Carleton University: A Video Campus Tour

Carleton University: A Video Campus Tour

welcome to Carleton University Canada's capital University well your first few times on campus might be a little daunting it's soon going to become your home the first step on any tour to Carleton University is the University Center also known as you see this is where the bookstore is where you get your textbooks clothing and other cool swag so this is the atrium here you'll find bake sales you'll get your campus card you'll get your bus pass down the hall or kusa offices rooster's is right off the side when it reopens it'll be fantastic during the springtime in the fall the quad is the best place on campus to just hang out meet friends and have a coffee so this is Torrey building it's the oldest building on campus and houses the student experience office as well as the student academic success center this is Patterson hall it houses a Scotiabank as well as a lot of empty classrooms for when you need to study late at night this is a library it's probably one of the seemingly newest buildings on campus it just got a new spiral staircase and new additions this is done in Tower by far the tallest building on campus don't try and walk up all those stairs if you ever need a caffeine kick carlton's gotcha Covered we have five Timmy's located across campus which makes us the University in Canada with the most Timmy's per capita if you walk just a little bit further past River building you'll come across the actual river this is the Ottawa River it's a great place to hang out study or to de-stress from weekly so behind me is Robertson Hall it houses the acusa senate so that's where you can attend all the Q's meeting it also has parking services we can get your lockers and your parking permit and the award services which deals with all your scholarships this building behind me and houses health and counseling services for all Carleton students it contains a pharmacy dental offices so you know what use that medical plan if you walk a little further you can find our brand new gym and workout facilities Carleton also offers a variety of classes for you to take everything from dance to swimming so check out our pool check out our new facilities through these doors is the Fieldhouse it's probably a place you'll be quite familiar with you'll have frosh events in here your convocation when you graduate in four or five years and exams unfortunately this is the o train it's a great alternative to the OC Transpo buses if you ever want to hit up Walmart the movies Kelsie's just ride a couple stops that way so now we've paid a full circle at the campus that was our adventure around Carlton what will yours be like

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  1. Carleton University of Canada is really a heaven on this earth .The infrastructure ,university campus and its location all are very attractive and peace giving one …Thanks to the lucky students of it …..

  2. Why would you make a video trying to make Carleton appealing and then make the second thing you show UC stairs

  3. I know someone who was a student there and the administration was racist against him because he was from a different ethnicity and they kicked him out and ruined his life. Fuck all the Canadian bitches they are cowered stupid fat disgusting mother fuckers

  4. I understand that Weighing scales have been banned from Carlton University. Excellent idea as these devices are clearly designed to humiliate weight challenged people. As a Man with thinning hair I also hope that the university can also ban hair products from the campus. The other week I was traumatized when I saw a comb and some gel on the changing room counter. Can you imagine the anguish I went through knowing the person who had left these was clearly laughing at me and my condition. As you have done with weighing scales please Carlton University consign products of "Hair rape" to the garbage dump of history

  5. The river at Carleton is the Rideau, not the Ottawa. The Ottawa runs east-west across the top of the city, the Rideau runs perpendicular, down through the city.

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