Cheap Thrills | An Adventure Travel Show

Cheap Thrills | An Adventure Travel Show

Let’s go adventuring somebody who… “I’m not scared”… has a thing with heights. Hi I’m Julie. Hi, I’m Nicholas. And we are experts, self-proclaimed, adventure travel and this weekend we’re going up to Lake Ta hoe based on this picture that we
found on Instagram We’ve gotten really good at finding places
off the beaten path. And with social media we realized that everyone knows
someone who’s been where you want to go. So this weekend we’re reaching out on
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. all of it, to find the fun stuff that isn’t
usually in tour books. We’re getting started with a cool family that we met on Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing is an online community you
can stay with locals in every country on Earth. And tonight’s hosts have already told us
to come hungry. I’ve had some amazing home-cooked meals, learned a few phrases from my hosts, gone to family parties. And sometimes we’ve been known to overdue it. Today we’re getting an early start
because a friend on Twitter recommended going up to The Heavenly Ski Resort for
their last weekend of the summer season. They’ve got gondolas, zip lines, rock
climbing. I can’t wait! And tonight we’re having dinner with friends of friends from Facebook. Why don’t we go join our stranger family and get to know them. And our new friends told us about a
great little campsite, so we’re setting up for a night in the woods. And now it’s time to tackle the
adventure that started this whole trip. We’re going paddleboarding on Lake Tahoe and I already know I’m real, real bad at it. So it’s gonna be awesome! That’s our Tahoe adventure. We met so
many amazing people. We got wet. We got cold. We made fire. And now, it’s time to go home unfortunately…. unless… I mean we could always just keep going to our next adventure. We’ll see ya guys next time. you

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  1. This was great! I'd love to see more videos like this one. How much did the trip end up costing total, by the way? I would love to do more cheap traveling around the states but I'm curious at costs. 🙂

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