Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring and CS5 Grand Touring complete review

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring and CS5 Grand Touring complete review

hello everyone I'm Alex dykes and today on Alex and autos were talking about tires specifically the brand new Cooper cs5 ultra touring and Grand Touring tire before we go on to the cs5 we need to talk about tire types because the cs5 is what's called an ultra touring or a grand touring tire depending on exactly which model of the cs5 that you get all that really means is that this tire exists in sort of the middle end of the spectrum right here between the ultra performance tires up at the top and the lower grip tires down at the bottom and those lower grip tires would tend to be the standard tires that don't really have any tags or or classifications after them or your eco-friendly tires low-rolling-resistance tires that sort of thing down there at the bottom in terms of grip in general this spectrum also indicates how stiff the sidewall would be in the stiffer side while you'd find on those ultra high performance tires and stiffer sidewalls will give you better handling performance but you do lose a little bit in terms of ride quality when it comes to ride quality run flats will also be up there towards the top end of the spectrum because those run flats do need to be able to support the weight of the vehicle when there's no air in the tire now let's talk about the cs5 tire itself it comes in three basic flavors the first flavor is the Grand Touring flavor and that has an 80,000 mile treadwear warranty this is the kind of tire that you would put on something like a Ford Mustang v6 and the base trim if you wanted to retain factory handling or even improve on factory handling and you want a long tread wear warranty the ultra Touring model has either a 50,000 or a 60,000 mile treadwear warranty and the 50,000 mile treadwear warranty is on the doubly rated tire and you'll find the 60,000 mile treadwear warranty on the V and H rated tires that letter in the tire refers to the speed rating of the tire so the W tire is the faster rated tire means that tire is rated to go faster out on the track that really just refers to the construction of the tire as well as some of the compounds going on now the higher the speed rating in general the lower the tread wear warranty on the tire because they tend to be grippier so that just has to do with the composition of the tire if you want to know more about that I have a video right here on this channel that talks about how tires are made how they're constructed what goes in a tire and we do talk a little bit in that video about the difference between the faster tires and the slower tires and the grippier tires and the not so grippy tires the first thing I did at the cooper tire test track is experience the Ford Mustang v6 with the Hankook Optimo that H 727 tire as well as the brand new Cooper cs5 and that was the Grand Touring variety out on a dry track and it really compares quite nicely to that Hankook Tire the cs5 tire was definitely a lot griffie er in the dry and it definitely had a more progressive and more predictable loss of control so when you're when you're at the limit of a tire the last thing you want is your tire to grip and then suddenly give way and then you spin out of control you really want that sort of that loss of control to come a little bit more progressively in a tire and not only did the cs5 tire have better grip characteristics than at Hankook Optimo tire but also lost grip in a more progressive fashion which makes it a lot more predictable and a lot safer out there on the road the next thing we did out on that same dry test track was we took a look at a BMW 328i equipped with the Pirelli Sentaro p7 tire as well as the Cooper cs5 in ultra touring format now that was kind of a different comparison because here we're taking a look at a tire that is actually about 20 to 30 dollars more per tire than the Cooper cs5 tire so that Pirelli tire is a little bit more expensive and I honestly expected a little bit more out of that Pirelli tire I'm not really sure why I have my own internalized feelings about brands and how they orient with one another and for some reason I thought that Pirelli tire would just do a little bit better out on the track than it actually did the Pirelli was very good on the track but the cs5 was just a hair better it was equal in some respects and the hair better in other respects but the big deal here is that it actually has a slightly better warranty depending on the model of the tire that you get and it's about 20 to 30 dollars cheaper per tire again depending on the size that you get now the most interesting experience for me and the biggest differentiator between the Cooper tire and the Hankook and the Cooper tire and the Pirelli tire was actually out at the wet test track at the Cooper test centre that's really quite an interesting track that can basically control how much water they want on the track we were out on the track with about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch of water right there on the track I have a video about how that track works so you can go ahead and click that banner at the bottom of your screen be taken on over to that video it's really quite interesting how those test tracks work but the big takeaway from this segment was how well the cs5 tyre performs in the wet but the biggest takeaway for me was how scared I am of wet traction and it's really obvious when you take a look at my performance here they actually graded us all on how we did at the test track we got little scores here so you could see how fast you went on the track now in the Mustang and in the BMW I'm happy to say I was the second fastest person on the dry track in both of those vehicles with all four tires however when it came to the wet test track I was by far the slowest in all four vehicles on the wet test track and wet traction is something that a lot of people find scary and they find unpredictable I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains we deal with a lot of wet weather issues up here but only for a relatively limited time of the year so even I tend to be very very cautious in wet weather driving it's something I think everybody really should be but apparently I'm ultra cautious wet weather handling is very interesting it's a little bit less predictable especially an attire like that Hankook Tire where the cs5 tire really excelled right now I'm inside a 2014 Ford Mustang and this car has a hand cooked tire on it we're going to be testing this back to back with the brand new cs5 tire and see how that performs in this car you'd really feel the effects of hydroplaning going on with this hand cooked tire not that the Ford Mustang has the most steering field going on up front in normal form but with this Hankook Tire it really feels very vague and very numb especially on these winding sections of this track and keep in mind this is a fairly wet track there's decent amount of water on this track so this is what you'd experience on a very very very wet highway if the there was a significant downpour your average sprinkle and your average rain isn't going to be this much water out on the road always always in wet weather try not to power on in the corners that is definitely one way of getting yourself into trouble really fast you know there's a decent mount of trouble to be had braking in corners as well so you want to try and make sure that your corner situation in wet weather is as neutral as possible power on in the straights power off in the straights and braking the straights as well now we're going to switch over and see what that brand new cs5 tire is like I'm now in an identical Mustang this time with the cs5 tires and you can really tell an immediate difference out on the track we still feel a little bit unsure in the front but we definitely have an awful lot more grip the limits are definitely higher my trap times in this car definitely much faster than they were with that Hankook Tire the feel is also better and you don't get quite as much slipping around in the rear the Mustang is a fairly tail-happy vehicle even in v6 form especially on a wet track like this but the cs5 really helps the Mustang failed more sure-footed than that hand cook tire did especially in the corners they still get a little bit of a squirrely rear-end there if you accelerate in a corner like this you apply just a little bit too much power you can get a little bit of slide there and you might have to correct it keep in mind the Mustang is of course a fairly lively car it's rear-wheel drive as well so that is something that's very different versus a front-wheel drive car that you may be putting tires like this on as you can see out on that wet tire test track things were an awful lot of fun but the biggest takeaway for me at the wet tire test track was actually tread wear life and hydroplaning resistance and tread wear life and handling ability because that's something that I think a lot of people don't really think about on a regular basis now if you have about half the tread wear life on your tire cooper tire tells us that you have less than half of the same hydroplaning resistance ability and half of the same water fording ability that you had when that tire was new so if you live in a really wet area you really may want to consider replacing your tires before the tread wear life is over by the little indicator on the tire you'll find one of the most interesting features on the cs5 tires right here right next to the traditional VAR style wear indicators it's called the where square the wear square is this tiny square right here you'll find it on both sides of the tire and that's the inside and the outside of the tire as well and they're distributed three across each of the sides of the tire so three on the inside three on the outside of the tire and you can visually tell what kind of tread wear life your tire has left a square means 100% as the tire wears the wear square will change from a square at 100% sort of a horseshoe shape at 75% a right-angle of 50% a single-line at 25% and when you're down at the minimum tire tread depth of 2/32 of an inch you'll actually get a little exclamation point and again that's more important than you'd think because if you're in a really wet area or hydroplaning as a concern in your area then you may want to replace your tire more frequently so you may will not want to wear your tire out till it's completely worn out you may want to replace your tire at something like 50 percent or 25 percent of its tire tread wear life because you'll get better wet weather performance and this wear square will help you do that we're taking a closer look at the V rated C s510 as you can see it's an asymmetrical tire design and that just means that this side of the tire is not the same as this side of the tire over here the reason for that is that the outboard side of the tire right here gets more loading when you're in a corner in your cornering like this this is what's really gripping on to the road for you and so you want more rubber right there in contact with the road when you're out there and you're in wet weather or you're in snowy weather or something like that this inner portion the tire has better traction for that kind of situation this style of a tire and all season tire is kind of a compromise because it's not going to be the best at snow traction you're gonna want to dedicate it snow tire for that and it's not necessarily the best at summer traction you're gonna want an ultra performance tire for that situation let's take a closer and more tactical look at some parts of this tire right here we have these little blocks you'll find these on the HV and w rated versions of the cs5 this helps keep these blocks I'm getting too squished together and that can really happen under a load these narrow sections are called sipes and they help the tire grip the road so as you're moving along the tire sections want to move in relation to one another and that helps bite into the road into snow and other situations just a little bit better it also helps the tire and continue to have good traction as the tire wears along move up to the outer side of the tire you'll notice how much more rubber there is contacting the road right over here and if we move over to the inner side of the tire you'll notice how many more grooves there are on this side of the tire how many more deep channels there are to help grab and snow and other situations like mud and gravel that sort of thing now don't worry Cooper tire didn't send me away with a free set of tires which is kind of a pity actually because I came away liking the Cooper cs5 tire and Cooper's not a brand that I had really thought too much about before this trip but I have to say when my money is on the line next I will definitely put the cs5 tire at the top of my tire consideration list it would be a very good fit for my Jaguar xj8 I think it's also a very good fit for your average entry-level European luxury car your average midsize crossover vehicle your average family sedan if you want something that's a little bit grippier than what came from the factory most of those mid-sized family stands don't come with tires that are quite this grippy so it would be a nice change if you're looking for a replacement tire for your hybrid I would also consider something like a cs5 tire because you're going to get better grip than you will in the low rolling resistance variety of tires but Cooper has put a decent amount of silica in these tires which do help reduce the rolling resistance on these tires they're not low-rolling-resistance tires like you find in those specialty tires that they put on Prius is from the factory but does have relatively low rolling resistance characteristics which will help improve fuel economy versus some of the competition thanks taking the time to check out this video again I'm Alex tanks this has been the Cooper cs5 ultra touring and Grand Touring tire go ahead and click on these buttons right up here and check out the other videos on the Cooper cs5 tire we have a video on how the tires made what goes into the tire what those different layers in the tire are all for and what they do for you and then we also have a video on the Cooper tire and vehicle test centre wet testing track because I really think that test track is quite an interesting arrangement I kind of wish I had one in my own backyard go ahead and click that subscribe banner at the bottom of your screen so they can be updated on all of my latest videos and I'll see you next week

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  1. Do no recommend. Rotated every 6 to 7 k and only lasted 40k miles till the tires hit 4/32. No where near 80k warranty mark. Plus it got so harsh riding and loud as time went on.

  2. I just bought a set of these for my 2018 Sonata SEL. I hope they last.
    I paid $770 including road hazzard.
    So far I can't see any significant difference in MPG.

  3. I'm ready to buy a set of Cooper Evolution Tour or CS5 on my Lexus LS430, what is your opinion  Alex ?

  4. I have about 55K on my 60k Mile Cooper CS5 Ultra Tourings and am replacing with the same model today. The new model is rated at 70k miles. Seriously, no compromises. Great value, USA made, USA operated company, union employees, tires grip well in the wet and snow. They're not the best on ice, but what non-winter tire is good on ice? Super happy and picked them up for $73.00/tire. After factory and credit card rebate from the installer (Discount Tire), they're net $70/tire installed.

  5. Great review. I was looking for a tire for my '99 Jag xj8. Thanks for helping me make up my mind.

  6. I have used these tires on My Oldsmobille and Chevrolet mini vans ever since Pirelli quit making the P4000s. They make it seem like you are not in a minivan but rather a racy sedan. Plus they are extremely quiet.

  7. I replaced the stock Dunlop tires on my 08 Honda Fit Sport with the Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring 195 85 R15 tires and they are quieter, still getting the same gas mileage, but are 70.00 cheaper per tire. Due to the warranty with the OEM tires, I kept buying them. Now that the warranty is up I bought the Cooper tires. I would recommend them.
    Everyone has their favorites..Goodyear, Michelin, etc. Buy what works for you. Me? I'm staying with Cooper.

  8. Hey Alex, how would you compare the ride quality and noise on the Cooper CS5 Ultra’s vs the Perrelli P7’s?

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