Chinese tourists behaving badly (compilation) - Tomonews

Chinese tourists behaving badly (compilation) – Tomonews

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  1. This is a problem that was created by the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda. The sense of superiority and entitlement displayed by many Chinese tourists abroad has been instilled and reinforced by their governments “News”.

  2. these people are from the rural areas mostly farmers and uneducated Chinese that got rich when their government bought their land from them around a few million dollars. so when they move to the urban environment they still act like how they do in the rural areas. sadly they got rich too fast without education…….and they reproduce like rabbits in these rural areas so what you are seeing here is like 3 huge families only, not the entire chinese population, we as chinese honestly hate these kind of people as well

  3. I’m Chinese and I’m from Malaysia and not China. Malaysians are normal but China’s people are very rude and have bad attitude,they speak very loud and get angry very easily and will scold us for no reason. If you see a bad Tampere Chinese smack them and RUN.JK

  4. Chinese….smfh. keep a close eye on these locusts…and dont be afraid to shut them up and sit them down if you see anything out of the ordinary. Shame them

  5. As a Chinese American that visits China almost every year I can say that I am very disappointed with my people and that I have experienced first hand the buffoonery of their actions.

  6. I'm going to go out of my way to make sure chinkneese tourists don't feel welcomed in my country by singing "Chinese stinkyneese what a knees dirty knees go home please "!!!!!!!!😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  7. Omg….you should see them on Saturday and Friday evenings at the Star City Casino all you can eat buffet. It's major embarrassing. Also how can anyone eat that much food?

  8. 任何国家都有不文明的人,


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