Christmas Vacation (6/10) Movie CLIP – Downhill Fast (1989) HD

Christmas Vacation (6/10) Movie CLIP – Downhill Fast (1989) HD

Has anyone ever
used it on a sled? Not that
I know of, russ. Don’t go putting none of
that stuff on my sled. You know that metal
plate in my head? How can I forget? I had to have it replaced
because every time Catherine revved up
the microwave, I’d piss my pants And forget who I was
for a half hour or so. So over at the v.A., They had to replace it
with a plastic one. It ain’t as strong,
so…Heh heh… I don’t know if I ought
to go sailing down no hill With nothing between
the ground and my brain But a piece of
government plastic. Do you really think
it matters, eddie? Well, you see, The plate runs right
underneath my part here. And over here,
you know, it’s nothing. But here,
if this gets dented, Then my hair just ain’t
gonna look right. I know the feeling. Well…I better
try this first, See how it works. You be careful
there, clark. Nothing to
worry about, eddie. Going for a new
amateur recreational Saucer sled
land speed record, Clark w. Griswold jr.! Remember, don’t try
this at home, kids. I am a professional. Later, dudes. Let her rip. Hang 10. Oh, shit! Whoa! Hey! Hey! Whoa! Whoa! Hey! Hey! Hey! Look out! Aah! Hey! Whoa!

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  1. Mexican American stations in Southern California playing this movie during Christmas season in Spanish text would like this funny movie.

  2. In real life Clark Griswold would have been ban from any future shopping at Walmart, especially during the holiday seasons for this incident that involve crashing into a children's Christmas registry machine, accidentally breaking his jaw, and would have to eat his Christmas dinner through a straw.

  3. I love how he goes on and on about how the plate is now plastic so it's not as strong, and his biggest concern isn't further damage to his skull or brain, but that if the plate is dented, his hair won't look right. Eddie is the best

  4. In the shot of the hill, while Clark is yelling his name, you can see the string of explosive that detonate in the following shot

  5. Putting whatever it was (i can't remember what it was at the moment) = superspeed and also will leave a hole burned in the bottom of the sled.

  6. Blastoff! 1:10 to the end, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH, SSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTT!!! Hey hey hey. Ow. WHAAAAAAT!??AAAHHH!!! crashes into store Eddie: "Bingo." XD

  7. I'm just waiting for someone to edit this so that the slider theme from Super Mario 64 plays instead of the music in the movie.

  8. Why does this make me think of him and Dan Aykroyd paratrooping out of the plane in Spies Like Us? Maybe it's because of the way that Chevy Chase is hollering

  9. Too bad they missed the bit at the beginning of this where it's revealed that Clark is using that 'cereal varnish' that he's been working on at his job to coat the sled. Not only is that stuff frictionless, you're supposed to INGEST it. Imagine that going through your digestive tract.

  10. Too bad he didn't try it from the top of a ski jump. Would've been 2 new records: one for distance, the other for hang time.

  11. Do you know when my dad first saw this movie and saw this part he didn't know what a Walmart was until his visit to Miami that year also the first market placement for Walmart in any movie 😀😀😀😀

  12. I imagine Morgan would've hit these speeds with Cap's shield, probably leading to Tony and Pepper having a heart attack.

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