Caribbean Princess Cruise Ship Video Tour Review - Cruise Fever

Caribbean Princess Cruise Ship Video Tour Review – Cruise Fever

hey everybody it's John with cruise fever had a chance to go on Caribbean princess on a five-day Western Caribbean cruise out of Fort Lauderdale so I want to give you a video tour of this hundred thirteen thousand ton ship built in 2004 revitalized 2011 you can see it right here next to emerald princess has the grand class written all over it and the Skywalker's nightclub there in the back we're going to start off as usual looking at the pool deck first there are four main pools there are seven whirlpools and there's also a splash pool where to start off looking here at the terrace pool or the aft pool one of my favorite areas of the ship it's like an amphitheater to the see beautiful seating and you can have this amazing view I like because right there you have the bar there's the buffet so you can grab some food from the buffet come right out here and enjoy your meal and look at this beautiful view off the back of the ship during the daytime it can be a little bit crowded as you can see in this picture here this is what it's going to look like on a sea day right above that you have the Whirlpool splash pool and then a kiddy pool all together in this area the splash pool in the middle is about four feet deep and right in front of that is there there's a bar right there and going up one more deck about as high as you can go except for the the nightclub there is going to be your basketball court a little bit small but you don't want to stretch your legs shoot some hoops the balls are right there in a little chest so you don't have to sign them out or anything just grab basketball star shoot around there's a little bit of navigating to go from one pool to the next some stairs to go up and down this part is Calypso reef and pool this is where you have movies under the stars grab some popcorn at nighttime watch a movie during the day they have concerts and other things shown on the screen a lot of seats that go way up high you can climb a bunch of stairs kind of go like a balcony area there there's two more whirlpools near that pool as well and this area is usually a little more quiet or a little quieter than Neptune's pool that we'll see here in a minute as well there's a bar right underneath the movie screen there you have a shot during one of the movies under the stars neptune pool is pretty much the main pool there's two more whirlpool whirlpools on each side of that can be a very busy place on a sea day but this is also an area where you have pizza place preggos pizza and try to grill I'm going to show here there's preggos pizza every day they have different selections so be sure to check it out try to grill has your cheeseburgers french fries your more American type of food and if you want to cool off and get some ice cream right here at scoops they have all kinds of soft-serve and traditional ice cream get some sprinkles on it now they have milkshakes there as well for an extra fee with ice cream is free right next to that there's a couple ping-pong tables right next to scoops kind of a weird place to put it so because it can be kind of busy but going up a deck from a Neptune pool is that bocce lawn cord and there's also a little putt-putt green above that and this is also a great place to get pictures because it's the highest point on the ship from from the front there so you get some great views and the last pool is the spa pool here right in front of the sanctuary this is an adult only pool there's two little pools there as well some people on the ship thought there was an extra cost to use this pool or something but anyone can use it it's usually a little more quiet as well the spas all around it there's a few loungers around it but you have to get them pretty early usually they're not looking like this usually there's towels all over mark people in them so sanctuary cost I believe is $20 for half a day to reserve this nice shaded spa very comfortable loungers there's also a few massage tables if you want to get a massage while right there on top of the ship getting a great view of the ocean and the sanctuary goes around the spa pool kind of above it and on both sides so some of its in the Sun and some of its shaded depending what you're looking for all right let's check out the Lotus spa on Caribbean princess first we'll check out the gym here all kinds of equipment looks relatively new have a chance to use some of it I don't want to work out too hard you know there's a cruise after all but really nice treadmills and have spinning classes right there yoga and all kinds of fitness instructors can help you and your typical rooms here for massages and skin treatments and facials and all those wonderful things so if we show you a few shots of the the rooms in Lotus Spa this is a room for a couples massage has this big tub for two then a couple massage tables this is part of the thermal suite so you have some dead pixels on the camera sorry about that there's five loungers there that are heated and you have this little area for two if you want to reserve it and a little shower in there in your own bathroom to clean up afterwards this is the locker room the men's and ladies locker room both look just like this place to put your belongings in a locker and then you can take a shower and there's also a dry sauna as you see here and a steam sauna and again these are included in the price of your cruise there's no extra fee to use the saunas in the locker rooms so a wedding chapel on the ship right near the spa probably space for 2030 people there's a piano there sometimes it was used for get-togethers but you could also renew your vows there or use it for a wedding present court and cafe Caribe is the two different parts of the buffet so just going to show you a few clips of what the buffet looks like some of the food selections that were offered while we were on the ship there's always plenty of fruit onboard the ship of different varieties and they always made sure you sanitize your hands thoroughly before every meal so that's a good thing keep everybody healthy the on a princess ship the staff will bring you your water drinks or whatever you want there's also that water station there are coffee hot water for tea there are two dining rooms for anytime dining that's Island dining room and coral dining room they pretty much look the same so here's a Island dining room and for the traditional dining the fixed dining scheduled times this is the the palm dining room which is aft of the ship if you want a good steak you got to check out crown grill the steak house on board Caribbean princess great food great service there is a $25 surcharge per person but well worth if you want to get away from the buffet scene and the busy dining room just have some awesome food this is the rack of lamb and also have a shot of the dessert sampler so I get a little sampling of all the different things they had and they were all really good Sabatini's is the Italian restaurant onboard and there is a $25 surcharge for this restaurant and this restaurant is on deck seven aft right behind the wheelhouse bar wheelhouse bar is based on a traditional British pub you can go here for lunch as well and get a dish of fish and chips and just a neat place to hang out got some nice leather furniture there the piazza is the atrium of the ships where your customer service desk is your shops there's a lot of entertainment that goes on during the day and at nighttime right there in the middle also had a little ring toss competition in the middle of the week international cafes right around the piazza there it's a good place you get a cappuccino maybe a panini little sandwich cupcake something like that they have all kinds of delicious treats throughout the day we also get all kinds of teas and specialty coffees right there several bars around and lounges as well right around the piazza including vines bar and crooners lounge in bars on deck seven so kind of overlooks the entire piazza so you may see a lot of people if they're going to looking down at the performers on deck five there's also pianist playing some classical music throughout the week and before dinner here's one of the performers with the hula hoop okay this is right after dinner as well as people are coming out of the theater this was also known we have soft knees the internet speed was actually pretty good on this ship I was surprised the cost is 79 cents a minute if you pay as you go free by like 100 minutes it goes down to 69 cents a minute I spent like $140 on this cruise trying to keep in touch and put pictures up and everything but that's what it is Explorers lounge is where they had some magic shows throughout the week I hear they're doing some Wii bowling sometimes they would show movies here just a nice little lounge hangout Club Fusion is aft of the ship on deck 7 this is where they would do karaoke they would do dancing all kinds of stuff would be going on at Club fusion little workout going on right here all right Skywalker's nightclub is that big part of the ship you see when you look at the back of it sticking way up in the air this cool walkway goes up to it and throughout the day actually it's a real nice quiet place just to hang out there's some people up there playing cards and talking and you can sit here in the middle of the day and at night obviously it's a very different place but here's what it looks like all right let's check out Grand Casino this is on deck seven forward of the atrium and you pretty much have to walk through the casino to get to the theater on deck six you'd have to go through Churchill lounge I'm not sure you can actually go through there to get to the theater so yeah so a lot of people going through here during right before show times and after show times here's the theater where they did magic shows they had Alex Ramon was really good and Troy third Gil did an awesome job with his comedy on the ship as well always enjoy him you want to get there early though at least 20-30 minutes if you get there five minutes before even ten minutes before it's really hard to get a good seat all right that wraps up our video tour of Caribbean princess just going to end with a few pictures a little slideshow as we go out be sure to follow us on twitter facebook Instagram YouTube Pinterest whatever else is out there follow us you know don't be a stalker but you can follow us we'll keep the conversation go and hope you guys enjoy your cruise fever and feed that fever get out there on the ocean we'll be in touch see you next time

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  1. I sailed on this ship last May and found myself longing to return to it. Glad to have found your video, it took me back. 🙂

  2. We usually do all inclusive resorts, but have been considering a cruise. This looks very nice, but I like how resorts are much more open air and there isn't additional charges for drinks, coffees, milkshakes, etc. I don't know, we're still thinking about it.

  3. im going on the the 30th of this month which is saturday, my first cruise ever..pretty excited but kind of nervous too

  4. Partly thanks to your video (thank you!), we managed to get onboard the Caribbean Princess last week! It was renovated last March, and I was impressed with the updates. In case you're interested in seeing the updates, I made a short video tour of the renovated ship here to return the favor:

  5. i worked in this ship like pool boy in 2004 2005 it was an amazing experience the ship is huge 120000 tons people is very kind and always happy i regret it

  6. Sailed on her a few times, but now that we have sailed on the Regal, there is no going back.  Thanks for sharing

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