Canoga Park Tourism Video

Canoga Park Tourism Video

Canoga Park! Come on down
and stay for a while Community Neighbors always lend a hand HELP ME UP NOW More strip clubs than schools
Or churches Main export pornography BUNCH OF PERVERTS When your car gets jacked You might find it YOU MIGHT FIND IT Here, or here,
or in this stolen used car lot Come see the mayor’s house THERE HE IS Right across from the L.A. River Its filled with shopping carts THERE’S NO FISH The fumes drift down to
the high school Where even the mascot
has a gun BETTER RUN NOW And kids get the drugs
that they need Whatever you need Yeah, you’ll find it YEAH, YOU’LL FIND IT In Canoga Park!

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  1. This is appalling–I cannot believe that this is a 'tourism' video!  I was raised in Canoga Park in the 60's and it absolutely did not look like any of that!  I was a nice clean town, a bedroom community and no gangs.  I am so sad.  They can just keep L.A.  I left in 1991.  I knew that I would never recognize it if I ever went back.  Heartbreaking.

  2. Once you go north of Roscoe it's not that bad. I use to live on owensmouth and Parthenia, there were abandoned shopping carts everywhere but it was ok.

  3. I know it's been a while since this video was posted, but I really hope the Canoga community has not lost their undeniable beauty and vibrancy.

  4. Canoga Park is the HEADQUARTERS of nuisance barking dogs, inconsiderate neighbors, and depression. FUCK Canoga Park.

  5. If more white people moved in and payed taxes im sure it would be a nice place. Instead you have illegals and blacks who all live on welfare sucking the life out of the place.

  6. My hometown and former high school! Glad they're spreading the message to others about what they're missing out on

  7. Lived on international and Parthenia for a few years and before that on Parthenia and canoga. This is canoga park and the west valley in a nutshell. Drunk paisas passed out in the park, lame white kids who went to calabasas and think they're hard because they sell weed, and ghetto apartment buildings that haven't been updated since the 70s. Everyone says they're going to Pierce and transferring to CSUN too haha. I miss the valley but I'll never move back there or even to California.

  8. Your white privilege is showing. I guess it's just easier to film from a distance, "ooh, let's make fun of the poor people!"

  9. How to fix Canoga Park:

    1. Eliminate Welfare.

    Anyone worth having around will find a way to better themselves and their family. The rest will move Lancaster. Problem solved.

  10. Your description is almost as funny as your song!!! OMG!!! I love it!! Found this song/video from Adam Carolla's Podcast.

  11. One way to save Canoga Park is to nuke it and start over. Let me give everyone a tip, if a Vallarta Supermarket is soon opening up in your neighborhood, well then you're fucked. Sell your home ASAP!

  12. Grew up here in the 70's and luckily escaped in '82. The gangs, homelessness, routine police helicopters fyling overhead, ha. And it's worse now? At least walking across the street to Clarkes to get an ice cream cone in the summer is memorable ( minus the time it was blocked with police tape due to a stabbing).

  13. Tons and tons of open engineering jobs there right now with very high pay, yet I’m not tempted to take any of them.

  14. The only difference between modern canoga park and old canoga is modern canoga has more Mexicans


  15. Why is this guy only picking on CA . ( except the Las Vegas video ) California is beautiful . Just be wise about where you visit .

  16. looking for GYYPS song, came here outta curiosity , was not disappointed, lol a rather sad but entertaining 1 minute

  17. I lived in Canoga Park in the mid 60s to 1971 at 22958 Gault street. It was actually a nice and peaceful place to grow up.

  18. Yea i got stabbed in canoga park then i fucked the dude up so bad he got to the hospital before i did and then he got arrested

  19. My favorite part of this town is the nightly police choppers, back alley tweakers, the discount cholos and the majestic Los Angeles river with water so pristine you can drink from it. Hells yah foo

  20. Lol funny but things have changed in Canoga Park. Personally I wouldn't live there but crappy houses cost average of 400k now. Panorama City is probably the ghettoiest area in the Valley.

  21. It does have a great health food store/restaurant called, "Follow Your Heart." They have great veggie burgers and lots of other delicious things on the menu.

  22. @Dr Jedly: I just came upon this video today 12/21/2018, Thanks for the memories, I lived in Canoga Park in the mid 1980's just off the corner of Topanga Canyon Blvd and Gault St. right across the street from the church. I presently live in Willingboro NJ ( SADLY !!! ). Your video has got me "California Dreaming" and fondly reminiscing my Canoga Park days and adventures. in fact I'm gonna call my old buddy down on Lureline Ave. for a chat. Tell the Canoga Park Tourism Board that I'll be coming to visit as soon as I can.

  23. I’ve lived in LA my whole life and this is what it’s actually like to live here. I wish they would show this to every person who thinks of coming here. This is the most accurate representation of Los Angeles I’ve ever seen.

  24. Make no mistake about it, Canoga Park is GONE. The Blacks are taking over and everything Blacks touch, TURNS TO SHIT.

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