Dear Fellow Traveler//Tallstar & Jake PMV (Warriors)

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  1. Please make me as Cat!
    Im silver with black Streams!
    And i have darkblu Eis!
    Please!I Love your Pictures!
    My Warriorcats Name is Moonfur!

  2. If you animated a movie, I'd totally watch it! Seriously, this is amazing! The way you added Firestar! Also, it tells the story really well! You're amazing, keep up the AWESOME work!

  3. What if FireHeart is also Jake’s kit(if he is and I’m just not there in the books sorry!!) and Scourge is Jake’s kit, then FireHeart (or FireStar) are like…. brothers, and FireStar or FireHeart ki||ed Scourge…. why does that feel too desturbing?? Also great video!! I may or may not have watched this nearly 40 ish times😅😅, but it is amazing!!

  4. Ermmmmmmmmmmm are firstar and scourge related I mean jake was tinys dad and rustys soooooooooooo FIRESTAR KILLED HIS BROTHER AND SCOURGE KILLED HIS BROTHER ONCE……….I don’t get it looooooooool if tallstar told jake ooooooof end of their relationship OOOF ouch

  5. I comment this in almost every warriors video but who ships ReenaxTalltail, the part where Talltail FINALLY realized that Reena liked him and he just kept walking had me triggered.

  6. Wanna know what my favorite part of this map was? Cats…. with actual cat eyes. Letz be real if cats every got human eyes everyone would be freaking out. They would be the cats of nightmares.

  7. Ok, i always wondered "Why is Tallstar friendly to Firestar and now I know why, all by Firestar's father, Jake.

  8. right, hold on
    Another Warriors one of tihs song would definitally be The traveling series squad, aka, Bramble, Squirrel, Crow, Feather, Storm and Tawny.

  9. Tallstar was gay! …. Hmm.. poor cat…
    Wait a minute.. we met Spottedleaf, She died.
    We met Yellowfang, she died.
    We met ravenpaw, he.. went.
    We met Bluestar, She died.
    We met Tigerstar.. well, i was happy when he died. But this book is too sad! We feel just sadess, madess, anger and SOMETIMES we fell happy. That's not good

  10. 0:15 is why they can't make a warrior cat movie. Edit: And I hope they don't because I think it's up to imagine the cats and how they look and how they sound

  11. I read the description and I didn't know that firestar's father was Jake…. wait is tallstar gay. Also WHY IS TALLSTAR'S NAME TALLSTAR AND NOT LONGSTAR OR LONGTAIL! AND WHY IS LONGTAIL'S NAME NOT TALLTAIL

  12. when i first read tallstars revenge i actually thought talltail was gay i know he isn't but still, i thought he was a gay tasundera XD

  13. Jake is Firestar’s father
    Tallstar and Jake are cat boyfriends
    That means Tallstar is also Firestar’s father

  14. Firestar is like Jake which is why I think he was there for the death. OR (this is just a theory) Jake is Firestar's dad. I mean, he was a kitty pet originally.

  15. see gosh looking at this MAP makes me happy and reminds me of my orange cat with a black and white cat. I just cant describe how much i love this

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