Cast of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Plays Kiss & Tell | Netflix

Cast of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Plays Kiss & Tell | Netflix

Come, come, come. Ok, I’m coming. What was that?! Oh!! Oh what?! Ok… What is it? No, I’m not kissing it. It’s fine, you’re fine. You’re fine. It’s not alive. It’s dead? Here, bud. Come on, come on. This isn’t funny. Do you like things that crawl? Stop! I’m not doing that, I’m not! Are you putting it on my back? No. Are you- Stop it! What is this?! Oh it’s a… It’s a fleece spider. Yeah. You got it. Ok. It’s a creepy spider. I am crying. Ohhhh no! Oh, God! She’s sucking on it… Stop! Ok, ok, ok. Is it…it’s not a whip. Can I, ok hang on. Is this a rubber bat? Yeah! She’s so good! Oh, they’re um, they’re gummy worms! Oh. I can smell them. You’re so- That’s what I was trying to say! Yeah, don’t put it to her nose. Don’t let her sniff it, but then I was the
one who was like- Do you wanna bite? Here you go. Oh wait… is it- She kissed me back! I knew it! Hi nosey! Wait she kissed me instead of me kissing her. She couldn’t resist herself. Oh! Is it a frog? No? Oh! Hello, I’m Mr. Skull. Right? What? What is that? Yes! I know exactly what this is! It’s a witch’s nose! Yeah! A witch’s nose! No, this is what I was gonna wear to the premiere! I don’t like the, why is it going in my mouth? Ok, that’s like wood. Is that wood? Oh my God, um, a witch’s hat! Yaaaas. This has been Kiss and Tell, now kiss me,

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  1. everytime these three appear I'm always like ???? how??? they're all so gorgeous??? I know that I'm into girls but I'm also suddenly very insecure about myself lmao

  2. They're so cute and pretty, and I love that they all have something unique, even the fact that they're all a different race, I love it

  3. I wanna be the Weird Sister's assistant that they abuse and have to get them stuff like coffee, etc. I can't wait til they go to school with Sabrina since the Academy is now semi-close.

  4. Wow I never thought Dorcas to be this beautiful off screen…she looks so different & hot. … 😍😍😍 I luv the weird sisters.

  5. Yaa now such nonsense things happening on Netflix too…

    Also people are there too to watch these nonsense…

  6. Abigail is too adorable!!! Tbh I never expected someone so sweet and gentle and silly to play Dorcus lol.

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