Camp Jeep 2019 – Italy

Camp Jeep 2019 – Italy

[Applause] so what makes gladiator unique if I had to pick one thing I would start with the open-air freedom the gladiator provides doors off top off windshield down no vehicle can get you in touch with nature quite like gladiator can do again if there is one unique feature and there's a lot I would point to the open-air freedom that gladiator provides but we believe this is not for an everyday mass-market pickup truck driver this vehicle is intended for someone that's got an active lifestyle both at home and at work but they need to balance the best of both worlds to get away in the weekends maybe to the mountains maybe to ski maybe to the beach but at the same time they need the space of a truck bed that gladiator provides so that really the best of both worlds no question about it I mean a Jeep that's what we're all about is go anywhere do anything and what better way to do that then with the gladiator that you see behind me an amazing an amazing opportunity for customers to get the best of both walls you

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  1. Promoting irresponsible behavior by hanging out of a Jeep while it is moving…..way to go Jeep. It is not surprising to see that Jeep still has not found its way back in to a responsible, reputable, customer oriented company. Poor customer service, underpowered vehicles, and poor build quality….way to go Jeep!

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