Cruise Ship Vacation or All Inclusive Resort? Best Deal Best Food Best Entertainment Best Vacation

Cruise Ship Vacation or All Inclusive Resort? Best Deal Best Food Best Entertainment Best Vacation

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Bruce here we’re traveling with Bruce welcome to my channel today I want to
talk to you about cruise ship vacation versus an all-inclusive vacation deal at
all-inclusive resort now I have to say right off the bat that I’m biased
towards cruising because I’ve had such a wonderful series of cruises over the
years and in the past I’ve been to a number of resorts but only once have I
been on a on an all-inclusive resort and I didn’t mind it but when I compare the
two I far prefer cruising now let me let me start the comparison this way alright
it’s likely that if you’ve booked yourself a an all-inclusive resort
you’re likely to be traveling to the resort on a charter air type arrangement
now it might be a private charter company or it could be through a regular
airline but the deal is that your price for the vacation is an all-in price
which includes your airfare your accommodation transfers from the airport
that type of thing and and and home again fly back home the trick of it here
is that you have a set flight at a set time on a set date both directions and
the the resort is locked in of course and and once you’re at the resort you
got your amenities you’ve got meals your drink packages and everything else on
your you’re on your way with the cruise it’s a bit different because you book
your cruise separately from an air fare deal you don’t buy a cruise that
includes your airfare because the cruise ship the cruise line doesn’t really know
where you’re going to come from they they they know that they’re
gonna depart either San Diego or Los Angeles or Miami or Fort Lauderdale or
Europe wherever at their set port and they’re gonna bring you back to that
port at a set time set date so it’s up to you to get there to get to the ship
on time and it’s up to you to get off the ship and work your way home from
there as well so what I like about that is that I’m able to set my schedule with
regard to travel and then then enjoy the cruise and set my schedule for travel to
come home from the cruise as opposed to an all-in vacation on a on a all-in deal
where I have to fly on this flight at this date this time and so on on the way
back now I’ve had a lot of relatives and friends take cruises and all-inclusive
Xand what I find that I hear a lot and sometimes I hear this in the news too
much is the problem with all-inclusive isn’t the all-inclusive resort it’s
great they’re fine the problem lies in getting there and getting back from
there and it’s all kinds of stories like well the flight down was fine it was a
long day it took 8 hours but we got there we had a wonderful time but and
getting back what we didn’t realize was there was a bus that was supposed to
pick us up to take us to the airport and actually it was an hour and a half late
because we’re the fourth resort to be picked up and by the time we got onto
the bus it was packed and was nowhere to sit and dah dah dah dah dah dah dah and
then getting to the airport the the plane coming down to to drop off
passengers and then take them back was late coming in mechanical issues and now
the problems begin especially if you have connections back in the mainland
once you land you know wherever you’re landing where the cruise you’re the
master of your domain with regard to travel you decide when you’re gonna get
to the to the pier to get on the ship and you’re gonna decide when to leave
the city that the ship docks at at the end of the cruise to come back home
and this is something I’ve grown to love because if I’m gonna leave say Los
Angeles I might just fly to Las Vegas and
a couple of nights there and then my wife and I will rent a either a car or a
take a quick Southwest Airlines flight to Los Angeles work our way to the ship
either on a pre-arranged bus of that the cruise line offers or a cab ride or if
we’ve rented a car from Las Vegas we drive the the rental car right to the
rental car depot closest to the to the ship and then a quick cab right we’re on
the boat same thing on the way back we get off the ship and we get to a rental
place where our car reservation is waiting for us and we drive back to Las
Vegas and to spend one more night there and then fly home the next day we’re in
total control of the schedule where if we were doing a full blown all-inclusive
resort package deal we have no choice in the matter we have to be on the certain
flight and we have to fly home that same day and if that that means you leave at
8 in the morning from Cancun Mexico and you get home at midnight that night
that’s an awfully long day and if you’ve scheduled yourself back to work the next
day that’s a tough one if you’re younger it might work out you got the stamina to
do it but you’re old like me not gonna happen that’s one thing about
the two to compare but the other thing I want to compare is the actual resorts
themselves being on a cruise ship to me it just gives me all the flexibility in
the world my wife and I both both know that we’re not too far away from each
other sometimes it’s a good thing sometimes a bad thing but we’re on the
same ship and if we need to find each other not too hard to do she knows where
to find me I know where to pretty well find her because we know what it is we
like on board a cruise ship same can be said though with an all-inclusive resort
if it’s all eight hundred rooms large and it’s got five pools and four bars
and sixteen restaurant yeah okay we could we could be apart for a while but
nowadays with telephones you just text each other where are you or are you able
to find each other but on a cruise you’ve got your you’ve got ten different
places to eat from the buffet to the hamburger stand on the pool deck to the
fancy restaurant in the evening to the steakhouse the Italian house the Chinese
food the sushi bar that type of thing and you’ve got entertainment every night
in the main theater is a different show or you
go to the comedy club or you going to the piano bar whatever suits your fancy
and then during the day you have all of these other events going on these cruise
planners so their job is to keep you busy and give you options and there are
dozens and dozens of things you can do on a cruise ship every day if you’re at
sea and and then once you’re at port you know you’re always on the move of course
so when you’re at port you go off go off the ship for a few hours whether you’re
just taking a walk around or whether you’re taking a quick cab right to a
certain part of the city or town that you’re in or are you taking a full-blown
tour let the the Cruise Line organizes tons of options with a with a land lock
or were they with a all-inclusive Resort I should say your excursions are a
little more limited now if you’re in Cancun Mexico you can always rent a car
and drive around if you like golfing great go golfing but you’re not gonna
take a three or four or five or six hour escorted tour every day from a from a
from a beachside oceanside all-inclusive resort you you’re there to basically
sunbathe and enjoy the joy the weather and get a tan and relax and if that’s
your thing great on you enjoy it thing though is a five-star all-inclusive
Resort is not cheap and they generally don’t go on sale that much sometimes you
hear about the odd deal but for ninety percent of the folks going especially at
certain times of the year it’s pretty expensive to go with with a cruise ship
however you can dictate how much you’re gonna pay by what kind of room you’re
gonna pick if you want to pick the the owner’s suite
okay thousand bucks a night or more up to you but if you want to take say an
inside room for yourself and your wife you might be on an inside room for $80 a
night and you’re still eating the same food that the millionaire is eating on
the fifteenth deck ups upstairs so there’s that advantage to taking a
cruise you can make it much more affordable and yet get the same you go
to the same places eating the same food swimming in the same pool area seeing
the same shows there’s some advantages to that from a dollar and cents point of
view food wise choices are either or you’ve got great choices on board the
cruise you’ve got great choices at the all-inclusive resort but if you’re
three star resort all-inclusive resort you might be subject to three-star food
whereas on the cruise ship you go to the main dining room the steaks of steak
lobster tails of lobster tail if you go to the steakhouse on the crew on the
cruise ship it might run you a $25 $40 $50 a person more think about the fact
that if you were in say Las Vegas and you wanted to go to a premium steakhouse
in Las Vegas you’re gonna pay seventy eighty ninety dollars each with tip and
taxes for that same meal so the cruise ship can compete with any restaurant
anywhere for quality and price so think about that anyway that’s a brief recap
of the – I prefer cruising myself because I love the variety seven-day
cruise seven different stops from different things to see my view outside
my window if I have a balcony a room is different every day it’s changes during
the day whereas with a all-inclusive Resort you might spend just the evenings
in the room and during the day you’re out at the pool and enjoying yourself if
it’s raining however you’re not you may not be at the pool you might be stuck in
your room and and then you you know you might be stuck with spanish-language
television because it’s pouring outside and you can’t go golfing you can’t go
for a dip you can’t go for a walk so there’s those issues that you have to
think about – weather can kind of come into play with the hurricane just to
finish up by the way with a hurricane a cruise ship can skirt a hurricane can go
to a different port entirely and completely change its itinerary
midstream with a with an all-inclusive Resort you are where you are and if
there’s a storm coming you’re stuck with it then there is a hurricane coming and
you found out two days in that there’s a category 4 hurricane coming towards the
end of your stay you’re gonna have a tough time getting off the island early
or out of that resort you might have to write it out you might not make it out
on time and be stuck at the airport for a night or two because there’s nowhere
else for you to sleep because people have taken your room behind you at the
resort you were staying in so that’s something else that cruise ship is great
at avoiding is really bad inclement weather anyway this is Bruce with
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  3. Hi I wanted to know if you have a recommendation for cruise line for my grandparents. What I liked about your video is that you showed you and your wife relaxing in the chairs looking over the sea view. It seemed, quiet, calm, and collected and I'm just wanting them to experience something like that vs the party cruise ships with rock climbing and clubbing, zip lining because they are older and won't be enjoying those things. Plus there can be violence and etc. Any recommendations they are 75 still get around well just want to keep them safe and have a calm experience

  4. I've never had any of the problems with the all inclusive resorts that you talk about. Never been on a cruise, but I absolutely love all inclusive resorts.

  5. Great video. Tip for you. Once you dropped off your rental car, the rental car company gives you a ride to the port. Save you a extra dollar from taxi or Uber

  6. Cruise lines did a great job on homeport departures where you do not need to fly and worry about extra baggage and overweight fees.

  7. I’ve been on 1 cruise & thought it was just ok. I didn’t like the small rooms, even though the balcony was nice. There wasn’t much to do during the day as far as activities, night time was good though. I hated the lines getting off at ports, & when I was in port, I never felt totally relaxed because I was always worried about time & getting back on the ship. I always felt like I was in line on a cruise. I’ll probably try another, but I do prefer land vacations. Once I land, no worries about times or lines until it’s time to leave.

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