Couple’s Life Changing Road Trip Across America 🚗 | Going There

Couple’s Life Changing Road Trip Across America 🚗 | Going There

– Are you recording? – [Woman] Yes, I’m recording. – We’re here in the center of American. Welcomes to the geographical
center of the 48 states. Here we are and it is cold. So cold! And then I fell embarrassing myself in
front of my girlfriend and the elderly couple that was there. Anyway, I’m currently
traveling all over the country on a massive road trip that
hits every state in America. (upbeat music) ♫ Aaahh Aahhh ♫ Aaahh Aahhh Aahhh Aahhh Aahhh I’m on this journey trying
to answer some of life’s big questions. Questions about love,
happiness, God, identity, you know simple stuff. – [Easy Button] That was easy. – [Man] But I’ve decided
that instead of taking the next decade to deal
with them internally or divorce and therapists to deal with it, I’ll just go out in the
world and see what it says. And, I know what you’re thinking. What, huh? Don’t worry, I’ll explain it in a second. But first, introductions. ♫ Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey ♫ Aaaaahhhhh (clicks) So my name is Oskar, 20 years old, I’m a filmmaker,
and a pretty good dancer. (dance music) This is Alexa, my traveling companion and
the coolest girl I know. I asked her to give me
a fun fact about herself and she says that if she
really likes her outfit she’ll wear it two days in a row. (ding) So, that’s her. Oh, and also she’s been my girlfriend for the past five years. Well, except for that
one year we broke up. (squelches) But, I’ll get to that later. And last, this is Ruby. She’s really still a baby
and was a bit nervous of all those miles in front of her but now she seems more
and more excited every day and is looking forward
to coming home an older, much wiser woman. Okay, so we’re traveling
to every state in America with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii. But that’s only because Alaska is too far and we’re not very good swimmers. Anyways, I’m on this
journey mainly because I wanted to see America. But also that thing about
life’s big questions. Things like how do you
know when you’re in love? Is there is God and if so, how do I find Him, or Her, or It, or They? And how do you learn to accept yourself? So now maybe you’re saying to yourself okay, so how does going
on a nationwide road trip answer any of these questions? Well, if you’d let me finish
I would have answered that. (ding) You see in each state I sit
down with a complete stranger and talk through some of these things. And through their stories and experiences, I look for answers in how I
can apply them to my life. We get into things like what
does true love look like? Is there such a thing as soul mates? Are they religious, spiritual? Did they ever question that? And what about looking inward? You know figuring out
who you are and all that kind of stuff. – Now you’ve just met
somebody who’s converted out of the Catholic faith,
practiced as a Protestant, and then became a Jew. That’s gonna make you think, isn’t it? (laughs) – [Oskar] Now, I don’t want to seem like melodramatic sad sap in the dump of dumps going through a quarter life crisis. I’d say I’m a pretty happy person who’s totally stoked to be alive. But I’d be lying if I told
you I’m totally confident in myself, confident with
love, and with my spirituality. So, I’m out here trying
to get it all figured out. So that’s who we are,
what we’re doing, and why. And this is me inviting you
to follow us on the adventure. (guitar music) – Hey guys, thanks for watching. – So, we want to know
what crossroads are you at in your life? Let us know in the comments below. – [Together] Let’s us know in the comments below. Let us know.

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  1. Oh wow… A boring young hippy couple, no knows anything about, and no one cares to, are given money to travel across the country so that Soul Pancake has SOMETHING/ANYTHING to post on their dying channel trying to pump out SJW talking points, and useless fluff trash like this very video I'm commenting on.

    Hey SoulPancake! Remember when you were kinda cool? Remember when you used to get views? LOL Sad times ahead….

  2. you know what. i want you to question your self of what is your purpose in life. that would be another great start

  3. What they're doing is kinda entertaining, but a piece of advice, if you want answers to these kind of questions, the last thing you should do is go around asking different people from different cultures about their beliefs. this will possibly turn you into a very lost individual. The best way to truly find answers is to put emotions aside, look deep within yourself, and let your consciousness answer these questions, and when you get wrong answers, the universe will send people, or obstacles your way to put you back on the right track. Adventuring can help you a lot in this case, but asking random people about these kinda stuff, not the best idea. God bless

  4. whether or not I want to continue my university education or find my true passion and career travelling like I've always wanted

  5. Oh man, this looks so interesting and fun. I really enjoy your hosting and editing. I've watched one of the episode at the end and off to see another one. Fun but at the same time hit that space in my soul that makes me wonder. I guess that's why the channel called sould pancake. +Oskar Velazquez, awesome job!

  6. graduating college with a BFA in graphic design.. deciding whether to:
    –move to a new area that i've always wanted to live and just hope that i'll eventually find a job in my field
    –move to a familiar area with the love of friends and family nearby.. as well as connections to jobs in my field

  7. Writing my A-Levels currently (I wrote maths today and it was surprisingly good🎉) and then going to France for 1 year as an Au pair!😊

  8. At 68 I'm often confronted with my own mortality. In every issue of the paper, the majority of the obituaries seem to be for people who are younger than me. It's not a morbid obsession, I've thought it through and decided that I've lived a full and wonderful life and won't be leaving a lot of unfinished business but I don't actually want to die yet. I'm having too much fun. I try to avoid obvious reminders that my days are numbered but they seem to come from all directions at all too frequent intervals.

  9. Current crossroad would be staying or leaving my hometown. The only thing keeping me here is my job and my appartement. I wish I had the guts to go on an adventure like this, but roadtripping in Norway is reaaally expensive. Super excited for this show, looks great.

  10. road trips make me so happy. Last year I went on one and now every once in a while I cry because all I want is to be back out there doing it again. It was so peaceful and amazing. And free.

  11. I have someone in my life and hope he stay in there forever :'3 He makes me learn a lot of things and gives me power to chase the dreams that i thought lost ♥ but, a part of me still want journeys and crazy adventures. I don't now if it's time to stabilize or not yet u.u

  12. Hi folks! My partner and I moved in together last July, traveling together to a new city where he started a career and I started a two-year teaching program.
    I thought it would be scary, but it feels darn natural. Comfortable, even. Calmest crossroad ever.

  13. I'm excited to travel with you guys. Thanks so much for sharing this, it's my dream personally.
    I'm especially interested in what people have to say about accepting yourself.

  14. I am a teenager trying to find my path. It's hard sometimes knowing where to go even with the few friends I have but I know someday I will find my own path, my own way and find my place in the world.

  15. Omg was that lawmeigher sculpture park!!! I probably spelled that wrong, but yay! That place is really cool and I used to go there a lot

  16. Of course it doesn't include Hawai'i (or Alaska) T^T

    I can't wait for more though! 😀 This looks awesome and super proactive!

  17. I'm just changing jobs (was self-employed, now taking full time). Also, I'm planning to travel for 1 month in SEA alone. Never done that before.

  18. do have fun but don't turn it all into a self help guide to finding "spirituality"— when did good old adventure become "guide to finding a fuller spirituality?" rock on,

  19. This is my question … At 20 years old, how are you paying for this trip and how did you afford a brand new car?

  20. Awesome!! I'm planning a road trip myself. Wish I had someone to go with.. But I just cant't wait any longer! Perfect timing on the video. Looking forward to following your journey

  21. The summer after I graduated highschool and after saving up around 500 bucks, I decided to go on a road trip alone. I drove from Los Angeles,ca to Dulith Minnesota. I am a photographer and photographed every place I went. slept at truck stops along the way. Have to say it was one of the most freeing and eye opening experiences of my life.

  22. YEAY! that looks awesome 🙂 I will definitely be following their adventures! <3 with much jealousy for this wonderful journey that they are taking.

    Now as for crossroads … me and my husbands are just about ready to start trying for a baby, which is probably the biggest decision we'll ever make, talk about a crossroad! sheesh. And career-wise, I am toying with the idea of quitting on my chosen profession for something completely different, 'cept I don't know what that something is 😛 so I'm just hanging out at the crossroad with that one … will be a while till I make a decision I imagine.

  23. LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! I don't remember why I clicked on one of your videos but I'm so glad that I did. Please please keep on making these videos cause you guys are reaaaaaaally really good at it. Wishing all of you health and the best of luck! Much love from Indonesia ❤❤

  24. This was shown at my school during announcements, I believe Alexa's little sister informed my school about it. Went to Highland High School in Gilbert, AZ, correct? Interested in your journey and I can't wait to see more!

  25. Oskar and alexa! you guys have one of the best content that ive seen in youtube. you guys should try to have your own blog or youtube channel!!!

  26. Omg this video gives me so much goosebump fo real! YOU GUYS DID SUCH A GOOOD JOBS. and it really reminds me of casey nesitate and his work. but damn i love your work. keep it up! i wanna see more of your video!

  27. I like your videos so far. I'm at a crossroads with breaking out of my old self as a kid and teen. Trying to get rid of a lot of childhood stuff and lighten my load for traveling. Trying to figure out myself without a bunch of self-help groups and therapy that helped over the years but not so much recently. I understand how you feel about boring a therapist about your life. I have been in therapy as a kid and I thought all the adults around me had answers for how to live my life. Now it's completely different. As a young adult, just like you, I'm ready to live and figure out my life for myself. I want to be content about my life and the answers I find in it.

  28. Age doesn´t matter when your life demands a change and that change has to come from within. You could also call it transformation to become a better person and that could mean you have to move, change job, get a new partner, reinvent yourself. I say go for it, try to plan part of it, but once it starts you won´t be able to stop it, just embrace change and in the longrun it will help you become better, more reliable, more free and happy. We all deserve happyness.

  29. Crossroad – Had a major health problem and can only work about 20 hours a week. I feel severely limited in what I can do with my life when I only have energy for about 20 hours of work, and then limited energy outside of work.

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