Cruise Ship Vacation Deals Costco Travel vs Vacations To Go Who is Cheaper? Plus Carnival Horizon

Cruise Ship Vacation Deals Costco Travel vs Vacations To Go Who is Cheaper? Plus Carnival Horizon

I have no idea okay we’re live we’re
live how worried everybody welcome to Friday TGIF thank God it’s Friday and
it’s drowning with Bruce welcome everybody to my channel today is
February February can’t get February out of my mind
it’s March the second it’s March the second 2018 thanks for joining me today
on my live strap my live streaming show here today the last one of the week we
have two we had two shows yesterday flood well last night let me tell you
that’s hard work but we got him done and we had a good time on both shows I know
a lot of you were on both were with me for both shows which i think is
fantastic and a number of newbies showed up for both shows which is also great
I’ve got new subscribers coming in I’ve got new people finding me
I think what’s beginning to happen also is people who watch they watch this
telecast and they they don’t comment at the beginning they kind of just want to
watch what’s going on and they want to see what this guy is up to and and then
they find out find out after a while after they watch just talk to each other
hear that they kind of go along you know it’s it’s kind of an okay channel and
and they seem to have a pretty good time they’re talking to each other maybe I’ll
join in and so they are more than welcome to come on in and and you know
have fun with us and let’s talk about cruising and whatever and yep Slovo sure
they start asking me questions it’s fantastic I love it so I’m very pleased
about that just checking my settings here to make sure it was okay having
looks to be fine the lighting today is the home lighting here because outside
it’s yucky uh Bob Hollis is telling me it’s not
yucky in Atlanta but I’m telling you Bob here and here in Creston oh no oh it’s
awful we’re really yucky we’re I’m just looking outside I just notice to start
in the rain it’s like there’s a timer around here somewhere someone’s got a
switch and they know Bruce is about to go on the air five o’clock Eastern boom
let’s let’s make it really yucky and Creston because then he’ll tell the
world how you key it is impressive why does Creston have to be yucky
where beautiful farming community here
surrounded by the mountains we grow all this beautiful fruit around here we have
peach orchards cherry orchards strawberries pears apples grapes we have
wineries around here it’s a beautiful place but not in March
it’s just yucky but what can I say I think we’re about 3334 degrees today so
it’s kind of like melting but now it’s raining on top of the melting stuff and
it keeps the dust down let me tell you that we we are definitely dust free and
so anyway what can I tell you we’re three miles north of Creston is three
miles north of the Idaho border those of you are new and wondering where is
Creston British Columbia I’m just three miles north of Idaho
I can see almost every day the United States of America just out my living
room window over here it’s there’s mountain ranges just down here that are
you know running both ways the moans don’t know where they are and America
looks great except I can’t see America right now I haven’t been able to see
America for the last hour because the fog has moved in and it’s gotten kind of
ah so it’s yucky and so the Americans can’t see us and we can’t see them but
we know we’re there and it’s all good okay what can I say but now for those of
you out there who are living in the Northeast the United States and in the
Maritimes again enough oh are you in for a treat I’m talking about Maine New York
Connecticut New Hampshire Vermont Pennsylvania New Jersey probably North
Carolina you guys are gonna get whacked with this massive system that has been
building all day they are calling it a bomb cyclone right now they’re telling
it telling everybody it’s a bomb cyclone it’s bad news
snow rain high winds flooding coastal flooding a mess I wouldn’t want to be
taking a cruise right now at a Bayonne New Jersey or out of New York I wouldn’t
want to be trying to get in there I wouldn’t want to be trying to get out of
there and that’s why I’ve been telling you folks who have been watching this
show if you’re gonna take a Caribbean cruise and you’re leaving
New York to do it you kinda don’t want to take it out of New York this time of
the year it’s just look at what you got to go through the next three days I
would not want to be on a cruise ship leaving New York today or yesterday
going through this right now this is ridiculous
it’s a vomit comet anyway um hide everybody out there I have a
special mention to make but let me just double check I want to make sure if I
make this mention that the individual is actually here because I just want to
double check I’m gonna let you guys keep signing and those of you who are new to
this channel and of course my regular to sign in and say hi if you’d like tell me
where you’re watching me from tell me what your high temperatures gonna be
today are you in this bomb cyclone or are you being spared this absolute mess
what’s your weather like and what’s it gonna look like and let me know I’ve had
a fun week this week with some of my some of my regulars they’re telling me
that they’re they’re watching me and having a great time enjoying the show
very much sir I’m just adjusting this and I’ve had some people tell me that
their wives think I’m cute which I get a real kick out of of course
I mean who wouldn’t get a kick out of that
and I I just say thank you so much I really appreciate that I need all the
compliments I can get because I’m poor my youtube channel is five and a half
months old it’s gonna be six months old and about ten days and I just want to
thank all of you who are watching and so many of you are watching today just
joined in your you guys haven’t been here more than a couple of months in
most cases I was looking at my stats this morning I got up at about 4:30 this
morning uh bright-eyed and bushy-tailed awake uh it’s a curse when you’re this
age to wake up this early but it is the way it is and I’m sitting in front of my
computer looking at my analytics and I’m looking at the history of my channel and
I started doing these lives from January the 6th January the 8th that’s when I
kind of tinkered with it then I launched it and I’ve been doing these live
streams you know every six days a week you know ever since and on the 8th of
January 7th of January I had two hundred and
20 subscribers I now have 1200 odd thousand of you have joined in since I
started doing these streams and you’re still coming it’s fantastic it’s
obviously working for a lot of you folks and I love it because it just lets me be
current with you to tell you what’s happening today on the cruise line or
what’s going on to the weather now or what you know what we’re hearing about
you know various news developments on in the cruise business so I just love being
this current rather than doing something once a week but all of the numbers have
just been fantastic and yesterday I got off the air and we were at 1,200 and 2
subscribers we broke 1200 last night and now I’m at 1200 9 another 7 have come in
in the last mile since last evening when I got off the air about 9 something
Eastern yeah but 9:30 Eastern another seven here we go they’re just coming
every once in a while no no one pops in another one pops in is fantastic
and I thank you very much a quick little update on my channel I’m still not
monetized another day another 24 hours and no
approval yet waiting I’m in review with probably a million others I am scouring
YouTube to see if anyone has come out of rib view and I can’t find a single case
of a youtuber that’s been Ramana ties since they were demonetized on February
the 20th after the rule so my only source of income is on live streams only
or on patreon and I’ve got to thank a number of you folks who’ve been helping
me you’ve been sending me these these donations to my poor little tip jar on
the super chat which is on this chat feature you guys are using and I thank
all of you who’ve sent me whatever you feel you want to and I appreciate it
very much Debbie Emmanuel there you are I know
you’re here I see you here I apologize to you I noticed after I went off the
air last night you had sent me a super chat and I didn’t see it I was checking
my stats last night and there wasn’t Debbie manual sent me somebody and I
didn’t know it and I just felt terrible I want to thank you again this is the
fifth time you’ve sent me some money I I’m speechless
I am beyond words family thank you so much for your contributions I love
you you’re wonderful and I’m looking for one other name I don’t see him yet so as
soon as I see his name I will shout him out in person because I got support from
someone else yesterday that I wanted to mention and say thank you to again in
person so on that’s the latest on that on the on the patreon front uh I’ve had
two people go to my patreon and start sending me money on patreon unbelievable
I thank you to my patreon site is is very behind I’ve really haven’t done
much with it it’s active you can link to it in my in my through my home page and
if you want to make a contribution to my patreon account it’s three dollars a
month is all I ask for as a minimum ten cents a day is all I’m asking from my
viewers on patreon to support my channel if you can spare a dime a day great it’s
just an automatic thing to your credit card or something like that however you
send them and if I can build up a following on that I will be in seventh
heaven because I get about 90% of that money actually I only take about five or
10% for the you know their fee and most of it comes to me which is great so
anyway so that’s coming along I I really haven’t talked about it much because
it’s just a it’s a it’s a crowdfunding site for youtubers that creators but I
really need to get to about 5,000 subscribers before it’ll really have an
effect but a few folks have jumped in there and I think you were already thank
you so much uh so that’s the latest on on YouTube and the latest success that’s
there now I’m in Waiting – I’ve been looking every night when I get get off
the air and I post my video and then the next morning as well I get on and I
check my channel and I click on last night’s live to see you know have the
YouTube people made it work so that I can see the comments that you’re making
right here right now are those comments being but they’re still not showing on
mine I’m curious if any of you out there have found it have any of you seen one
of my videos from a couple days ago alas say two days do you see your
comments showing up I don’t on my channel and I
I’m worried not great but I’m kind of curious maybe because I’m a founder it
doesn’t doesn’t show I’m not exactly sure well what is that Oh what is this
sherry sherry Ann 1965 my darling what have you done you have sent
me a super chat is am I reading Emery that $20 you’ve you’ve sent me $20 well
this is a good Friday thank you so much sherry thank you very very much
that is wonderful I’ve never seen an orange one before one
of those bars you see you see the bar going across here like there is there
sherry ends superjet but you probably all see it on yours but oh my goodness I
usually see blue ones I guess the larger the amount of the
different the color I’ve not I’ve never seen an orange one before so thank you
very much sherry and that’s yeah that’s helping is this is making up for some
lost advertising revenue from YouTube let me tell you you know YouTube kills
me because by not monetizing my channel you know the ad revenue is of look
they’re not getting anything either it’s not like they’re keeping the money for
themselves it’s they’re selling they’re selling clicks or views to their
advertisers and the advertisers pay-per-view that their ad is watched
and in this case on this channel those of you who don’t know this about when I
started this channel in like August and September 90% of my viewers were male
and only 10% were female but today after all these months and and and and new
subscribers it’s 50/50 it’s about half and a half it’s half female half male
viewership which is extraordinary on YouTube so many YouTube channels are 90%
male 85% male because they’re gaming channels or they’re sports channels that
kind of thing and the the numbers that I have are extraordinary the other
direction now I know that our YouTube channels where
you know they’re ladies who do crafting channels or makeup channels it’s it’s
90% female you know that technically we have another Peter you’ve come through
Peter Peter sent me two dollars on a blue one thank you Peter on the super
chat you for making us laugh so much thank you very much there you are I
thank you I love it this is a record date having a record day on super jet
I’ve broken all records today thank you both of you so much
but anyway there’s a number of YouTube channels over you know strictly and
really aimed at the female market I get that I can’t do I can’t do nail painting
videos it’s not like you know so the fact that this male has this channel
talking about this topic cruise ship vacationing and everything up it appeals
to men and women and the other thing that I think is great for this channel
about my channel I think I’m bragging I don’t wanna Selig I’m boasting but we’re
talking about a group of people who love to cruise that are not I’m not talking
to teenagers here we’re not I’m not in the 12 to 18 year old market the gamer
market I’m in the 25 – and up past my age and up market and those of us who
like to go on a cruise and and enjoy a cruise or you know we’ve been on cruises
we pay our bills and this is who advertisers want to get to so I’m
sitting back going what is taking YouTube so long to monetize romana ties
my channel but I have a feeling it’s not me I think what’s happening excuse me I
think what’s happening is it’s the overall collection of video creators
that they D monetized with the click of a button on the 20th of February and now
they have to they’ve had to go into the pool and you know approve them and I
have a suspicion what’s going on is they’ve already pre-approved a bunch of
us but they’re waiting for the moment to push the button to bring a bunch of us
back in in one shot well I was hoping that was March first I was I was just
praying that ok you know you got your February 28th thing month and done
and now it’s the new month so let’s go but nope here we are on the 2nd of March
nothing I check out every hour if I wear that button out mi REE monitize damn not
mean one so anyway so here we are so thanks for all of you folks who are
helping me and supporting me I really appreciate it I’m glad you’re enjoying
it I’m hoping you’re enjoying it I mean I’m I lie awake at night wondering oh I
hope they’re not bored of this I hope they’re they’re engaged and what can I
talk about tomorrow it’s gonna get them going I gotta come up with a topic
that’s gonna get through through yeah what can i oh my god I got it and then I
come up with the next one and and here we go so thank you everybody for doing
it let’s say hi to everybody because the folks have been saying hi to me and I
should say hi to them so let’s get on with this right now
George McCraw our first one in today saying 81 degrees Fahrenheit partly
cloudy in the villages George every day you’ve got that weather I know why your
lemonade you’ll love it I don’t want your they’re fantastic welcome George
and happy weekend to you Bob Paulus hi Bruce no more yucky just
luck I just got lucky no more yeah key got lucky sunny and 60
in Atlanta today I’m just gonna say I’m gonna assume you got lucky because of
the weather but I’m hoping for the other chery chery an a commented a TGIF we
have a nor’easter here in Connecticut that there see there you are that’s what
I was I’m watching that weather on TV or on I shut it off and I shut not because
I don’t want I want the distraction I can’t handle the distraction of
television there’s too much going on and I need to focus on you know what I have
to bring you guys but yeah that’s that’s a big story even up here in Canada
they’re talking about the Maritime Provinces north of you gonna get it big
time it’s gonna be a mess stay indoors sherry stay warm and thanks again for
your for your super shot today Randy Lucas greetings from Paradise California
cloudy with a high of 47 did you get any rain Randy you need rain are you getting
any Scott batchly hi Bruce back again cold and damp in Ventura California 57
and we got enough rain to just to just make a mess
but it’s a 57 degree ish rain rather than you know wow that’s right what do
you need the moisture though don’t you Debbie Manuel hydras high as 50 in Chico
cold and stormy okay Debbie thanks again for that contribution yesterday
appreciate it Stephanie Simon’s up 73 sunny and Jacksonville beautiful day hi
Stephanie how are you I think you’ve been here before but if you haven’t
welcomed know you have been here before Jacksonville you’ve been here before
welcome back Susan McGuigan the hello from sunny Tampa Bay
Florida near Floridians you’re killing me 73 in Tampa a welcome Susan Charles
Jourdan hey Bruce eh Charles how’s it going buddy
Limerick khipu Limerick a few Silver’s lemma Limerick Kapoor Silver’s 43 and
sunny in Chicago going on the harmony of the Seas April 28th love you Bruce I got
the girlfriend to subscribe Chicago loves traveling with Bruce I know it I
knew it I own that town I love it fantastic thank you so much Chicago are
you Chicagoans out there fantastic welcome Silvan Forrest is here hi Bruce
we reached 83 degrees per night here Delray Beach Florida it is cooling down
now 78 degrees for dove dad and I are enjoying an amusing and amusing Cabernet
Sauvignon with our cigar the mango trees are blooming sill then it’s awesome
fantastic it’s a great way to spend a Friday afternoon fantastic or early
evening for you xxoo school from tokyo good morning from Tokyo currently 3
degrees Celsius but today will be high 15 again this is exceptional weather for
you guys fantastic you’re getting the good stuff and the Northeast US is
getting the bad stuff you’re gonna do and I’m getting yucky just had their
young here 65 sunny in Kentucky hi everybody hi Heather how are you today
welcome to Friday charlie bomb hi Bruce it’s 46 in Alexandria Virginia high
winds yeah that’s yeah I know why we know why yeah you’re it’s starting it’s
gonna last a while too I think Charlie Jay sonic hedgehog hey Bruce back from
Cuba you’re back from that one we call inclusive welcome back buddy he’s in
Montreal folks makyla smith welcome back Jay sonic Heather
happy Friday everybody JSON ahead shock saying temperature in Montreal 34
degrees feels like 27 light snow day sonic thanks makyla Heather Young
welcome back Jason everyone’s welcome Jay sonic back from
his holiday he’s been gone for a week and for a beautiful sunshine back to
crappy weather yes you yeah and it’s gonna get worse but he it’s getting
worse Peter heck and my wife my wife Annie and
I watched her 8 p.m. show last night on our big TV enjoyed your stories about
San Diego and Las Vegas we laugh glad you liked it got a ton of a fans got a
lifetime of stories let me sell you oh man you know I can’t tell my friends
around here cuz they all hurt so I might as well tell you guys you have a
fantastic peter hekima you were the best thing on TV say thank you
that’s telling you something about the state of television today right when we
had three when we had three networks television was better but was it really
better was Mannix and and Gunsmoke and what other shows
were we watching back in the day car 54 where are you and Matt well mash in the
80s obviously that was good TV I suppose uh all the family and uh oh my goodness
has television changed as the world changed oh my god unbelievable
Debbie Manuel saying you are welcome Bruce I said it at the last minute last
night that’s what you did I thought she she sent me a super chat right at the
end or I didn’t see it I always get so much info out of all your videos uh
alive in or even on Memorex and I’m dating myself yeah I know I know I am
too I know it Memorex this is it is it live or is it Memorex right we never
forget these lords yeah you sent me that right at the end I missed it and I
didn’t see it until about an hour later and I went what where does it what yeah
there you go thank you again Michaela Swift why can’t with Smith Wow
sherry awesome Debbie Emanuel oh sherry how awesome
Heather young so nice of you sherry everyone is complimenting and I thank
you again $20 contribution to my cost Debbie
Peter yay what a cash day Heather young awesome Peter peach
Brighton I just saw online carnival and Royal Caribbean have begun to cancel
short excursions involving ferries in Cozumel due to us saying explosive
device found on the shore excursion ferry boards ferry boats there you go
yeah well these cruise lines will pull up in immediately on that they all they
won’t even they won’t ask questions they’d pull the pin first and ask
questions later because the safety of this cup the staff of the passengers is
number one that’s just the number one thing and if they have to if they have
to work ferries themselves with their tenders and that’s what they’ll do or
they all they’ll find other providers to you know whatever they have to whatever
security measures they have to do they’ll take care of it to ensure your
safety on their cruise nice to know a proactive they aren’t reactive that are
proactive that’s pretty good Jay sonic hedgehog signified waivers I
just discovered that the super chat goes red when you send 500 yes it does I’ve
I’ve seen that yeah I’ve seen it don’t don’t be playing with that and
accidentally touched the wrong button because once you send it it’s got so be
careful what go Michael Jackson how do you donate via
YouTube Michael there’s a dollar sign hopefully on your device where you’re
typing a message if you click on that you enter a super chat little app and
from there you just follow the instructions and you can send me a
dollar or two dollars three dollars or whatever you want and you can even send
me a message and it just comes through and it goes to you through YouTube
through the pay system through me and then that’s but if you have a device
there’s certain devices it might not work on but I’ve been told that YouTube
has been enabling you know all devices to do it it’s a just a matter of time
that you can do it on any device but for a while I’d heard certain devices you
couldn’t do it on unless you run certain other devices Jay sonic hedgehog I don’t
have any idea adenine Chapman Hydra is zero here in Nova Scotia
uh yes marine you’re in for some fun Elizabeth Breen saying 64 right now in
Daytona nice and sunny and I am super happy because the air is awful the air
conditionings off you’ve cooled down a little bit
fantastic and you can let some cool air from the outside in and keep it in the
house overnight and then in the morning close those windows keep the old cool
air in the house as it warms up again welcome Elizabeth
Kenneth Burks is saying hi Bruce following from England UK snowing all
day weather freezing below 5 degrees Celsius we’re not used to this weather
or prepared for it either looking forward to your program tonight yeah
this that the East the beast from the east is what you are experiencing from
Siberia moved the opposite direction and came in and has hit everybody over there
unbelievable you’re up to now it’s hitting the mainland
yikes it’s it’s a nasty one we got one off the East Coast us and we got none
over there Judy ants to sing hydras still raining
at 56 degrees in Sacramento well the rain is rain will you got it you gotta
take this rain sorry but you gotta take this rain welcome Judy and welcome to
front the ants is here hi Deann 53 and a beautiful rainy day in Southern
California beautiful rainy day so the cowboy fantastic the end Jay sonic
saying and Bruce you wanted to review the resorts food and I will give it to
you yes yes the food was great but it seemed like it was the same dish every
night at the buffet I’ve heard this before
that it’s always the same kind of thing and after the fourth 50 it kind of had
enough of it Jay sonic saying but the other
restaurants were better because it was a la carte so there you go
a Jay sonic says so my overall view of the resort he’s saying as for the food
rating 80% on the Italian seafood and Cuban restaurants 60% on the tuba Quay a
two-block way because they didn’t have any real choice in foods for the whole
entire week that we were here as for the service impeccable great service so 100%
Jay sonic is saying as for the power grid nothing can be done on the hip
power outages that we had it was out of our control we still had it we still had
it tough but but give it a 70% Jason Ising asks for the temperature simply
perfect 90% since there was some cloudy periods
like 25 to 30% of the time so sounds pretty good on a whole you know these
resorts in Cuba like I say for my for my American viewers Canada Europe and many
other countries have not had a travel embargo against Cuba unlike the
Americans unlike the United States has had until Obama reversed it one to two
years ago maybe but but Canadians have been going down for four vacations to
Cuba at all inclusive for years these all-inclusive would be run by in some
cases Canadian companies but in many cases European outfits and they’ll not
build they’ll they’ll they’ll come down and they’ll design and then hire local
Cubans and bring in European engineers certain contractors to build out these
resorts and the resorts are just like in Cancun or in Dominican Republic or
Jamaica you know they’re about Western Standard and then they’ll bring in the
they’ve got the flat screen TVs down there and they bring in the satellite
television coverage and they’ll have the pools and the beautiful beaches and the
resorts are Elega say they’re just like resort you’ll find in Cancun Mexico and
then they’ll have the buffet they’ll have a la carte restaurants where you
can just order what you want and they’ll have also day trips that they’ll
organize that you can go to like a sugar plantation or to where they make rum or
whether they’re making the cigars and you know me for Canadians it’s been an
affordable way to get a warm beach holiday in January March April because
the Cubans are so desperate for Western currency of any kind
the Canadian dollar is is cherished along with the American dollar if they
can get it and the euro and the British Pound so the dollars come in and the the
in Canada were able to book these one-week 10-day two-week stays at 3 star
4 star 5 star resorts through travel agents in Canada
we paid them in Canadian dollars and the the travel agents block book you know a
hundred rooms at a time or fifty rooms at a time at this resort and twentieth
this or whatever the numbers and all through the year thousands and thousands
of Canadians are flying in on aircraft upwards of ten flights so they easily
are coming down there direct from Toronto Montreal Vancouver Calgary
Western Canada coming all the way down there and and folks are staying like I
say for a week so the plane brings in a load of tourists from Canada it takes a
load back and that’s being done all winter long and just like in Cancun we
have direct flights obviously to Punta Cana and to to to where we have Mazatlan
for to buy art there’s timeshares there and of course also Cuba and so that’s
how that works in the Cayman Islands where I used to live we’re 90 we were 90
miles south of Cuba and on Fridays there would be a Cabana a Cubana aircraft come
in on on the island in Cayman and it would be one of these twin engine
propeller jobs and the plane would be like 40 years old they want to have
these weekend getaway flights to Cuba which would take all of 40 minutes and a
number of commands or expatriates who are living on the on the island one hop
in on these planes I never did one of these flights but I had some friends of
mine in the office who did and they would hop on this flight Friday Friday
afternoon around five o’clock just after work four o’clock some like
that and they would fly to Cuba for the for the weekend so they get there and
they’d spend Friday night and Saturday night in Cuba and then on Sunday they’d
be back around Tunis afternoon and we had a few few friends who were there who
weren’t supposed to go to Cuba but they went anyway because on Cubana if you go
from a third country you can get in there but they wouldn’t have their
passports there and so there would be no record of them ever going there and no
names but I would hear reports when I heard
what they were going through when they were I went oh no this is not for me
it’s not very luxurious it was pretty rustic pretty basic but
the whole point to go was to come back with some cheap Cuban rum and to come
back with some of those cigars and so these folks would go up there and they
would grab a charting a charter ship like the ship to fish on and fished off
the shore you know for the whole day Saturday and then on Sunday they were
recovering from their partying on Saturday night and then come back Sunday
and then try to come back in the office Monday morning but they’d having a Cuban
cigars and at home they’d have a bottle of two of Cuban rum that they would get
for five bucks a bottle eight bucks a bottle
dirt cheap and you couldn’t get it any other way
course if here in the Cayman Islands you can buy Cuban cigars right there you can
buy Cuban cigars in the Cayman Islands they sell them right there but there are
fortunate there are absolute fortune to buy and there and the rum is marked up
to came in prices which is not affordable so anyway there’s a quick
recap of our breakdown of the commanding experience whereas the Cuban experience
let me just see if I’ve missed any messages I thought sliced I want to come
through here oh and the EP is telling me hello Javier Aloha Friday here in
Honolulu it’s 75 ish and overcast a day fantastic and then let’s see I want to
make sure all the other comments have come in so I think I’ve got everybody
here and I got Jay Sonic’s comments here so I think we’re up to speed so welcome
one and all to the Friday telecast of my livestream and we’re good to go now
today I was going to mention a couple of things to me I got an email I could talk
to one email I just got I got a message just before I went on the air it was
about oh now what an hour ago and a viewer sent me a comment regarding the
msec site he had watched a video I had done how many have I done on the seaside
folks have I done five now I mentioned the msec side with you folks how many
times we’ve been talking about the seaside for what five weeks six six
weeks we’ve been relaying what we’re hearing what we’re
you know the videos we’ve seen on YouTube by other posters news news
stories vlogs you know Facebook page comments I mean they’re just endless
haven’t they been on this Eastside I think we’ve hit that horse down to its
last its last ride well anyway one of the videos I posted must have been one
of these live chats this individual took exception to my comment and he said to
me the way he said it was sort of like wow you know if you don’t like MSE you
should take a Carnival cruise I’m sure you’ll be happy on Carnival cuz MSC is a
wonderful cruise line and they have great food and they have great
entertainment and there are a wonderful cruise line and I thought to myself
you’re right except for one ship the line is a fantastic cruise line MSC is
known for five-star cruising they really are and in Europe they are really but
they’re the most popular cruise line in Europe I have said this numerous times
um Mediterranean the most ships in the Mediterranean are operated by MSC
seaside and there’s a good reason for it they know what they’re doing they know
their market they’ve got quality ships they’ve got good staff and the Europeans
who predominantly utilize their services are very happy and I am sure I am I’ve
heard from people who’ve been on MSC Cruises I’ve seen videos and I’ve seen
written accounts of North Americans who’ve taken MSC Cruises in the
Mediterranean and throughout Europe and on the MSC divide the vena the cruise
ship that has been doing the Caribbean waters for a couple years now very happy
they’re very happy with MSC seaside happy about their cabins happy about the
service happy about the the the atmosphere on the ship they’ve been no
problem with the food they say the entertainment they they seem to light
no complaints at least no complaints and I’ve repeated that I’ve made a point of
repeating it however the shocker to me and to a lot of you out there has been
these reports about the MSC seaside this one ship only this one ship has had
issue after issue after issue and the thing is that MSC made a big deal of it
they were the ones not us out here MSC were the ones who said you come on
the MSC seaside and for the first time you North American cruisers out there
will be able to experience what MSC is famous for in Europe and in other areas
that they they ply their trade and we’re all excited I’m all excited I was all
pumped up and so were a lot of cruisers and so were a lot of North American
travel agents a ton of North American travel agents were very excited
both the MSC seaside coming over because finally they could book a cruise for
their clientele on a ship that was going to be based out of Miami and would be
servicing the North American market predominantly now we do know and we have
heard a high number of Europeans do fly into Miami
to get onboard the MSC seaside every week because again they love the line of
course but a high number of these passengers are North American passengers
USA Canada from wherever else and the the shock of it then for all of us was
oh my gosh right from the inaugural cruise which was in in the Mediterranean
and Europe and then across the Atlantic to first New York and then down to Miami
what are we hearing nightmare stories nothing but nightmares toilets backing
up showers backing up with raw sewage the smell of sewage all over the place
permeating through the air conditioning systems were we’re
smelling it they were smelling it in the lobby and the atrium down the hallways
and and then we were hearing issues of poor build quality because this is a
ship that is unlike any ship that MSC seaside has ever built before it’s a
completely new design it’s a completely new engineering a marvel at sea it’s
completely looking ship that we’ve ever seen before never seen one like this
before it looks incredible striking some people love it some people don’t but I
mean it’s really unique well they’ve got all kinds of mechanical problems on this
thing and to make matters worse it’s not just mechanical again a lot of you folks
were here watched me about two weeks ago three weeks ago we were doing a live
stream and one of the folks joining us was an individual that posted his own
YouTube video of his experience on the ship and it was a nightmare for him and
he came on our telecast and we were talking to him he was typing away
telling us what was going on from from the check-in procedures he had issues
with where other people didn’t he had issues with the languages being six
languages for every announcement ridiculous such an inconvenience such an
annoyance then he was talking about the food quality he was talking about the
selection being bad and we just went on and on and on then we all saw the video
that Jim Zim did on his YouTube page he is one hundred seventy thousand
subscribers he’s been around for a long time he’s been on 40 something cruises
and he ranked it the last dead last of all of his cruises it was number 43 out
of 43 I’m repeating this information sharing it with you you’re sharing with
me and this guy today writes in my comp claim that all you haven’t even been on
the ship yet what are you talking about I think you want me to go on the ship
you want me to smell the poop spell myself and confirm it for you like I
don’t trust my viewers like I don’t trust dozens of other passengers who’ve
already commented on it like they’re all lying like what is going on here
is this an individual who works with the cruise line who’s trying to defend the
cruise line what is going on I can’t I can’t help if you don’t believe me and
you think I’m making this up because I wasn’t on this ship I’m
thinking of myself why would I go on that ship why would anybody go on that
ship right now you want me to pay good money to go on that ship and do this ooh
you want me to find that you want me to find that I don’t wanna find that I want
to hear from other youtubers and other viewers who are gonna tell me that I was
just on the msec side I was there for a week we went to these different ports I
tried the food we checked the entertainment we were in our cabins we
were looking for that poop smell and we we had no issues whatsoever and and
that’s what I’m waiting for I’m waiting for the first one the first
time that I can hear that to actually go you think it’s over are
we are we through the worst of it I haven’t heard it yet have any of you
heard about it I haven’t heard the good news yet I’m still hearing the last I’m
hearing is what we’ve been talking about for the last month and a half and I I
really hope and I’m praying for msec site for that ship I’m praying that that
ship gets fixed up because the sister ship is a couple of months away from
being launched it’s being built right now and it’s coming – it’ll be plying
its trade in Europe however and this is where msec site might have a real
problem on their hands you think this is bad in Miami what happens if that sister
ship has the same exact operational issues over in the Mediterranean where
you guys the MSC guys rule I mean they’re the
number one outfit over there you don’t want to have 5,000 Europeans a week
coming off that ship going home man what was I thinking what’s wrong with this
ship because now you’ve got 5,000 a week coming off just like that and they’re
gonna tell 10 friends each right away and another 10 relatives the next week
what happened and you’ve got a hundred thousand people in Europe a week finding
out what’s going on and you know some of those folks are gonna be on you
– they’re gonna maybe one of them will catch here I mean we’re gonna hear about
it we’re gonna hear about it over here so I I was stumped today when I saw this
comment I went well hey you know you don’t want to believe me if you think
I’m making it up okay to each his own but anyway such as
the life of a YouTube creator from time to time I tell you it’s unbelievable
I’ve got comments going through here let’s see what’s happening here I know
Jay sonic you’re typing up a storm today buddy I can’t read all your comments if
you’re gonna give me a million of them my goodness oh my let me just catch up
with all of these comments here Anna’s Comet fantastic msec side what
are we gonna do okay here we go Doreen sorry here here we are Jay sonic is saying there was an
incident at the airport my dad bought a bottle of liquor at the resort it was
thrown out at the airport they wanted him to buy the same liqueur I’m not sure
if maybe at the airport or something I know what’s going on there at the
airport he’s saying they should really make the MSC the MSC Cubana
Doreen Chapman is saying I’ve not heard anything about it which is strange good
or bad Samantha farmers here another question
about getting the $100 cabin credit for owning 100 shares of Royal Caribbean
stock one will you get that for every 100 shares or just one credit total one
credit total Samantha it’s a 1:1 cabin credit no matter how many shares you
have but the minimum is a hundred shares okay
so if you own a thousand shares you you’ll only get the $100 credit one time
okay number two question if if you have other family in the room can they get
the same thing and if they’re underage can you hold their stock thank you if if
you’re sharing one cabin the credit is only for that one cabin no matter how
many people are in the cabin if you’re booking two cabins say neck adjoining
cabins um I’m going to guess that it’s one credit but if the shares
if there’s a hundred shares in one person’s name and there’s a hundred
shares in another person’s name and you book the other cabin and the other
person’s name then I think you can that person get it can get a credit and you
can get it credit okay I hope that makes sense hope I’m not confusing it too much
Silvan forces here says I’m playing with the idea of a fourteen-day repositioning
cruise from Barcelona to Port Canaveral this fall on Norwegian Epic I might give
Costco travel a chance to give me a FRA score so then I’ll talk to you about
this and one second I’m getting ready to go on to my next story or a couple of my
stories one of them is that exactly Costco anyway Skyhawk is saying
Skyhawk 1987 turbos here is saying I can’t wait to see what people say about
the new carnival horizon coming out the CDC had bad reviews of carnival ships
this past year laughing out loud you’re all good it’s okay Jay sonic Samantha
farmer saying if they were if they are in the same room but hold their own
hundred okay you’ve got if you got four people in the room
you own a hundred shares and they own a hundred shares but you’re in the same
cabin only the only the person making the booking can get the $100 credit the
other shareholder can’t get a hundred dollar credit because they’re in the
same room it’s one credit per cabin and if everyone’s a shareholder you’re just
getting that one credit okay it would be great if you had four people
in the cabin all of them had a hundred shares you get a 400 over crack correct
they’d lose a bundle on you they’d lose their shirts they’re not but you take
what you get it’s an extra hundred bucks that you know it’s a freebie if you
could take five cruises a year even one week a piece that’s $500 in cabin
credits you’ll get during the year just for being a shareholder of the company
it’s a good deal I don’t mind that a bit okay first of all Carnival horizon I
want to get to this quickly because my buddy here Skyhawk mentioned it you beat
me to the punch today Sylvain you beat me to the punch on Costco so hang on
Carlo horizon that ship is gonna be delivered to Carnival at the end of
March the end of this month so less than 30 days Carnival takes possession in
Europe for that ships being built I believe in Italy it’ll hold up to 400
passengers 404 thousand passengers just under 4,000 passengers it makes the this
is gonna make the 26th ship in the carnival fleet under the brand name
carnival so that’s 104 ships I guess for them for
the entire company now excuse me this ship is known as a vista class ship it’s
the third one and the fourth this the class ship is called the panorama it’s
under construction right now it will be delivered to Carnival in 2019 and that
is the ship that will head over to Long Beach and it is going to do Mexican
cruises out of Long Beach starting in 2019 the the horizon the one that’s
coming up now it’ll start in the Mediterranean for a few few weeks then
it’s going to move to New York City in May and it’s going to do Bahamas and
Bermuda cruising out of New York City until September and then the ship will
transfer to Miami and it’ll then do the the Caribbean the area the horizon will
be in the Caribbean so that’s the future of the horizon ship and then the other
thing I read about Carnival was after the panorama is built another shift the
next class of ship is being built haven’t heard the name of the class
haven’t heard this yet I’ll find myself probably the next month or so or two for
delivery in 2020 or so carnival will have a ship capable of holding six
thousand six hundred passengers how about that bigger than the Symphony of
the Seas bigger than the harmony of the Seas for passenger capacity should be an
interesting thing to witness when we see the final versions of the ship and
whatever but I kind of stumped in away cuz I’m thinking
2020 you’d be building it kind of now you
wouldn’t you be kind of you know laying the keel on it so you’ve got your
designs you got your engineering done you gotta
have that done first before you cut the steel so I’m kind of curious whether
it’s really 2020 or is it gonna be 2021 but 6600 capacity ships coming to
carnival to compete against Royal Caribbean monsters this should be
interesting stuff folks with that many passengers the cost of cruising per
cabin can be quite low because of the sheer number of passengers on the ship
because you’ve just you’ve got the one captain you got your office your officer
team running the ship you got your engineers downstairs you don’t need a
hundred more guys to run a bigger ship like that you might need ten five more
than you would have on a four thousand passengers ship about the cabin staff
yes the hotel staff of course you’re gonna need you know that many more but
you need to have many more people because you have that many more
passengers it’s all relative right there you go from four thousand passengers to
sixty six hundred passengers well twenty six hundred passengers that used to be a
pretty big sized cruise ship twenty six hundred extra passengers now they’re all
one ship extra so yeah more room attendants more waiters more bars more
restaurants Wow we’re heading for 7,000 capacity not too far down the road here
people unbelievable what’s happening in this industry it’s incredible so then
this one’s for you were talking Costco travel and I wanted to do a comparison
between Costco travel and vacations to go calm because I had a question from a
comment from a viewer I thank thank you very much and she told me that she seen
my video the one that we did the other day where I was talking about Costco
travel and she answered the question she told me that the Costco travel services
is an independent travel agency its affiliated with Costco and if you book
if you book a flight or a rental car or a hotel or a cruise or a full
all-inclusive resort you’ll get a very good price
very good deal and you’ll also earn 2% 2% cash back on your executive card
because you’re a Costco member if you’re an executive member and if you use the
Costco credit card it has cashback built-in as well you’ll get that and
depending on the the thing you’re buying depending on the product you’re
purchasing you’ll get a cash back card you get a cash card a Costco cash card
so with all those factors factored in I thought well I’m gonna I’m gonna check
it out I’m gonna compare a Costco vacation price to vacations to go
because I use vacations to go all the time I could call a travel agent and say
hey listen do me a favor I want to waste your time I want to waste your time for
about a half an hour I’m doing the comparison would you mind doing all this
work for me just to give me a quote and I know what the transfer a the travel
age is gonna do I’m gonna hang up the phone I’m gonna say Bruce I’m working
for a little get lost so I thought I’ll use I use vacations to go to see what
the what the deal would be okay let me just double check here on my messages
here everything’s up to speed J sonic is talking about the Norwegian
escape New Year’s cruise don’t love watching screws videos as well Samantha
farmer would you recommend the Royal Caribbean credit card for the potential
benefits Samantha I can’t tell you good or bad because I’ve never had the card
myself anybody out there do any of you folks out there have a
loyalty credit card from any of the Cruise Lines Carnival Norwegian Royal
Caribbean and if you do are any of you taking advantage of the deals is it
working out for you are you getting any kind of benefits for it do you get
credits against cruises is it worth your while or are the interest rates or
ridiculous you don’t want to do it kind of love to get you comment on that back
to this comparison deal I was looking up a cruise on the celebrity a celebrity
and he goes the Eclipse and I have found a a cruise that was a seven nighter
and it was leaving Miami and I looked up I wanted to look up a
balcony rate because I didn’t want to look up like the cheapest room available
but nonetheless it didn’t it didn’t matter in the end it didn’t matter I
went to the vacations to go website I found cruises on celebrity for the month
of bollène was the month of excuse me he wasn’t month of March this month
sorry this month and I found a cruise on the 31st of this month 31st of March
leaving Miami and I looked up the same cruise on Costco travel and found the
two found the exact same dates the same ship the same itinerate everything and I
asked you know okay how much is it and here’s to the pricing I got for Costco
travel it came out at $900 for the balcony and if you took that deal was
$1,800 you have got a ninety five dollar cash card from Costco so you can use
that in a Costco store any way you want taxes and tips of course are additional
and if you use your of course you’d book it with an if you’d use it with an
executive card that black a Costco card the one that cost 110 bucks I think it
is you got two percent cash back for that which will come on to your next
rebate that would be $36 and if you used a Costco credit card well then you’d get
a cash back on that now if you have a cash credit card from anybody else you
get cash back on that – even though you booked it through Costco because the
credit card company is separate than the the the Costco outfit and if you get two
percent cashback three four whatever you get yet okay now vacations go calm okay
Costco was nine hundred vacations to go 659 for the cat for the balcony you got
a fifty dollar cabin credit from celebrity as well I didn’t see a cabin
credit on the Costco version taxes and tips are extra now you don’t get two
percent cash back because you’re booking it with your Costco card obviously but
you would get cash back if you had a cash back credit card right now if it
even if I think I think even if you use the Costco cash back credit card
and you paid the the Celebrity Cruise Line using that card I think you still
get the cash back on the purchase because it’s it’s a purchase for
anything I think it might be only like a 1 or 2 percent and for Costco it might
be 3 or 4 or 5 percent it might be a bonus there but it all depends on the
kind of cash back card you have now just like Samantha was asking me if you’ve
got a Royal Caribbean credit card and you use it to buy pay for this Celebrity
Cruise that’s that’s a Royal Caribbean operated cruise line you’d probably get
benefits for that and if anyone knows what they are let me know ok
so there you are 900 bucks versus 659 and Costco does give you 95 cash where
celebrity gets you a $50 cab and credit so if you take one from the other
Costco giving you $45 net and then you’re getting your $36 on the 2%
executive membership cashback bonus so to me it’s like 60 bucks if I’m right or
70 bucks both 71 dollars or 80 I’m sorry it’s
eighty one dollars any one dollars in cost goes favors you take 81 off the
nine hundred as a matter of fact you have to take any one off that the for
the two so it’s only $40 off the nine hundred its 860 versus 659 vacations ago
gotta beat so so then my advice to you is go ahead and look for that cruise I
absolutely find it go to Costco calm or Costco travel calm go in there is you
don’t have to register in you don’t have to do all kinds of commitments you can
just shop around you know look around and see if you can find the
repositioning cruise if it’s even available because it may not be offered
to you through their site they may or may not offer that crew that
repositioning cruise to you through Costco again I don’t know I’m kind of
guessing here the reason for the difference in this fair that I’m quoting
you guys now might be because the travel agency has to be paid for their services
and they’ve got to pay Costco something for the you know
that bookie Costco has to get something for the booking but I’m thinking to
myself the difference is you know two hundred and forty bucks so there’s a lot
of difference there and you know I don’t want to pay the extra two hundred forty
if I don’t have to I’ll have to forget using Costco travel in this case now I
did not sit down at my computer and look up fifteen different cruises I just want
the time to do it but if you folks you folks want to play with those two
websites you can have two tabs open on your computer one for Costco travel and
one for vacations to go calm or a third one you know which would be the cruise
line itself then you can compare what Costco can get you the cruise for what
vacations can court you and what maybe the cruise line will quote you for the
exact same cruise same date same ship you know same class of cabin find out
now I did notice something else about the Costco the Costco pricing which
again III have to be fair to Costco and I want to be fair to vacations to go
calm when I looked at the fare for that cabin for that balcony it quoted me the
cheapest cabin available in a balcony class I think was on the fifth deck on
the fifth day where I was when I went inside the Costco I looked at all the
other decks that the ship has cuz it goes up like 1415 decks I think deck 11
they call the penthouse level deck 12 might be the highest you go on the
standard balcony these were more expensive the higher you went so the
fifth level was the cheapest balcony for this $900 price and then if you went
higher it was now you know 950 a thousand you know and so on so it got
higher now on vacations cocom to be fair to them they only quote you the base
price of each class of cabin and inside and ocean view have balcony and a suite
if you call the 800 number and you talk to an agent at vacations to go calm
they will then dig in to the to the ship deck plan and then they will quote you
okay well what what deck would you like or let’s take a look what I could find
for you and then tell you okay well the price for 659
might be Dec 5000 a on deck 5 but Dec 11 might be you know 700 or 725 like I I
don’t know that number and so I couldn’t compare the highest priced Costco cabin
cabin prices for balconies compared to vacations highest because I didn’t call
the vacations to go personal person on the 8-under number to bother them about
it but just having seen what I’ve seen for the cheapest price of what’s
available it’s not even close I mean it’s it’s a huge difference anyway I
just want to kind of be straight with you guys as to how far I went in with
this and what I was able to dig up just so we all know where I’m coming from
okay let me just see I just saw another court come through here Patrick is here
Patrick great cough how you doing Patrick elana checking in 54 and ready
for spring welcome back and thanks again last night for your super chat donation
I really appreciate that that was great Doreen Chapman was saying is that Canada
or u.s. funds for the quote US funds it’s us funds for the quote on both I
was was Costco calm and with vacations to go calm thanks for asking dream Jay
sonic saying Bruce the flight kind of back did something to my ears when we
reflecting back in Montreal this morning my ears were not all back yet I can
still get here get one of those rums and start drinking I don’t know what the
time Doreen Chapman I checked our travel agent and Costco my agent is always
better yeah I’ve never I’ve never had a lot of people come to me saying oh ruse
you got to go with Costco it’s always the best it’s always the best I’ve never
had that happen ever I’ve never had that Silvanus saying I will contact Costco
travel and vacations to go tomorrow and keep you posted thank you so man let’s
let’s see what you’re coming up with I’d really like to know yeah that would be
good I want as you know two o’clock tomorrow afternoon I’m on Eastern Time
so that’d be great J sonic it might it might fix you’re here okay Sonic’s
hearing might be better more serene is saying are us canny is better off
booking in Canadian funds than us funds because of our because our dollar sucks
okay kind of got a kind of a two-part answer for you
there because it’s not that simple as it never is
I booked I have booked cruises with vacations to go calm where they quote me
the price and they they tell me you know what it is in American Funds and I just
say charge it to my account because I know my bank charges me a fee a a
conversion currency conversion fee is built-in to my credit card at all times
and it’s down to the what is it they’re the one thousandth of a penny I mean
it’s just ridiculous how long those digits go you know one point three to
four to six four five crazy and if you buy something fifteen minutes later on in the US find funds and you get your statement it’s a different
different exchange rate because it’s like a couple of thousands of a penny
different up or down changes I mean it’s just unbelievable the credit card system
the hundreds of like the billions that they put through it’s how much of these
skimming off the top it’s incredible right now if you have a credit a credit
card in US dollars which we in Canada can have then you can keep everything in
currency local currency but the problem of course is you’ll eventually have to
convert Canadian money to American money if you’re gonna pay off a bill anyway so
that’s another issue and I won’t bother getting into that but the other point I
was going to make was I have booked cruises before where I’ve compared the
price of a cruise on vacations to go versus a cruise line and I’ve put a
g’nite Debbie I see you’re heading out take care
I have seen the the the the to and the cruise line is either equal to or better
than vacations to go calm and then they’re offering me the opportunity to
pay it in Canadian funds and I’ll get my calculator out and I’ll try to calculate
the the difference between the American fund and the Canadian fund as best I can
and I find that the cruise line is very competitive maybe it’s a little bit
better and or they’re throwing me a credit you know because you’re in
Alberta Canada or British Columbia Canada will throw you a little credit
kind of you know help you out so if I can book through the cruise line
and I don’t have to go through a third party and it’s the same deal or better
I’ll do it of course and now I’m right into the
website of the cruise line and now I can go right ahead and do my pre-boarding
check-in procedures and you know I think my cabin through it of course and I’ve
I’ve now I can now start setting parameters as to whether I want to even
start reserving any features on the ship okay so that that’s a roundabout answer
a question answer to your question in a way but we in Canada do have two we
contend with that we’re putting up with that all the time you’re absolutely
right so if you can book and Canadian funds you may want to but again you know
you can look up Costco travel there’s probably a Canadian version of Costco
travel but if if the American site can’t be vacations to go how can the Canadian
site be beat vacations to go I ask that question Debbie just said to me Bruce
dang I will have to watch replay replay later workers calling oh the nerve how
dare they call during my telecast you saying have a great night everyone off
there he goes Jay sonic is saying have a good night Debbie watch the replay
letter and come back now we’ve got Debbie saying thanks Masonic to you as
well now Jay socks saying I found that funny
that there was a Masonic Masonic Street in San Francisco
anyway still then you’re on the right track give it a try tomorrow and just
see what you know what what you find can you find the cruise you’re looking for
then you know find out what the various cabins are being offered to you at
because I saw in the celebrity they they offered me inside rooms ocean view
balcony suite you know so all that just like vacations to go but in every case
vacations with cheaper vacations to go was cheaper for the inside though ocean
view the balcony and the suite so I you know I kind of stopped right there I
didn’t have to go any further in my opinion as to what was what was this
deal all about and and like I said I’ve never had a friend
of mine anyone I’ve ever known tell me Oh every time Costco beats
anybody no I haven’t had that so I’m kind of wondering if it’s cut if Costco
is sort of got a got a really good discount rate with them they’re adding a
couple hundred bucks to offer us these inducements so it’s kind of like we’ll
give it to you but then well you know we’ll charge it but then we’ll give you
some back but keeps them for ourselves I mean everybody has to make money
the travel agent that that’s at the agency they got to make something
Costco’s got to make something to be even offering it to the members in the
first place because they’re offering them cashback they’re offering them
discounts on the executive card so yeah there’s got to be something built-in but
if I can go through vacations to go or go through the cruise line directly and
avoid you know that I’m saving myself I’m better off to do it and so I’m
prepared to pay to pay the price of time to do it if I’m going on that ship if I
want to go on this cruise once I find a cruise I like and I kind of want to take
then I’ll go to various locations to see what I can get that cruise for I’ll even
go to Travelocity com
just just for the sake of argument let’s see what this deal is and you know who
really stands up to the competition to give me the best best best deal and go
from there okay so that’s that’s what I would what I would do what do we have
here Samantha’s saying Samantha farmer saying using one cruise
line and taking advantage of every possible benefit is what I’m trying to
find stock credit credit card repeat customer loyalty so on absolutely
Samantha that’s a good strategy it really is because you know if you end up
using Royal Caribbean or Norwegian or or Carnival you know in the case of
Carnival obviously you’ve got ten cruise lines to go shopping around on for the
best price and why wouldn’t you do that I agree
that’s a good strategy a sound strategy and you know if you can get their their
own you get their own in-house credit card say Carnival sponsored credit card
that gives you loyalty points that gives you cabin credits that gives you access
to maybe the fast the fun pass that they have maybe get that at a lower price or
you get on board discounts or you know anything why wouldn’t you take advantage
of it if they’re handing it to you it’s right there let’s just take it if you
want it yeah absolutely I would do that the shared discount shoulder discount
repeat business discount you bet you a senior discount any other discount you
know whatever profession you are in or have been in firefighter police an
ex-military retired you know it goes on and on and on let’s see here Jay Sonics
telling me sorry Bruce all I could think it was a nice week ahead and Santa Lucia
I’m thinking about that Jay sonic went out nice a week you had I’m looking out
my window right now it is snowing baked I’m out here we have got so just comment
down straight down no wind it’s just coming down like this just like this
it’s like a it’s like a shower of snow it’s unbelievable ah winter a Doreen
chapman is saying Costco offers in in store gift cards when you get back on
their Canadian site yeah that that’s the reading that’s also in the US you also
get in-store an in-store gift card as well um now I I was reading a Forbes
article I mean I was doing some research today trying to figuring this out I was
reading an article on Forbes it came out a little while ago and they were talking
about how in some cases depending on the cruise you would get a store gift card
for like $250 and I’m thinking wow Costco gift card for 250 bucks
that’d be great I can buy my gas for my car I can buy a whole bunch of these you
know items I love to buy from Costco this would be fantastic but if I have to
pay 500 more for the cruise then I can buy it for somewhere else what am i
doing what why would I do that it makes no sense right a Peter heck I must say
he’s asking is there any extra charges when using vacations to go purchase fee
etc no no there isn’t you dial the 800 number it’s free call the the agent will
well they they have a number of agents they’ll ask you what cruise deal are you
talking about because you found obviously a cruise so you give them a
six digit number the cruise deal it’s on top of every you know cruise you’re
watching and they’ll type it in for you and they’ll say oh okay you’re talking
about the cruise on celebrity blah blah blah out of Miami on so and so date um
where do you live and you tell them where you live because depending on the
state there might be an extra bonus promotional offered for regional
discount like geographical offers that might not show anywhere and so they find
that out and they say oh you’re in you’re in Michigan Oh Michigan’s get a
fifty dollar credit you know the Northeast fifty dollar credit the
Northwest gets a seventy-five because it’s a further flight or whatever they
arrange it all varies but there’s no extra fee feeder no no extra charge by
those guys they’ll then they’ll work with you and they’ll say okay well what
were you looking at and you’ll say well I see that there’s a balcony available
you know on the on this cruise for 6:59 and the agent will look up that will
look up the cruise they’ll look up the code they’ll see the offer you’ve seen
on that they get their own vacation to go offer its there they have it and
she’s she or he will say oh yeah there’s that sixteen idea let me see what cabin
that is and then they’ll come back at you see yeah that’s cabin on the fifth
floor it’s the lowest level four balconies maybe it’s a partial obscure
view maybe it’s not it’s maybe just below you or the lifeboats like I don’t
know you know they’ll tell you everything about the ship and what you
can do of course while you’re talking to that person is you’re on the same
website and you’re looking at the deck plans that they’re telling you about
there I go to deck five and you’ll go to deck five and they’ll tell you the cabin
number and you’ll see where it is on the ship now they may say to you now I can
get you other cabins on that floor for the same price
would you be which referred on the other side of the ship or which I could be a
little close to the middle or force closer to the front or closer to the
back whatever it is but then they’ll also say to you now just so you know to
be transparent I can get you on Dec 6 or I could get you on Dec 9 I can get you
on to you know whatever it is because the ship might be at 93% sold out 98%
sold out these cabins that are being offered are being offered at a discount
why because we’re down to the last 1 or 2% of the ship right so the person might
say to you look if you take if you take the cabin on the 11th floor
it’s $75 more but you get an extra $50 credit so you know it’s it’s a 150 for
the two of you more but you get 50 bucks more from the cruise line so it’s a
hundred more and you’re up here would you be interested in that you can see
what that cabin looks like on the website cuz you go to where the cabin
designation is and you’ll see all the pictures of the cabins and she’ll tell
you he’ll tell you the cabin is a class you know s14 something like that so
you’ll find the s1 for cab and click on that and see what it looks like
you’ll you’ll you’ll they’ll help you in a myriad of ways if you’re like me and
you live for the spa to get in there every day into that private spa area to
use those bake showers to be in the steam room to be in there in their hot
tubs and those ceramic heated loungers I’ll say listen I’m very interested in
the spa package have they got one what’s the deal and the agent will probably say
well by the way if you take the 12th floor balcony you get the spa it’s part
of the deal now the the spa is normally $120 extra or 98 dollars actually
whatever that fee is this cabin is 150 more but you get the spa package and you
get an extra $50 credit well now you got my attention because I
was willing and looking to spend the extra money anyway on that spa package
now the agent may also say to you by the way they got another deal you’re booked
in a cabin on you know whatever level you can get a premium coffee package a
coffee drink package and a soft drink package that’s normally $85 or you know
100 bucks for the whole cruise you get for 50 bucks do you want you want that I
mean they’ll throw you all the options that the Chris line has they’ll tell you
everything you’re under no obligation to buy any extra stuff or you can work with
that agent to just put together your itemized list of what you want to
customize your cruise so take advantage of that any way you like okay Silvana
saying check your window again please it’s not snowing here really uh
so then you’re not getting snow in Delray Beach Florida I can’t believe it
but hang on a second doesn’t just bear with me folks watch this watch this
here we go here we go here we go can you see out there look at that you see that
look at that yeah that’s what I got that’s my window yeah yeah it’s not a
great view but it doesn’t deserve a great view okay the Jay sonic is
wondering what does one have to be so harsh my goodness you know Jay sonic of
the 800 numbers I on the website just go to vacations to go calm it’s right up
there they splash it right on the top and you can see the number for yourself
and it’s great now I was on Jay I was on the I got an email from vacation to go
this morning or yesterday and they were telling me about specials that are that
are coming out from some of the cruise lines princess as deals I think I
mentioned to you folks the other day that Princess is offering on some
cruises no tipping and a $300 up to a $300 room credit depending on the cruise
I clicked in on that on my iPhone right on the email took me right to the
vacations to go website right on my phone because I’ve signed into the the
website and there’s all the specials that I can see from any of these cruise
lines that are offering deals and that’s what I like about these guys it’s
vacations to go because they send me emails proactively saying this cruise
line this cruise line this cruise line they’ve got deals deals deals or they
Lord their deposits or they throwing room credits around or they’re throwing
this around just so you know and that’s why I kind of keep an eye on it that’s
really helpful and then you can do a lot of research on the different cruise
lines by just going into the into the Cruise Lines section of that website you
you can’t spend enough hours on their days of time will be eaten up if you
want to to enjoy that website to really get a lot out of it more than just the
price of a cruise it’s quite good let’s see here
taste because throw me a buck I’m not repeating that stuff Jim I’m not doing
it um oh by the way I wanted to get a message out to any folks who are
watching this broadcast that want to send me messages on my on my YouTube
pages which I enjoy very much by the way I love all your messages and by the way
thanks you guys I got 22 thumbs ups today fantastic again thank you very
much any of you give me a thumbs up so I repeat it but just to let you know when
you’re sending me a message on my on my on a video on this video later or a
video I’ve done a week or a month ago a year ago not quite here to go six months
ago um if you send me a message and you’re
adding a link in there like like some kind of a youtube link or some kind of a
webpage link it won’t take it won’t come in it comes in a spam YouTube does not
allow spamming on the comments section it sort of senses that you might be
trying to sell me something or all my viewers something and in
effect you may want to be saying to me Bruce I want you to check out this video
goal here it’s a really good video you may bet you’re better off to just send
me a message where you’re saying Bruce check out this guy is a YouTube channel
and tell me the name of the channel and then tell me the name of the video just
the title of the video I’ll find it I know how to find it and then I can
always check it on my own but uh I do get on occasion quite a number of
youtubers who are trying to get subscribers without doing it the hard
way which is this engaging with your audience and they’re hoping to send me a
message on my youtube page put a YouTube thing in there that links to their site
and then they’re hoping that people will just go check them out and subscribe to
them work like that you have to engage with
your audience and and produce a product that they want to watch and be there to
answer their questions and it’s called work it’s that’s all this it’s just
called work it’s a measly 1214 hours a day is all
you have to dedicate to build your website your your YouTube site to make
it legitimate site that’s all it takes other than that there’s no shortcuts
anyway just thought I’d mentioned that one today anyway there you go I think
we’ve covered some ground here I was going to say hi to somebody but he
didn’t show up on this telecast I’m gonna look for him tomorrow
and I’ll say hi to him and give him a shout-out because he helped me yesterday
but I want to say thanks again to a couple you guys in particular all of you
of course who are here of course all of you thank you so much for joining me as
always love it but I wanted to say again to Peter thank
you again for your donation today that’s fantastic and to chery chery an for your
$20 donation today on super chat thank you so much
that is a record breaker I’ve made that orange bar just shot up like that so
thanks again you guys Randi Lucas we’ll see you Jay sonic you
take care pal we’ll catch you next time and we’ll say idea again
Doreen thank you still man thank you Peter again Doreen of course Samantha
thanks again for your comments debbie is gone but I’m thanking her again
belatedly and and everyone else Patrick and who else was here today let me just
a quick look at all these names that came by here they just fly by now whole
bunch of Ana EP was here thanks again Deanne thanks Judy Kenneth Burke’s
Elizabeth Breen Michael Jackson Heather Young all of you a Michaela
Smith thank you for all of you having been here and see me today on Friday’s
edition ex flow so from Tokyo of course Lamacq lamarka pew Silver’s thanks for
watching me today do Chicago love Chicago Stephanie thanks for coming by
Scott batchly of course Randy Bob Hollis George macabre thanks all you guys
really love having is all have a great date today hopefully we’ll
see a bunch you tomorrow at two o’clock Eastern time for my Saturday show if I
don’t have a great weekend we’ll see you tomorrow thanks you guys for your thumbs
up so I really appreciate those as well and I’m gonna now get to work
post this video put it up as a regular video on my channel and take it from
there so this is Bruce with traveling with Bruce saying thanks again today you
guys for joining me today really appreciate having you come by I
look forward to catching you tomorrow and we’ll we’ll do this again at 2
o’clock Eastern Time ok you guys take good care have a good evening
stay safe stay away from that that bomb cyclone that is hitting hitting the the
east coast of the US please avoid that stay indoors stay safe and we’ll catch
you tomorrow at 2 o’clock ok crash 3 X is just throwing in a quick one saying
Bruce spoke with Theresa today from get away she has been sick last 4 days on
the ship oh no she’s sick on the ship oh no oh we’re gonna have to hear all about
that when she gets back that is not good news I’m sorry that that happened to her
oh my gosh I can’t believe it oh thanks crash 3x for letting me know
oh my gosh alright you guys this is it I’m I’m booking off right now I’ll talk
to you guys tomorrow 2 o’clock and we’ll compare all the notes ok take care
everybody and have a good one we’ll see you later
and bye bye

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  1. I always find it cheaper just to book through carnival. I find the broucher posted price on vacations to go always higher than what the carnival website says.

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