Cut Holiday Party Fear Pong! | Fear Pong | Cut

Cut Holiday Party Fear Pong! | Fear Pong | Cut

– Oh!
– Yes! – It says “Cut your bun off, Dae.” Ooh, I got anxiety right now. Wait, wait, wait! (laughter)
Wait! Whoa! (“Ode to Joy” by Ludwig van Beethoven) – I’m Karsten, I’m an editor. – I’m Heather, I’m also
an editor here at Cut. – I’m Isabelle, I’m a producer here. – I’m Dae, I’m a little helper at Cut. – [Crew Member] Can we just,
like, clear the air and state how you two in the front know each other? – Yeah. You wanna?
– We, we– – You? You wanna? – We’ve been co-workers
for a couple years. – Yeah.
– We’ve also been dating for that same amount of time. – [Crew Member] Ooh!
– The entire time. Whole time.
(crew laughing off-camera) Everybody knows. (Heather cheers) Don me now this gay apparel. Wear a Christmas thong over your clothes for the rest of the game. Easy. – That’s not a thong. – Yes, Miss Santa. – This has a sex hole in it! It has a hole for sex or shitting. Dude, you could take a shit with this on. – [Crew Member] That’s not
totally the right hole. Okay, will you put those on? (crew laughing) What’s different about this Fear Pong from all other Fear Pongs? – It’s a little egg nog. – [Crew Member] That’s
right, I’ve replaced all of your beers with alcoholic egg nog. – I’ve never had egg nog in my life. – Really?
– Never. – [Crew Member] What’s
the one biggest mistake someone could make on Fear Pong? – I don’t think anyone should wear a new outfit to Fear Pong, or wear clothes that they
borrowed from someone. – Oh!
– [Heather] Yes. – Nah, nah, nah.
– (laughing) No. What is it? – It’s really bad. It says, “Cut your bun off, Dae.” – [Crew Member] Cut the bun! – [Everyone] Cut the bun! – I might be down.
(Karsten laughs) – How long have you been growing it out? – Two years. – I’ll cry if you do it. – [Crew Member] He wants to do it, I think we should let him do it. – Ooh, I got anxiety right now. Wait, wait, wait! Wait! Whoa! I might be down.
(laughter) – [Crew Member] All
right, go ahead, Isabelle. – Whoa. – Really?
– [Crew Member] Yep. – Wait, wait, wait!
(Karsten laughs) – I don’t think you wanna do it. – No, I do, I do.
(Karsten laughs) – [Isabelle] No you don’t.
(Heather laughs) – You’re all talk, Dae. – [Isabelle] If you wanted to do it, it would not take this long.
– All right, all right, I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready. – Ready?
– Oh, I heard it already. – It already started, it has to, we just have to do it.
– [Heather] Oh my God. – [Dae] Oh my God, I hear it. – [Crew Member] Isabelle,
does it feel like you’re absorbing his power? – Kind of. I feel good. – Wait, it’s really happening, huh? – Yeah (laughter). – [Karsten] Oh my God. – [Heather] It’s completely flat. (laughter and applause) – It kinda looks cool. – It doesn’t look bad. – You still have so much
hair, it’s crazy. (laughter) – Holy shit, it’s gone! Dude, it’s been two years.
– Yeah. – You feel a lot lighter? – I feel light-headed. – Ugh. (Heather laughs)
– [Isabelle] Uh! Cover yourself in glue and glitter and become a living ornament. – (chanting) Isabelle, Isabelle! – Ooh, my God. – I did cut off all my hair. – I know.
(laughter) – Do you like your outfit? – Yeah, I like my outfit. – I think Dae should do it ’cause you’re never gonna wear that again. – What do you mean? – I just mean you’re never
gonna wear that again. – Yes I am! – I’ll do it. – Oh yeah, you’re like a Cinnabon. – Ah, I like that.
(laughter) You know what I did? I wore new clothes to Fear Pong. I don’t think that anyone should wear a new outfit to Fear Pong. I didn’t take my own advice. – Globbing. – Do whatever you want. (confetti cannon bangs)
– Whoa! (applause) – Ugh! – Blindfold yourself
and kiss your opponent under the mistletoe. Lead with your lips. – Ooh. I’m not good at my job.
– I’ll kiss Dae. – Yeah!
(laughter) (cheering)
– Wait, what? – I’m gonna kiss you. – Ugh, fuck. Yeah, whatever. – Yeah!
(clapping) (laughter) – Goddammit. Okay, Karsten, I understand you want to. – What is this? (laughter) (cheering and applauding) – He did all of the work.
– Head hair. – Isabelle, why didn’t you choose to kiss your own boyfriend? – I wanted to see them kiss. – Cuck.
(crew giggling) Cuck.
– Ew, Karsten. – Stop.
– Cuck. – Stop! (laughs) Oh, you motherfucker.
– Nice. – I’m so sorry. – Is it pretty good? We haven’t had any yet, so. (Isabelle laughs) – Oh.
– [Isabelle] Good job. – Drink the nog. I like egg nog, you like egg nog? (slurping) – Ooh, why do you make that noise? Ew. (Karsten burps)
– Aw, so good. (laughter) – Isabelle, what’s the craziest thing you’ve seen happen in this studio? – One time, I had to clean up enema fluid. – Ugh! – No one wants to hear
about that (laughs). – Oh!
– I’m on it now! – Call the CEO of Cut and sing “All I Want for Christmas
Is You” into the phone until he inevitably hangs up. – You gonna hit that high note? – Do you wanna do it together? – I’m not doing it.
(laughter) – What?
– [Dae] What do you mean? – I’ve been saying all week,
I’m not calling anybody. I don’t care. And we’re winning too, we can drink. – No we’re not. – We’ll be tied with another dare to do if we don’t do this. – Well, let’s do it together.
– [Dae] We’ll hum. – No, no, no, let’s just drink. – He’s been saying this all week though, he’s like (whines mockingly). – And when I like, edit videos
of people doing these dares, I’m like, “why the fuck
would you do that?” Here’s my chance not to do it, yeah. – The phone is your, like, tipping point?
– I don’t wanna call him. Let’s just drink it. Come on.
– No, wait, wait. Don’t make it–
– Down the hatch. – Wait, wait wait!
– Oh, hey! – Karsten, Karsten! What do you mean, you don’t wanna do it? Oh, dictatorship. – We’re gonna win anyways.
– [Dae] Dictatorship. – We get to throw right now, we could like, get one
cup closer to winning. Shit. – Oh.
(cheering) (slurping) (cheering) – I think they’re gonna make this one. – I think they are too. – Ooh!
(cheering) – What’s the dare? – Are you noggy by nature? Cool your partner down
by dunking their head in a bucket full of egg nog. – You don’t do this, you lose, you know. – Let’s do it. – All right, so you gonna get dunked? – Oh, no, I mean (laughs). – Oh.
(laughter) We have a dilemma on our hands. – Here it is.
– You don’t do this, you guys lost. This is about fucking clutch. – [Heather] Come on, you love it. – I would happily dunk
Heather’s head in egg nog. – Oh, that’s so sweet (laughs). – Well, but you don’t, you want me to do it,
and I don’t wanna do it, and I wanted you to do it,
and you don’t wanna do it, so that sounds like we lost. – No! I’m not losing. – Karsten, I think you
should Venmo Heather. – I’ll Venmo you. – [Crew Member] How much?
– How much? How much? – Name your price.
– How much you make at Cut? Ah sorry, sorry, was that too much? – Yeah, you just got promoted, so. – Dang, Karsten got promoted
and he’s not doing the dare? – I don’t wanna do it,
I don’t get what the, what the thing is. – All right, let’s do it. – Okay, there you go. – I’m gonna cry. I’m gonna cry, I’m gonna cry. – Don’t think about it.
(laughter) – [Karsten] Ah, get out of there. Get out! Get out.
(egg nog dripping) Aw.
(applauding and cheering) Aw, Heather. Are you upset with me? – No. I should be.
– Yeah. – Thanks to Heather’s brave heroics, we’re still in this game. – Oh! – Oh, Heather!
– Ooh. – Was that gonna make it in? Oh my God, no it wasn’t. – Yeah, let him throw it again. – Here you go. – Oh! – The guy who doesn’t wanna
do any of the dares won. – Where’s the air horn? – [Crew Member] I hate the air horn. So I’m not gonna do it.
– I hate it too. – Hey, good job.
(applause) – [Crew Member] Karsten,
Heather, you won the game, but it’s against company
policy to give you $200. So instead I’m gonna
have you hawk this game. – Oh, good catch. – (cheering and applauding)
– Crazy. – Bye!
– Buh-bye. – Happy holidays.
– Bye, happy holidays. – [Crew Member] See ya.
– Love you. – My hair is gone.

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  2. Producer: "You guys win this game…but it's against company policy to give you the $200 so hawk fear pong instead."

    Gawd damn lol

  3. It's against company policy to give them money…why??? They literally work there. They're their brains behind the operation. Wtf.

  4. I always think like if there’s two options and you want both but if you got hesitation choosing that one you definitely want the other lol

  5. The team with the person who didn't want to do any dares and a person who touched the ball, when that shot could have went in. This team won. Over a team who was such a good sport and did such crazy dares.

  6. The one dude wore a thong, got his hair cut off, and let the other dude kiss him… the other dude wouldn't make a phone call? Fear pong: see who's cool and who is a total lame ass

  7. this is the first cut video i ever downvoted. like this is so stupid. carson punk bitch ass didnt want to do shit and dae lost bc that girl blocked his throw?? wtf. him and the girl should have won. this was trash

  8. Carson winning while not doing any dares is so Grinch privilege. Why even cast him if he wasn't going to be a good sport about it? Heather ruined new clothes and Dae cut his long hair. It's not the end of the world. The first rule of comedy/improv is saying yes, so lean in, Carson.

  9. So basically the overall theme besides Christmas was "I don't like/what to do (insert thing) so I'm not gonna do it." I do like fear pong as a whole but this video was kinda ehhh.

  10. naah the other team didn't deserve to win. it would've gone in. plus, if you block the ball it counts as a cup. that's an L

  11. They coulda pulled the first person they saw walking by off the street and they would've been a better player than Carson.

  12. Dae literally chopped his hair off, and everyone else was hesitant to do any dares. Idk why but this episode got on my nerves after that 😂

  13. Nobody:

    Carson: "iM NoT gOnNA dO It!"

    Heather: "Where is the air horn?."

    Producer: "I hate the airhorn… so iM NoT gOnNA dO It!"

    Everyone: 👁👄👁

  14. Yooo peep out Dae’s face when Carson said he would kiss him under the mistletoe he was like wtf really bro 😂😂

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