Despicable Me: Minion Rush – Family Vacation – Update Trailer

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  1. me emcanto no puedo ver la hora en la que salga la actualizacion en android, los felicito gameloft 👏👏👏

  2. Minions was a innovative own concept that nothing exists before but why copying others game concepts and getting bad name, think innovatively

  3. Why does it feels like this is strctly targeted to kids, and there is a sneaky suspicion that ingame you can buy stuff for real life money.
    Absolutly beyond the line with these kind of games. All for money, right? Sell your parents, sell your kids. Grandma is for free. All for money in the end.

  4. i remember playing this game. i loved it so much. but i noticed i had to stop when i stopped playing the game to get up to say hi to someone and i passed out. while i was blacked out i saw a minion running towards me. In conclusion, don't over play it 😅

  5. Cái con cặc thằng nào tải cái game lol chó này má nó game chó đẻ thằng làm game là lũ chó

  6. cuando suben un video de una mision especial al igual que esta es justo en el mismo momento en que se puede actualizar?

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