Components of Adventure: Reunion Island | SHIMANO

Components of Adventure: Reunion Island | SHIMANO

I’ve never really
seen a place like this. I guess it’s just affected
by the volcano and all the weather it gets, and it’s just like steep valleys
and tall mountains, and you definitely
have the feeling that you’re kind of
off the beaten path. So I’ve seen it
and heard about it, and, you know,
to have the opportunity to come here and ride
and explore the island, it’s just so cool. When you’re out
on a biking trip, you meet people
that are in this culture, and you get to see much more of what this place
is actually about. My name is David Delassus. I come from Réunion Island. I’ve been mountain biking
since 10 years ago. I’m excited to share my view
of Réunion Island. They don’t get a lot of people
from other countries here ’cause it’s so secluded. I would imagine it’s pretty fun
to have some other people come, and they definitely showed it by hauling ass
on all the trails. [yelling] I mean, the rad thing
about mountain biking is there’s no need
for any sort of translation. You’re riding a good trail
with good people, and you get to the bottom,
and you sigh. A mountain bike
is like a musical instrument. It brings people together. It doesn’t matter what language,
what part of the world, it’s really
like that instrument. When you’re together
with a mountain bike, you have fun together. I like the adventure
of mountain biking, I like to share my passion
with my friends, Réunion Island is beautiful, the ride is so cool, so I want to share this with all people
around the world.

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