Carnival Vista Tour & Review ~ Carnival Cruise Line ~ Cruise Ship Tour & Review [4K Ultra HD]

Carnival Vista Tour & Review ~ Carnival Cruise Line ~ Cruise Ship Tour & Review [4K Ultra HD]

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  1. This was my 5th cruise (Gold card holder) and still Had a Blast!! Just follow these 4 rules and I guarantee you will have Epic memories.

    1) Go with a large group.
    2) BE OPEN! Try to make new friends on the cruise. People are more nicer and chilled, after all this is a vacation. I made plenty of life long friends on cruises.
    3) Go on at least one excursion.
    4) Guys Burger

    Have fun!!!

  2. Sorry, I just canโ€™t listen to these voices with their comments. 30 seconds and Iโ€™ve switched over

  3. Cruises are so much fun! I'm extremely happy I vlogged my Adventure of the Seas Royal Caribbean vacation from last summer. Great memories!

  4. Carnival is for peasants. Royal Caribbean is better. That's why you see videos of people in brawls on carnival. The boats are known to break down and you'll probably get sick

  5. Carnival is the fucking dreggs of the cruise ship world, I wouldnt shit on them ! Fucking assholes allowing the bullshit behaviour onboard their fucked up ships then offering pissweak compensation, FUCK YOU CARNIVAL! ruined our entire fucking holidays then kept our money , FUCKING DEADSHITS

  6. I really wanted to watch this as the video seems good, but omg, this guy's movietime way of talking, dragging out the end of his sentences (so contrived) was unbearable. Thanks but no thaaaaaaanks.

  7. Thank you for the video, was nice to have a tour of a ship i was thinking about taking my teenage boys on, i see they would not run out of things to do!

  8. Thanks for the great ship review! We're leaving on the Vista next week and feel like we're veterans now ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  9. Just got off the Vista and LOVED IT. EPIC SHIP, going back soon.
    I love Carnival Cruise and I go every year, unfortunately, has more ships are being built and the company is becoming commercialized the QUALITY OF FUN IS DYING. What I do miss are the live bands on the Lido Deck as well as all over the ship. I also miss the high quality shows you use to have in the evening. I also hate the fact that nightclubs close at 2am instead of 6am in the morning let alone having only one nightclub open at night. I miss the days when we actually had things to do at night and I love staying up late too. Most importantly, I want LONGER PORT CALLS!! I love the Carnival but I sense a downgrade in the cruise industry.

    PS. I love the Imax, Skyride, Arcade, and Rope climb. Plus add LASER TAG!!!!

  10. Thought they would have the green thunder and which that they had a chips other then the spirit and legend in Australia

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