Carnival Imagination Ship Video Tour – Cruise Tips TV

Carnival Imagination Ship Video Tour – Cruise Tips TV

Hi Cruisers it’s Sheri from CruiseTipsTV. Welcome to
our video tour of the refurbished Carnival Imagination. One of the most exciting refurbishments
on the carnival imagination was the introduction of carnival waterworks. Here you’ll find
slides one of them three hundred feet long, jets and oodles of sprinklers for hours of fun in
the Sun. Also as part of the refurb the pool area was completely transformed. Now artificial palm trees and patched awnings
surround the yellow and blue decor. There’s also the stage for live music
and an area for dancing. The adults only serenity area on the
Imagination is smaller than those found on larger ships but still provides a relaxing sanctuary
here on the back ship. The nine hole mini golf course and
jogging track at the top of the ship give you a 360 degree view of the sea.
This is the Nautica fitness center located on sports deck 12, it gets pretty
busy during sea days the facility is quite large in about
12,000 square feet with a variety of state-of-the-art
machines including treadmills steppers, circuit training, weight
machines and free weights there’s also a group fitness room. Nice
views are plentiful as most machines face the windows. The upgrades of 2007 focused a lot of
attention on the spa area with more elegance and
amenities, and you can see that attention has paid
off. The Carnival Imagination offers two main
dining rooms the Pride midship and the Spirit which
can be found aft. Breakfast and lunch are open seating. Imagination’s Pride dining room is
located on Atlantic Deck 8 near midship and seats about 626
people. There’s a kind of aluminum motif set off
with deep red tones As part of the refurbishment in
2007 all booths were removed and replaced
with a banquette style seats for more room. here are some of the small tables for two
while the large round tables are located in the center areas Imagination’s Spirit dining room is
located on Atlantic Deck 8 near the stern of the ship and is very
similar to the Pride dining room in decor and layout. There’s a lot of aluminum
mixed reddish tones and wood accented with geometric shapes
on the ceiling lined with colored lights. There are a
variety of table sizes and both dining rooms, however the Spirit seats slightly more and about 636 The food is quite good and there’s a
good variety. Starters such as fried shrimp tomatoes
and buffalo mozzarella, soups and salads, and of course the
standard chicken, seafood beef, vegetarian and pasta entrees are also
available. And for the diet conscious low-calorie
spa entrees are also available. in quite tasty. The service was pretty
good, and the wait staff performances are always entertaining. This is the popular Horizon Bar & Grill
located on Lido deck 10. Circular neonish of aqua lights
crisscross the ceiling and give the place a bit underwater feel. Make no mistake though,
its all about the food here. You’ve got the
Grand Buffet stations, salad bar, and round-the-clock ice cream and
a pizzeria. Horizon is the perfect place to grab
a quick meal. For tasty bite size samplings of some
of the chefs favorite savory foods don’t miss The Taste bar Vittorio’s is the coffee bar on board the ship At the heart of the imagination
you’ll enjoy the glitzy six-story atrium flanked by glass
sided elevators. Its kinda wacky fun melding of classical art work and fiber optic
lighting. At night this place really lights up and looks
like an old-school arcade game it’s really quite striking. The dream bar is located on promenade
deck 9 near midship and close to the Eldorado casino. Looking
up we see dark orbs with tiny light mounted to
the ceiling. There’s a lot of black and gold here,
including this awesome gold art behind the bar. there are also some nice panoramic views
here, and it’s a good spot to sit and enjoy
the activity. This has a more updated feel than some
other public areas and yet it still evokes a feeling of ancient Egypt
and the pharaohs. Even the bar stools look like they’d be
right at home next to a towering pyramid. The Illusions Dance club is the ship’s disco. The DJ’s
here have great taste and play a mix of everything from
top-forty to hip-hop, and disco. Here we have the Mirage Piano bar
located on Atlantic deck 8 near midship. This is a nice place for
those wanting less active entertainment to just sit and
enjoy piano music and a few drinks. As we take a look here at the cascading
purple and yellow spheres and bright multi-colored chairs I can’t
help but think this place looks like a scene from Woody Allen’s 1973 futuristic comedy sleeper. The bar stools and table share the same
color combination and style. It’s wacky! The pinnacle club attracts before and
after dinner crowds looking to mingle with fellow guests here in a classy lounge setting. Here we have the Shangri La lounge
located on common on deck 9 near midship. One of two lounges named after fantasy
paradises. Shangri La comes from the novel Lost
Horizon by James Hilton. Hilton describes Shangri La
as a mystical harmonious valley. For us while it does have a quirky appeal
Shangri La feels more like the set of 1970’s gameshow. There are crazy swirls and spirals on the walls floor and tables. At night bright blue yellow and purple colored
lights line the walls. I’m just waiting for Bob Eubanks to
step out from behind the bar. When the Sun goes down the decor is
certainly not the only crazy thing in Shangri La this place comes to life and pumps the
disco, so bring your dancing shoes This is the Xanadu Lounge which is located
on promenade deck 9 near the aft end of the ship and it seats
about five hundred and forty-one people. There are good views of the stage from most
seats here although there are a few support beams that could be a bit of an
obstruction. Still it looks like a great place to try
out your karaoke skills, listen to some lively music or take in a
late night adult comedy performance when the Xanadu is transformed into the Punchliner.
Located at the front of promenade night deck 9 the two-level Dynasty Lounge seats about
1300 people. Looking around you can see the decor does not deviate from the eclectic style of the rest of the ship. There’s lot of gold light wood contrasting the dark
patterned upholstery. It’s quite regal. This is a great place
to take in the Broadway style productions comedians, magicians, and passenger talent
shows. The sofas are comfortable and most
have terrific views of the stage with the occasional exception of a pole
obstruction here and there. The acoustics are good as well, and the
shows sound exceptional The onboard casino comes to life at
night and is a great gathering place for passengers looking to try their luck I’ll the layout open and easy to find and features all sorts slots, tables that
buzz into the late-night hours The arcade on the ship is tucked in a
tricky to find corner near the photo gallery. Once you find it, the
kid in you will enjoy several video games and a place to redeem your winnings. To
play the games here you simply swipe your card. Prices range
from about a dollar twenty to a dollar 25 per game. Your cruise card also
tallies your points for prize redemption. Well that’s it for this episode if you like
this tour, be sure to click on those Like and Subscribe buttons. Check us out on
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  1. Quick Tips : Arrive a day before / Take Alarm Clock
    Take 2 IDs, Drivers license & Passport / Cash for Tipping
    Water Flavors/ Swimsuit / Snorkel / Sun Lotion
    For More Tips: Search Google for: Cruise Ship Secrets by Nathan Max

  2. I have been on this boat 3 times in then last 3 years its old but its great and in very good shape now its in LA its been repositioned from Miami
    the food was very good and they have had the best buffet of any of the 14 cruises I have been on including 6  other carnival boats
    in the last 2 years give or take they added anytime dinning a big improvement
    Richard in the tropics

  3. Hi Dana,

    Yes, there are only two big slides; the corkscrew and the dual lane.  There is also a small kiddies slide as well.  We plan on doing a full video on Water Works on the Imagination soon.  Check back in the next 4-5 weeks.  Thanks for the comments!

  4. Wonderful cruise experience. Very inexpensive, but full of fun and activities. Wholeheartedly recommend it. But watch out for the photographers. Make sure you understand the deal well.

  5. This was extremely informative! Thank you very much for putting this together! Leaving with my girlfriend in 11 days!

  6. What are the differences between the Carnival Inspiration and Carnival Imagination? Which one do you recommend?

  7. Hi Dana nice video I have been on the imagination 3 times before it moved from Miami to LA now they have the Ecstasy which I have also been on and going on again in 2 weeks the ecstasy is a little better done with balcony rooms that are not on the imaginationafter 15 cruises I still love to goRichard in fort Lauderdale

  8. My favorite thing I did there was Eat At Lido!😊 We did many things! Thanks for reminding me about one of the most fun things I did in my life!

  9. Thanks for showing a tour of this Cruise Ship. I will be going on my first Cruise in March next year. It is nice to see what the ship is going to look like inside. I will be going on the Carnival Imagination. I am looking forward to their Karaoke night.

  10. Awesome video! We'll be taking our first ever cruise on the Imagination in 20 days! We're already excited but your amazing video has us even more jazzed!! Thank you for sharing such great information.

  11. I'm actually really surprised. I was dead set against ever cruising these smaller older ships but it looks actually really nice. my only qualm I guess is no guys burgers and a lack of balcony rooms. otherwise it looks like a very nicely remodeled ship. great work by carnival on this one.

  12. Took my fiance on this ship for her birthday " first cruise ". We had a great time, but I recommend the Princess Cruise Golden Princess ship.

  13. Hey guys! I just came back from this! It was amazing, great service, great food, great everything! I would recommend.

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