[Co-Vacation: Xiumin & Daniel] Xiumin Looks Hypnopompic In The Morning 20170904

[Co-Vacation: Xiumin & Daniel] Xiumin Looks Hypnopompic In The Morning 20170904

[He finally wakes up] [Rolling over] [Getting up slowly] [His hair is a mess] [Where am I… Who am I…] confused.avi [Ah… I’m on vacation] [One more time rolls over] [Gets up from seat] [Last night] [He brought his clothes folded neatly] [How does he tidy his bed?] [Smoothes the edges of the bed] [Finished!] [It looks like a bed in a hotel room] [He plays music through a Bluetooth loudspeaker] [Bobs head] [Red Flavor by Red Velvet] [Brushed teeth in a cheerful rhythm] [After washing his face Wipes his face with a cotton swab dipped in toner] [Then he rubs the lotion using his body heat] [Puts the eye cream on his ring finger] [Sprays moisture on his face] [That’s very different from what Daniel did on his skin] [Quickly] [He has no plans today] [He is so happy to hum] [Cleaned the room according to instinct…] [Should I get out now?] [Whose hat is this?] [Daniel put it there] [I have to leave it here]

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  1. Song list
    Red velvet- red flavor (1:20)
    Blackpink -as if its ur last (1:37)
    Exo – Diamond (1:43 – 1:53)
    Exo – what you do (2:04)

    Yeah, thank me later 🚶

  2. Me: watches this using the TV with my parents
    Xiumin: Takes off his shirt
    Me: Oh f-
    My brother: u done fucked up sis

  3. yo thats how he managed to look like a 5 year old when hes nearing 30, thats why the products he used got all sold out sksjssksjsks

  4. Oh my g! Lisa's part in As if it's your last! My Xiulice heart 💜 he even said the word 'love'

  5. So everyone is going to be talking about something else when I'm here talking about Xiumin looking like GDragon

  6. My morning routine is more like Daniel's 😂😂😂😂I think I am Daniel… I always put my thing everywhere in the house like him 😂❤ I love my boy Xiumin he is so cute 😢😍

  7. My feed's full of Korean gay couples so when this came on i didn't see below and immediately thought they were another gay couple 😂 but then i saw down and saw the name of the video and i was like😅😅😅😂😂😂😂

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