Camper Van Conversion DANGER of VOC's in Danish Oil - Transit - Sprinter - VW - Promaster - Transit

Camper Van Conversion DANGER of VOC's in Danish Oil – Transit – Sprinter – VW – Promaster – Transit

otherwise male welcome to my well but if you all know to March anyone currently turning this banding was still filled with gummy we're sleeping we're at campervan and if that's something that interests you then do please consider subscribing to my channel upper little red icon there just for your convenience now during the course of this build I've been asked on several occasions what I'm not going to be treating the wood with and so people have even asked me will I'll be using Danish Oil now Danish all these are quite product it's a wood preserver and it's fantastic for using our side on garden furniture but in a confined space like this it's really not a good idea because it is quite toxic it's very high you volatile organic compounds but just to demonstrate how high in volatile compounds this stuff is I'll show you something this may surprise you this tin of rust preventative red oxide primer has the same amount of volatile organic compounds as Danish Oil this has 25% more between 25 to 50 percent VOCs and thing o'seas basically they're their solvents there are sullivan that you've a plates into the air which allows the product to dry and Danish Oil has the same amount of solvents in it as this tin of redox or eye primer you wouldn't want to paint your whole interior of your vein in whit up sort of primer would you so why use Danish Oil and when people do use Danish Oil I don't just do one coat do three or four coats absolutely saturate the wood and it can take up to six months to twenty years for it to off get off my research I've little Google trust me if you don't believe me get home Google and even look yourself now I haven't got any damage all here because your bicycle turned other stuff but I think I like to B&Q the other day and I'm a little quick video to just to show you he's on the team show you that clip right now so here the Dinah Shore is 25 to 50% huge difference massive difference please watch is 1% again finishing legs looking 50% so there you go that's a massive difference be careful what you use so there you go that was me being cute just I've just did that just quickly to show you that Dinah Shore is really high in VOCs but one last load passion one last time pumped up about this because when I was a kid I suffered from asthma and it was terrifying and VOCs can bring on ex-marine young children and it's syczyk here on the internet it says and I'll quote the OC cause nose fro irritation frequent headaches nausea and can also damage the liver and kidneys and sent nervous system it can take up to six months after that plication that other sources such as particle board may continue to off gas for 20 years I said earlier 20 years this stuff can hang around for now here's the ri call to cook my away VOCs are also the components of pain that cause you to develop a headache after painting in addition the video see rich air in your home or in our case that can delay over a period of time can put you or your family members at a higher risk of developing asthma or allergies now with this I like all my fault that makes because when I was a kid it wasn't until we started going camping last developed asthma I think when you put the two together until I read this and that's why I'm going to make this video and speaking from experience because when I was a child I was fine I could run around I could play football all that good stuff no dramas no problems whatsoever it wasn't until we started going camping that it brought on we're smart and it was always to do with a chemical reaction where I never come on from exercise it was always something chemical that blew it on in particular one day I remember my mum giving us these little tip-top drinks a little plastic cart and drink with a silver foil I think it still flyable not but yeah and the silver top and you have to pierce the loop of a straw now I plant one of these drinks and we were in the middle of nowhere hot sunny died and I was really firstly so I just dumped this drink down and it brought on my head spot and I had the worst s latekka on life ended up in an ambulance Hospital all that stuff and it was frightening really terrifying all because of a little drink it was the chemicals in that drink that s my take on and me thankfully touchwood expecting it around there I've not had a smoke for years but since I'll give up smoking anyway but seriously I'm not an esper attack for years but even now very weary a weary I should say of drinking one of these drinks maybe I should try one drink it just as an experiment as long as I've got my pump available but yet getting back to this that's why it's important to keep VOCs to a minimum in your vein and just make sure it's thinner ladies specially if you've got young children especially and this is what I used in my vein why I came to very popped across the road there I'll use wood diet this is a water-based product therefore it's low VOCs and the reason it's low and VOCs is quite simple it's low in solvents there's not that many solvents in it and this for instance is 0.3% 27.9% staggeringly I mean that's just a fraction of what this stuff contains another example a varnish varnish is quite misunderstood as well your varnish for instance it says for outdoor wood for good reason your varnish is meant to be used outside because it is very high in solvents in fact the same amount of solvents are in this again as this lid locks on primates 25 to 50 percent yeah the really amazing stuff about this long silk does what it says on the tin remember the advert take a look at this this is my interest you might surprise you look at the size of the label compared to this now these products both contain the same amount of VOCs this label significantly bigger than this one even though this tin is the size it is so were Shaymin monsoon shame on them they make the label so small I can't even read it with my glasses on I had to get my phone and into the Hodges so I can actually read what it says right here be careful always read what it says on the tip with darkness of what it can do so that's yacht varnish now interior wood varnish again this stuff is water bison therefore this is AA and V I've seized because he's got less Sullivans in it and it has again 0.3 percent to seven point nine nine percent so 0.3 percent roughly eight percent VOCs compared to 25% to 50% your varnish just shows you a massive difference a massive massive miles apart so were basically try and use a water-based product to treat your wood inside to camp event now in my van I used like I said earlier this wood door and now to me it doesn't smell at all these are some rough guests it's nothing no smell whatsoever but the truth of the matter is it does still smell but I can't smell it because I've got used to it and I'll know this because when I show people my vein as soon as I open the door the first thing they say is well I like the wood a lot the way it smells and I think well I can't smell anything that's because I've got used to it I've got those blind that's exactly what would happen to you you'll think I doesn't smell anymore it's safe to use but it's not it's still there the simple fact is you've got used to the smell your nose has got used to it you've gone noseblind you can't smell it anymore that's why please be very careful when choosing a product to treat the wood in your vein you may not have as much wood as this you may have just a small cabinet that you want to treat but remember it is inside a confined space and it will linger for an awful long time if you use any small solvent based product so try and use water-based products with low VOCs now I will put a link to the rest of this vein build-up there and I'll put a link to some other videos that may interest you up here and if you are new to my channel don't please consider subscribing a little bit for you my face on it touch that and don't forget to hit the notification bill that way you won't miss a thing and if you liked this video please don't give me the thumbs up if you don't like it's me do you disagree with anything or cycling please don't leave a comment below or give me a thumbs down but I'd rather you left the comment below thanks for watching sorry for now you

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  1. Good information there Mel. Any thoughts on similar issues with the rigid type foil backed insulation. Especially when cutting to fit awkward areas the breakup of the foam into small particles also seams particularly irritating and toxic smelling.

  2. scary because I honestly never would have given it a thought…air it out a day or 2 good enough…for death lol. I checked the cedar oil I want to use has no voc's

  3. Hi Mel been a subscriber from the start.
    First time I've mad a comment brilliant blog.
    Keep up the good work.
    Chas 👍

  4. Thanks for the video, as expected it was excellent! Thanks for directing me to it as I was just about to use Danish oil as per Nate Murphy's build guide. As an asthmatic this has definitely been an eye opener and I'll definitely be using water based dye in my van in the future! Top fella.

  5. Thanks for the warning Mel I've done my bulk head with danish oil I might re-think that. What do you think about using linseed oil (raw)? I'm planning on using it throughout the rest of my van as a cheap effective alternative that will hopefully darken the pine cladding more than danish oil.

  6. Danish Oil is amazing at Bringing Those grey Transit bumpers back to life and it lasts Yonks ! Just in case you need a use for it 👍🏻

  7. Hi Mel , Great advice learnt something new. Did not know it was that bad. Good job  I have only used on bench and table outside on garden furniture. And all good work on van looks good .Regards Ron

  8. We used water based varnish and low VOC emulsion in our van. It’s so much better for you as you said. No smell at all

  9. Thanks Mel.
    Luckily I knew this before selecting my wood finish.
    I went for Ronseal Interior Wax 0.7 to 7.99% Voc

  10. Well said Mel , A lot of folks doing up vans should take note of this good advice , also particle and MDF board alone are high in VOC's . On another note back ground music thats a new feature at first i thought i had 2 video's playing at once , careful there had one of my motorcycling vids almost get me into trouble because of copyright on back ground music.

  11. Unless water based, all paints and varnishes give off gases. I was using Evostick glue to fix down carpet liner in my van, the gas alarm kept going off. Off course same gases as used in propane, etc.

  12. Very interesting, didn't think it to so long to off gas,? Great video as normal. I used a natural type furniture wax and will be checking voc stats once home. Take care and I look forward to next video.

  13. Hi Mel,
    I'm embarrassed to say but I used Danish Bacon as it was three packs for the price of one, only issue I have is on camping on a hot day, I get this crazy craving for a Bacon Butty.
    Dunno why…😂😂
    Good work buddy, each build gets better …

  14. All good info Mel, have to agree with other comments made about the background music, not needed in your vids mate, too distracting, thanks for posting for though🙏

  15. There are other health issues to consider. (Carbon monoxide we all know about)… Batteries giving off gasses, even solar panels as they deteriorate, and the high pulsing energy given off by inverters. Not to mention the stress and the damage to your wallet when the van breaks down.

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