Celebrate the Holidays with Winter Wonderland Fun

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  1. We’re suppose to get snow Fri-Sat. I’m pondering the sitch. One one hand it’ll be my puppy’s first snow(excited to see his reaction) on the other hand we just got new neighbors The Royal Grinches . #conflicted

  2. Made my day!!!!! No matter if I’m sad or struggling … I can always count on having my heart full of LOVE & LAUGHTER watching ELLEN OR HER SHOW! Love you!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST HUMAN BEING EVER!!! Love the dog pulling the sled .. 😆😆😆

  3. I wish we had snow in Cali where I live 😭. All we have is strong wind and deadly wildfires. Man California is great 👍

  4. Iam in aus it doesn’t snow but in the mountains it does I look back at my hometown in Greece and it has a lot of snow when I look at i cry

  5. https://youtu.be/_D18d3M-WD0 отель элеон 3 сезон 13 серия пожалуйста подпишитесь на мой канал

  6. Dear Ellen, We are all fans of you and your show! what you do for others is amazing and inspiration. you inspire others to be sharing and caring towards other. during these special holiday times we also like to spread the love and hope whoever reads this can give our channel a chance 🙂 happy holidays everyone!

  7. It was so funny instead of holding your hand in front of your daughters face to shield her from the cold snow you blog that instead

  8. 911: what’s your emergency

    Person: She took my baby

    911: Who

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    Celebrate the holidays with Winter wonderland fun!

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