Chungha and Kyulkyung met again at China [Battle Trip/2019.10.13]

Chungha and Kyulkyung met again at China [Battle Trip/2019.10.13]

(Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport) When is she coming? Starting today, I’m going to have fun traveling with Chungha for a few days. It’s so hot. Right now… Guangzhou is in the south. – 70% humidity? / – We won. – That’s too hot. / – I agree with that. – It was kind of hot. I admit that. / – It’s a bit hot. But it’s nice because it’s warm during winter. Go during winter. So it’s a bit hotter than the north. It’s very hot now. Should I sit down? (She gets tired of waiting and sits…) When is Chungha coming? Ow, that’s too hot! (When is Chungha getting here?) Chungha! – Why are you pouting? / – Come here! – Did you wait long? / – I did wait a bit. You were like this. I figured I was really late. – Hello. / – Hi. Say hello. Hello, this is Battle Trip. Clean Guangzhou Tour. – It starts now. / – Yes. – So… / – Alright. – Chungha… / – This is my first time in China. – Your first time ever. / – Yeah. What do you think of Guangzhou? Honestly, it’s very hot. Yeah, I was complaining about that too. It’s really hot and it seems really big. It’s just… We enjoy shopping. – And we like to eat. / – Right. So there’s this place called Beijing Road. It’s like Myeong-dong in Korea. – A busy area? / – A place young people like. You can shop and eat there. – A lot of street food? / – Yeah. – Let’s go. / – Shall we? – Clean Guangzhou Tour… / – Starts now! Let’s go. – It’s so hot! / – Let’s go. (Clean Guangzhou, day 1) (Beijing Road) (45 minutes by car to Beijing Road) We’re here, everyone. We’re at Beijing Road. See? We’re here. And Chungha tied her hair back… – Because she’s hot. / – I tied my hair. Because it’s so hot. – And we’re both wearing… / – All black. Matching outfits.

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  1. If you want to go from Guangzhou back to Dallas-Fort Worth Chungha 's hometown you're gonna to have to do this Guangzhou Hong Kong train then transfer to a Chep Lak Kok airport bound train at west Kowloon Terminal where you check in for an American Airlines Hong Kong Dallas-Fort Worth flight.

  2. Somi and kyulkyung
    Mina and yoojung
    Chungha and kyulkyung
    thank you BATTLE TRIP. i miss ioi😭😭
    Lowkey, wanting Chaesis to appear🥺

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