Commander Data Goes Crazy - a Star Trek Compilation

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  1. Beginning: is being snarky and rude Picard: "you will accompany me to sickbay. (Suddenly nice) " are you ill captain?"

  2. after all those malfunctions you might wonder how Data's command was not revoked 10 times over; oh wait.. it'a TV series ))

  3. Why did dr soong go through the trouble of giving data shit like working skin pores and individual hairs, then was like fuck it. Let’s go with ivory white for the skin

  4. Instead of all these fucking pre-TOS TV series… I want them to do an Origin of Data series. About his time in Starfleet and his early missions. Getting into adventures and learning about the human condition while being a goddam badass legend all day every day.

  5. The look on Worf's face when Picard starts singing. Its got to be his WTF face and the way he shakes his head when Picard asks him to sing with him is funny too.

  6. computer: "Enter Code"
    Data: "173467321476C32789777643T732V73117888732476789764376 lock"
    computer: I'm sorry, but your security code must contain at least one special character.

  7. Lol, i find it difficult to believe that the rank and file enterprise crew would be okay working with data after he was essentially an active shooter in ten-forward. Just because he "got better"?

  8. All dislikes are from Dalit Dacoit rowdies who give up on the RESEARCH AND RESPECT for the Roddenberry Timeline/Universe just to make the Trekkies and Trekkers ANGRY.

  9. And this is why it is ridiculous to rely on technology. No matter how well it's made, no matter what country it's made it, it can seriously malfunction. And because it's made with a shitload of metal and doesn't have vital organs, it can be a bastard to shut down.

  10. Is there a scene anywhere in this series where Worf actually gets to kick someone's ass?
    I mean other than The Holodeck. I thought it was great when they put a Klingon in charge of security after Yar. It's the writers fault. They should have let the Worf character barely win a few fights where he gets hurt but is victorious. A few vicious fights at least. There are so many scenes like this where he just gets slapped to the side like a ragdoll. I know he fights aliens that no one could beat, but a few more fights with a foe of equal abilities from time to time would have been great.

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