Camp Invention Program - Launch

Camp Invention Program – Launch

(upbeat electronic music) – [Announcer] Creativity? Check. Imagination? Check. You have everything you need
to reserve your mission spot in the launch program
at Camp Invention. In Duct Tape Billionaire,
take risks, make investments and launch a business that
will have your products flying off the shelves. Float, fling and fly your way through high energy air
challenges and have a blast as you air blast castle
dragons, sling snowballs, launch rockets, build
high tech bubble blasters and fling micro-chickens. In Operation Keep Out, design
and wire your own alarm box that sounds off when small
hands try to sneak a peek at your most valued treasures. Soar your rocket and
land in the space lab in Mission Space Makers,
where you will grow plants and crystal trees and
even hatch animals as you experiment with
transforming an exoplanet for human habitation. Get ready and get set to launch. Only at Camp Invention, where big ideas become
the next big thing. Get started at

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