CRUISE SHIP VLOG 16 | Wine Tasting with my Parents & a Sneaky Peek of Me Performing on the Cruise.

CRUISE SHIP VLOG 16 | Wine Tasting with my Parents & a Sneaky Peek of Me Performing on the Cruise.

Hi guys and welcome to a new vlog. Apologies for this really rushed intro but I nearly forgot you, so I quickly ran back to the cabin to get you. But my parents are on board and we are off to Santorini today. We’re going on tour and we’re going to the Oia village and winery, so let’s go. Mum and dad are here. Who remembers them from the Disney World vlogs. Oh! You’re steaming up. So we are on the tender now and we are going to sail over to the island. [Music] Winery first, it’s even nine. [Music] So we’re here at the winery first. Just about to try three different wines. Mum’s got her first one. It’s the white one. What’s your verdict? Ermm. Very nice. Helena: What are you doing? David: Look at the time.
– Why? For mum drinking. Yeah but look at that. You’ve finished yours. Caught. [LAUGHING] It’s really nice.
Nikki: What’s it called again? I can’t remember the names now. This is the white wine. The second wine, this is the red wine. Did you grab the name of that one? The firs one was called Nky Teri? I didn’t catch the name of the other. Did you take a good photo dad? Yeah I like this one.
Nikki: Not really full blooded. I prefer this one. But I don’t really like white wine as much, so. [Music] Alright, we’re onto the third. This is the dessert wine. I haven’t been able to finish my other two. It’s too early. That one is way too sweet for me. Do you like that one? Very sweet isn’t it? Yeah pretty much. It’s like a Sherry. So we’ve just finished at the winery, it was very nice. Although it’s very early to be having all those wines but it’s very nice and the surroundings are beautiful, and now we are off to… I’ve been saying Oya because it’s spelt O, I, A but the Greek way to say it think is the e-ar. [Music] So we’re now in Oia. [Music] Just spotted these amazing dresses. I love this one. [Music] It’s like Aladdin’s cave. Nikki: Need a whole day shopping here. The views are just absolutely stunning. It’s a bit scary but you can sit on this roof. [Accordion Music] [Music] I hope you enjoyed that montage of our time in Oia. It was so, I think I’m saying that wrong still, e-ar. E-ar! It was absolutely stunning and now we are heading back to Thira. Very hot. So we are now back in Thira and I think we’re going to go for another little wander and then maybe find that same restaurant that me and Martyn found in our last vlog because that was beautiful. There’s just all these amazing little bars and places to have drinks just on the water front. Beautiful. [Music] So after a lot more walking I think it is time for food. So we’ve come back to… Traditional Cafe Irina I think it’s called. And this is where, if you watched our last Santorini vlog. This is where Martyn, myself and Tom came and it’s beautiful. So taking my parents. How’s that for a view? [Music] [Singing] Yes, I know this was years ago. But when moonlight fills my room, I know. You are here, still. I still. I still believe. You will return. I know you will. But still –
Jess: It’s all over I’m here,
there is nothing to fear! I still believe.
Jess: You are standing here. I know as long as I can keep believing,
Jess: I wish you could tell
what you don’t want to tell. I’ll live. I’ll live,
Jess: You can sleep now. love cannot die.
Jess: You can cry now. You will return, I know.
Jess: I know why now. For life. Both: Until… we… we die. [Applause] [Singing] We never said our love was evergreen or as unchanging as the sea but if you can still remember stop and think of me.

There will never be a day when I won’t think of [Singing higher] of me. [Applause] Hi everyone, Martyn jumping in on this vlog. Unfortunately Helena didn’t have a chance to end this vlog on the ship and so…because she’s doesn’t have the camera anymore she’s not able to do the outro to this video. So I’ve jumped in and this is the final video unless something changes and I’m able to go out and visit Helena. But this is the last vlog from our time working on board a cruise ship because if I don’t go out, Helena will then come back and we will resume our lives as normal and we’ll have vlogs from home and then… although they’ve already started now because I’m back. But yeah, so that’s that’s the end of the the actual working on a cruise ship series. Really hope that you’ve enjoyed it and had a bit of an insight into what it’s like to be a crew member on board a cruise ship and that footage you saw of Helena singing was from something called ‘Friends of Mcintosh’, which is a it’s a musical theatre cabaret where there’s just the pianist and then the vocal singers…vocal singers? The vocalists from the show team singing along to the piano and it’s just an amazing show and just a couple of snippets there from Helena performing. So thank you so much for watching. We will see you in the next video. Bye. [Music]

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  1. Great video. Helena you singing is amazing.u looking well. Shame no more cruise videos I Always enjoy your cruise adventures. Look forward to seeing you next video..

  2. Wonderful treat to get to see a clip from Helena's performance, outstanding!! Sweet to see her parents as well, Thank you both!

  3. You can't see Helanas parents faces whilst they are recording her but I could grantee their smiles on their faces went from ear to ear 😍 such an amazing voice!!

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