Chicago Fire -  Crisis at Chicago Transit (Episode Highlight)

Chicago Fire – Crisis at Chicago Transit (Episode Highlight)

– Casey, divert the call to the
Randolph Street train station. Possible bomb attempt. [sirens wailing] – Chief says
Randolph Street station! – Squad Three, Ambo 61,
Randolph Street station! – Copy that. – Evacuate!
We need to evacuate! – Everyone evacuate!
Out of this station! – What's going on?
– We have a bomb threat. – I didn't get a call!
– It's happening fast. – K570 to rail control! CFD's on the scene,
reporting a 1090. They're requesting a station
shutdown while we wait for CPD. – Get out of the way, please! – Move to the right, please!
– Stay to the right! – All right, everybody!
We need you off the train and out of the platform
right now! Let's go! – Orderly manner, please.
Thank you! Upstairs, upstairs.
– Nice and easy, slow down! ♪ – Let's go, folks! – Come on! ♪ Let's go! Let's go! ♪ Out of the platform right now,
let's go, let's go! Come on! – Quickly, everybody, quickly. – Sir! – Hey, we're evacuating, sir. ♪ – Larry? – Journalism needs to be
accountable. [woman screaming] – Out of the way! Move!
– Out of the way! ♪ – Move! Move! – Out of the way!
– [straining] – Out of the way,
out of the way. Get out of the way!
– Come on! – You even twitch,
I'll blow your head off. ♪ [radio chatter] Here, throw him in my car. – You got it.
Let's go. ♪ Well, that was nice work,
fellas. – A little too much excitement
for one day. – That's what keeps
Chicago interesting. ♪ – Did you guys give
your statements? – Multiple times. – That guy had
enough C-4 on him to take out
a whole city block. You did good today,
both of you. – Yeah. – All right, Chief.
– Okay. ♪ Come on. ♪

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  1. Casey and severide the ultimate bromance 😍 with jay halstead too they really blessings us in this episode

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