Camping in Heavy Rain Under a Tarp

Camping in Heavy Rain Under a Tarp

big ole oh hey there ladies and gentlemen I am with Monty and we're gonna spend a night out here and it is wet what was once a team was this well this stream is a little deeper when it's wet out Monty come on come on buddy come on t poor guy oh yeah it's just total wet Bart took a bad second one right up past my knee go ahead and like take some branches they kind of just like slowly get across Monty went for a little bit of a swim a punchy look straight he's walking with it yeah he uh it's not doing the trick when we're hiking so I'm about to take it off again after like a 150 feet if it's like this we're gonna hop over stuff it just gets tangos feet so we're gonna have to figure out a better perfect for the boat it's perfect for sitting around camp while making it backpacking it's not so good we're heading to a spot that I've been to before I kind of left that place in a hurry let's get out of here yeah so that's what we're headed back to today I'm gonna be sleeping under tarps I don't know I'm gonna try to do a little book wraps we'll see what I get – as it is super wet and hopefully you can find some good old-fashioned dry firewood anyways we've got a ways more to go to find the old spots so let's get to it oh man this pic went and just March March wet feet we're heading over those beautiful trees we're making our way relying heavily on the compass today last time I was here it's a little bit easier than this to navigate this is providing to be a little bit more complicated but we're still making way I don't like going through this thick swamp or March either this Monte but we'll get there just crazy-looking mold or moss or on that branch okay done with the woods out of the market and into the open maple this is what we were looking for okay and what you can see it back there but I set my pack down looking for something it's a little harder to find because it's fall and I was here in spring it looks completely different Monte's confused he's sitting over by my pack he knows that usually when that set down it means camp so he's over there but we're still looking very well like this but it's so loud I feel like I need to go Oh smart there well is it just raining so hard right now [Applause] rated so hard moving on before might take me a few minutes here but he's a good boy his favorite thing in the world is rain camping okay so first stuff here complete it I brought a whole bunch of extra pair for today there was multiple plans going into today and so what we're going to do I had no idea so I got out here but it's looking more and more like I'm just gonna use Tarkus and we're just gonna relax and not do a whole lot of book scrapping this is the second time bit of the spa both times I didn't do the plans I was expected to well it's just it's so wet and it's raining so hard and I'm just dinking around I've got two hours of sunlight left what mess around a little bit but so what I'm planning on doing right now is I'm gonna tidy up this tarp we're gonna take an angle part or a square tarp and I'm gonna tie it up on here and that's take it in and we'll sleep under there so I'm gonna use dual tarps and then I'm probably gonna set up one more tarp for the camera the other camera so we're gonna do right now is to bust out the DSLR I'm gonna set up one more tarp over there so that I can use the DSLR that's that's I brought out an extra term just for the DSLR so we'll set that up and then we'll stop the other chart we'll get to their name while look at how nicely this thing's packaged never before you know it's carpet fits into my closet for years okay well it sure is wet sure is wet out so yeah that's what this real way wet with your wet my up to my knees or wet my upper house dry that's good you gotta have some dry spots so the reason I'm out in this right now is as you many of you know I've been pretty busy I don't have a whole lot of days to get out here and I want to do a little bushcraft something or just sleep under tarp you know something like that and the two days I had available were yesterday and today yesterday was less rain but a lot more wind and today I knew it was just gonna be a lot of big old fat rain so I was just like well I'd rather have heavy rain that's not whipping around with low winds then I would with the windy light braid so that's where we're at that is where we're at what I'm gonna what I'm going to do is for this camera in for the sake of recording for the rest of the night I'm gonna take this second notice time playing I was saying and I'm gonna thing to make this big ol open area a nice big covered area for the camera so that I can record setting up camp and stuff with the DSLR because the audio is just so much better on this thing then the GoPro and individuals and whatnot so that's the plan right now Monte's just relaxing he's finally learned to stay under the park let's get this thing set up where's crafted this is this is bushcraft that plane with tarps in the rain okay Monty just like what the heck are we doing dad so what I've got to do is that got to raise this side or this side what I'm going to do next is just tidy up the tarp and we're going to get the next part we're gonna have our player right here I was gonna make a fire reflector I was gonna make a frame yeah I was gonna do a whole bunch of stuff but I didn't get a late start I didn't get an early start I just got a start and it took me longer to get here is it was just tougher navigating in the down floor this arranging the train and study so there's gonna keep tightening up the tarps getting set up and then we're gonna collect some firewood and we got like two hours so it's starting to get dark yeah so much for bushcraft out of the way it isn't some of this stuff I just collected laying around last time it looks like a decently dry on the center so this might this could be good firewood um it has been raining I set down my green hair for well this is a hair unfortunate I do have a bunch of spare pieces but I like brand new roll I'll find it it just perfectly blends in with the ground right now right now you know what I bet you guys will know or when I'm looking at this later I'll know where I said it oh and the other wonderful thing is is uh we've got to go back and get water we've got a head to that that stream before dark so that's going to be joyful there's a bunch of bunch of paracord wait oh man there's the roll right there hey would you just look at that so yeah before probably within 45 minutes I've gotta go get some water now you may be wondering why not just use a tent and you know tents are perfectly great they are perfect for a situation like this you set them up you're good to go but sometimes they're just not as fun you know like right now fun setting up the turf you know I'm trying to make a big old area where me a month you can just sit around I can set the sleeping pads I just want a big a nice large area where we can just sit in the rain and not be hunkered up in a tent and tonight we're sleeping I want to be able to you know maybe see the skylight through the trees see the moon whatever it's just a little different sometimes yeah change it up like I don't like spending all the time in a tent I usually stick to tents in bug Weather Bug weather is my tenth time I will not be in buggy weather sleeping under a tarp no way that just to me is just not fun heõs and black fires or whatever just eat me alive I will be in my tent 100% away from them just love life alright this time of year you know Monty especially Monty especially Matthew here he loves being able to just see and glance out of the world like being in the tent even in the rain I mean he doesn't mind the tent at night when old but when it's not I'm for better anything life is a creature of the day light he wants to see the world what it is another big reason I like to sleep under the tarp and not the tent sometimes it may be painfully obvious to some of you I need some practice I need practice setting up these tarps I'm not afraid to admit it at all oh yeah we're gonna set I'm gonna tie it around this tree here instead and there's only one way to get better at something you you're not very good at and that's the practice so not only am i practicing something I'm having fun doing it Jesse we can definitely sleep under here no problem it's not perfect it's a little sad yeah I'll probably put a rope right here I need to first tighten this one over here and then put a rope right here to pull it out and up that's what I'm gonna do next soon as I'm done putting up these ropes though we gotta go get we are your water monty is just sleeping that's a good boy hey mr. Monty he's gonna be so happy when I blow up the sleeping pads to give him he's gonna be happy a little puppy yeah well the Rings lightning up a little bit that's that's kind of nice I you know that's the funny thing when I'm setting up I prefer the rain like this when I'm set up I prefer a downpour and thunder and lightning and craziness but you know we're getting a little bit of opposites today it was the heaviest on the way in and definitely setting up initially when Monty was just sitting here little guy okay we've got a nice gray zone it's a big open chill zone I can have my fire right under the tarp there on the end which is what we're gonna do hadji has just got his eyes closed just sleeping so now I've gotta get water I'm probably not gonna bring the camera it's a little bit of a trek it's at least oh man half mile or more but I'm gonna get swampy feet again it's all Marsh but that little stream is like the only water source actually you know what I can just go to the end of the marsh and I can put my foot in and get water that way we'll try that we'll see how that goes well anyways I'm gonna go grab water with my gravity filter and come back I'm gonna take Monte with me I'm not bringing the camera I'm just gonna go do that quick and then then we're gonna get to firewood we'll have like an hour left to play around the light get some firewood and it's our up a nice fire all right dude let's go come on keep that thing out very long oh yeah luckily I just went right down the hill and there was a big low-lying puddle it's been raining all day all my whole day yesterday picked up again I feel like I need to yell just so wow I'm going to find out later what a editing if then just sounds like a screaming or B sounds like a matches the level of the rain so it's not pull all the way but should be enough drinking water there we go okay on the ground say hello to my buddy Frank here now this is a nice example of what we want it's just very large in diameter and I'm not taking down a tree that big we need something smaller put the same sort of thing going on it's dead all the bark is off but it's got that nice smooth I like hardwood I feel like it absorbs less water so we're just looking around well here's something this guy right here is leaning up against that tree that's solid Hey let's go so bad don't you do the trick right there okay I don't need this whole thing I just need a nice section of it so we can bring it back but I'm gonna start wide drop this thing in half [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] tell me Xing dry even this little piece on here oh yeah dents what as you can see it is very dry in the center nice and solid [Laughter] okay so unfortunate um heat unfortunately the there's a big split in that big blog so each after the first log that was super nice and dry each one has had a wet Center like the plane the weird tiny plane so like I was saying what Center no good what's that you're bad I'm gonna try sign up this stuff it looks like there's a nice split here as well this is the stuff laying on the ground so I'm gonna get past this part with this big old get down okay see this was playing on the ground but fortunately for me it's got a nice dry Center so now that I've chopped up a good portion of that stuff maybe I kind of I don't know whatever it's in the past I'm gonna cut up this stuff it's a little bit smaller so it's easier but you know nice and dry nice and dry that's holding watch okay so I'm going to keep cutting up a bunch of this and see what we get and then what I've been tied up I love it we'll start splitting it see how much dry wood we can get we've got about 40 minutes when the Sun sets on say an hour or sunlight roughly yeah bedding stuff because mr. Monty here lay on it he's just been chilling he loves being outdoors I think I think the pitter-patter of the rain is relaxing him enough to where he was running around like a little puppy when we first got here so I think he's having a bad time he was much rather be out here being wet and stuck in the house there's some decent dry stuff inseparable in a second but I wanted to do a little bit more first part and I found a nice piece of pine and just going around oh yeah freshly down look like a recently green one first part so we are not having to tell you what oh yeah see I just like to have a little pine split up super light that burns up quick it'll be nice for starting up some of this but this will make much better poles so I just it's all added bonus that was just getting more birch bark just in case just in case it's problematic snorkeler you know I just want a decent amount of firewood tonight because it's early and this gets dark at seven now so we're gonna be chill for a bit what is raining I hope it rains all night long that'll be just fantastic so I'm gonna get tidied up here a little bit mr. Monty is looking at me I've got to blow them up a sleeping pad I'm not gonna blow up mine because I don't want that muddy stinky dog I don't want that muddy stinky dog are you just sit right there what sit down you're gonna need to sit there for a minute because I'm going to make us a dry spot okay now this bright spot is no ordinary dry spot I don't think he understands I'm gonna take his silences he's not getting it so I'm sorry you know the video is pretty much shooting from that one angle over there at least you get to see the whole camp and be moving around because if I did it under here and be a super close-up the whole time you know you're at least getting it let me see what you're what you're looking at over there oh yeah you can see some trees yeah hmm yeah you can see trees at least yeah you know you look over pretty right it's it's a wet one wet one's the DSLR does not go anywhere other than under the tarp pepper especially in this one no way no how so Suze I'm gonna blow up this air pad and drop Monty a little bit I'm gonna give him a little brush and we are gonna do our best I'm gonna do my best to get him to stay on this dry spot he will definitely come off it and my plans leave all but it's okay yeah get him ready it's gonna start to get really dark really quick I'll bust out the light don't worry that is so much better oh my gosh there was a fog on the lens it was gonna be the worst thing ever they're gonna have to see slightly white hey guys it's magically like daylight I got some puddle water filter in yeah yeah ha as many you guys know I'm picky about my water sometimes I like it to be personal I like it even if it's on a pristine wilderness like I like to go where it's at least like 3 feet deep off a big rock or something work and just you know there's no stuff I didn't go to that stream out of pure laziness I won't deny it kinda I don't need to it's fresh rainwater huddled up in leaves like yeah filter it but it's not like it's nasty puddle water they tested these things out of like I'm pretty sure they tested these puddles with like cow poop in them and they just filter it and drank it in you're fine I will never do that unless I have to no sir but they're fine so anyways now water footprint let's dry off a little bit of a month let's give them this 5 what do you see why come here stay there we're gonna turn your or just like that oh yeah nothing device that'd be a lie snotty yeah he loves these beers scratched rubbed the other one just type your face how's that monkey are you all good you want to just go to bed like that you're pretty tolerant Monty he's used to my nonsense is what it is he is used to my nonsense he knows no there's no reason to just get upset about just ignore me until I stop I'll usually give up keep it's a reaction on them just no lies yes Perico I need a I need to get a nice punch of warm that he can run around there nothing that things great like I said for the boat stuff but not cognate for walks in woods [Applause] so I'm going to go with the assumption that mangia smart usually knows which pad is his when he's in the tent the other on that last trip that 99 adventure he was always going to his spot with his sleeping bag so I'm just gonna hope that he's smart enough to remember I'm gonna put my stuff down put my sleeping bag on it and we'll see if he stays on his sleeping pad boy he'll do it so yeah I'm gonna set up right now it's getting dark it's getting very dark very fast it's on this set I'm gonna set up I'm gonna tidy up I will check back in with you and I'm done and you work here spark the fire get cooking dinner I don't think I'm gonna stay up too late because this is the sound of this rain is so relaxing it's honestly made me just want to just chill take it man it's so relaxing so yeah tidy up whatever I'll stop repeating myself sorry you have to watch the same view the whole time all right it's raining outside it is dark now 7:30 that's dark thank you I mean I can see the woods but let me tell you yeah you're actually wouldn't be so bad right now simply because the only reason it wouldn't be bad is because all of my compass and I take my compass you know I go a certain direction so I hit a stream follow that stream there's different levels of wetness and rain you know that video I did with my first solo bushcraft camp on the rain that was rainy and wet but it is not been raining for days and it wasn't a heavy rain like this this is a heavier is a heavy steady rain camp I'd done that River a month ago that was not like this build it better than is a good ring I don't mind camping of this at all I like it I enjoy it I wouldn't come out here if I didn't like stout so let this play I just hope it goes on all night even in the morning Anand I repair the only thing really on the wet my he's down so you know when I'm in attendance rate you get a bigger [Applause] I'll just like I'll make a day out of it we'll make a little bridge somewhere anyways I wanted to put logs to make a little frame for this so that when I come out here if it's not winter time I can just drop the tarp attached to the frame and it's straight through I wanted to put stack log to the side mr. slate blended rain protection and I also want to put a fire reflector and erase that because this well you ain't gonna be able to see my face very much while I'm doing this that's okay we're tight quarters you're eight let's split up someone I think he took a whack at this one let's see what's what's the best best way here just like this i watch my legs and bless it there we go all right there that's the spot hey that's pretty dry so what I'm going to do for the most part here is I'm going to quarter at all I will do that or I will quarter it yeah we're just it's professional acts taxing here expert ISM that's just not doing the job no sir anyways what was I saying what on earth was I saying I'm gonna quarter it up for the most part and then I will baton it down fine and get dry kindling see how that's a little wet in the center is those splits I would have my chair this would be easier oh I'm just so good at this right now this is what happens when you go a whole summer without using an axe and you're already not that great at using an axe then you get back into using an axe and you're just god-awful at aiming oh this is gonna be my that's a nice baton right there that's all good let's get this big old hump or dunker I don't even know if that's a word but we just used it here we go oh that was that was a solid strike that first time I'm gonna move my leg just in case just to be safe here we go see you right in the middle yeah great dead center that's exactly where I was I was aiming see it was right in the middle perfect perfect perfect perfect couldn't get better Hey interesting that's weird looking yeah oh I thought it was never gonna happen don't dare you define you log you little this will happen this whole bad these people little you will Oh baby little turn that's right persistence persistence my friends you just are are you in you win okay guys so I'm just going to cut up a few more of these and then we'll get to Patong some of them oh yeah that's a nice dry stuff right there so do my best to keep this light dry stuff I'll put on my sleeping bag so stay super dry because I want this to just burn right up this is gonna this is going to get my fire going really quick this will still be a little wet but it'll still burn on the inside so I'm gonna set that off to the side as well let the stuff that's completely dry on all sides will burn right up that right there that is what we're that is what I want from the pine you can get that from the maple as well it's just that this this pine will just burn right up just super dry and the inside hasn't that was a nice little fight it definitely burns faster than the now we'll take a nice piece of maple split that up that's just as nice and dry in the center and this will also make the same little sticks to load your nice stuff we'll do some of this too of a nice little mix yeah there we go that's what I'm talking about there some Kinlan see if you can make this sort of dry stuff this these dry little sticks and you got birch bark and you you know you make some feather sticks in there there's no way you can't start a fire even if it's raining as long as you block it when the fire starts and you build up a coal bed and just you have a bunch of dry wood that you can keep dry you have a little problem you start a fire okay so I am going to continue the tiling all this up I will turn most of the pine into little kindling and then we'll get to make it some feather sticks as I predicted Monte is sticking to only his sleeping pad from this point right in the center to the right this half is on my sleeping pad as I predict predicted yeah no I was wrong yeah I was wrong he's uh he's comfy looking he's he's sinking sinking that's sweeping back looking bad all right let's make a look feather sticks it's not so bad there's some decent curls in there well let's see if it's a better focus like that there's some decent wasn't there I'm gonna make a few more of these and then I've got that whole pile of birch bark this'll light this is a lot drier and lighter than that birch bark so this'll like pull up the flame but as soon as that birch bark even if it's wet if it touches a flame it will catch and I will not have any problems starting a fire whatsoever it could be a very simple one tonight very simple easy peasy two more oh let's spark up a fire here put down a little birch bark on the bottom keep a couple pieces off to the side for when the flame goes and then we'll put down some feather sticks not doing it the most efficiently with this one here we're going to take that away for a second all right now I'm just gonna almost there it is and we just had to get this birch bark wait once you get that birch bark going oops oh that's mochi it's pine so dry and light right now that you could pretty much if you really wanted to just take a lighter to it and it would light but we're not doing that [Laughter] I'm such a jerk I'm such a jerk I'm sorry I'm really sorry I'm sorry I'll cook you up sweet potatoes and venison house that is recompense hey there Monty Oh doggie oh that's a good boy oh man yeah I wish I would have brought out a chair yeah yeah buddy you betcha you betcha it's okay you know I could have thought about crafting one you can just take sticks and firm sticks and stick them to the ground take three or four or whatever make it backrest just for sitting which is what I should have done it's okay I'll be all right for one night post an you're two nights you bet I'd be making one so we've got a nice fire that will not go out for anything make it some nice on coals so what are we making for dinner today I bet you're wondering like I said we're going with the classic today I don't know if you can even see me over here but we are making pizza paaji pies that's right we're making pizza today now they're not gonna be traditional putty prizes I'm not using a putty pie maker I'm just gonna they're gonna be pretty much glorified grilled cheese so you know I'm just gonna putting them in a pan with butter and just toss and turn them but they're gonna be delicious and they don't take long to make so I'm gonna get right into it as soon as they get bunty's food ready but I also brought out where is it I did bring out a couple of beers because I'm having pizza and beer outlet woods in the rain I'm having some comfort foods in the comfort of the rain Oh ed is a fire on the edge of the tarp it's a hot one so where I let this burn down a little bit but we got to prepare up some food so let's get to preparing it oh oh that's a good supper beer oki doki doki doki doki doki doki doki smoking mochi Monty oh no I have spilled my beer only last half oh well oh well nothing I can do about it brought two pans coz Monty is such a good boy and deals with my nonsense he is going to get his sweet potato and venison today yeah let's spoil that boy so I'm going to make you can also call them glorified grilled cheese you know the pizza pudgy pies that you're normally supposed to use those little iron things that you kind of clamp into the bread and cook over a fire I'm not doing that like I said just gonna be flipping on Panjal say grilled cheese but I am gonna make them gourmet we're gonna add some ingredients the ingredients I'm going to add besides the pizza sauce pepperoni and cheese I'm going to add pepper cheney's peperoncinis and mushrooms Montee this might be too much for you oh man I hope it doesn't get a poopy butt mess oh man Monty Monty Monty Monty Monty he is quite content on the sleeping pad right now okay so other than these right there's Monty's there it is okay let's get him a little bit of water not leave we don't want leaf in there for him and then the extra special ingredient it's all gross I had a bubble wrap it's what I didn't get all my pack the Venice Hall the van is sold Monty's favorite probably his favorite treat in the world is this venison is gonna have to be dealt with later this mess okay so Monty's is prepared so that's gonna we're gonna cook that over the fire here in a second as soon as those poles die down but first next actually we've just got to prepare two things for my meal whoa grab my leg oh oh one cramp oh that got me what a cramp I'm cramping I'm not camping I'm cramping okay I got some big old deli pepperonis because I did not feel like the cheap little ones that are extra greasy so we're just gonna cut these up in a little pieces that I can spread out later oh yeah and I will eat the extra I can go back in this little thing in here and we'll might as well just snack on a couple mm hmm hmm hmm and then we got to prepare for somebody okay back up the mushrooms okay so when you want to cut up mushrooms extra thin like this there's a special way of cutting them up but I figured out it kind of makes it it's kind of cool and it's quick and easy and when you're trying to get you want them super thin for the the pudgy PI's because of their thick they won't cook through and they'll kind of just be super mushroom REE so I found a special way to cut them up you flip them upside down just like that and you actually you take your knife and you put it upside down and then you just take wanted to do that for so long that didn't work out so well I lost little pieces of it so what we're gonna do this time is actually take the knife here and cut them up nice thin little mushrooms see guys I brought extra extra mushrooms oh let's see I'm cutting up nice nice and thin for my pudgy PI's this is a hot or cold better right here there's muggy fire oh yeah spilled my beer again Oh No okay let's just make sure this thing's sturdy well I bent it a little bit oh wow that's okay I'll just move you back again Monte's here that's not gonna spill there's zero percent chance of that spilling let's just take a stick Monty don't get all hot and bothered that didn't help at all there that's okay why is it oh I see oops oh oh I really bent it that's why it's I bent it bent it Monte I bent it okay Monte's is cooking let's pick out a nice spatula for Monte's this thing Monty you're gonna be spoiled tonight boy okay then we need to heat up our pan for ours the unfortunate thing is I got decent-sized bread and I only be able to cook up one at a time and I plan on eating four or five or whatever I can fit in here so we got to cook them up one at a time get this pan hot all right let's prepare a huggy pad okay got my bun protector here this time it's bread protect bread protector I've got some bread look at how clean my hands are don't worry about it don't worry just pretend you didn't just see that okay do this now I do this a certain way and my reasoning is that I don't like my bread to get touching the sauce they get really soggy sois lay down that pepperoni or cheese first oh yeah almighty you can smell the pepperonis can't you the rain is picking up again Monty and then I got a sauce it at saucy then I'm gonna take this of mushroom here yeah oh yeah all right that should be good for one maybe a little bit more then we're going to take a few pepperoncinis oh man oh yeah finally top it off with a whole bunch of cheese I'm gonna get all the extra here on this this thing okay now we just lay that on there and it is ready to toast let's get it on the fire baby okay we're gonna throw a chunk of butter just like oh yeah oh yeah what happened to Betsy now all that one's toasting very important you get your next one prepared very important because you can't you can't just not have one ready as soon as that one's done you wanna want to eat these things we're not messing around here it's amazing what some new batteries into that thing that'll light over there you got to be careful though when you're cooking over coals so you don't burn these things it's better to flip them off and really quickly take another thin slice of butter here put it in the pan carefully flip it oh it's toasting nice there we go now you just slide it around a little bit you do not want it to burn we want everything to get gonna be a messy pan to clean that's for sure we're actually gonna switch spots Montana bars I'll probably be three in by the time Monty gets to eat his one more little sip of beer and then I'm waiting until we have pizzas beer oh yeah needs Ameer you betcha you have this meal it's so simple to make but it's not the most nutritious thing like I said this one's comfort food very comforting I will make you guys a proper pizza one day I still hold it if you think I've forgotten about those meals I was supposed to cook pizza for window clean salmon on a stick / oh if the name a Mexican chilaquiles I'm still doing those I know I remember I never I never forgot I did not forget if you think I forgot you're crazy I don't forget I just haven't done it yet okay I said I would get to it when I got to it but um we'll make those still I'm interested to try Mexican chilaquiles that's that'll probably happen this winter soul pizza for now this is my pizza substitute okay this is the pizza for now for now until it make a proper pizza we're actually rise the dough or raise the dough whatever you know what I mean oh but yeah this is this is good I recommend this one if you don't can have those iron cookers great I don't like the aluminum ones as much I like to that iron but you can do this with just a pan and some butter well you always need butter but I will recommend this one if you don't want to get crazy like I do sometimes I go to the seafood everything so simple you can make these with just you can do them with apple pie filling too we used to do that for dessert apple pie filling your cherry filling okay let's see we're at with this puppies that oh yeah see we need to just keep flipping a bow because the cheese it's not insanely melty yet we want a gooey gooey gooey Ennis right Monte hold a top that's a hot fire Monte you are gonna eat good – Matt boy there's sure hope I don't spill it Monte's up from his his position on the sleeping pads now creeping around he smells venison in the air he's on the move he's on the prowl got to be careful I'm gonna burn burn this thing keep it going oh yes they're coming along alright I can't wait any longer we will see how that one is maybe get more patient with the next one oh that's some dirt that's okay ain't gonna kill me gotta get the next one in immediately oh this is gonna be fun to clean it just robot cheese side down first see if that makes a difference oh yeah okay alright let's take a gander at this guy here let's just do one of these just on the first one we're not doing this every time this is just to see we're checking oh yeah they are they're pretty ugly gooey oh yeah okay okay let's eat them okay I got my beer to the ready now the problem with these is that you can only eat one at a time that's my problem mm-hmm so classic this is just plastic campfire food right here I could eat like if I had them all laid out right now I can be like 10 but when you have to make them one at a time I'll get like four down oh so good Monty don't worry you're gonna get some too very delicious I've never added mushrooms before I like it alright keep preparing them keep checking mine it's probably already burnt by now below flow let me go see burnt oh no that's pretty dang good butter on the bottom side okay Monte's is about done oh yeah so what I'm gonna do here is let's see this is these are done okay my geez is done so what I'm gonna do now is I am going to prepare up the next two pudgy pies and then get Monte's in a bowl cool in and keep it going you got a key you gotta keep on it you can't just sit down and relax when you're cooking these things you've got to keep them coming unless you're satisfied with just one I like to keep them coming I can't use too much dog food sleep play it's too much dry food that's a big healthy portion all right this is gonna have to cool until my next punch of high for him the one after this one without in the next ones but he gets his dori it's coming I can try to smush two in here I just don't think it will happen no way no no it's just not gonna happen I know this is torturous and stick it in front of them but he already knows it exists it just needs a cool munde you can burn yourself all right let me eat my second one here Oh mom I do feel a little guilty eating in front of them but not guilty enough not guilty enough you know it's definitely a good thing but I can't have all these at the same time I think war will be a good number because if they're already once I can shovel insects and that feels sick don't even know buddy okay brueski number two ski let's get this prepared there's a little cheese all over here but that's okay there's a few mosquitoes out you might get been up a little bit Monty okay I just want I didn't mean okay like that I just I just want you guys to know look at that see how you can see I'm holding it at a side angle and you can see the heaping meet and sweet potatoes that's too much but I don't like to waste and neither does he so we're gonna let him go ahead and eat that hopefully he doesn't splatter diarrhea all over the sleeping pad or you know get poopy butt mess tomorrow or throw it up that'd be just as bad you ready Mountain do you want that treat do you want that treat so course you do oh he's drooling don't do all this even pay you gross all right he's waited long enough he's a good boy look at that good boy go ahead all right just classic you always gotta make it complicated to make it delicious motif the hot oh it is hot sit down okay lay down lay down still hot in the the bottom he knew it just see him just stop it's only one thing to make money stop to actually me screaming like a madman or it being too hot it's okay actually you know what here's what we can do Monty here's what we can do dad's a human dad has spots he can think of stuff since you'll be drinking water anyways we can just do all that go ahead but there now I can keep eating go ahead Monty some cold water nothing like some cold water on your hot food to just instantly cool it down make it soupy now we have a little bit of a mess to clean up oh yeah go check out my other little pie there hey buddy the tree frog Monty he's come to say hello Oh see you later just don't jump in my fire that was a double whammy suck hmm I caught up way too much firewood once again oh okay I get carried away when I'm splitting wood Oh tell you what my back does not like me as of late too much sleeping in a sleeping pad I think you know it's comfortable it's just not not as comfortable as a bed that's for sure come on back why did I not bring out a chair why did I do this to myself why well here comes some rain it's been a steady and that it was lightening up there this is what I want yeah bring it on rain downpour come on thunder lightning please I wanted to get crazy great kid touch me patriarchy three frogs back Oh see he's back he's coming up coming out of my pants come on jump buddy jump do it do it there he is old he fell backwards he got rejected that's right see now I've used this tower before remember the first bushcraft camp I had I use a square target and I slept on it this way I'm not sure if it would be good enough my head would be right here I only have a foot and the rain to fall unless I made it shallower then it's so sleeping this way I like having the two tarps it's really nice and definitely starting to feel full let's set the camera up on the funds I'm gonna wait for my last foot you try to cook I'm gonna eat it we're gonna pick up I don't even know if you can hear I keep repeating myself on that but it feels so loud I have to yell so anyways I'm going to clean up okay we're going to simmer down and get ready for bed what do you think Monty okay cleanup time cleanup time you betcha it feels good to rest the backi it rained for a minute 38 let's take off these wet boots oh it's gonna feel nice okay give me a minute here we're gonna cut back because I'm not gonna take off my pants at this angle and let you watch okay so I'll put those boots on or those socks on in the middle I may beat air out but they're they're not the prettiest things in the world hand lotion dry hands oh that feels nice and you got Monti the weirdo they just look at him see I told you he's weird he's so weird he likes I don't know why he likes lotions stop it you creep he's so weird ever since he was a puppy anytime any one of us will front hand lotion oh yeah like I said it was rated for a minute there damn but I am all dry other than my feet right now and it's not super cold out it is it's got to be 50s it's got to be I mean maybe even mid 50s or warmer I don't know I am NOT cold I'm in a t-shirt and undies a little damp but I'm just not cold like I mean though as I sit here it's a little chilly if there was wind it'd be cold but there is it so yeah rained all day delicious food didn't quite do as much as I wanted to on the bushcraft then died what was funny in the car I was just like I'm gonna do this then I'm gonna do this it's gonna be sweet and then I got here and you know just things play out the way they play out sometimes you know it wasn't it wasn't a hundred percent necessary which is okay so I didn't do it it was it would have been fun to practice and play around but we did we did some fun crafting today regardless of bushcrafting definitely did some fun crafting so on that note I am going to crawl into my sleeping bag here imma have to put my head this way because the way the ground shape I don't really want to I don't want to be this close it's hard to hear noises but the way the ground shape I think I have to we'll try it out it's slanted a little bit it's it's a lot even but we'll figure it out anyways guys let's go to par so list the pitter-patter of the rain and just relax so I will catch you guys in the morning good night everybody Margie beautiful no no your breath stinks dude you oh it was warm all night I have a sleeping bag opened till about an hour before it got light no your breath smells like your butt yeah mati is fine he didn't want to see them beg all kind of faces that dude he was final night it was pretty warm and then the wind picked up on the rain stopped oh I don't know a few hours ago somewhere in there three four hours ago that it's hard to get chilly but I wrapped up Monte little by just draped his thing over it he just got up and turned around so he didn't want it he's starting to get his thick winter coat he just getting a coat yeah Wow no but he's just been chilling all morning he's had the option he he can go wander around if he wants to but mind is just chilling he's waiting for me to get up we're pals I'm not getting up moving around he's not getting up moving around right Monty Monty you know just don't smell pretty good for being a stinky dog sniffing his butt smell smells like oil of olay or Pantene pro-v or something nice but yeah oh gotta get up I slept pretty decent this this uneven ground wasn't so bad definitely had a nice views sleep sessions at the Wynn Monty is that Monty what do you hear mighty well that's pretty beautiful out so yeah I'm gonna get up we're not get dilly-dally too long no breakfast today just going to get up pack up and move out of here get all my wet stuff taken care of it's any fun at the house drying out three large tarps oh all right I have to get up put a little bit of warm clothing if you blew it let's do it everybody oh I'm just getting myself psyched up you got to put on some wet socks wet boots wet pants wet rain pants ego Monte buddy leave it Hey well there's no beating around the bush on this one just got go ahead just cold wet but why once I get these on when I put those cold wet boots on it'll start to not be so bad so I'll get moving around here that's a wet boot right there Monty that's how wet boot there's a slug on this boot it was just beautiful out here fall time is a very beautiful time very soon all these leaves will be on the ground just just like all these leaves they're all over on my tarp there Paul Monty Monty we think what do you think of all the leaf äj– ho you lookin for cheese scraps punk thought you're doing you think that's acceptable secure perfectly acceptable we made a mess all right well I guess it's time to get packed up we're not gonna dilly-dally we're gonna get packed up and get out of here it is pretty beautiful as a little jelly but okay let's do it nothing about this this you want it hop once hop for yes you want it oh okay crazy crazy doggy Bunton wait wait just you just gotta go inside the back okay I'm just kidding my D yeah I just getting it up put you in the back you're too big for that actually could probably fit them I think I can get them in here Monty what do you think do you think you could fit in this bag I'm curious well I got on most of the way in I'm glad you come here not to you my dry bag my D come here I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I could have fit him all the way and I just didn't want to Oh mud you're such a character do you think if Monty had the ability you would pull these kind of pranks on me all the time I like to think so I like to think so I'm pretty much gonna pack everything up right now and then I'll make I'm gonna use Ivor always brown my extra rain jacket just in case we get too soaked or something but I'm gonna put that one as a layer and then I'll use a garbage bag and then I'll put the tarps all on the top so we'll keep everything that's dry on the bottom which tan doesn't make sense because water goes down with gravity but I don't want to pack up everything because the waters dripping off the trees and leaves and stuff even though it's not raining it sounds like a little bit actually might be raining now okey-dokey so I'm just gonna pack away the tarps here and pack up the rest of my bags just the few tarps got to go in there but I got to first put away the DSLR so yeah I'm gonna pack away the DSLR pack away the tarps yeah we'll be all set to go switching to GoPro think this thing gained a little weight buddy okay it's a good boy all right ladies and gentlemen I think that's gonna do it for this one may I taste a little snack less I didn't it it didn't didn't get to do much bushcrafting at all I don't think we did Eddie we just chopped up firewood that's okay got to enjoy a nice rainy evening and I was pretty peaceful I slept pretty good it's just beautiful out here but me and Monty got some feet that need wedding we're gonna go soak up a bunch of water on the way out of here there's no way around it it's gonna be a wet one but we're just walking back to the car so that's that so as always guys if you liked the video hit the like button if you want to see more stuff like this hit that subscribe button and I will catch you guys in the next video come on let's go oh it's starting to rain re Monty your turn come on come on there's no way around it you have to cross come on man do we do it come on my tears go let's go Monty come on doesn't have nuts but good job Monty I'm sorry all right we'll see how many times I return here this is what we gotta do every time we want to go for it overnight all right see you guys later

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  1. Am I the only one who cringed when he cut his food on the dirtiest cutting board in history? What the hell is wrong with him?

  2. Monty rules but, dude cluttered half of the video with lip service to establish the fact that it was raining and wet. We can hear the rain, and if it's raining things are going to be wet. Shut up and get to work with the shelter and fire so Monty will be comfortable.And make him some food. Put down a pot and catch the water running off the tarp, it's cleaner then the creek water. Good video and fun to watch a greenhorn. Likable guy.

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