Cycle Touring Essentials - 10 items I always take on a bike tour

Cycle Touring Essentials – 10 items I always take on a bike tour

hi there is they hear from those trouble pages calm and I'm just getting ready for a weekend bike tour and I thought I'd make a quick video about some of the cycle touring gear I take with me now this is ten essential items of cycle touring gear that I take with me whether I'm cycling for two days a week a month or even a year so it's like my core gear let's get rid of the team and more starts so the first bit of gear is a bike pump but it's also a bike pump with a pressure gauge this is a lot better for me than one without I used to try and test the pressure on my tires with you know just press and watch them on the tire and sort of saying yeah that's hard enough and surprisingly enough it's it's nowhere near accurate now this is never going to be 100% accurate but it's all I need I need to pump my tires up for example between four and six bar this gets me around five values in this perfect and also I've noticed that using the pump with the gauge and keeping my tires rickielee inflated there's less punctures and the tires last longer who knew anyway there we go that's what I think let's look for another bit of gear out here we go this is an alien 2 multi-tool and for the most part I use this for the allen keys which are here although it does have some other bits and bobs on the other side there's a chain breaker if you need sir it's a picture chain on the road as well but that's it that's a great bit keeps the habit it doesn't really weigh that much obviously a puncture repair kit is another good thing surprising how many people leave home without one even if they're going on like a day ride they still gonna take one with them I have to stop the other day and help a roadie out we'd forgotten tire levers and they puncture repair kit so yeah I take those with me as well I think that's what that three items item number four is a Swiss Army knife for the most part it doesn't get used on the bike maybe there's a couple of screwdriver attachments here to make you just see that that come in useful and also it's got a can opener a bottle opener a corkscrew and this knife here which for the most part are used for cutting sandwiches and spreading bread and that sort of thing although it doesn't need a bit of a wash so I probably wash it first so the Swiss Army knife that was item number for a power bank if you're like me you probably travel if mobile phone made GPS and some other electronic gear and as long as you can charge it from a USB a power bank like this is useful about this one for about four years five years now it's still going strong should probably get a new one at some at some stage but for the time being this is very good I think I've got a review of this on my channel somewhere so you can go check it out if you want that's was number five I'm going to lose count so just bear with me another item chaps yeah this isn't rude it's a chapstick or lip balm yeah I mean self-explanatory really but again it's surprising how many times I've left I'm on a two-day tour or longer without me any lip balm and then for some strange reason you lips go chat Burnley weird what else have we got an mp3 player again this is pretty old now i it keeps enough songs on there to keep me entertained for a few hours sometimes I listen to it on the bike man or cycling yeah I know you're not supposed to do that but whatever for the most part though I listen to it if I'm camping or at nights just for an hour or so just listen to some music or even in the mornings getting the mood to cycle again we have a bike lock next and this is I've already lost count a bike lock next again pretty self-explanatory I've not lost my bike yet touch book maybe using the bike lock if there's a link somewhere I don't know so that always goes with me as well and here we have a money belt this is pretty cool money boxes some if you can see it's got the zip on the inside there and I normally keep 50 euros in there and I find this pretty useful because once when I was cycling in his Sudan I managed to leave my wallet and my passport and my other money belt in a shower after I've had a shower wandered off into town and only then realized I'd left it and I was literally bricking myself I was touching cloth as I ran back hoping and fortunately a really nice feather I picked it up for me put it to one side and there was no you know there was no harm but it could make me think that I should have a separate belt with a reserve money supply so that's why I carry that with me and even on a date or so you know if a breakdown somewhere I could just get a taxi back with something a bit lazy but and finally I think although I will recap and count through these at the end not sure if you can see these these are my enduro Humvee cycling shorts now there are three quarter cycle in short and I wear these on all my toes I think they're really good really hard wearing and I think this pair here I had dislike for three years and it's probably covered now nearly 10,000 kilometers and they just seem to go on forever I've bought a new pair and I'm going to be doing a review on this channel at some point in the future so you could check out my playlist for that let's go over the two items again so item number 10 I guess all dear let's call it number 100 – number 1 Humvee shorts – Swiss Army knife 3 toe pick agent all for Powerbank five oíclock 6 mp3 player 7 bike ba8 money belts 9 puncture repair kit and 10 lip balm and they are my 10 cycle touring essentials that are take with me on small tours and long tours I hope you enjoy the video if you did please thumbs up subscribe to the channel and I'll catch you in the next one cheers for now

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  1. Good that you list off your 10 thingy's . I carry a multi tool, spare tubes , Swiss knife, bike lock , fire making stuff, and a pump. I do not use GPS ,Cell phones, or electronics of any type, when I am on a tour . Keep it simple and listen to what is around you, breathe the air and enjoy a bit of time away from city life.

  2. All that gear is good, but since I carry a Cell Phone that can also be used as a MP3 player thats what I carry. I also carry a small first aid kit. Rain jacket, knit hat and gloves, when you live at 6200 feet above sea level, it can get cold, even in the summer. I also carry a small bottle of puncture sealant. I have been riding since 1981. Keep pedaling!

  3. I use the Endura Humvee shorts, excellent choice 😎😉👍🏻 Only downside is if you catch the rear pocket on a door/shower handle & rip it like I did 😱

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