Conversion Van Ford Transit 250 Extended High Roof

Conversion Van Ford Transit 250 Extended High Roof

okay here we are picking up her 2017 for transit 250 high roof extended band brand-new after lot this is before she had the packaging stuffed another and if you notice the windows are not tinted we tend to the matter finished product this is us on one of our trips across the Olive Newfoundland here's where we had some stuff later trying to estimate placement measurements everything fit within millimeters here's a picture of the ceiling insulation r12 all screwed together with deck screws trying to make it as strong as possible because that's what supports the cupboards the framing actually is in space note intervals just for cupboards salt and one spot you can see I actually doubled it up there to make the cupboard fit perfectly and give it extra strength here's a first try at the Murphy bed actually had a frame built around first even see the black black edges there and was falling up and down and see if we actually had the room for it to fit a temporary leg underneath we tried several different ways they are supporting it trying to get it just right so we didn't lose any strength here is picture that covers from Ikea first placement went with a snowdrift paneling on top just screwing the bed up here finish for tonight you know what's the subfloor tube we had the subfloor in the van there we actually used the inch rubber mat that came with the van and then put the sub subfloor over that so it's actually an insulation floor here's how I fastened everything to the van I went right through to 2×4 into another 2×4 black with a deck screw so it makes it really strong really steady and a lot of times I take her for a run after I had stuff put in her to make sure she wasn't creaking and stuff here we are check replace one of the covers again in the previous photo you notice that the bed was out of the van we actually talked about in the name four or five times trying to get it to fit properly my wife unwrapping the indi mattress ten inch foam mattress this is pretty happy day we knew it could fit knew it could work you actually got the allow for the thickness of the mattress too but the Murphy bed when you fold it up so you had to get a great distance from the back of man it was a lot of work here we are tracing the mattress for trimming you'll notice in other videos that the bed is actually on a rounded edge on the front and we done that just to give ourselves a little bit more leg room for getting in and out of the bed here's the coverage looking forward again different ideas for bed support here we were gonna try to buy four first I ended up going with a really thick plywood 3/4 inch and actually bolted some 2×4 on the inside of that then I used carriage bolts for the actual swing on the bed here's some cubby holes we play some cubby holes in the top left and right hand corners of the van to give us some extra storage in it here's a doing some wiring and lighting all the lights in this van a remote control I didn't want any switches anywhere well I had to go with a couple of switches just for water pump and stuff but the lights are all remote-controlled DC picked it up on Amazon it's a neat little you know I actually bought a couple because just in case one failed I didn't know the quality of them but I've been using it now for months haven't had an issue with it and it wasn't that expensive really nice really slick and we actually mounted all the controls you'll see it here coming up soon they're actually underneath the passenger seat under the swivel the turnaround part for the pan Oh cutting the first hole big deal here brand new machine and we were trying to put in the roof in we ended up going with the maxxair because again that can be open while driving don't have to worry about any rain coming through it so that's why we went with that rather than the fantastic fan we had research Bowman from pretty good but again we decided to go with the max air here's the first hole cut we actually trimmed it up with some tin snips the middles really easy to cut had a really good tip from another YouTube video and I actually thank the gentleman who had the YouTube video but the metal filings make sure you get all of those out the roof because we had done this and it was a week later or something I watched his video and the atom mental fallings just ate ran away at the middle on his roof so make sure you get all metal filings off the roof after you put the Fanny I lined it with some sealant tape there just in case water get around and age or rust the edge so I just see a little bit some tape and then of course your standard putty and mounted the bracket in place what inspection wood supports her and so I was trying to show you that because it's a little flimsy there but after you cut it so I just added some wood supports to straighten up the whole middle part there there you can see the gasket I just bonded a little RV Center much like a tape you just stick it down and then you put the vent on to it we haven't had any leaks or anything everything looks fine picture to fan in and some wiring for the fan their dependence rejoins very little in amperage I tested a number of times to try was like 1 amp or something 1.2 now again if you got it on the high side I think it's a little more but in general rule of thumb for us at josma a.m. so I hope the lights of the van LED and the fan vent up to these gel type batteries just regular like emergency lighting batteries but anyway it's worked fine I just put them on charging system of an and they charge up while we're driving and you can use it all night no problem again put into cubbies here and oh it's the flooring but flooring at the local paint store that's just a hardware store here in Newfoundland my wife picked out all the colors of course because I am definitely not good at that again support here for the bed you can see the 3/4 inch plywood going in don't in the wheel wells that survived only way I could figure 8 to do them to make them look half decent and again like I say this never happened overnight this was trial and error in a new band in and there you can see it's gone there again now here's the ceiling that was quite simple after everything went in and we already had two two by two beams in place I came down 28 inches I think it was 28 or 26 with just a lightboard 1/8 all around her and it was very easy to support that after because I just put up some 2×4 under like where the blinds went to after and just supported it that way and then when I put the moldings on her wood molding I tried plastic for a set up with wood on it and really straightened up good it's really strong haven't had any issues with her whatsoever now we're just getting ready here to put the bed banging because we've got we've decided on our design you know the supports were using so this is just filling the supports on both sides of the van and standing up with some 2×4 what stuff you notice that the edge of the bed support 2 is level with the window again just done that on purpose so I liked it wouldn't it wouldn't be as much trimming around and we know or trimming around the window when you're done and it looks really sharp like because you're sort of fool in your eye that the ledge is just a little tiny bit higher than the little we know but it looks really good the bed here again you can notice that it's trimmed we have no headboard here yet my wife didn't want to have access from the back windows all the way through a banshee one of the headboard there so I think there's a picture coming up here now where you can see the headboard oh these are the batteries I was telling you about underneath the front passenger seat there's loads of wires there with a trickle charge like 12 12 volts when you start up the car it only comes on like with the alternator fourteen point four volts I just joined it in the morning rose bars it must be for something in the seat I don't know and again these are not a heavy amperage batteries I think – only 7 amp hours each again they're good for all night no worries we could get a bit of day and a half two days of before you really need to charge them again this is the DC remote control unit for the lights in the van you can notice me there I got one leg on a channel then I got the other light on B channel I actually put the forward like two lights on HL and one light on V channel during non white LED 12-volt lights very bright very bright a lot of times in the daytime me and my wife just used a little LED strip like you can purchase at Walmart here's a picture of the headboard onion and the headboard was a nice addition because it does really taught you everything up good together here's the retractable call cable I mounted an in a wooden box and mounted it underneath the ban again time restraints I went would probably want to use metal like if you go on for a long time but again I didn't really know how this is gonna work out so I may even revamp it we change it again and as anybody knows who built a band the Vans a work in progress it's never done you're always working on it we always come over to another idea so I might change some of this around again again wooden box for the water tank water tank and pump is housed in one box I got that off another one of our friends here on YouTube I thought it was a really good design because the pumps underneath the band you can easily take it down if you want the way i suspended everything was sort of like an electrical cable tray system i'm electrician by trade so i actually mounted Randy rod to the bottom of the van and then the rainy rod hangs down and I used a square clamp aluminum to secure these to the bottom of the van again we've been all down to New York Texas haven't had any issue with anything coming off the van couldn't support here's a little video of the water first water her head of the pump I just tried it before I put the cover on him melted it in the band so it's just a pressure pump so much you turn off the valve the pump shuts off nice little water flow and again it's just testing things before I put it in an area where I usually can't get it here is the heat pump and fridge the heat pump that works fabulously I over sized it well I think most RVs have a big 13,000 BTUs but if you calculate the square footage of the van based on the BTU conversion chart like 13,000 is an absorbent amount of energy for that space however again I guess people who designed these RV things they know but you need that 13,000 BTUs she absorbs a lot of heat and she absorbs a lot of sunshine so on the shot of that that's the we put in two sinks in the van one on one side for her hand washing after use the Porta Potty and then the other side for her dishes this is the one on the other side going in for the dishes you can notice here she's getting in advanced stages here now to bid is in Chesterfield Xin we add in a shower to in or an outdoor shower I don't have the indoor park completed yet you can use it a button or if you want wash your hands or your hair or whatever but again there's so many showers available when you're on the road and I don't even know if you really need it but we have it in there anyway but we never really used it to be honest this is the sink for the dishes put in a hot water tank two six gallon hot water tank looking back on it now again I might change that on my mood get a little bit smaller because idea was that we're gonna be showering in the bandage you can see the shower operation here but we never used to shower in a band like if you're staying any camping lots stuff like that like you can get a shower easily every couple of days there's this is my wife trying some different designs on the bed she wasn't happy with some of the design she had tried so she had tried several hearings with the blinds in a class blinds because they fit so my surrender window we tried a like a wall won't be called Obama marathon but a rollup shade first didn't work so well you had to go with the client in the blowing because it covers the window nice Kissimmee to that's above our head board that has a there was a kiss of boom one believe it or not here is the cupboard since Dalek he this is some of the finish work here's that porta potti and it's a shelter on the side you can see there the switches for the water pump a fireplace we added a fireplace here Ventre beautiful beautiful in the nighttime just relaxing fire burnin when we put that in no however we add it I got it can't stress this enough make sure you add detectors we put in one on the bottom for Co we put one in unsealing for Co I don't think you can have enough of them if you're burning any propane in an enclosed space like this so make sure you have detectors here you can see she changed the hip board again those cushions come off the Chesterfield they actually lay on the seat of the Chesterfield and then the bent falls down on top of them so that actually is the bed a little bit more support to a TV with a hard drive on it from movies stuff like that you can see it there it swings if it's on a swivel arm I think we bought it a bomber right there's the microwave in the lower cupboard phasmid microwave or no I'm sorry I think it's 700 but that runs off the inverter the back it can last we can go indefinitely because all you have to do is start up the engine if your batteries are getting low I put in a welding cable from the alternator right back to the battery so I have three batteries in this thing right now now again I might even change that because I'm thinking there are 12 volts right now I might go over to 6 volts there's a picture fireplace I nicked up and the bedding and the bed folded down we use little step there and see the step on the floor to get up on the bed and again we had to put it that high because to fold over the Chesterfield their sacrifices you got to make sacrifices if you're trying to get everything to fit and we really want to chest feel we really wanted to bed actually when we started off building the band the bed was our number one this is her final design on the back of the bed looks nice and you notice they're two black moldings on the edge gives a lot of strength to that material that I hung down 26 inches this de porta potty seat made up we had a local seamstress done the curtains leather work the mattress trimming course she was awesome really talented lady there's a little cubby hole done sons we use that for storing our laundry and stuff when we're on the road again picture TV front sink you can see the molding there too that straighten up the bottom part of the ledge for the material that was hung down and wallpaper oh the heat pump you see it as black hair we actually hadn't changed it to white one had a leak in it so we actually put in a black one same BTUs now came from Casco a canoe he and the air conditioning and this is Austin

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  1. Hah. Here I am daydreaming about a ford transit conversion, looking for ideas when I stumble across this video and immediately realize that I recognize that accent. A fellow Newfie!

  2. Thanks for sharing your van built; But you should reconsider placing your bikes at rear . Killing the aerodynamics of the van and it looks goofy!

  3. I found out when doing my bed,that the width was 5ft,8inches.which meant as long as I was less then that,it freed up lots of living space

  4. Fantastic build, I really enjoy the details. The Murphy bed is a great idea, I wonder why people don't do it more often. I have heard great things about the end bed too.

  5. do you live in your van full time, if not, it doesn't matter if you have a shower or not, my husband and i will live fulltime so we need a shower.

  6. The 250 is not what you have from what I have seen! It appears that you have a 350 IF you ACTUALLY have both THE HIGH ROOF AND THE EXTENDED LENGTH. AS YOU CLAIM! 😳

  7. i would love to see an actual walk through of your van. especially the bed set up. you kind of went from murphy bed installation to a couple of other things and then showed the finished bed with chairs/loveseat underneath. magically functional, lol. so i would love to see how that is set up. also, you referred to the "chesterfield" is that the name of the loveseat? thanks for sharing!

  8. Really nicely done. I'm tired of vans with platform beds that use up 75% of the living surface 24/7, and a Murphy bed is a good solution for that. Not a huge fan of too many windows, personally, and definitely not a fan of unvented propane burners – I'd rather not breathe that stuff in, because they all release a little in the ways of harmful fumes. There are better vented heater solutions if you're already building a van to this standard. Like Espar, Webasto diesel burners, or various propane burners that vent outside, like Propex. But the Murphy bed definitely makes it.

  9. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home!! Loved the narration and photos!!! I’m disabled and looking to do this in the near future. ❤️🙏🏻

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