction ?

Bryant Park- NYC Christmas Market 2018 | Best Holiday Attraction ?

What’s up Members of the Barrio? Jon, coming to you from New York And today we’re at Bryant Park’s Winter Village My personal favorite Holiday Market in New York City And to me these give you a European vibe Right in New York You can walk around, buy a lot of cool gifts Eat food Even go ice skating if you’re brave enough I don’t know if I am today So get ready we’re going to take a close up look At everything going on here I need to start off this video by saying that while this market is beautiful And I love the location in Bryant Park Surrounded by all of these large buildings It feels like you’re in a movie set It’s not cheap I will say that up front Most of the items here are not cheap So bring money But you’ll be amazed at the kinds of random stuff you can find here It’s a bit cold out Temperatures dropping We need some hot german apple cider You have to combine both But it’s super hot I like the cinnamon and the apple flavor Combining 7 dollars Not the cheapest thing here But.. if you’re cold you’re cold Guys this is a nice girl that is from New York And she’s an illustrator A fashion illustrator and I follow her on Instagram And I found her store here It’s so cool If you want to check it out It’s pretty crazy there’s 100s of little vendors here It would tae you a while just to sweep around and find everything ! Guys I was looking for something very unique They have a 1980s themed NYC Subway Store I mean they come up with everything Let me show you Me and Adriana We keep walking by and we keep seeing interesting things that we potentially want to buy for the apartment Yeah tons of things here A little insider tip There’s something called the lodge here They have tons of eateries, under 1 roof So it’s not just snack foods Like on the outside You can actually get some really substantial amounts of food in there German Beer Garden next to a place that specializes in Duck Not making this up Oh my good look at that Let’s go Of all the surprising things I’ve seen so far at this market At an outpost for Strand books Which is one of the most famous bookstores in New York That’s got to be the biggest surprise I’ve done the possible I found a cool cheap gift at this very expensive market 1 dollar postcards At the strand book store place These are actually pretty cool I don’t know if this describes me exactly But.. fairly close Before I came to New York I was listening to music like this.. during Christmas in Mexico And then I decided that I wanted to come here To celebrate christmas And spend Christas time here Just to see this And I did it Here’s the deal about ice skating It is one of the only free ice skating rinks in all of New York City But.. You need to bring your own skates Otherwise you’re going to be spending 20 dollars on a rental Which makes it more expensive Than most of the other rinks There’s a litlte bit of a catch 22 I’m not going to be skating today Just not in the mood to be vlogging and skating I’d probably crack my skull But if you want to ice skate A very memorable New York kind of thing to do Especially if you’re visiting for the first time If you look closely enough You can see the Empire State Building Just sneaking behind the ice skating rink Amazing shot I leave this girl for 2 seconds And she’s at the cookie dough place 7, yes Is this the one that used to have the really crazy lines out on LaGuardia Oh we live by there, okay This girls struggling Come on you got this You got this, I believe in you So good Best cookie dough of your life? Really I can concur with Team Adriana Best Cookie Dough I’ve ever had When you’re eating cookie dough ice cream Those little cookie dough chunks Those are the best parts This is all cookie dough chunks So you’re eating the best part every single bite Which makes it.. Insane It’s insanely good Let’s make a wish? Members of the Barrio As a jaded New Yorker I even admit.. That i love these holiday markets Yes, some of the prices are expensive.. but you can find some really unique art work Tons of random food Heck get a dollar post card if you need to get something from this place But i’m telling you For a date night For a family night Bryant Park, Winter Market Awesome Highly recommend it And I do have a video that I’m going to be making about the best holiday markets in New York City This place will be on it Subscribe if you’re new to this channel And you want to learn more about New York City And other amazing places Guys thank you so much for watching As always, until next time

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  1. What did you think of the market? What was your favorite food or gift from the video? Leave me a comment because I want to see whose watching!






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  2. I drove by about.2 weeks ago and didnt get to wall through. A little expensive but cute. What do you think about the union square market? Thank you for sharing.

  3. To me, there is no place like New York City during the holidays. That market looks so pretty at night. I wish I could go. I don’t blame you for not skating. Sit down with a hot drink and watch, Thank you for sharing. As always, a great vlog. (I had started to save postcards. Reminded me I should get some.) Stay warm guys.

  4. That 80’s themed subway store is really cool. Always into old school NYC photos from that era. Unreal to think of how Bryant Park went from a disaster back then to being able to have a nice market like this one today.

  5. Hi! We are travelling from dubai and arriving on christmas day. Will the christmas market be open? Is there any timings for the market? i

  6. commented awhile ago, these are great videos. I finally moved here and I LOVE IT. My girlfriend is coming on Tuesday and we will definitly check out these markets thank you

  7. Christmas markets in general are basically a seasonal excuse to double the price of things (particularly food & beverage items), but you go for the atmosphere more than anything. This one definitely looks much bigger and varied than others I've seen.

  8. I remember this place when you had to walk around it. Fun to see how nice it is now. That cookie dough looked great. Loved the little shops. Thanks for the tour! 😍

  9. I was there on Black Friday, but I didn't really have time to look around as I had to get to the upper east side. I will be back and I did like what I saw so far. I saw it last year as well.

  10. Voy a ir a New York en 2 semanas (por 4 días) y sus videao me están ayudàndo mucho para ir preparàndo mi Initerario 💕💕

  11. I live in Michigan, but my heart is in Manhattan. I love Bryant Park anyway, but Bryant Park in the winter is a joy. Visited numerous times, and this video brings it all back. Thanks!

  12. love the black card! Yes, we do live on the best city on earth….I went to Acuario rest., & the chichen was awesome!…Felt like I was in the Twilight Zone for paying $5.00 for a full lunch….

  13. Makes me miss Germany! Can't do that in FL. The food would be prepared in booths and craft merchants would display their wares.

  14. Lol you're right, the spot is not cheap but worth a visit, I've never had apple cider, will have to try it, what I like of this year is that mini food court with bar right accross the ice skating, the market in Union Square is cool too

  15. Thank you for your video! I live in NC and I will be in NY on Saturday with my family, so this info was just what I need it ! 👍

  16. No, they aren’t cheap. But you can bargain with the vendors, especially as you get closer to Christmas and they want to unload merchandise
    There’s also a Holiday market in Union Square downtown, and inside Grand Central Station

  17. I have never been to New York City I've been wanting to go there since I was in second grade and these videos are amazing I want to see more New York City videos🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤👍👍👍

  18. I used to ice skate when I was younger now is that the ice rink that was in the film Serendipity? That market looked really cool

  19. Wow I really enjoyed this vlog😊 I visited NYC during Spring about 5 years ago however I think I will have to plan a visit during the Christmas holiday season as it looks so beautiful 🎄🌟🎅🏻❄️ Greetings from a very warm Australia☀️🦘🌊🐨🌴

  20. Bryant park markets remind me most of the Manchester Christmas Markets (where I live in the UK). I bought a couple of pinky pilots pictures last year when I visited Bryant.

  21. Ok ,I'm a Texan, I am visiting this December for the first time!! (my dream come true) Anyway… Do you have a video on what to wear in the winter for both guys and girls? I need help, I don't want to freeze!! ha  And I want to be comfortable. I have not bought a jacket yet, but I did buy some water proof boots. HELP please

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