Creative Marketing -Free Vacation Certificate

Creative Marketing -Free Vacation Certificate

00:07 welcome to creative marketing incentives
a leader in the incentive marketing 00:11 industry
00:12 if you’re a business owners sales manager or marketing director
00:15 chances are you’d like to increase your sales an improved customer loyalty so marketing
creative 00:20 our marketing incentives are designed
to accomplish both of these goals
00:24 our incentives plug right insured testing business model in four major
00:28 areas 00:29 lead generation
00:30 boost response rates here existing ads increased optimism on your website by
00:35 offering an incentive to motivate action 00:39 sales
00:40 there are so many ways to clinch a deal by offering our incentives as a reward and
marketing creative 00:44 for a purchase
00:46 repeat business 00:48 you now have an effective tool for company
marketing contacting all of your previous business
00:51 clients using it personal touch an incentive to boot
00:55 referral business 00:57 are pure customers an incentive to send
you referrals and watch your referral 01:01 business skyrocket
01:03 getaway high perceived value incentives to your customers three easy ways
01:08 download pediatric atticus and physically hand your customer
01:11 certificate or mail it to them 01:13 email certificates jerk us for with
just one click on company marketing
01:17 automate your promotions and fear company website just add one of our html
01:21 suited to better steer websites conversion pages your past for simply
01:25 click on the better to receive their certificate
01:28 our program is designed to offer your business the ability to run marketing
01:32 promotions effectively and efficiently 01:35 your client’s wouldn’t joy outstanding
getaways an exceptional service for 01:39 purchase petting with one of our
incentive programs 01:41 our promotions and quality customer
service boost your business building 01:45 long-term relationships
01:49 i know what you’re thinking sounds too good to be true
01:52 how can we do this marketing creative 01:54 we contract with the world leading hotel
chains to help fill their empty rooms 01:59 one hotels get out there rooms by
partnering with cn my 02:02 they now gain a customer in the in-house
restaurants room service the casino 02:07 or even for an extra night stay
02:08 and for some of the same reasons why you
as a business would be using these 02:12 to help increase your repeat and
referral business 02:16 they know if they show your customer
good time other there 02:19 they will go home until their friends
and family about the great time they 02:22 have and maybe
02:23 even comeback as a paying customer 02:26 the next time they visit that city
02:28 contract with the largest travel conglomerates in the travel industry
02:30 today 02:31 insures quality vacations for your
customers with no timeshare or sales 02:36 presentations guaranteed
02:39 we’d like to offer you the opportunity to test us out risk free
02:44 for thirty days 02:45 take this opportunity test one of our
incentives for yourself company marketing 02:49 before giving them to your customers
02:50 we want you to be excited to be able to
use our incentives when signing up go 02:55 ahead and enter cm height twenty cm
i 02:58 for a twenty percent discount for
watching this video 03:01 we look forward to helping your business
growth to the next level that’s marketing creative

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