Coding Challenge #35.1: Traveling Salesperson

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  1. TSP is the minimum CIRCUITAL path through the points IT IS NOT the minimum path through the set. It's only the CIRCUITAL part that makes it NP-HARD. There's non NP solutions to minimum path.

  2. i know this is late, but i think the travelling salesman problem requires you to go back to your starting location after visiting every city.

  3. great stuff! would like to see ant colony simulation for the same problem or event multiple sales doing each multiple visits.

  4. I'm late, but I programmed a solver for this problem for my science fair project here:

  5. What this video needs is…. more talking with the arms and hands.
    interesting stuff! though a lot flies over my head. You're an enthusiastic teacher.. fun watch.

  6. instead of writing 'bestEver = cities.slice();', you can just write 'bestEver = cities;'. It copies the array exactly

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